Solo Heroing – Chapter 15

The next morning I made breakfast for everyone, and geared up for a hunt. As I was about to walk out the door my wives showed up in hunting gear as well. Looking at them a bit confused I asked what they were doing.

“We want to come too.”, they said.

“I mean, if you want to that fine I guess.”, I said thinking they might have had other things to do today.

Bringing them along we ended up picking up three dozen more Amazons who also wanted to go hunting. Thinking that it would be difficult to hunt in such a large group I decided to employ trapping this time so we could also gather precious furs as well. As we were setting up a few deadfall traps Ariel asked me what I was going to get the Emperor for his birthday. Realizing that I hadn’t thought about a gift I started to ponder what he would like. About midday I came up with an idea that would suit the warrior ruler nicely. Telling my wives I wanted to get him a stuffed fur rug they gave me a confused look.

“What is that?”, Courtney asked.

“Well in my world a stuffed fur rug was seen as a luxury item. Only the most prized furs could ever be made into rugs. What you do is tan the hide, sew a grippy bottom to it, and stuff the rug with cotton or something else soft.”, I said thinking that I was probably wrong as I had never made one.

“Oh, we will have to see one.”, Ariel said still not getting it.

“I think my grandfather had one, but it disappeared before I was born.”, Nemoria said.

“For now, I need a large animal with soft fur to make one.”, I stated.

“Then you will want a Sky Deer.”, Sarah said, “They have some of the softest fur you will ever find.”

“Where do I find them?”, I asked.

Pointing up Sarah said that they lived up in the sky grazing at one of the countless islands that floated high in the air. Looking at one I told the women I would be back before launching myself up to one of the islands with magic. Taking three minutes to get up there I landed gently on the floating island before turning around. Damn near pissing myself I regretted coming up here.

“Damn my fear of heights…”, I said looking away from the edge.

Surveying the area I didn’t find any Sky Deer, but I did find droppings which was a good sign. Hopping from island to island I eventually found a herd, and sniped a few deer with magic. As to not ruin the hides I simply pinched a blood vessel in their heads causing them to die painlessly a few moments later. Placing them in storage I retraced my steps, and rejoined the angry women.

“Don’t just run off!!”, they snapped.

“I am sorry…”, I said bowing my head.

“Did you at least find some?”, they asked.

“I got six of them, but I had to go several miles away to find them.”, I said.

“If you cook two of them tonight…we will forgive you.”, Tetra said.

Agreeing to it we finished setting up a the traps before gathering wild edibles. Grabbing all the potatoes, onions, and carrots I could find the women seemed to think I was crazy. Not paying them any attention I got what I thought was enough plus ten percent. Looking back at my wives and lovers I suggested we check the traps while heading back for the day. Fortunately for us we caught a lot of food which would be a welcome sight for all the women eating for two or three at this point. Once we got the catch to the appropriate people my wives and I returned home to bathe, and have a light lunch.

Taking my time after lunch I skinned one of the deer with magic, and started scrapping it to get the hide into the right condition I needed it to be. When I finished I used magic once again to dry it so I could sew a rubber mat to the bottom side for added grip. The last step I did was take a bunch of cotton, and stuff the rug with it to give it some extra spring. Beating the rug with a broom I removed any of the dirt that had accumulated before bringing it inside. Putting it down in the bedroom the women were fascinated by it. Rolling around on it a few of them said this was an excellent rug.

“This is a high quality item!”, Ariel said looking at me, “You wouldn’t happen to be able to make us one for our different bedrooms…would you?”

“If that is what you want sure.”, I said.

Asking for one at each of the three homes I laughed saying they would need to find the kind of fur they wanted so I could make them. Stowing the rug in storage I decided to spend the rest of the week helping those in need among the Demons, and Dragons. Once the week of the party arrived I informed my wives of the request the Empress had given me. Understanding her concern the first question the women asked me was if I slept with her.

“No…that would certainly ruin the alliance.”, I sighed.

“Good, just wanted to make sure you realized that.”, Jessica teased.

“So when do you plan on leaving?”, Ariel said.

