Solo Heroing – Chapter 14

“Jameson…did you…did you kill all these people!?”, they said seeing the blood on me.

“When they arrived they were already dead…the human nobility did nothing to prevent the Mad God from slaughtering the villages along the border. This Mad God is a necromancer…a quite powerful one at that.”, I said.

“A necromancer!?”, they repeated, “Have you seen him?!”

“Yes, we fought till daybreak came. His powers weaken in daylight due to him being partially undead.”, I said.

“More importantly what were you thinking!? You thought we would simply stay back while you fight one of those devils.”, Ariel asked, “With our help you could-”

“You can help fight the army, but he is mine.”, I said firmly.

“Jameson, this isn’t-“, Lily said before hushing herself.

“I lost my world once because I wasn’t there when it mattered. This time if I have to I will take this bastard to hell with me.”, I growled.

“You aren’t allowed to die!”, they snapped smacking me across the face, “Your life is ours too so you aren’t allowed to throw it away!”

Looking back at them I tried to argue that, but only received glares from them. Turning my head back to the plains I lowered my head rubbing the bridge of my nose.

“If it gets dangerous I want you all to fall back, and leave it to me.”, I said calming myself down.

“Like that’s happening!”, Ariel said scolding me, “Remember no more using your lifespan to gain an advantage.”

“I know, and I won’t use it.”, I said looking them in the eyes.

“Please…keep your promise at least that much.”, Naomi said rest her hand on my shoulder.

Placing my hand on hers I promised too. Getting up from my stump I opted to rest now that the military was here. Falling into a bed I passed out till nightfall when things got interesting. Getting up I joined my wives by the stump as the dead started to rise…again.

“This is just horrible!”, Nemoria said, “There are children in the mob.”

Walking up next to us the Emperor looked down on the plains with a grim look.

“How do we defeat them?”, he asked.

“Fire, but we need to be cautious. A fire will spread quickly here so once they are gone we will need to put it out.”, I said looking at Nemoria and her generals, “I will need help with that.”

“We will get things ready. Go ahead with the fire.”, Naomi said.

As I went to start my attack a horn sounded off in the distance. Perking up I saw specks of light moving in the distance. When they took off into the sky arching our way I told my family to book it.

“Incoming!!”, I shouted.

Diving for cover the plains became live as fire engulfed the area. Looking to the west I saw the plains start to move as the human army pushed towards the undead army.

“Fuck! Everyone prepare for battle! Get the barricades up immediately!”, I snapped.

Springing into action the Amazons start deploying wooden barriers while the Demons made ditches with magic to give us the advantage if higher ground. Assisting the Amazons the Beastman help get things ready while I turned to their Emperor to suggest a plan.

“You soldiers won’t be much in the plains now. Think you can swing around, and the hit humans from behind? If you can lead some men to distract them we should be able to cover your troops attacking from the rear.”, I said.

“What of you?”, he asked.

“I will take some of my forces to deal with the Undead and the necromancer.”, I stated.

“Alright”, he said turning to his men, “Good luck, and happy hunting!”

Ordering his children and guards to follow him he dispatched a force to circle around to assault the humans from behind. Taking my own family, and a few troops we went the other direction taking out the Undead as we went with fire.

“This is ridiculous!”, Sarah said cleaving a head off a zombie, “What sicko desecrate the dead!?”

“He’s one of the Mad Gods what did you expect?”, I said incinerating a group of twelve skeletons, “Regretting coming with-”

Glaring at me my wives gaze said I wasn’t getting rid of them. Turning my eyes forward I made out the person in question just through the trees already in combat…with Artemis.

“Shit, all of you focus on culling the undead so they don’t overwhelm the Emperor’s party. When your done I may require support.”, I said.

“Roger!”, they said splitting off to deal with the undead.

Jumping into the forest where the two were fighting I hit the necromancer with a Fireball. Crashing through several trees I looked to Artemis.

“I don’t have time to fight both of you.”, I said.

“I am only here for him. This moron rose twenty thousand undead outside the capital.”, Artemis said.

