Solo Heroing – Chapter 17

Sending Anastasia to the Amazon city she immediately started intermingling like nothing had happened. I wasn’t surprised as her world was sword skills not politics. In my opinion her view of the world was based solely on your abilities not identity which is absolutely fine because even a beggar can become an accomplished person if they work hard. After getting some information about the orbs, which was public knowledge among northern folk, I returned to the Elven stronghold to speak with the Queen. Updating her on things I told her to gather the generals in the morning so I could relay the information to them. When I got to my room I decided to look in on my Lion kin lover, Danielle. Finding her alone with her family I listened in to the conversation.

“Mother I can’t believe you let him disgrace you!”, the Empress snapped.

“Disgraced!? I wasn’t passed around like some communal toy! He may have started out as rape, but I wanted it as time went on.”, Danielle replied, “He will satisfy you all as well. I asked him to take you all in as mistresses.”

“…that’s absured…”, she replied.

“You are interested! The Ambassador’s ex wives are showing you know. That will be the five of us eventually.”, Danielle said.

“…mother I think you need help. If your son wasn’t at the front I would have him send you to the temple.”, she replied.

Sighing she shoved her daughter-in-law back on the bed, and tore off her clothing. Eating her out Danielle purred as the Empress came after a few moments. Teleporting myself there I hid in the shadows watching the two of them go. Eventually when she was drenched I got involved. Moving herself onto the bed Danielle pushed the Empress’s face towards my crotched. A few whiffs was all it took for her to cum all over the floor.

“She wants it badly.”, Danielle said, “Dear, please dominate her so she submits completely.”

Picking her up in my arms Danielle spread her legs before guiding me in. Once I was lined up I slammed myself in burying my all the way in. Moaning her claws dug into my back as she bit my shoulder. Pumping her hard her vagina sucked me hard trying please me. Placing her in mating press position my sac smacked her ass hard. Using my hands I fondled her silky soft breasts while she watched me plunge into her repeatedly.

“I am going to swell your stomach, and ensure you bear my children. Forget about the man who ruined your nation with his fucked up laws. We are a couple now, and I will be your mate.”, I whispered in her ear.

“Please…I want no need your sperm…my body hurts so much. Punish me for my behavior, and make me swell for my daughters.”, she said kissing my repeatedly.

“Such a naughty woman, but I will happily satisfy you.”, I said pumping my load in her, “When I finish you need to help Danielle prepare your people for the impending attack. Your people don’t deserve to be in chains like they have been because of their own leadership and humans.”

“You are doing well, Nadia.”, Danielle said, “Keep milking him!”

“I am well aware!”, she growled, “I will get my daughter in here tomorrow for mating as well. I want to see my little Crystal with your manliness taking her innocence. To think she will be bred her first cycle…that is simply wonderful.”

“Not only her, but our pride will be inseminated by his strong sperm.”, Danielle told her.

“That sounds wonderful!”, Nadia said, “My daughters will agree I am sure.”

“So a pride of six?”, I asked.

“Eight, I have two sisters that I will arrange to be here as soon as possible.”, Nadia said, “My mother is past child bearing age so I assume you wouldn’t-”

“She could show all of up.”, I laughed, “If she is beautiful like you it be a crime not too.”

“Very well, I will include her too.”, Nadia said, “Now fuck me up more. I want to forget having any cock in me, but yours.”

Lifting legs up they remained up for a few hours arching every time she came, or I came in here. After a while she finally caved as I broke into her womb. Cumming in her desperately her mother-in-law nodded contently. Clawing my back up Nadia growled repeatedly as I came.

When we finished I let her go, and got off the bed. Looking out the window I watched the soldiers running around outside frantically carrying supplies all over. As I watched a sudden headache came over me as I saw a vision of the sky collapsing overhead, and balls of fire falling from the sky. Dropping to my knees I heard screams from the fires as they hit the ground. Snapping out of it as I rubbed my forehead.

“If your listen War Goddess I want to speak with you.”, I whispered.

In a flash I was back up in heaven again where my lover held two infants looking at me with a bit of a confused look. Asking what was wrong I asked her what the vision was she sent me. Even more confused now she said no one sent me a vision. Explaining to her what I saw she sat up with a serious expression. Handing me the twins she told me to follow her. Carrying the two children both stared at me like I was a stranger as I ran after her. Grabbing my ears the two pulled, and started laughing as I struggled to get them to let go. By the time we reach what I believed to be top God’s room, based on how decorated it was, we entered without knocking.