“Probably a few days after the party. I want to speak with the Emperor after the party to ask his permission as I feel like the Empress didn’t inform him.”, I stated.

“Fair enough, don’t want to step on his toes.”, Zena said.

“Can I come with you?”, Lily asked.

“Sure, I think the villagers will be more at ease if another Beastman is with me. Besides, they wouldn’t turn me away with such a beautiful Fox kin with me.”, I said gently touching her shiny fluffy tail.

“That’s because my husband has taken excellent care of my tail!”, Lily said proudly, “My tail hasn’t been this nice since I was a child. By the way, can we take sometime to spend with my aunt and uncle?”

Looking to the other women they were fine with it. Telling her we could I suggested we spent the three days leading up to the party there. Smiling happily she ran off to prepare while I helped organize shipments for Courtney, and Nemoria. The week sped by as the three-day vacation to Lily’s family came due. Walking down the street to her family’s home things appeared to be in order till we were a few houses away. Noticing that their home was gone Lily flew into a panic. Running to the neighbors we found that the home was abandoned as well. After checking the next four houses, and finding them all abandoned Lily looked to me for help.

“Calm down, lets start by asking the local guards if something happened. For all we know something might have happened, and they had to move the families away.”, I stated.

Nodding her head she grabbed my hand tightly as we ran over to the guard station. Immediately asking them about the abandoned homes the guard asked if Lily was related to someone living there. Telling them she was the niece of one of the families the guards looked at each other with grim expressions.

“Miss…you know the mine collapsed a month or so ago, right?”, they asked.

“Yes, my husband helped bring those men out of the mines.”, Lily said, “Did the mine collapse again?!”

“No, the mines are fine…”, they replied, “I don’t know how to say this ma’am, but the owners of the mines were found to be evading taxes so they were arrested.”

“So, what does that have to-”

“No one bought up the mines after meaning there was no more work for miners.”, the guard said softly, “Very few miners found work, and with no real skills to apply to other jobs they ended up jobless. As you may well know taxes came due a week ago, and if you don’t pay your dues…”

Falling to her knees Lily began to weep into my stomach. Evidentially the laws here were no different from in the human nations. In the event that one wasn’t able to pay taxes they were to be sold into slavery till they paid off their taxes. The issue was that the minimum wages they earned weren’t ever enough to pay off their due taxes as almost all slave owners for people in those situations made the slave fees part of the repayment meaning once you were a tax slave you almost never got out.

“Jameson we have to help them!”, she said in panic.

Lifting her back to her feet I hugged her tightly as she shook like a leaf in my arms.

“Have they gone to market yet?”, I asked.

“The auctions started two days ago. If you hurry you may be able to find some of the ones you are looking for.”, he said.

Rushing out of the guard station Lily led us to the marketplace, and straight to where the auctions should have been held. Glancing over the slaves in line Lily immediately spotted her aunt who stood there lifelessly shuffling along with the other slaves.

“Damn it all…why the hell do they have this damn law!”, I thought, “They are treating their own kind like the humans do! Those damn hypocrites!”

When her aunt came up I immediately bid a thousand kel ensuring I wouldn’t have any competition. The entire time we had been here the prices never went above three hundred so I wasn’t surprised when I won her. Bringing her over to me I paid the men her price as Lily embraced her aunt.

“Aunty!”, she said, “Why didn’t you reach out to us!? We could have come to help you out!”

“My husband didn’t tell me…he kept going to work everyday like normal…then the day before taxes came due he told me…”, she said lifelessly, “He told me he had been looking for work…everyone turned him away…the next morning the tax collector came, and when we couldn’t pay…the guards grabbed all of us…”

“Aunty…”, Lily said crying into her aunt’s shoulder.

“My poor babies…they fought and fought…the guards clubbed them into unconsciousness…my sweet baby Noel…she…she…she”, said before bursting into tears, “The first hit killed her!”

My heart dropped hearing that as she had been the friendliest out of all of them. Looking over the remaining slaves none were related to Lily. Pulling the women out of the crowd I found us a private place to talk.

“Where is the rest of your family?”, I asked softly.

