Solo Heroing – Chapter 16

The next morning I got up, and started getting refugees organized by skills and talent. Getting people working after a warm meal everyone pitched in without complaint. The Amazons were quite happy to have new faces around for once. A few men tried flirting with them, but were swiftly shot down as the Amazons said I was their partner. Expanding the town to twice its size in a few weeks everyone finally was settled in. Just barely starting to show now my Demon and Amazonian wives were in very high spirits.

“Jameson, we should start thinking of names.”, they said.

“How about waiting till we see what they look like? I’d like to make sure we name the appropriately.”, I said rubbing their stomachs.

Pouting they said I was no fun before switching topics.

“Leafa seems to be taking things well.”, Germina said.

“All things consider…its obvious though the loss of her sister, brothers, and fathers is hard on her.”, I said seeing Leafa playing with the other kids outside, “Any word from the Beastman Empire?”

“They have made several pleas for help, but after that display none of us or our people want to help them. Silica provided damning evidence suggesting that they mistreat far more people than we thought.”, Nemoria said.

“Being the former Ambassador’s first wife carries a lot if weight. Surprised the Ambassador didn’t demand their return.”, I stated, “All of them are quite intelligent, and very good at various different things.”

“They were being treated as trophies.”, Eleanora said, “Not surprised he didn’t want them back as he probably replaced them. As for their skills they definitely weren’t being utilize as being a trophy wife doesn’t allow you to be free much.”

“I am happy they found a calling helping the orphans… Those poor kids didn’t deserve to be treated like that.”, I said, “It’s nice that the Amazons took to the children very well.”

“Practice for your offspring, and they will be our children’s playmates.”, Sarah said, “It’s important they learn to have fun, and learn survival skills.”

“What’s our next move?”, Courtney asked.

“Any word on relics to fight the Mad Gods?”, I asked.

“Still searching…”, my wives said.

“Damn…in that case lets start planning for the inevitable war that will start with the humans. It’s clear they will be coming back to fight, and not only that but we still have a Mad God running around. We didn’t beat hin just eliminated possible corpses for him to use on the battlefield.”, I said.

“Fair enough.”, everyone agreed, “So where do we start?”

“Road construction. We need a road from here to the Demon capital. Not everything can come through the mirror, and I can’t do everything alone.”, I stated, “We also need to secure a means of transporting goods from Courtney’s country to here as well.”

“That’s simple enough, the Nambo River is only a few miles south of here.”, Ariel said providing us a map, “The river dumps out into the ocean roughly four days away down river.”

“Nice, who rules the land around the rivers?”, I asked.

“Technically the Amazons, but we haven’t been maintaining our hold for obvious reasons.”, Ariel replied.

“For now lets focus on rebuilding a few towns on the river. We can easily find people to live here so long as the animals are kept in check.”, I stated.

“Jameson…they may be assholes, but calling them animals…”, Eleanora said.

“I am talking about the local wildlife the Amazons hunt. Not everything around here is docile.”, I stated.

Releasing her mistake she apologized.

“Let’s take a look at the river.”, I said.

Taking a team of builders with us we went to survey the area. Fortunately for us the banks were very gradual so we could easily build a proper dock for shipping. Watching the builders survey the area they took measurement before seeming to get an idea of what needed done. Drawing out some plans they presented them to us for input.

“This is impressive! Are you all former architects?”, I asked.

“Some of us are.”, they laughed.

“I like the plans. Just make sure we have sturdy docks for large ships.”, I stated.

Nodding their heads they immediately got to work laying out markers for construction. Leaving them with a few Amazonian guards the rest of us returned home planning out a roadway as we went. Giving me their ideas for the path layout I got to work using Earth Magic to trench my way to the build site before breaking stones down to make a solid path for transit. Laying the stones down, fixing them in place, leveling the road, and smoothing it down evenly I managed to finish the pathway by the end of the day. Wiping the sweat from my brow I looked down at my handy work with a grin.

“The trees I chopped down will be perfect for the orphanage.”, I thought to myself looking back at the pile of lumber, “If my stats weren’t this high, and I didn’t have my skills today wouldn’t have gone so smoothly.”

Escorting the works and Amazons home everyone thought my road was amazing considering how fast I got it in place. Looking at the piles of cut lumber the men gulped realizing the difference between them, and me in terms of strength. On the way back I heard a few of them admit that the Amazonian women weren’t going to see them as suitable partners. Taking a well deserved bath I feel into bed, but not before brushing the fluffy tails that demanded my attention. The next morning my wives came out to inspect my handy work, and they were amazed by it.