Lining the massive room various Gods and Goddesses glanced over at us as we approached the man sitting on a massive throne before us. Looking at us he looked at her first then us.

“What is the matter?”, he inquired.

“Did you send him a vision via his <Foresight>?”, she asked.

“No, I haven’t.”, he said.

“He came to me asking about it, and I confirmed he received one from one of us.”, she said.

“That’s not possible…the only ones who can do that are my assistants, and I.”, he said pulling up a display in front of him, “None of us sent…wait that can’t be right.”

“What’s the matter sire?”, one of the Goddess asked.

“Haroben we haven’t made any changes to the world recently have we?”, he asked the God of Earth.

“No, last I remember was roughly ten thousand years ago.”, he replied.

“Get me the Archangels immediately!”, the Chief God barked.

A sudden silence filled the room as the sound of marching boots filled the air. Enter the room in single file they saluted the Chief God.

“Someone has been tampering with things outside their authority, and things have gone missing from the world below…”, he said, “I want to know who, and why they-”

The doors to the room suddenly slammed shut, and locked in place. Standing up the deities grabbed their weapons. A slow clap came from the corner of the room as a man dressed in a jet black suit with a red bow tie, and a fedora walked forward. Not recognizing him I looked to the others, and found all of them were clenching their weapons tightly.

“It’s certainly been a long time.”, he chuckled, “I see a lot of new faces, and plenty of old ones. I’d like to say it’s nice to see everyone, but I doubt that is believable.”

“Jethro…”, the Chief God said glaring at him.

“Haha you remember my name!”, he laughed, “Our last meeting left me feeling like just another ordinary man, but now I feel so special!”

“You slaughter millions of lives in your own sick, and twisted sense of-“, the Goddess of Beauty started to say before he appeared before her.

Handing the children to their mother I ready myself for a fight.

“Now now little pretty…I’d hate to start the insult party before I finish. Why don’t I shut you up!”, he said swinging a dagger at her.

Catching a few centimeters from her neck I threw him away from her. Landing on his feet like it was nothing he looked at me curiously.

“You must be one of the new Heroes I heard so much about. The fight a few months back seriously wounded Charles pride…sadly he failed, and was dealt with appropriately.”, he laughed, “What brings you up here? Shouldn’t you be down on the planet?”

“I should say the same of you…”, I stated.

“Oh fair enough, may I ask the nation of which you hail?”, he asked.

“America…”, I said.

“Great!! That makes things easier for Little Matilda!! She has been so lonely being away from her nation. You can deal with her when she wakes up!!”, he laughed.

“And just where the hell are you from?”, I said.

“Oh…I am sure you heard of me…my handiwork earned me quite the reputation in Great Britain.”, he laughed, “I am sure my name will come to you when you see my signature.”

Waving his hands around like a musician I realized who he was.

“You’re Jack the Ripper…”, I stated.

“Haha I knew I was famous!”, he giggled, “I made such a mess back on Earth, and then got to bring my craft here!! Oh the screams, and wailing I heard from all those poor souls…HAHA!!”

“He’s one of the Hero’s you brought here…are you insane!? This man is a serial killer!”, I said glaring at the Chief God.

“They had no way of knowing so CUT them some slack.”, he stated with a chuckle, “Now then…”

Sensing his move I grabbed the Goddess of Beauty and Goddess of Harvest, and jumped out of the way. Missing his attack by a mere millimeter I pushed both of them behind me.

“What are you doing!? He can’t beat us in our own heavenly realm!”, they barked.

“Are you both dense!? If he is supposed to be sealed away, and the necromancer brought him back where the first place he came from!”, I snapped.

“It seems at least someone understands the situation!”, he laughed, “I am surprised that you all haven’t realized that the God of the Underworld is missing. Well actually most of you are so self-centered that you probably didn’t even care. He put up a good fight, but in the end he was just another pebble on the side of the road.”

“You’re the one who sent me the message!”, I stated.

“Correct! If I am going to fight you I want it to be with no handicaps.”, he laughed.

