Solo Heroing – Chapter 13

The next morning I got up, and brushed Lily’s tails. Brushing her tails like this was the highlight of my day as a child because her tails fluffiness was over nine thousand because of the upkeep I did on them. Making sure I was gentle when cleaning up the clumps of hair in her tails when I finished I hugged the tails softly.

“I feel mixed emotions about this…”, Tetra said watching me, “I feel like she is getting a better deal out of this than we do.”

“Who just had a steak dinner prepared by me the other day?”, I chuckled, “Brushing her tails is a necessary hygiene process for Kitsune because their tails tend to get messy when they are stressed. Compared to when I met her again her tails are ten times better.”

“So whats our special hygiene treatment then?”, she asked looking at me.

Thinking about their anatomy for a moment I remembered that their wings were their pride, and joy. Having dirty scales on their wings was seen as poor taste if what I was told was correct.

“How about I polish the scales on your wings?”, I asked.

“Yes please!!”, the three said shooting up out of bed.

“They were just looking for an excuse to ask me to do it…well now that I offered I might as well do it.”, I thought to myself.

Popping their wings out for me I took a microfiber cloth I made, and used special polish that all Dragons used on their wing scales. Before doing that I took out some degreaser, and wiped down their wings to ensure a clean surface. The degreaser smelled like lavender so they were fine with it. Once they were clean I used the cloth, and polish to buff the hell out of their wings. By the time they were done the light reflected off of them perfectly without a speck of dirt. Lastly I took some special pearlescent coating to seal the polish.

“They look wonderful!”, the three said proudly.

“Go step out on the balcony, and look at them in the sunlight.”, I said.

Walking outside I waited a moment before the three of them screamed running back into the room.

“What is this you used on us!?”, they asked, “Our wings look like they are made of precious gem stones! This is far more than anyone we know has received.”

“Well duh, as your husband I will have to show off for you.”, I said.

Smiling they asked to go out to see the markets this morning as the annual cattle herding was coming in for the winter. The Dragon ranchers were bringing in their livestock from their summer pastures, and putting them in for the winter. Once the pens were full the took the remaining cattle, generally the unproducing elderly or injured animals, to the slaughterhouse where they were converted into some of the best tasting meat that I have ever had. Agreeing with to their plan I helped Lily into a dress I had made for her, a yellow sundress that went to her knees, before getting dressed in casual clothing myself. Escorting the four beautiful women to the carriage they requested at the gate I helped each of them in before climbing in, and sitting between Lily and Courtney.

Riding along the cobblestone road into the capital Lily watched out the window in amazement as we road through the Workers District where common labors lived in relative comfort compared to their human counterparts. Unlike humans the Dragon labors had spacious homes usually three to four bedroom, two bathrooms, a living room, dining room, and a kitchen along with a decent yard that you could find kids playing in. While the men worked in the fields, markets, and skilled trades their wives were busy bartering for materials for their own business in the clothing industry which was run solely by women according to Courtney. Not a single man dared compete with them due to their wives harassing them if they did. Of course this didn’t apply to men making clothing for their own families as a few of them did. This was the only exception to the rule that the women allowed.

“So one of them made my dress?”, Lily asked, “I would like to thank the one who made my dress.”

“Jameson made it.”, Tetra said.

“Shh! You weren’t supposed to blab that out!”, I said rubbing my forehead.

“You made it!? For me!?”, she asked in shock.

“Yes, I happen to make the majority of my own clothing as I find even regal clothes in this world to itchy for my liking.”, I stated.

“That’s why this dress feels so nice.”, she said leaning on my arm.

Glaring at me I confirmed I was making dresses in my spare time for all of my wives. They started to ask how I got their sizes, but then realized I had unhindered access to get them. In reality I used <Analyze> to get the sizing right though I’d never tell them that. If they learned I could size a woman with that spell they would put blinders on me. Reaching the market I helped the ladies out, and thanked the driver and his wife. Slipping them a few hundred kel I said to enjoy themselves while we shopped. Hooking my arms with Zena, and Tetra I suggested we start with breakfast. Agreeing full heartedly Courtney suggested one she heard about via the maids. Walking over to the edge of the market we found a small table at the Winking Dragonfly, and placed our orders. Chatting about various upcoming projects our food came out quickly much to their happiness.