“To think a nobleman could do such work.”, Nemoria teased.

“Hey now!”, I said poking her back, “This kind of work is very simple with they use of magic.”

“How much weight do you think it can handle?”, Sarah asked.

“I’d say a good three to four tons of weight per stone.”, I stated, “Nothing that we are going to be hauling through here.”

“What you going to use the logs for?”, Lily asked.

“I was thinking of using them for the orphanage. I know they mentioned needing more beds so I figured with this much lumber we can make enough plus enough for repairing roofs in town.”, I stated.

“Sounds like a plan.”, they said with a smile, “Though whose going to make the beds?”

“Well, I am thinking of experimenting with a new kind of magic that I am developing.”, I stated rubbing my chin.

“New magic!?”, they said, “You realize it takes hundreds of years, and countless researchers to develop a single magic type!?”

“So? Don’t put me on the same level as the previous researchers from your world.”, I laughed, “I have knowledge they didn’t, and I am going to prove it to you now! Tell me, is there a magic that you can take raw materials and convert them into items?”

“There is alchemy, but that’s just taking one element and changing it to another.”, Naomi said.

“Exactly, now watch this.”, I said as I focused on the nearest stack of logs.

Closing my eyes I pictured how I wanted the bed frames to look then ran through the construction process like I was following instructions. Once the process was done I forced the image into reality. In a flash of white light the entire stack of logs vanished, and their place forty bed frames sat ready to be used. No one said a word as they looked at the beds. Walking over my wives inspected the beds finding not a single flaw.

“Jameson…you realize that this kind of magic…it could ruin so many lives.”, Courtney said, “Producing this quality of work with little effort will crush the labor force. It’s pure profit for you…”

“No need to worry, I have no intention of sharing the magic with people. Besides, this magic only works on things you know how to build. In addition to that, a professional carpenter could build a higher quality bed.”, I stated, “There are imperfections in the looks of the bed frames which a carpenter would easily fix.”

“He’s right.”, Ariel said, “They are built well, but they don’t look as nice as some of the beds our carpenters make. Still though it wasn’t hard for you to do.”

“Hence why the magic won’t be shared.”, I laughed, “This is for orphans who have nothing, but each other. I am not making money from it so I see no issues with it.”

“Absolutely!”, my wives agreed.

Placing the beds in storage we went to the orphanage to drop off the frames. Putting them in empty rooms in the building my mistresses got mattresses prepped for the children. Helping them get things in place we brought the children in so they could see. Having made blankets for all the beds in advance the kids picked their beds based on the designs. Once all the beds I made were assigned the kids of all ages ran over, and hugged me.

Choking up I knelt down to hug them back. Opting to help bathe, and feed them tonight the kids jumped around with excitement.

“What are you going to make?”, Sarah asked.

“I am thinking of going all out with pulled pork sandwiches, chips, salad, and cake.”, I said.

“You are inviting all of us right?”, Nemoria said grabbing my arm.

“Of course.”, I laughed, “You wouldn’t let me live that down.”

Smiling smugly at me they told me I was learning that their needs came first. Sighing I said I would get started on preparing food.

“Isn’t a bit early?”, they asked.

“I am going marinade the pork so it tastes really good. If I do it now I can make a smoked maple honey glazed marinade.”, I said.

Drooling the women damn near threw me out a window to get started. Laughing as I went back to the large kitchen we added on to Ariel’s home I got started immediately. Spending all day roasting several large pigs, and making a lot of side dishes I put everything in storage for transport. Meeting everyone at the city center the kids had just finished setting up tables, and chairs. Spreading the food out on the banquet table the orphans along with everyone in town came to partake in the meal. Thankful I planned ahead we made merry, and celebrated the progress we made thus far.

The next morning Nemoria’s head maid came to hand deliver a message from the researchers. Having been in the bath I didn’t receive, but walking into the bedroom I got the news.

“We found some weapons that were used to fight the Mad Gods!!”, Jessica and Lidia shouted.

“Really!?”, I said as I got dressed, “Where are they?”

“The Elves have them in their treasury vault beneath their palace. In exchange for help, they have agreed to give us the weapons as they are of no use to them.”, Naomi said.

“Why do I feel like there is more to the story..?”, I asked.