Pissed off now several of the Gods rushed him. Shouting at them not to be foolish my warning fell on deaf ears. Before I could act their heads left their shoulders. Wielding the God of the Underworld’s scythe he smiled happily at all of the deities.

“He certainly had a keen eye for weapons!”, he laughed admiring the blade, “Sharp enough to kill a deity with no resistance.”

“Get us out of here!”, I snapped to the Chief God.

“I will not be chased out of my own home!”, he said rising to his feet.

“Now you…you don’t deserve any of happiness…”, Jack said with a cold tone, “You almost had your peace, but you fucking killed our happiness. I will ensure I carve you up like a turkey…”

Using my ability I saw his next move was unblockable by the Archangels. Dashing forward I tackled them to the just as he swung the scythe. Clipping my hair I felt some of it fall off while the angels looked at me pale white. Behind us the Chief God smacked the attack away casually like it was a bug. Seeing a flurry of slashes coming at us I drew my sword, and used <Soul Dash>. Sliding past him a massive wound appeared on his back. Instead of screaming in pain he simply laughed as he swung the scythe at me. Side stepping his blows I shouted at the angels to get everyone out of here.

“Sorry to disappoint, but there is no leaving. I brought some friends from the Underworld that have a grudge against the people up here. Needless to say the angels, and the few deities out there…well they are being slaughtered.”, he stated with a smile.

“Why are you doing this!? You realize killing them will wipe out everyone down on the planet!?”, I said.

“Nah, the planet ran fine before these fucks took control.”, he said with a shrug.

Sliding under him I came up with a powerful kick that knocked him through several pillars. Looking at the Chief God I asked how we could get out.

“I am working on that!”, he said, “My powers have been limited because our power is cut off!”

“What!?”, the deities shouted.

“Did you honestly think I would let you keep your blood powers?”, he said getting up after dusting himself off.

Suddenly screams from outside the door could be heard as blood started coming in from under the door. Now in a panic the Gods and Goddesses went berserk on him. Grabbing the Goddesses of War, Beauty, Harvest, Love, Darkness, Demons, Beastman, Elves, and Fertility I snatched up the archangels.

“We are getting out of here!”, I snapped.

“Didn’t you hear him! Our powers have been severed! We have no way to-“, the Goddess of Darkness shouted.

“Yours may have, but mine still work! I can forcefully teleport us down to the planet!”, I shouted.

“Do it!!”, they snapped.

Focusing extremely hard I locked on to my physical body, and pulled us all down while their brethren were being slaughtered. Returning to the world the two Lion kin women shrieked when they saw who I brought down.

“Goddess Zeta!!”, they said bowing their heads while trembling.

“Please raise your heads.”, the White Kitsune Goddess said, “Now isn’t the time for formalities. We are in the middle of a-”

A sudden loud crack echoed around the world as Heaven opened as deities and angels fled the carnage. Watching the events unfold the Goddesses watched as their friends either died, or ran from pursuing hellspawn. Looking at me the Goddesses made a declaration.

“Please help them Jameson!”, they said desperately, “The other Heroes won’t help them, and without our powers we are no better than ordinary humans.”

“Won’t your powers return?”, I asked.

“In a few hours we should have some of our powers back, but for them they will die before that!”, the Goddess of Fertility said grabbing my hand, “We will do whatever you just please help our family! They are the only ones we have ever known.”

Looking at them like they were crazy Sarah’s mother stepped forward.

“Jameson, our children are going to be targeted as the Demigods.”, she stated, “When we made them you promised you would-”

“I get it!”, I said with a sigh, “Their safety is my number one goal, but your family up there had this coming. Who the hell brings a serial killer to another world as a Hero?! What the hell were all of you thinking!? That man killed hundreds of people across the globe in my world, and you brought him here as a Hero!!”

“We didn’t know!! The God of your world didn’t warn us!!”, the Goddess of Beauty said falling to her knees, “Please help us!!”

“You should help them.”, the Lion kin women said, “Each one you save is a powerful ally for you in your fights.”

Looking back at the Goddess I asked how this could have happened so easily. Frantically trying to piece together the event they couldn’t understand how, but I did.

“Is it possible one of the Mad Gods I fought in the future came back to free them earlier?”, I asked them.