“My husband, and the boys were sold off to other mining companies…”, she said, “My other daughter…was sold off to a nobleman…I only made it till today…because they considered me sickly.”

“I understand, you have been through a lot.”, I said softly offering her a handkerchief.

“Can’t we go purchase them back!?”, Lily said looking at me.

“Lily…you know as well as I do that we won’t be able too.”, I said looking at her, “You remember what happened to Travis the Gardener…his family tried to buy him back only to have my father quadruple the price.”

“Still I am sure we could-”

“Lily, they aren’t going to sell them. To those mining companies they are cheap labor. They will work them till they drop, and toss them aside. I am sure you realize it would take months to find out which company they went to then we have to find the mine they are at.”, I said.

“We have too! I won’t let them die like dogs out there! I know what its like to have everything taken from you! Just like when you abandoned-“, she said before freezing.

Drooping her tails she looked away from me unable to speak.

“Lily…I know that in some ways what happened to you is my fault.”, I said, “I knew eventually the resentment you feel about what happened would come out. The whole mess happened because I didn’t do anything to protect you, and I am doing everything I can to make up for that.”

“Jameson, I don’t-”

“Lily don’t hold it against him. I know he is right about my husband, and boys. The moment they were sold I said my goodbyes to them.”, her aunt said, “Jameson came back for you, and never stopped hoping to find you.”

“I didn’t mean to say that!”, Lily said, “It just came out wrong! I know Jameson wasn’t the one who left me, but it still hurt me. You are doing everything you can to make me happy, and provide a good home for our family. It’s just I don’t want others to suffer like I did…”

“Can I finish?”, I asked.

Nodding I cleared my throat, and continued.

“Now, her husband and sons may be a lost cause, but her daughter we can do something about.”, I stated.

Lighting up both women seemed interested in listening how that would happen.

“We have a party that the nobleman from the capital will be attending in two days.”, I stated, “If your aunt comes along with us she could ask the servants if a young Fox kin girl was bought recently in their households. When we find the household we simply come up with the means to retrieve her whether that be money, bribes…or murder.”

“You will help me!?”, her aunt said holding my hands, “I promise to use my body to service you in any way you want just please save my daughter!”

“I may take you up on that offer, but right now I want to know why your nation has such a fucking stupid law! That law is in place in all the human nations so why is it here! The Dragons and the Amazons have no taxes, and in Nemoria’s country the laws there stated that those unable to pay the taxes must assist the farmers for the season planting, watering, growing, and harvesting the crops. After that they have to pay whatever they make as the repayment before returning to their normal lives.”, I stated, “Her father got rid of that outdated slavery law when she was an infant.”

“Many of the nobleman persuaded the King to keep the law.”, her aunt said, “They use the law to leverage women from families that refuse marriage proposals.”

“I bet you revenge has something to do with it too.”, I stated, “Anyways, we need to come up with a name for you now that the magic they used stripped you of your old one.”

“What!?”, Lily said looking at her aunt.

“The moment they place this collar on you everything you were is gone.”, she said, “Your name, status, and skills are wiped away. It’s the worst punishment imaginable because you are no longer you.”

“Once we remove it the name will return, right?”, Lily asked.

“No, it’s gone forever. It’s to prevent you from forgetting your mistake.”, her aunt said.

Blasting the collar off I gave her the new name I picked out for her.

“Your new name is Eleanora.”, I said with a grin, “Sounds regal in my mind…oh, and by the way I will be pampering that tail of yours! That’s my privilege as your…well we can decide the title later. Either way I get to fluff the tails!”

“That’s a bit…”

“Auntie, Jameson is very loving with my tails so he will be the same with yours right?”, Lily asked me.

“Absolutely! A Kitsune’s tails must be respected because it must be in perfect fluffy condition!”, I said with a firm nod.

“You are quite a weird one.”, Eleanora laughed, “Since you bought me I have no room to complain, but just take it easy on my tails. It’s been years since it’s had a proper cleaning and brushing.”

“Then that must be remedied immediately!”, I said picking them up, “To the bath!”

