A Hero’s Second Chance at Happiness – Chapter 1

It’s been a long time since I last saw the light of day…I was betrayed by people I once called friends. Not only did they betray me…they took everything from me. My family, my belongings, and eventually even my life. The Twelve Heroes ruined my life after we fought off the invaders from another world. I am not from their world, but was brought here to help them. When my job was done I settled down with many lovely women I met along my travels, and tried to make the most of my life here. Sadly peaceful days didn’t last long for us.

One by one countries started chasing us out, and after two years we ended up on an island off the coast. We made do with what we had, and managed to have children. I loved my family more than my own life, and having their affection meant the world to me. I left one day on a fishing trip which last four days. When I returned my life as I knew it changed. Finding my family in chains I demanded an explanation from the soldiers.

All of us had been charged with conspiracy to overthrow the world order. Having my wives, and children at sword point I submitted without a fight. Dragging us to the center of the continent not once did they give us more than a loaf of bread to split between twenty adults. Realizing how bad our situation was I only ate once a day to ensure my wives made enough milk for our children. When we arrived in the capital of Bangnadish, Vorpal, we were immediately put on trial. A few of my wives who were daughters of nobles or royalty desperately pleaded our innocence. Seeing how they eyed all of us I knew what had happened. Having helped fight off the invaders the world now view me as a loose end, and they would see that it wouldn’t be a problem.

When it was my turn to speak I spoke my mind about this, and their demeanor changed. Confirming I was right I pleaded with them to spare my family in exchange for my life. I didn’t want my family to die needlessly, and if I had to lay down my life I was willing to do it. Accepting my proposal they separated us before my execution three days later.

As I was being led up to the chopping block I realized something was wrong. As I got to the top my nightmare came true. Laying in a heap my family lay headless killed before I knew it. Seeing them I glared, and cursed at the Nobility and Heroes.

“Did you really think that we would spare them? They gave birth to your wretched children.”, the Sword Hero Arnor stated, “You all had to die for the betterment of-”

Enraged by their transgressions I ripped my chains off, and seized a sword from one of my guards. Slicing their throats open I pointed the blade at Arnor.

“I will not let this go!”, I growled, “I may die here today, but I will take as many of you as I can with me!”

Launching myself at them we immediately engaged in battle. Unleashing my rage on them I managed to kill almost all of them before I finally fell my body riddled with arrows, and cuts. As I laid dying I looked at the barely breathing nobles left.

“I swear on my soul…I will find a way to…make sure I have my revenge…”, I said staring at them with bloodshot eyes, “Mark my words..!”

Slipping into the darkness I found myself floating lifelessly till today. Out of the darkness I felt warmth flow over me.

“Jameson, you have suffered enough.”, an angelic voice said, “The Gods have come to offer you a choice. Return to your own world, reincarnate in this one, or ascend into Heaven please tell us your wish.”

“What would I reincarnate as?”, I inquired.

“Anything you desire.”, she replied.

“What of my family? Have they reincarnated?”, I asked.

“All of them have, but no memory of you remains.”, she said.

“I have to stop those men from killing them!”, I said as the clouds in my mind started to clear.

“You want to relive your life?”, the voice said.

“Can you do that?!”, I said with disbelief.

“We have considered your request. Normally we wouldn’t allow it, but in this case we will allow it. The people of this world have become to twist, and it will only get worse. If we do this we want you to fix it by any means necessary.”, she said, “We will start you back right after your victory over the invaders.”

“I will do it!”, I stated, “Let me show this world the error in their ways! This time I won’t let my family die!”

With a loud snap everything went white. Opening my eyes a familiar scene came into view. It was my bedroom at my manor just outside Vorpal. Sitting up I looked myself over realizing I had the injuries I would have had after our final battle with the invaders.

“Are you alright, Jameson?”, a honeyed voice said as the person wrapped her arms around me, “It is almost noon, and everyone is already downstairs.”

Looking over my shoulder my goddess like wife Celestina smiled at me. A former priestess of the Elven Goddess Natura Celestina left that position to marry me. We had bonded over the years of my service, and now we were expecting our first child. Seeing her blue eyes smiling at me I broke down into tears. Turning around I held her tightly thanking the Gods for this gift. Confused by the waterworks she misunderstood my actions. Thinking I was upset about everyone downstairs she tried to comfort me. Clearing my throat I separated from her.

“Celestina, listen to me!”, I said, “You need to know I love all of you more than anything! There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do to protect any of you even if it cost me my life.”

“Jameson, is something wrong?”, she asked with a worried expression.

“What I am about to tell you doesn’t leave this house.”, I said.

Promising to keep it a secret on our wedding vows I pulled up my memories of the next two years. Confused by all of this she didn’t know what to think. Holding her hands tightly I looked her in the eyes.

“I am not going to lose any of you again!”, I said firmly, “This time I won’t the nobility run our lives! We will have our happiness like I told you that day in the temple.”

Smiling she wiped the tears from her eyes. Holding me tightly she said she would follow me down whatever path I went right at my side. Kissing her I suggested we inform the others. Helping her into her clothes I escorted her downstairs where everyone was eager to greet us. Giving them the same speech I gave Celestina the rest of my family sat there listening in silence till it was over. When I finished I looked to them hoping they would believe me like Celestina had. As the seconds ticked by, and no one moved I thought they might have thought I went insane. The one who broke the silence was my half human half Ogre wife Nina.