“Due to our advancements the humans have moved their focus elsewhere on the battlefront.”, Germina said, “They have employed the same tactics they did on our frontier villages…that along with being battered by waves of attacks the Elves, Dwarves, and dozens of other races are in dire straights. Many of them wish to join the Alliance even if it means servitude. They simply want their-”

“I have no intention of servitude for them. If anything we will use it to push negotiations more in our favor.”, I chuckled, “No harm there, and I doubt they would complain if we went only that far.”

“True, I will let them-”

“Sorry for the intrusion”, one of the guards said, “There is a visitor for Jameson in the parlor.”

Looking me the women asked who I slept with now. Sighing I said it had only been them, and Amazons since we got back. Finishing up I left the room to go meet my guest. Opening the doors I walked in to find the Emperor’s mother. Turning around I was about to leave when she leapt over the sofa to grab my leg.

“Please wait!”, she pleaded.

Sighing again I asked the maid for some tea. Bringing us a fresh pot she poured us cups before swiftly leaving the room.

“You have my attention for twenty minutes. I have a meeting with the Elves that I must leave for soon.”, I said.

“Very well”, she said, “Please reconsider your decision too-”

“Not happening. If you were simply enslaving criminals, and treating them that way I’d accept. Sadly, based on the Empires track record I believe you would simply add laws to keep more slaves.”, I stated, “Your son claims to want to save the slaves, but brings them back to enslave a year later. See an issue with that? They get the same treatment on both sides so why come to you, and risk death?”

“It isn’t that simple.”, she said.

“But it is that simple…you enslaved children for the inability of their parents or parent…”, I stated.

Looking at her tea for a moment she asked what it would take.

“Change your law for people who can’t pay the taxes to match Nemoria’s laws. Do that as well as free those you enslaved for not being able to pay taxes, and we will talk.”, I said, “As I said enslaved criminals are fine if they are criminals under the laws you have right now.”

“That won’t happen…”, she said, “The nobles won’t stand by, and hand over their slaves.”

“Then you better warn the Emperor a storm is coming.”, I said finishing my tea.

“You plan on fighting us?”, she asked nervously.

“No, when I help the people to the West the humans will shift their focus towards you nation as they know we have no ties to you. I know this because I am sure they have spies among your nobles.”, I stated.

Getting up I started to leave the room when she grabbed my arm.

“Then please let me stay! I know full well what humans will do to all of us!”, she said.

Looking back at her she looked up at me weakly. At that point I dropped my filter, and sealed off the room.

“So, you know exactly what humans will do, but when your own race does it to the same people it’s fine?!”, I growl.

Grabbing her arm I glared at her.

“I think you forgot what happens to nonhumans in human territory…”, I said, “I think a crash course is required. Unlike you lot, and other humans I will take responsibility for this.”

Ripping her clothes off she froze in place. Reaching between her legs to finger her.

“You aren’t bad by any means.”, I whispered in her ear, “In fact, you are very much in my strike zone. I will ensure you have a spot among my mistresses.”

Gulping her legs started wobbling as she spread them.

“From what I hear Beastman women like strong men. Why don’t you drop my clothing, and take a sniff?”, I said.

Kissing her she hastily dropped my pants she knelt down before me. Burying her face in my crotch she growled contently.

“Now then, let me remind you what happens over on the other side.”, I said.

Pushing her back I was balls deep a few seconds later. Restraining her arms I fucked her hard at least seven times making she not a drop came out of her. Smack her ass till it was red she succumbed to me like I expected. Still buried in her she looked like she was wasted on drugs.

“Are we going to behave?”, I asked.

“Yes dear!”, she said with a giggle.

“Good, I am going to send you back because some people are worth saving.”, I said hold her waist up so everything went to her baby room, “I want you to alert the special tribes that an impending assault by the humans is coming. Share how you treat your rescued people, and tell them that the Alliance will welcome them.”

“Of course!”, she said shaking her hips.

“Also, when the attack does come gather as many nobleman in the castle throne room as you can. I will use your location to forcibly teleport people here. Some nobles will die, some will pay with hard labor, some will use their bodies to repay the crimes they committed, and a few…they will end up among my mistresses.”, I said slipping out of her.

Using a plug I made sure she was going to be bred soon. Licking me clean she purred as she huffed the smell.

“Please take my daughter-in-law, and grandchildren in! My granddaughters will surely bear strong children, and my daughter-in-law will be an asset to use in the future. We can pin the blame on the nobility, and frame her as the one who brought peace back.”, she said swallowing me whole.

“Hmm, you will have to be the head of that group.”, I said, “Show your family what children they will be producing. Do that, and I promise to ensure you have children yearly. I saw how bad you want them.”