Carrying both women on my shoulders I ran to the nearest mixed bath house I could find, and bought out the bath for an hour. Taking the two of them in I was surprised Eleanora didn’t struggle much at all. Stripping down I sat both women down, and got to work scrubbing their ears, and tails.

“Auntie, aren’t you a bit…uncomfortable?”, Lily asked as I was scrubbing Eleanora’s tails.

“Normally yes, but I was bought by him.”, Eleanora said, “Even if I felt awkward I still couldn’t complain. Besides I doubt an older Kitsune would be-”

“I’d sleep with you.”, I stated scrubbing the base of her tails, “I think your very good looking, but I’d wait a bit. I’d think it be inappropriate to do something right after-”

“You are more than welcome too.”, she said, “After having your husband not inform you of him losing his job…I blame the death of my daughter squarely on him. If he had been more honest with me we could have reached out to you for help, and made it through this season. Instead, he hid it from us till the very last moment before telling us. My baby died because of him, and many of my children are going to be worked to death…that is on his damn head! If Jameson gets my little Leafa back I gladly let him sleep with me. It’s obvious he is a good husband because you are so much brighter, and cheerier. Clothing aside you are completely different person now.”

“Yes, he is quite the husband.”, Lily said.

“Therefore, I would be extremely happy if he treated me the same way.”, she replied as I scrubbed her ears.

“He wants many kids.”, Lily said.

“Not a problem.”, Eleanora said, “I have many more years of babymaking.”

Nodding her head at me Lily smiled happily. Reaching around I started washing her big pumpkins. Wagging her tails she enjoyed the attention from me. Once her breasts were clean I reached down into her crotch. After a light scrubbing my fingers popped in to explore. Spreading her legs she leaned back into me moaning with a naughty smile. Nibbling on my ear she kissed it before telling me fuck her. Sliding her back my dick popped up between her legs. Looking at it she looked at Lily with shock.

“You…you took this in you?”, she asked.

“Yes, you will like it.”, Lily said sliding me in her aunt.

Stretching her vagina she moaned in my ear playfully teasing me. With slow deep thrusts her legs bounced around as her toes curled with pleasure. Sucking on her breasts she came on my dick.

“Gods…I haven’t climaxed in years!”, she said, “You are definitely talented in pleasuring a woman, but how potent are you? Think you can impregnate me? I dare you to fuck impregnate me!”

“Auntie!”, Lily said in shock.

“We are going to be pregnant by the same man so don’t call me that! Call me by my name!”, Eleanora said.

Grabbing my sac Lily massaged my balls looking her aunt in the eyes.

“I hope you get pregnant with triplets!”, Lily said, “Jameson cum in her!”

Wrapping my arms around her I slammed into her emptying my load in her. Sitting up Eleanora wanted to watch.

“Yes, keep cumming!”, Eleanora said gripping my hands, “Bury everything you have in me! Paint my insides in your sperm!”

Thrusting again I kept fucking her over and over. Screaming Eleanora kept watching herself be bred by me. Kissing her Aunts stomach Lily spoke to her stomach telling it to conceive. Rolling over I started fucking Elenora from the top. Linking hands she started panting as she came for the fifteenth time. Rubbing her aunts clit Lily said her aunt vagina was glued to my dick pulling out a little as I did. Cumming in her again a bit of it came out of her making Lily giggle a little.

“Au…Eleanora I think you are stuffed now.”, Lily said.

“Yeah…I feel nice and warm…”, she replied kissing my cheek.

“Eleanora…are you going to be alright?”, Lily asked.

“Just letting my husband mate with me.”, she replied, “He’s still pulsing.”

Changing the topic because I felt this was going to go in circles I asked about a question I had.

“In my experience thus far my Beastman partners…why do they seem so intense after smelling my…man scent.”, I said unable to put it into words.

“In our society the strong make the babies while the weak don’t. The King for example has a harem of fifty women. Men like…the garbage I had barely could spark my interest. Sure we were friends prior to courting, but in the end I felt something was missing.”, she said, “I felt an attraction to you when we met, but I was on guard for Lily’s sake. After seeing her treatment, and having my life thrown into chaos I wanted to see if he could spark my instincts. One whiff, and my body knew he would satisfy me.”