“He is one of the Mad Gods.”, I stated, “We have to team up on this one even though we are enemies.”

“About that, I need too-”

“Don’t ignore me you mortals!”, the necromancer said launching black flames at us.

“We will talk after this! For now just focus on him!”, Artemis stated.

“Like hell we will…”, I thought side stepping the attack.

Charging forward the two of swung our sword Artemis went up, and I went down. Hitting nothing, but air both of us sigh in anger. Imbuing our swords with magic we spun around hitting him on both sides. Having hit him with a decent amount of force we launched him out into the plains where we had the advantage. Dashing out of the woods I used ice magic to freeze the area before Artemis hit it with an extremely hot fire spell. The sudden change in temperature caused a massive explosion that sent him flying.

“Now Jameson!”, Artemis said drawing his second sword.

Pulling a second sword from my storage we started to channel magic into them while leaping into the air. Arriving in opposite sides of the necromancer we sprung our offensive attack.

“<Dance of Twin Dragons>”, we shouted as the spell activated.

In a split second the air hummed loudly as our swords moved faster than the speed of sounds slicing him into dust. When the spell ended we landed on the ground as his corpse disappeared.

“That was easier than I thought.”, he said.

“It’s not over, in a fee minutes his soul will take over one of the undead. The only reason he is weak is because he is still regaining a physical body. If he was complete we’d be fighting an uphill battle.”, I said.

“Oh, then that makes sense. You have fought him dozens of times then.”, he said.

“All night every night for the past few days.”, I said turning to him, “Now then…”

As I was about to attack him three people a woman, and two children ran over to us. Wearing slave collars I glanced back at him suspiciously. When they got near he looked at me with a troubled expression.

“What’s wrong Papa?”, the youngest of the two Cat kin girls asked.

“You some kind of sick pervert?”, I asked him.

“No, truth is…I have a nonhuman wife and children. I know what your thinking, but I had to do it otherwise my family would have-”

“You can shove it…”, I said glaring at him, “I don’t need to hear this bullshit from you. Even if they are your family you slaughtered thousands for three people…how many other families have you ruined!? Why do you deserve to have some happiness when you have forced others to watch as theirs was destroyed!?”

“They are all I have!”, he said.

Pointing my sword at him I resolved myself.

“You can rest assured that I have no issues with your family…just you. When I kill you I will free your family, and they can move on with their lives.”, I snapped.

Stepping in front of Artemis the young girl started shouting at me.

“Why are you being mean to Papa!?”, she growled.

“Our father hasn’t done anything wrong!”, the older daughter said.

Laughing I shook my head.

“Evidentially your father neglected to inform you that he hunts down, and kills nonhumans for a living.”, I stated.

“We know…it may not sit well with us, but he is only thinking of us.”, his wife said.

“Honestly…I could care less if you accept it. Fact is your tormented innocent people just to save your family.”, I said, “Wouldn’t you agree, Jessica and Lidia?”

Reacting to the two women behind him he spun to attack them. Deflecting the swords they punched him straight into my sword. Armor broken from the blow he coughed up a bucket of blood.

“Last time it was just me fight you. This time around I had backup plus my Demoness wives have been wrecking your body this entire time. If you haven’t noticed your senses have dulled, and your strength waned. I gave them orders before arriving to do so…your death will be by their hands. Apparently you took the lives of their siblings so I will leave you to them.”, I said pulling my swords out, “Maybe you should have been paying attention.”

Falling to the ground the three women ran over to him, but my Amazon wives grabbed them before they got to him. Telling them to take them away I stood by to watch the five women beat him to death with magic as he screamed out in pain. Sighing when it was done I walked over to them, and gave them hugs. Embracing me the five held me tightly for a few moments before looking at me.

“Thank you.”, they said, “We finally got rid of one of those bastards.”

“It only worked out because of preplanning, and blind luck. The fool wasn’t wearing protective charms against necromancy. He would have dropped dead in a few minutes even if you five hadn’t messes with him. His life was being drained away without him knowing it.”, I stated.

“You will have to explain the magic to us more. Necromancy isn’t something widely practiced so details are slim.”, Nemoria said.