Looking at me they started to shake their heads till they remembered something.

“It’s possible, but highly unlikely. The only ones who could pull that off are the Sisters of Fate.”, they replied.

“You mean like Greek mythology? The women who control who dies, whose born, and can see into the past, present, and future.”, I said.

“Greek Mythology..? Either way your description is correct. They have a special magic tool that can send a person to anytime they want.”, they said, “The Seven Champions are the ones that protect them, and even we can’t go toe to toe with them. It’s impossible that the Mad Gods could have.”

“But it’s still possible.”, I stated rubbing my chin, “I bet you it was-”

“Jameson focus!”, Zeta said, “Our family is in trouble!!”

Grumbling I ran out onto the balcony, and spent the next few hours gathering Angels and deities alike. Bringing them back to the castle the females cowered in shock from almost being raped, and killed while the men and I kept watch.

“This whole situation is bullocks…”, the God of Alcohol stated, “Never been so humiliated in my life.”

“You’re alive though right?”, the God of Fishing said, “Let’s try to stay that way.”

“Easy for you to say…all of us are being hunted like animals.”, the God of Hunting said.

“Would all of you shut up…”, I said with a sigh, “This is partially your fault! I can’t believe you gave a serial killer so much power!! If you thought things would get better than you are all idiots!!”

Unable to argue that they sighed looking around the area. All of them had regained their powers for the most part, but still weren’t in any shape to fight. Many of them were injured by the hellspawn, and Jack. The wounds the scythe inflicted would take some time to heal making this situation worse.

“We have confirmed that hellspawn have returned back to the Underworld.”, an Angel said flying up to us, “Along with them it appears Jack retreated as well.”

“He doesn’t have a physical body yet so it be difficult for him to come here. The only reason he was in Heaven was because it was a spiritual realm.”, I said, “Now that the hellspawn are gone we can take some time to relax.”

“Now whose insane!? What if he gets a new body!?”, the men snapped.

“He killed his only immediate means of getting one when he killed the necromancer. The only other people who can give him one are here with us.”, I said.

“You mean with you.”, the men grumbled.

“What are you trying to say?”, I snapped.

“We fully intend to head to the human nations to where our followers are the strongest. Obviously we need everyone we can get, but our major base is among the humans.”, the God of Alcohol said, “We will gain their support, and help stop the Mad Gods.”

“What about your missing family members, and the other angels!?”, I snapped.

“They can fend for themselves. Not that our powers have returned they should be able to stand their ground.”, they stated before ordering the angels to prepare to leave.

Unable to convince them to stay I watch all of them head north leaving the Goddesses behind. Flipping them the bird I went to the room, and broke the news to everyone. Hearing that their family left them behind the Goddesses, a few Angels, and the Archangels I saved looked at me with despair. After having their home destroyed, some of their family killed, and the rest leaving them behind it was simply too much for them. Starting to cry I felt bad for them, but what was I going to do. I had nothing I could use to beat Jack. He was on par with me, and had unknown skills that could possibly kill me with ease.

“You aren’t going to toss us aside, are you?”, the Goddess of Fertility asked, “Aside from a handful of us the rest of us have little combat experience. If you leave us we won’t last a second when the Mad Gods cone for us! Please don’t throw us away!”

“Listen I-”

“I will be your mistress, and making love to you as often as you desire!”, she said grabbing my arms desperately, “I don’t want to die alone!”

Echoing her words the others offered me the same thing much to my surprise. Sighing I shook my head at them.

“I can’t take advantage of you like because you’re in need. What kind of man would I be if I did? It’s one thing when the women are ones with shitty husbands, but all of you…I doubt I could give a Goddess or an Archangel the same happiness a mortal would enjoy.”, I said.

“You will be fine.”, Sarah’s mother said, “All of them wouldn’t make the offer if they didn’t trust you. Instead of fleeing Heaven alone you brought some of us here. The Archangels owe you their lives because if you hadn’t pushed them out of the way they’d be dead right now.”

Looking at the twenty of them I nodded my head.

“Alright, I will take you all in. I’d feel guilty if some shit head tricked you while you were in this state.”, I said rubbing the back of my neck.

Thanking me they sighed with relief as the Lion kin women eyed the two demigod children.