Looking at Lily she shyly nodded in agreement. Kissing Eleanora as I pulled out she moaned as I finished in her. Rolling over she smiled dreamily at me as sighed peacefully.

“Best sex I have had.”, she said.

“Thanks for the compliment.”, I laughed.

Wriggling towards me she sat up to suck me off. Helping to hold her up she relaxed moving smoothly as she moaned. Pulling Lily over I kissed her softly as she watched her aunt. Cumming a little while later she held it in her mouth to show off.

“Such a naughty Kitsune.”, I said.

Pushing Lily back Eleanora pressed her lips to her vagina, and using her tongue started pushing it into her. Seeing her ass up in the air I couldn’t help myself. Sliding in her Eleanora arched her back cumming on me. Smacking her butt her tails swayed happily as we moved. Leaning over her Eleanora wrapped her tails around me as hooked her cheeks.

“Swallow the rest…Lily is already probably carrying a baby based on our nightly activities.”, I said nibbling on her ear.

Gulping what she had left down she started panting.

“Come on Eleanora!”, Lily said, “Let Jameson bury himself in you.”

Relaxing herself I finally went in her womb. Howling I hammered her till we came together like animals in the wild. Leaving the bath after washing off again, and cleaning up our mess the three of us snuck off like bad children. Booking a room at a nearby inn we snuggled up in bed after I brushed both of their tails out. Nuzzling my chest under the sheets both women passed shortly after hitting the sheets. The next two days we spent touring the city while asking around about Eleanora’s daughter. While we didn’t find out exactly who bought her we managed to determine it was a Minister as the other nobleman who could have bought her were off rescuing Beastman from the now defeated human nations on their border. Having lost their remaining forces the nations put up no resistance as the Beastman reclaimed their brethren.

On the day of the party we meet up with the rest of my wives who were a bit surprised to see a second woman with me. Greeting them normally the women immediately took to her as if she had always been one of them. Explaining the current situation with Eleanora’s daughter all of my wives got very upset.

“What do we need to do?”, Nemoria asked.

“We need to locate her, and save her.”, I stated, “I don’t care if we have to kill the bastard.”

Agreeing with me the women said they would happily ask around about it. Informing them that the Ambassador’s wives would also be assisting they said it would be easier as they could use each other to get information. Getting changed at the Ambassador’s residence I got the women ready before changing into my suit. While I was changing the women talked amongst each other about me, and other things since the Ambassador was already at the castle.

“You all look wonderful!”, the ambassador’s wives said admiring my family.

“Thank you, Jameson made them especially for us and even did us up.”, my wives giggled.

“He made them!?”, they replied.

“Yes, they are custom-made to order.”, Courtney said with a smile, “All are handmade by him out some fancy material called silk and satin.”

“OH MY!!”, the women replied in disbelief, “Even human royalty can barely afford hankies made of silk!! The material is so rare that a small roll of silk is nearly a million kel…”

Hearing the price tag my wives looked at their clothing. Seeing it in a completely different light they almost wanted to take them off. Walking down the stairs in my blue suit, red tie, and polished black leather shoes. Turning around to look at me all of them froze in place. Smiling I tucked my handkerchief in my front breast pocket, and walked towards them.

“What do you think?”, I said.

Looking at me no one said anything, but the naughty smiles I was getting said it all. Linking arms with Ariel and Nemoria I suggested we head to the party. Asking me about the meal I told them I cooked it a few days ago, and put it in storage. Since time didn’t pass in my storage the food would come out just as fresh as it went in. Escorting my group of beautiful women to the castle I dropped off the food at the banquet tables before making small talk with several guests. Receiving compliments from every woman they saw my group wasted no time looking for information. Keeping the husbands preoccupied I opted to exchange war stories which garnered quite a lot of attention from everyone. Joining us after entering the room the King decided to tell some of his before the Empress got everyone’s attention.