“I can do that, how goes the Undead?”, I asked.

“Haha…the Amazons went a bit…overboard. We wiped them all out very easily due to the women going on a rampage.”, Jessica sighed.

“Haha I bet they are pent-up for some action. For now lets back up the Emperor while Ariel restrains the three slaves.”, I said.

“They are going to hate us.”, Germina said.

“Doesn’t matter, we put that animal down.”, I stated.

Walking over to Ariel I removed the slave collars from the three family members. Once they were freed the mother started cursing at me so I took it to be the truth that they were a couple. Looking at I flipped her the bird.

“He killed hundreds of nonhumans just to be with you…he could have easily left with all of you instead of staying among those that hate you. Also, how is your life more important than the ones he took? I have killed people same as him, but it wasn’t solely for my wives. In every case hundreds of nonhumans would have killed for the hell of it if I hadn’t stepped in! Get over yourself because he took the happiness from the many just to satisfy his own desires!”, I said before nodding to Ariel, “Like I told him, my issue was with him not you. You’re free to go where you want so off with you.”

“I will kill you!”, she growled.

“Good luck, if you manage to make it past all my wives all that awaits you is oblivion.”, I stated, “Let’s go.”

Running off with my wives in tow they occasionally glanced back to glare at the three of them.

“They were spoiled.”, Courtney growled.

“You better not become like that for us.”, Lidia said.

“I wouldn’t because no ones stupid enough to mess with any of you let alone me.”, I said.

Laughing the women nodded in agreement as we drew near the battlefield. Seeing the Emperor rip several soldiers into pieces with his claws I grinned. Telling the women to fan out I ordered Lily to stay by me.

“You aren’t suited for fighting so I will protect you.”, I said with a smile.

Kissing me she said she was in my hands. Scooping her up in my left arm I dashed into combat using only my right arm. Slashing men in half I made sure not to get Lily dirty. Glancing over at us the Emperor started laughing.

“This is no place for a date boy!”, he laughed.

“Then you aren’t doing it right!”, I retorted as Lily held on to me tightly.

Forcing the men back to the rear they found themselves pinned between both groups as the Amazons and the Demons came in from the sides. Realizing they were defeated the remaining soldiers tossed down their weapons, and surrendered. Lowering their heads in shame they were cuffed without issue, and hauled back to the Demon capital where they would be held on ransom. If no one paid their ransom after ninety days they were considered abandoned, and we could do what we wanted with them. In this case we already knew what we wanted to do so now it was just a waiting game. Locking the men up for now I decided to speak with the Emperor on things moving forward.

“At this point it is highly unlikely they have much in the way of defenses left. I suggest we search the area for any survivors of any race.”, I stated, “More than likely it will be of the nonhuman variety as most would have been drafted into the military defense.”

Agreeing with me we broke into smaller parties as we searched the area. Since we were still trying to build a relationship with the Beastman Empire I searched with the Emperor, and his family. Placing my faith in their sense of smell we tracked down a small farming village a few miles into the forest. Finding the place in a smoldering pile of charcoal they were going to ignore it, but I said we should search anyways.

“Anything valuable will go a long way for your people.”, I stated, “Besides, last I heard you needed food supplies still. Most humans keep goods underground where it’s cool so we may still find supplies.”

Seeing my point we searched the houses one by one not finding much aside from a few sacks of flour, a bushel of apples, and a few jugs of cider. As we searched the last house we heard some noise under the floor boards. Looking at each other the Emperor, and I nodded at each other. Getting into position by the hatch he and I would throw open the door while his sons and daughters would stab anything that came charging out. Opening the door on three nothing came out so I poked my head underneath to find two teenagers cowering together. One was a human boy around fifteen years of age, and the other was a Cow kin girl maybe sixteen years of age. Judging by their reaction they were quite close as he was shielding her. Sighing I told them to come out as the Undead were gone. Staggering out of the hole the two bowed to the Emperor as the Cow kin girl recognized him.

“So, it’s safe to assume you both are close…maybe even lovers?”, I asked.

Looking at the two of us nervously I laughed.