“Those babies…are they Jameson’s?”, Danielle asked.

“Yes, is there something wrong with that?”, she asked.

“No, it’s not a problem.”, they said, “They are just really adorable.”

“They will be strong warriors!”, she boasted.

“Now that we see the babies he makes it reaffirms our decision.”, the two said.

“By the way, Zeta, what about me is so attractive to Beastman? I get that it’s a smell, but I figured my smell would be all over me like body odor.”, I said.

“Ah! That’s due to my blessing! Having seen you treat Beastmen so well I gave you my blessing a short time ago.”, she said, “My blessing helps the mating between Beastman and other races. Under normal circumstances its difficult to have offspring as there is a race difference. In addition to that you got a strength, stamina, vision, and immunity buff.”

“Oh that’s cool.”, I said, “So when they smell me it’s kind of…like finding a suitable partner thing.”

“Yes, the two Kitsune and the Lioness see you as a respectable partner and provider. In the case of the younger Kitsune she sees you as a protector as well. If it weren’t for you she would have taken her own life.”, she stated.

Looking at the two Lioness women they both nodded rapidly backing up what she said.

“The whole scent thing is just confirmation.”, Zeta laughed, “Not really necessary, but it excites them. I am sure you notice they have a unique smell to them as well.”

“I have…Lily smells like apple pie, Eleanora smells like cheesecake, and the two Lion kin smell like oranges.”, I said.

“They that way to you because of your interactions. I am sure the other six will smell similar as well.”, Zeta said, “The young one won’t till after her cycle ends. Scents only happen after their first cycle.”

“How old is she..?”, I asked.

“Old enough to be married off.”, they said, “Tomorrow should be the best for conception so you should be mating now.”

“Now hold on…I think we can all agree we have more pressing matters.”, I stated.

“It can wait, she is already here so I will go get her and her sisters.”, Nadia said running off.

“Don’t worry, Beastman age fast than humans as Beastman generally live to be eighty while humans are around one hundred.”, Zeta said.

Returning a few minutes later Nadia pushed her daughters in, and closed the door behind them. Locking the door she ordered me to strip. Before I argued my clothes were forcibly removed against my will. Looking back at Zeta she smiled playfully at me. Stripping her daughters we eyed each other over a bit. Her youngest daughter only looked maybe fourteen years old, but according to Zeta she was closer to nineteen in human age. Pushing her forward she shyly came up eyeing me over.

“Please be gentle…”, she said.

Picking her up I started to eat her out to get her ready. After a few moments Zeta tapped my shoulder.

“You realize Beastmen aren’t like humans…right?”, she asked.

“What do you mean?”, I asked.

“Well you should…just take them.”, she said, “Humans are the ones that are picky.”

“Huh?”, I said a bit confused.

“Beastman are half animal, and many species are constantly ready for their mates. In this case many Beastman are the same.”, she said.

Sure enough when did like she suggested it went in normally. Watching their sister take me the other three got close up to look. Seeing her stomach stretch to accommodate me they soon started flirting with me. Giving each of them two turns they were out like a light along with many of the others. Taking the Goddess, Angels, and Archangels home I explained everything to my wives who were visibly upset.

“So war is coming sooner than we expected..?”, Nemoria said with a stern look.

“Yes…”, I said sitting on the floor.

“More importantly you added many…important Mistresses…”, they said looking at the confused women I brought.

“Yes…I couldn’t just abandon them.”, I stated.

“So you swindled them into being your Mistresses…”, Courtney said.

“What’s the big deal?”, Sarah said holding the infants, “Is something wrong with-”

“He doesn’t bring it up with us!”, they snapped.

“I am sorry, but I had too. If I didn’t what do you think would have happened to them?”, I stated.

Looking at the injured women my wives sighed turning back to me. Asking me if I still had control over my power I nodded. Following up with that the women asked me to look into the future to see how things turned out.

“That’s a problem…I can only look roughly three months into the future.”, I stated, “It probably has to killing of so many deities. The planets in flux meaning things won’t settle down for some time.”

“Are the human nations aware?”, Anastasia asked while polishing her temporary sword.

“Many of the Gods and Angels I found headed north to find them.”, I stated, “Sadly I don’t think it will work because to the devout believer their Gods can’t be injured.”