“Thank you all for coming!”, she said with a warm smile, “It is a pleasure to have you all joining us for my husbands thirty-seventh birthday. Tonight all the food has been prepared by the Solo Hero at my request. As I am sure many of you have heard the Demons, Amazons, and Dragons are all very fond of his cooking so I thought tonight would be the best time for him to show off that skill.”

“Is it really safe to eat?”, one of the lesser nobleman laughed.

“I would suggest you watch your tongue…his wives control the Dragon, Amazon, and Demon nations…upsetting them would prove quite bad for us after having been helped by them.”, the Empress retorted.

Backing down the Empress nodded before calling me forward. Casually stepping through the crowd I joined her on the stage as she took the first plate to her husband.

“Thank you Empress for a warm welcome.”, I said, “Now then, tonight’s dish isn’t something I have cooked since being reincarnated in your world. The dishes I am serving tonight are Shepard’s Pie, Wild Game Sandwiches, French Fries, and for dessert I have made Cheesecake.”

Before taking a bite the King looked at me cautiously.

“Your kind wife informed me that you will not eat anything your people can’t afford to eat. As such I am happy to inform you that the Shepard’s Pie is only potatoes, carrots, onions, green peas, and venison all of which are readily available to your people thanks to the generosity of my wives nations.”, I said thanking them.

Sniffing the food he took the first bite chewing it slowly. Before saying anything else he took another bite, and then another as the food disappeared in an instant. Bringing him alcohol I brought with me his wife presented a goblet to him to drink. Chugging the whole thing down he asked for another helping.

“This alcohol is simply amazing!”, he shouted, “What is it?”

“That is Whiskey a staple product of my previous life. I should warn you it is extremely easy to get drunk on.”, I chuckled.

Handing her husband another plate he thanked her before shoveling the food down. Seeing their leader devour his food everyone flocked to the table to eat. Sampling everything I prepared the food was a big success. Everyone from the King to Barons complimented my cooking as I joined in the festivities. Eating my plate of food near my wives I asked what they found out.

“The Finance Minister bought Eleanora’s daughter.”, Nemoria said, “Apparently he has a thing for young women. Rumor has it he pampers them into being nothing less than sex slaves.”

“If he laid a hand on her…”, I growled.

“No need to imagine.”, they said with a warm smile, “We know what would happen to him based on your prior fights over us.”

Laughing I nodded my head as I asked them to point out the Finance Minister. Motioning towards a well dressed Tiger kin man with an eye patch they informed me he was our man. Asking how they wanted to handle this they suggested rescuing her while he was here at the party. Walking over to us while we were preoccupied the Empress thanked me for making an excellent meal.

“You are very welcome…by the way, may I ask you a question?”, I inquire.

Giving her permission I asked about the slavery law that Eleanora had been hit with. Sighing the Empress explained that her husband, and many nobleman had tried to repeal it but the Ministers refused to change it.

“Something about hurting the income of our nation.”, she said, “Is something the matter?”

“My most recent wife, Eleanora, was sadly hit by the law a short time ago. Her family was thrown into slavery, and her youngest daughter was killed by some of the guards.”, I said.

With a dark expression she asked me to continue.

“Her former husband, and sons were sold off to mining company while her only remaining daughter was sold to the Minister of Finance.”, I stated.

“I see, the Minister has a thing for raising sex slaves.”, she said, “I don’t like it, but it’s within the law.”

“Which is why we are trying to figure out what to do.”, Nemoria stated.

“I would give up on her.”, the Empress said, “The Minister of Finance has never sold off a girl he bought. Even Earl Greybeard failed to buy his niece back.”

Hearing that Eleanora started to tremble.

“That’s my baby…she isn’t even old enough to attend school!”, Eleanora said.

“While it pains me to say it, she isn’t coming back. My suggestion is too-”

“Can it…”, I said glaring at her, “If your going to let this happen to your own people your no better than the humans you claim to be superior too.”

“Watch your tongue!”, the Empress growled, “Insults like-”

“Cry me a river!”, I snapped, “You know it’s bullshit, but because it doesn’t affect you it doesn’t matter. Aside from a few barbaric nations you and the human nations are the only ones who have that law. For a nation that claims to be a haven to Beastman you don’t seem to have an issue when Beastman are treated like slaves to their own kind.”