“I want bred continuously! My womb shouldn’t be bare in your harem!”, she said.

“Impress me with your work, and we can do that.”, I said, “For now, focus stirring your reproductive organs into action.”

“With the amount that is in me I will be soon!”, she said with a drunk smile.

Cleaning her up I sent her off with a change of clothing along with a necklace that would act as a locator. Seeing her off my wives asked me if she was a wife now to which I shook my head.

“Mistress.”, I replied.

Accepting that they asked me what she came here for. Informing them of everything she brought up all of them were quite angry. Crossing their arms they asked me about the special tribes, and why I was offering them safety. Explaining that since they had been abandoned by their own race I felt they would be easiest to work with. As for the nobles I said someone had to pay for the mistreatment of the common folk. Agreeing with me they looked to Lily and Eleanora.

“What do you ladies think?”, Ariel asked.

“You will help the people after right?”, Lily asked me.

“Yes, that is a reason why I am sparing the Empress. If any of us tried to take the reins we would be met with resistance.”, I stated.

“Then its fine.”, they said, “They deserve whatever they get.”

Kissing both of them I said that I had a boat to catch for the Elf nation of Vanderwood. Taking along a magic mirror with me I told my family I would be gone for a little while, but would keep in contact with them.

“If the children come you let me know. They are more important than this trip.”, I said.

“We will let you know!”, they said pushing me out the door, “You are already running late so get going!”

Laughing I said goodbye, and ran to the river where a boat was waiting for me. Climbing aboard the magical ship setoff immediately taking me Vanderwood after sailing for a week straight. As I drew near the port I waited excitedly to see a race I had been fixated with back on Earth. Aside from maid I hadn’t seen an Elf in person so I was really excited to meet more of them.

“Maybe I can find the few I am supposed to marry, and then have a few in my…”, I thought to myself as I rounded the bend.

In front of me a withering city stood with its massive walls filled with holes. Gasping from shock I jumped off the boat, and ran into the city. Finding the place almost completely burned to the ground I searched for survivors. After a bit of searching I found a group of Elves huddled together around a small fire.

“What the hell happened?!”, I asked walking into the group.

Freezing in place everyone cowered before me like I was some monster.

“Listen, I was asked to come out here to help you. I am with the Alliance.”, I said.

Relaxing they apologized to me stating that human raids had caused all this damage.

“This far south of the border!?”, I said in shock, “How bad are things?!”

“Very bad.”, one of the guards said, “The humans see us as no more than target practice. We have better magic equipment and spells, but they are jamming our magic.”

“Damn…that puts you all in a bind. Any idea what is causing it?”, I asked.

“We believe it’s something that looks like a white orb that floats above their troops.”, he replied, “Right now it simply isn’t safe enough to flee what remains of the city.”

“Well now that I am here we should move. It’s obvious the walls won’t hold for another assault so we should go now.”, I stated.

Looking at each other the Elves agreed so long as I led the way. Gathering by the hole I came through we snuck out of the city before we put up a barrier to hide us from the enemy. Asking why they had done this before hand they said that up till two days ago their magic wasn’t working. Continuing our trek for half a day we found the next city which was thankfully still in good shape.

Pounding on the gates some guards eventually let us in before bolting the gate shut again. Breathing a sigh of relief the Elves thanked me before running off into the city. Introducing myself to the guards they immediately took me to the King who was apparently here organizing what resistance he could. Meeting his wife instead of him the guards left me alone with her.

“Uh…hi.”, I said trying not to ogle the busty tan skinned Dark Elf in front of me, “Is the King un-”

“My husband…he is long since deceased.”, she said.

“The guard said he was here though…”, I said.

“I told them that, but in reality I am running everything. The Generals are the only ones who know about his death on our journey here.”, she said clenching her fists, “He tried to sell us out for his freedom after realizing our advantages over the humans were gone.”

“He sold out his people?”, I asked.

“My hus…exhusband was drunk on his appearance…”, she said rubbing her arm, “We Elves generally aren’t materialistic, but he was only half Elf. His mother was a human who fell in love with the former King. I believe his mother’s influence corrupted him beyond repair, but when your told to submit yourself…you do it for the greater good.”

“I assume you had a love interest?”, I asked.

“No, I wasn’t privileged with the luxury of looking.”, she said, “My childhood was organized for me with little interaction with boys.”

“I am sorry to here that.”, I said feeling bad for her.

“It matters little now.”, she said looking towards me, “Enough about my life, my people are in dire need of help. As I am sure you saw my people are trapped in our fortress cities unable to fight back against the humans.”