Sighing Naomi asked if anything major happens in the next three months. Informing them that I didn’t see anything major they relaxed a bit. With them calmed down I moved to a more important topic.

“So…I have a question…”, I said eyeing the infants my Demon and Amazon wives were holding, “Why didn’t I get a message about this?”

“Slipped our mind.”, they casually said, “Maybe you were busy with other women instead of us.”

Shaking my head I stood up, and turned to my new Mistresses.

“For the time being I would recommend limiting the use of your powers. We don’t need to draw unwanted attention to all of you at this time.”, I stated.

“Agreed.”, they replied, “For now we will focus on healing, and getting acquainted with your wives.”

Accepting their plan I returned to the Elven fortress for a few hours rest. The next morning I spoke with the Queen about the events of the night, excluding my personal activities.

“So our Goddess is safe then?”, she said.

“Yes, she is a bit worse for ware, but will recover with time. Having been cut off from Heaven their immortality is very weak.”, I stated.

“You will need the equipment that we talked about then…”, she said nervously.

“I want to fulfill my end of the bargain first, and get your country out of this horrible set of circumstances.”, I said, “Are your generals free?”

“Most of them are aside from my trusted commander.”, she stated, “Shall I have them brought here?”

“That would be wise.”, I said pulling out a map of the area.

Dispatching messengers to retrieve the generals it was about thirty minutes later before we got started. Standing next to me the Queen seemed very uneasy about the generals for some reason. Deciding to keep my guard up I started the meeting.

“Alright, so we are all on the same page the Mad God Jack is back in an ethereal form. As of this moment he doesn’t have the means to take a physical form here, but I am not sure how long that will last. On top of this the deities which most people worship…they are now on the planet thanks to Jack’s doing. All of you must have seen the crack that opened up last night…”, I said looking at the men, “I managed to save some of them, but many ended up either dead or on various parts of the world. Among the ones I saved Goddess Gala has come under my protection.”

“Our Goddess!?”, they said glaring at me, “Return her to us at once you-”

“I am not your property!”, she shouted at them from the magic mirror I had in the room, “Jameson took me in, and I swore to be his mistress. If it weren’t for him I would have been raped, and killed by hellspawn last night.”

“You’d make her a mistress!?”, I said glaring at me, “You miserable little-”

“I said I am not your property!”, she barked shooting lightning through the mirror, “I am absolutely fine with it as it frees me from having to deal with the political environment that all of you have built.”

“What do you mean?”, I asked her.

“Since the King’s betrayal the military has been uneasy about trusting her.”, she stated, “In fact while you were gone yesterday she had several attempts on her life.”

Looking over at her she gently grabbed my shirt shaking like a leaf.

“She believes in you, and wants nothing but the best for her people. The problem is her commander has seized the majority of her authority trying to gather as much war potential as possible for an all out offensive.”, Gala said.

“That is suicide.”, Anastasia stated, “The moment they get close their magic will be drained away leaving them defenseless.”

Glaring back at the generals I shook my head at them.

“You pieces of shit tried to have her killed…”, I growled, “If she didn’t need you alive to protect the people I’d kill you cowards right here.”

“Watch your tone human.”, they snapped.

“You best watch yours.”, Gala said, “I can very easily remove your elven blessings. The fact is that for the last four generations you have not been very deserving.”

Looking to the Queen I told her that if someone came after her again she was to tell me. Promising to do so I turned to the generals, and said if she so much as stubbed her toe that their lives were forfeit.

“Now then back to the topic at hand, according to the Queen you have roughly twelve fortress cities left with right around eight million Elves between all of them.”, I stated, “I suggest we use the sudden events of last night to our advantage. This morning I confirmed that the enemy has started to return home as a precaution. Now is the time not to fight, but to shore up your defenses.”

“I think that’s a bit extreme.”, the Goddess of War said.

“Shouldn’t the enemy be coming over to help us?”, Nemoria asked.

“After sleeping on it I think there is a more likely outcome…as the others seem keen on winning over the humans I am sure the humans will use that to their advantage. I wouldn’t run it passed them to say that if the deities help them win the war that they will help. Of course they Gods will as us to unconditionally surrender, but in the end we would be told to surrender.”, I stated.

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