“No need to worry about me. I have nonhuman wives so I don’t see a problem, and if the Emperor had an issue he would have voiced it.”, I stated.

“…why isn’t she in a slave collar?”, he asked the boy.

“…my family didn’t know I was hiding her in the cold cellar…I found her last winter half-frozen in the forest.”, he said, “After a warm meal we started talking, and…she had nowhere else to go so I offered her a place to stay. If my parents found out they’d have killed her so I hid her from them.”

“It was thanks to his kindness that I didn’t die, and he has been so generous working hard to provide me a little food daily.”, she said with flushed cheeks, “When spring came I made a move on him, and-”

“Okay, we don’t need to know what happened as it’s obvious the result.”, I chuckled, “Where their other people like you in the area? The Undead slaughtered everyone that fled so we are looking for survivors.”

“No one nearby, but a days ride north there are many couples like us.”, he said holding her hand, “So…what is to become of us?”

“If I must I will do what I can to-“, she started to say.

“No, you don’t need to go that far. I couldn’t in good conscience intrude on a loving relationship. You both love each other enough to give your life for one another so I will help you find a place to settle. Do you have any suggestions based on his skill set as a farmer?”, I said looking at the Emperor.

“…well I…”, he said unable to think.

“She is willing to go that far for a human with no motive other than love. I would say he is trustworthy wouldn’t you?”, I said looking to his wife who was walking up with a few soldiers.

“I would agree.”, she said, “Dear, we must consider that we can’t rely on only the kindness of our allies for food. He has a skill we badly need so why not put them under close supervision if you are worried.”

Looking at his wife then back at the two of them he nodded.

“We will take you in, and place you under observation for five years. If we have no issues, and you help produce food I will make you an official citizen.”, he said.

Thanking him the two bowed their heads again before being escorted by the soldiers back to camp. Once they were out of hearing range I looked back at the Emperor.

“Was that so hard?”, I teased.

“Don’t push it…”, he sighed, “You are already enough for testing my patience.”

“Haha, fair enough. So, should we pursue the kids information?”, I asked.

“I don’t see why not, but we should do it tomorrow. For now I believe we need rest.”, he said.

“Sounds good to me.”, I said with a nod.

Returning to camp I deposited the items we found with their quartermaster then fell into a bed made of hay that was brought for my wives. Looking at the bed not everyone was convinced it would be a comfy night. Getting back up I pulled out a thick blanket made of Griffin fur stuffed with goose down. On top of that I put a luxury silken blanket down with a wool comforter finishing it off. Laying on the makeshift bed my wives gave it the thumbs up. Stripping down under the sheets I soon had breasts pressed against me. Waking up the next morning to a few Amazons asking for my services I smiled, and snuck out of bed. Before leaving I made sure to give all my wives kisses then ran off. Finding a quiet place in private I serviced them before completely wrecking their vaginas.

Having discovered that the Amazons could handle being treated rougher thanks to Ariel and the others I was giving these women the same treatment. Eagerly clapping my sac against their clits they moaned as I fucked them till I filled each of them. With their desires sated we made out for a bit before they returned to camp leaving me to wash up in a nearby stream. Washing myself off I laid back in the grass to dry off in the morning sun. I was dozing off when I heard someone enter the clearing near me. Looking behind me the mother of the two Cat kin children stood their glaring at me.

“Can I help you?”, I asked, “Where are your-”

“You did this!”, she said running at me with a knife.

Grabbing her wrist I slowly twisted it making her drop the knife. Thrashing around she tried to go for my neck, but her claws weren’t able to get purchase. With a swift kick to the hips I sent her skipping across the ground.

“Listen lady, just take your two kids and find a safe place to live. Staying here you will only find trouble with humans right now.”, I said.

“Where do I go with my two children!?”, she snapped, “We were leapt in a dirty basement only ever allowed out when we had his approval.”

“What kind of relationship were you in?”, I said skeptical of them, “No way you were married.”

“I birthed him two children because he thought I was cute.”, she said.

“So…he treated you like a pet…”, I said with a sigh.

“Pet?”, she asked.