Asking her to tell me about the White Orbs she gave me the same answer the refugees had. Rubbing ny forehead I asked her if their magic was cut off, or being absorbed by the orb. Thinking for a moment she quickly replied that it felt like part of you was being pulled away.

“The orb you are talking about are used in the Northern lands to keep magic beasts at bay. I had heard of them in passing, but never thought they were real. If they are using them here that means some of the troops you are facing are skilled at anti-magic combat.”, I stated, “Do you know who is leading them?”

“A woman named Claudia Numon is the commander of this area.”, she replied.

“The Crimson Spear of Gandorm.”, I said.

“You know her?”, she asked.

“Know her…she is an acquaintance of mine. She and I attended school together for a time.”, I said, “Her skill with a spear is legendary, and her weapon, Nega, is a powerful anti-magic item. It’s no surprise she is here.”

“What do you want from us in return for your help? I know my husband asked for your help as King, but when word gets out he died…I am sure some nobles will refuse to pay for help.”, she said, “If it’s in my power to give I will-”

“I think it is important to strengthen our ties, but as you are aware Elves aren’t going to readily trust me. If I were to take a few Elven wives that would certainly ease their minds.”, I said, “Could you find me suitable women to meet? Also, your husband offered some equipment that supposedly helped defeat the Mad God’s back when they were alive. Those items would be nice to have as well.”

“I could only promise myself at this point.”, she said nervously.

“You would be most welcome, but only of your free will. Love isn’t something you should give up for the greater good.”, I said.

“I will think on it.”, she said, “That being said I will find suitable women to meet you. For now I hope that will suffice.”

“Absolutely, I have some things to take care of anyways. How are the cities doing supply wise?”, I asked.

“We regularly fill the storehouses so we are fine. The issue is our life force is directly tied to our magic. Having our magic drained is slowly killing the people.”, she said.

“Well then I should look into that. Kitsune aside Elves happened to be my favorite nonhuman race.”, I chuckled, “Can’t have a wise race die on my hands.”

Smiling she thanked me before asking me to leave the magic mirror here since this room was the most secure in the castle. Putting the mirror down I told here I would be going out to do some scouting. Leaving the city behind I searched the area for the enemy camp. Eventually finding them a few miles away I confirmed that my former classmate was there. Flying high above the command tent her family’s emblem flew taut in the wind. Next to it another emblem that I wasn’t familiar with flew with a white tiger eating a snake on it.

“A Northern noble must be among them…this is going to be complicated.”, I thought.

Surveying the enemy camp from within an area of tall grass I started taking mental notes of troop movements, supply stores, equipment, and mages among their group. As I was doing that Claudia and another woman came out of the command tent. The snow-white haired red-eyed beauty looked right at me as if she knew I was there. Turning away a few moments later I let out a sigh of relief.

“Northerners are really skilled at hunting…I really need to watch it.”, I thought.

As I started to back away slowly I heard footsteps nearby so I stop. Glancing to my left several soldiers stood nearby pointing their bows at me. Trying to blend in to throw them off I heard Claudia shout out to me.

“No point in hiding Jameson.”, she shouted, “Chelsea already saw you.”

Sighing I got up out of the grass, and dusted myself off.

“You ruin all the fun Claudia.”, I laughed cracking my neck.

Walking into their camp casually she rolled her eyes at me.

“You certainly have a pair spying on us.”, she said.

“Not like you were hiding that well…in an open field.”, I retorted.

“Still have to one up me…”, she sighed.

“Well I have to help those beneath me.”, I chuckled.

Before she shouted at me the other woman spoke up.

“You must be the Solo Hero.”, she said.

“Yes, and who might you be fair maiden?”, I asked.

“My name is Anastasia DeMorris of the Noble House of DeMorris.”, she stated.

“DeMorris as in the household that was brought about by the White Death?”, I asked.

“Correct, my grandfather earned that title with his skill and hard work.”, she replied, “Now then, why don’t you tell us why you’re out here?”

“I don’t think that needs explaining as Artemis, and Claudia were master and student.”, I stated.

“Fair enough, have you seen Artemis?”, they asked.

“Yes, I watched him fight a Mad God.”, I stated, “The idiot apparently didn’t understand that necromancers drain the life out of the living. He was already pretty much dead when I joined up with him to fight off the Mad God.”

“So it is true then…they are returning.”, Anastasia said.