Nina was a very proud woman, and liked to handle most things herself rather than relying on me. It wasn’t like I treat my family like trophies in the slightest. We all shared the responsibilities of the household equally so not one person did something by themself. In her case she had it ingrained in her head from birth that she had to constantly be better the situation for her spouse as was customary in Ogre society. Their culture wasn’t as balanced as our household. The men normally spent their time hunting, fishing, farming, or training for fights when they weren’t intimate with their spouses. Women tended to do more of the homebody stuff which really annoyed me in her case. With the war over I really didn’t have to fight anymore till this situation happened. As for providing for my family years of taking job after job meant I had a lot of money on hand, and the rest I invested in the market to secure my family a good future. Since I had none of the normal activities the men in her culture had I tried helping out around the house which was where the conflict happened. She knew I meant well, but her mind was set firm in its ways.

“I assume you have a plan on ensuring that doesn’t happen?”, she stated.

Looking at me with her green eyes I remembered the first time we met. Young Ogre women didn’t have a household to run thus they usually went out looking for a partner when they came of age. In Nina’s case she looked far outside her village, and ended up getting lost. That night she stumbled into my camp hungry, and a bit scared as at that time a pack of feral werewolves made their home in the woods hence my reason for being there. Having her join me by the fire I fed her, and patched up a few of her wounds she got from running around in the woods. Scolding her for not paying attention to where she was going she informed me that the only reason she ended up here was because she tried to flirt with a human merchant who apparently hated nonhumans or Ogres at the very least. Chased into the forest by his guards she ended up getting lost, and without anything to fight with she immediately panicked.

Having her stay the night in my tent I put a few barriers up around her to ensure the werewolves wouldn’t get to her. Once she was secure I did my job, and dealt with the werewolves who by sheer chance had started stalking her. Dealing with them in short order I took the parts I could sell, and burned the rest of them. Joining her in the tent after I was done I was surprised to find she had watched the entire thing unfold outside. It was that point that she apparently fell for me. When I got in the tent I got an eye full of the beauty, and obviously accepted the offer like any gentleman would. Her light golden blonde hair, sand colored skin, green eyes, and two unbelievably large breasts made short work of my decision-making process, and I also learned about the Ogres most sensitive spot…their horns which Nina had two of on her forehead. Snapping back to reality I answered her question.

“Of course I have a plan to deal with this.”, I stated, “I told each of you that I would protect you no matter what, and I meant it. Now that I know what is coming I will deal with it before it happens…”

“You mean killing them?”, Celestina asked.

“If I can’t persuade them to change their minds…yes.”, I said, “They killed our children, and you without batting an eye. I have no issues killing them to ensure our children, and you all have a happy life.”

“I think I speak for everyone when I say this, but we will follow you.”, Nina said, “Even if you go down this path for our sake.”

Nodding everyone at the table agreed. Having seen their families abandon them they felt no pity for them if they had to die. Their lives with me, and the children meant more than anything to them.

“What are we to do about the party this evening?”, Celestina asked, “I am sure you won’t want too-”

“We will go like we planned too. This is the perfect opportunity to deal with one of the aggressors. The King left early from the party if I recall correctly so I want to find out why.”, I stated, “The reason I think it’s related is because he basically kicked us out a month after the party. If I can figure out who started this whole thing I will ensure it doesn’t happen.”

Holding Celestina’s hand I gave her, and the others a warm smile.

“After all, I want to grow old with each of you, and have many children.”, I said, “Your happiness is my only priority, and I will ensure you keep those smiles.”

Smiling at me the women said I was kissing ass now which made me laugh as they were bright red. Having our breakfast I discussed several things with them including setting up magic defenses around our home. Five of my wives were renowned magic users, and one was the best Enchanter in the world. The six of them immediately got to work preparing for any possible threat they could think of, outside of Divine Intervention, and made countermeasures for them. Everyone else went about their daily routine like everything was normal.

“You know, I don’t deserve such wonderful wives.”, I said to myself, “Not many people would just accept something this outlandish.”

“That’s because we place our lives, hopes, dreams, and future in your hands.”, Celestina said leaning on my back with her melons pushing into me.

“I know, and I don’t want to let you down.”, I told her before kissing her cheek, “Now then, I have to get to work myself.”

Going down to our storage room I pulled out a chest that I had put away a few years back. During that time stealth had a big part in our attack plans as such I made gear, and armor for just that reason. The armor was light weight almost unnoticeable unless one looked really hard with magic. Weapons I had included were four spring-loaded daggers that could extend and retract at the flick of the wrist or foot, a compressed air gun mounted on my forearm that contained deadly poisons undetectable by magic, and lastly was a flexible blade that acted as a belt when not in use. Dusting them off I made sure everything was in working order before taking it upstairs. Getting a bath in with my family before we started to get ready for the party I enjoyed the bliss of having them in my life. Once we were ready a few hours later we set off for the celebration party at the Royal Castle.

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