“I assume he put the collar on you, and the kids?”, I asked.


“He also fed you cheap food?”

“It’s expensive right?”

“Kept you locked up away from guests, and also you never shared a bed?”, I asked.

“Yes!”, she said with a nod.

“Definitely a pet…”, I said, “A pet is an animal humans keep as a companion, and most of the time…sees as a lesser being.”

Hearing that she dropped to her knees.

“Poor woman…she didn’t even realize she was being used.”, I thought scratching my head, “Leave it to a noble jackass to treat her like that…”

“What am I supposed to do?!”, she demanded.

“I may know someone looking for maids.”, I said, “He is the ambassador for the Beastman Empire.”

“Oh! That would be good!”, she said.

“Join the caravan headed towards the capital, and I will send word ahead for you.”, I said.

Running off into the forest I sighed as got dressed, and joined our forces. It was decided that a small unit would comeback later to attempt a rescue operation as the rushed deployment meant we were running low on materials. Helping to the Demon Country border I informed my wives I had to settle a few things in the capital before returning home. Asking me for specifics I said planning needed done for the rescue operation as well as getting the rescued people settled in that the armies had picked up on route. When we got back to their capital I setup a meeting with the ambassador and King as both men were buried under paperwork when we got back. Staying at the ambassador’s home per his request I greeted my secret lovers with a warm smile. Acting casually while their husband was home they turned on immediately after he left for work.

Fucking them silly I made sure to get photos of their progress thus far. Happily cuddling up with me afterwards I asked how things were going in the capital. Telling me everything was alright they thanked me for suggesting the new maid to them.

“She’s quite nice, and our kids will need safe friends growing up.”, they said.

“How are the supply runs going?”, I said, “Been out of the loop for a bit.”

“They are helping the nation a lot, but it only goes so far. Seeing as the only quick means of transport is via the mirrors we have only been able to distribute to nearby villages. We have been transporting them further, but it takes time.”, the head wife said.

“Maybe suggesting we drop supplies off to villages near the border would be a good idea as we are already going to pass them again.”, I said rubbing my chin.

“We will bring that up with them.”, they said with a cheerful smile, “For now, drop the business talk.”

Making out with them my dick never stayed out of one of them for long. Burying myself in their breasts I eventually fell asleep once they were done. The next morning I awoke to a beautiful sunrise creeping in from the windows. Sneaking out of the room I slipped back into mine, and cleaned up with magic. Once I was good I passed out in my own bed for an hour before I heard a knock at the door.

“Come in…”, I said with a yawn.

Entering the room the Empress, and a woman who looked like the Emperor’s mother came in. Shooting up I sighed as I regretted not asking who it was before telling them to come in.

“Good Morning, what brings you to my small corner of the world?”, I laughed.

“We need to speak with you.”, the Empress said.

Getting up I suggested we go to the parlor to have refreshments, but they turned me down. Stating that outside a few people no one knew they were here which concerned me. Sleeping with the ambassador’s wives was one thing, but the Empress wasn’t on my radar. She was a beautiful Lion kin with golden fur so normally she would be though being an Empress, let alone married to a human hater, I wasn’t interested.

“So then, how may I help you?”, I asked cautiously.

“No need to be alarmed, we aren’t here for anything life threatening.”, the older Lion kin woman with brown fur said, “If we were my son would be here.”

“Alright, just tell me what you want.”, I said.

“As you are aware our allies are helping with supplies we badly need, but it is taking us time to distribute them.”, the Empress said, “We need your assistance reaching the lesser traveled to villages.”

“Uh…why do you need to ask me in private?”, I asked.

“Some of the villages aren’t known to the public as…the villagers are considered cursed by our people.”, they said softly.

“Cursed?”, I said a bit confused.

“Yes, many of them are odd colored and some even transform under certain conditions.”, they stated.

“Like werewolves?”, I asked.

“Correct.”, they said, “If word got out those poor people would be hunted down even by our people.”

“Ah…now I understand.”, I said nodding my head, “You want me to run the supplies to them instead of sending your own troops.”