“Yes, I wasn’t able to kill the Mad God. I was only able to take away hosts for his ghost to inhabit.”, I stated, “Currently I am helping the Elves to retrieve some equipment that supposedly was used to seal them away way back when.”

“You make it sound like there will be more of them.”, Claudia said.

“I am going to assume Artemis informed you that I have the skill <Foresight> which allows me to see into the future. In just over nine years the rest of them are going to return, and wreck the survivors of the war you are starting.”, I stated.

“That why you are backing the nonhumans?”, they asked.

“Coming from a world with only humans I can assure you that you don’t want that here.”, I stated with a straight face, “As soon as you wipe out the other races humans will start attack each other.”

Rolling their eyes both of them said it wouldn’t happen here. Laughing at their response I told them to ask the other Heroes about our world’s past, and then they would understand. Looking over at the setting sun I turned back to the two of them.

“So how are we going to do this?”, I asked.

“It’s pretty obvious we outnumber you.”, Claudia said.

“True, but I outmatch you.”, I replied, “If you had another five hundred men you might have proven a little difficult, but let’s be honest…you aren’t going to win this.”

Grabbing their weapons I sighed.

“I guarantee that I will kill all your soldiers, and take you both back with me. Claudia and I…we had a thing for a little while so I am reluctant to kill her right off, and Anastasia…she’s cute so I can’t kill her just yet.”, I chuckled.

“You will find that I am much more than a pretty face…”, she said gripping her sword.

Lunging at me I had the entire camp dispatched in under five minutes. Having broken their armor, and weapons the two women laid crumpled before me panting heavily from our skirmish. Looking at Claudia I told her that she had improved somewhat since we sparred back in school, but still lacked skill when she picked up speed. When I looked at Anastasia I said she lacked the ability to work together with others which ultimately weakened her.

“Well now, I believe the saying goes…to the victor goes the spoils.”, I said with a grin.

Seeing my smile Claudia started to shiver.

“You pervert!”, she snapped.

“Haha, I am not going to be taking your panties this time.”, I laughed.

“Take your panties?”, Anastasia asked her.

Turning red Claudia looked away from her.

“Back when we were students I used to take her panties when I’d beat her in combat.”, I stated, “Surprisingly she was the one who wanted to wager hers against my briefs…I never did figure out why she’d want mine though.”

“Is this true?”, Anastasia asked her.

“Yes! I thought I could beat him, and when I did I would parade them around to disgrace him!”, Claudia said nervously.

“I just put her panties in a special place to keep them as a trophy.”, I chuckled.

“So what are you going to take then…our bras?”, Claudia asked.

“Seriously…”, I sighed, “We aren’t kids anymore. You are a woman, and I am a man so therefore there are other things we will do.”

Backing away Claudia shook her head at me.

“I am supposed to marry Earl Visca’s son Edward…if you take my innocence I won’t be able to show my face in public ever again.”, she said looking at me terrified.

“Cut the crap…you told me plenty of times you didn’t want to marry that prick.”, I stated, “This will get you out of it, and you won’t have to give up your freedom.”

Looking at Claudia Anastasia asked what I was talking about. Turning to her comrade she explained that once the marriage happened her sole purpose would be to bear children for him. Gripping her cracked spear she looked down at it stating that she didn’t want to give up her fighting as it was what kept her close to her deceased grandfather. Asking Anastasia if she was engaged she shook her head saying her father said to only marry someone who could beat her in single combat. Stating that I fit the bill as I broke her sword in a single blow I looked at her a bit confused.

Telling her that any of the Heroes should be able to do it she shook her head. Telling me that she had beat the Heroes every time they fought she said I was the first non-relative to beat her. Shrugging I said I’d take her as a mistress she happily accepted the offer without a second thought. Being a mistress suited her because it meant she was freed from any political manners, and only needed to worry about her training and our private lives. Glancing over at Claudia she continued shaking her head at us.

“I can’t betray my family like you two!”, she said.

“Fine then, run off and see what will happen to you when you reach the human countries. I guarantee you will be back”, I said, “let’s head home Anastasia.”

“Very well, are your other mistresses skilled fighters?”, she asked.

“Just wait till you meet them. The Amazons treat me as a communal husband so aside from the ones I married the rest are lovers and mistresses. You will fit in quite well with them I think.”, I said.

“Do you want me to give you information about our enemies?”, she inquired.

“No, that would put your house in peril.”, I said walking back to town with her.

Nodding her head I asked her to hand me her sword so I could examine it on the way home. Handing me the broken sword I immediately started thinking about how I would reforge it as I was sure this sword was important to her.

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