Before she could retort her husband walked over unaware of the conversation. Complimenting me on the food he started to talk about the alcohol when Eleanora made a beeline for the Minister. Running after her my wives went to back her up.

“Your alcohol is excellent!”, he said with a grin, “Best I have had in years!”

“I am glad you liked it. It goes great with the Shepard’s Pie.”, I said with a smile.

“Most certainly I-”

Before he could finish a loud smack rang out from over where the Minister was. Looking over I saw Lily and Eleanora on the floor.

“Peasant women!”, the Minister snapped, “How dare you speak to me!”

“Give me my baby back!!”, Eleanora growled, “Give me Leafa back!”

“I said enough woman!”, he said swinging at her face.

Catching his fist before it hit her I snapped his wrist like a thanksgiving wishbone. Howling in pain I grabbed him by the throat.

“So my wives happen to be peasants?”, I said narrowing my eyes, “Last I heard my other wives are royalty or of noble birth…if I am not mistaken that means the two of them are royalty as well. Now I am not going to call you a perverted old man that preys on young women, but rumor has it you seem to find pleasure in raising young girls to be sex slaves…is that true? If something were to happen to my daughter…needless to say they won’t find your corpse…”

“What is going on here!?”, the King said pushing people out of his way.

“This man apparently bought my wife Eleanora’s daughter at a slave market the other day.”, I said.

“I see, she must have been from the slums.”, the King said, “I am sorry, but the law is the law. We are trying to repeal it, but-”

Sighing I released the Minister while rubbing my forehead.

“Here I thought that all nonhuman nations were better than the human ones.”, I stated, “You saying that knowing full well what your Ministers do means you approve of their actions while pretending not to as to appease the citizens. Your games aren’t going to work on me…I have seen plenty of corrupt nobleman to know when I smell a rat. While the people in slums may believe you I know full well your just a greedy bastard that gets rich off others suffering. I have seen your slums, and it completely reminds me of the slums near where I grow up. Nobility can do whatever they want with them since they are the under performers of society…sadly for you now I am pissed off because two of my wives came from that shit hole you keep for fun.”

Before he could utter a word he crashed through the opposing wall unconscious on impact. Looking back at the Minister he froze in shock.

“I don’t think Beastman are any less important than humans, but you lot…you are no different from the people who raised me.”, I said crushing the Minister’s face beneath my boot, “We are officially kicking you out of the Alliance effective immediately. The Alliance wants peace not the same damn corruption the human world currently has.”

“You don’t have the authority!”, the Empress snapped.

“He does!”, my wives snapped, “We back our husbands position on kicking you out. It’s apparent that you are no better than the humans!”

Leaving the party I forced my way into the Minister’s home, and retrieved Leafa after killing all the guards. Bringing all the children with me we went to the slums where we reunited families. Telling them about the current situation many people begged for us to take them back to the Amazon capital to have true freedom. Ariel was more than happy to bring them, but the distance would be to great for some to travel.

“There is no need.”, my secret lovers said.

I was going to ask their positions on everything when I noticed they had the mirror with them.

“We denounced our husband for his inactions, and so we coming with you.”, they said with a warm smile.

“You’re giving up a lot.”, I chuckled.

“No, we are gaining much more than we had.”, they laughed, “We would like to have our freedom to do as we please. May we have that privilege?”

“Haha, you don’t have to ask me. You are your own person. As long as your faithful to me you can do whatever you want.”, I said.

“Then, we would like to open an orphanage.”, they said firmly, “Not every child has a warm home to sleep every night. We want them to feel loved, and cared for.”

Smiling I kissed them as I activated my teleportation magic taking us back to the Amazon capital. Looking at me in disbelief my wives demanded to know how long I had been able to do that.

“I have been able to for a while, but the magic cost is ridiculous. Not to mention there is a chance the teleportation spell will partially work.”, I stated, “Anyways, for now let’s get these people food, water, and a bed to sleep in tonight. Also, alert the nations that the Beastman Empire is now considered…an enemy. We won’t attack them, but they won’t receive our help.”

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