“Precisely, generally one of my children makes the run but we are busy with distributing supplies.”, the Empress said.

Promising to take the job I expected them to leave, but they didn’t. Asking if they needed something else they looked at each other, and then back to me.

“Actually, would you be willing to cook at my husbands birthday dinner in two weeks?”, the Empress asked.

“You sure he will eat my cooking?”, I asked.

“Based on what the Demons, Amazons, and the Dragons have said he definitely will.”, they laughed.

“Very well, I will come up with something unique.”, I said, “Anything in particular he likes?”

“It will have to be something filling, easy to make, and won’t cost a lot. If he thinks it’s expensive he won’t eat it. He believes he should eat what the people can eat.”, they said, “He is stubborn that way.”

“I think I have an idea that wouldn’t cost much more than a loaf of bread.”, I said.

“That would be perfect.”, they replied.

Thanking me the two women left while I got out of bed. Saying goodbye to the women before heading home I asked if they would be attending the party. Nodding they said at least one hundred people would be attending. With that in mind I went to Ariel’s home to gather ingredients.

“We are going to a party?!”, my wives said with excitement, “Like one where we dress up, and get to show off?!”

“If you want, yes. Just remember this a birthday party…oh and I am also cooking a new dish.”, I said.

Going dead silent they looked at me as a few started to drool. Telling them I would make plenty they danced around the room.

“I have dresses for all of you as well.”, I said pulling them out of storage.

Showing them gorgeous dresses I remembered from being on earth they all trembled touching them. The instant they touched them they all backed up.

“These clothes are far to nice!”, they said, “They must have cost a King’s Ransome!”

“Even if they did they were made for you. I will not skimp on things for my wife.”, I stated.

Trying them on they came out looking a bit tense.

“I think we don’t match these beautiful dresses…”, Nemoria said.

“Come here!”, I said taking out a brush, “Let me work some magic.”

Using magic tools I developed for occasions like this I made sure to make them all looking stunning. When I finished the women stood shaking looking at themselves in the mirror. Each of them had straightened or curled hair to match their dresses. The Demons for deep red silken dresses that came to just above their ankles. I made sure that the dresses hugged each curve on their bodies leaving just enough room to move easily. Lifting their breasts up they seemed to like that the weight was spread over their whole back. Not stopping there I made sure that their curled hair was complimented by a red rose.

The Amazons had a much more basic design. Hanging from one shoulder their dressed swung over their breasts leaving just the top of their canyons showing below their necks. Wrapping loosely around the brown satin cloth hugged their hips leaving just enough room to move unhindered if they got into a fight. Their dresses only went to their mid-thigh like their normal clothing so they had some comfort. Their long hair was curled, and interwoven with flowery vines to compliment their more earthy skin color.

My Dragon wives wore white dresses that didn’t loop over their shoulders. Going across the top of their breasts their dresses hugged them tightly showing off all the curves they had. Staying at a comfortable knee-length with a hole for their wings, and tails I went the extra mile to straighten their hair so the lavender flowers I put in could highlight them.

Lastly was Lily who I made a light blue silken dress for that made her look like a princess. I made sure it went to ankle length, and hung loosely below her waist so her tail, which had a hole in the dress for it, wouldn’t scrunch up the dress. Having her twirl I enjoy watching the dress flutter gently with her. Putting an emerald heart hairpin in hers she smiled happily as she touched it. Of course though I ensured her tail was fluffy, and I put a slight wave in her straight hair to add some excitement.

“So, what do you think?”, I asked.

Looking back at me everyone was tearing up. Thinking I screwed up because of some custom I broke I was going to apologize when all of them gave me a hug. Clutching me tightly everyone said they thought they were beautiful.

“Of course you are! You are all the most beautiful women I have ever met, and to call you my wives…it means a lot to me.”, I said.

“You know…how easy are these dresses able to be taken off?”, they asked with naughty smiles.

“Pretty easy.”, I said.

Taking their hair pieces out we were messing around in bed not five minutes later. Taking my full attention for the rest of the day I decided to take a hunting trip tomorrow to gather the ingredients for the birthday dinner.

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