Eating our food the women chatted about my youth which Lily was more than happy to talk about. Listening to the stories I spotted a young child maybe three years in age peeking his head out from around the building. Not paying us any attention he was fixated on the food. Looking at his clothing I saw he wasn’t in much more than rags. Getting up from my seat I walked over to the young Dragon boy, and patted him on the head softly.

“Has he always been like that?”, Tetra asked, “You know, treating everyone the same.”

“Absolutely!”, Lily said, “Whenever we snuck out he would spend some of his money on food for the children in the slums, and the abandoned single Beastman parents that filled the slums.”

“Oh, he never mentioned that to us.”, they replied.

“He doesn’t like to talk about it because he wants to remain unknown so people who aren’t necessarily good show up asking for handouts.”, she said, “Many people turned to drugs in the slums so most of the time they asked for a handout it was for money for drugs. There were a few who asked for food which he gave them readily.”

“So he has a kind heart then to those in true need.”, Zena said looking at me as I wiped the child’s face off.

“I doubt he would fight if he had too.”, Lily said, “It always seemed like he wanted to be father more than warrior. I never understood though because he was always so strong.”

Picking the boy up I asked if his mother was nearby. Nodding his head he pointed to an older woman resting by a barrel in the alley. Hopping the small fence I walked back to her to ensure she was alright. Applying some healing magic to her I woke her up, and returned her son to her. Giving her some kel to get food, and shelter she thanked me before walking away with her son. Returning to the table I felt a small sense of tense from the women.

“Is something wrong?”, I asked.

“Well…I am kind of curious”, Tetra asked, “You gave up a lot by turning away from the easy life of a nobleman. Why would give that all up even if you had a future of happiness? I am sure you knew it was never going to be easy.”

Setting my coffee down I took a deep breath.

“In my previous life I spent my time striving to make a name for myself in my field of study. Throughout my education I pushed off unnecessary communication with others in pursuit of my goal. When I graduated I dove head first into my career, and got to the point where I wanted to be to have kids.”, I said with a warm smile, “I met a wonderful woman who gave her time to those suffering in our world from almost things you have in this world…drugs, alcohol, war, and the like. We eventually got engaged then married with our families there to celebrate with us. Soon she became pregnant with our first child which made her so happy.”

Starting to cry myself I remembered that moment when she told me. The innocent smile of joy she had on her face, and all of the heartfelt happiness she wore on her face.

“Everything went smoothly with the pregnancy up to the month…”, I said clutching my glass, “She went on her last job before taking a break to rest. On that trip she was trying to help a small group of people from a neighboring county try to get clean water as a mining accident had polluted the water. Helping organize the effort things were a bit rocky, but okay till some men from the mining company showed up. Offering to buy the land from the people he offered them a low ball amount to try, and get them to take it. They went back, and forth for a few minutes before things got ugly. Several strong words were said before the mining people left for the day in a sour mood. That night the mines that ran under the city…they collapsed for absolutely no reason causing the city to fall into the ground.”

Hearing my words the women stopped eating.

“When I got the call that my wife had been injured I dropped everything, and ran to the site. Seeing the devastation I almost throw up as bodies were torn apart by the collapsed buildings.”, I said looking at my plate, “My wife was among the dead crushed beneath tons of debris.”

Dropping their utensils the women teared up.

“The rest of the casualties were the elderly people who had gone to bed before the rest of their families.”, I stated, “It came out a few days later that one of the mining company investors had the mines blown to rid himself of the landowners. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone there at the site, but they never bothered to confirm it before blowing the city apart. Those rat ass bastards took the love of my life away from me over a stupid piece of land! My entire world gone in an instant because no one checked to make sure the area was clear! Then those monsters had the gall to offer me money to replace my family! They through cash at me to keep me quiet, but I didn’t…I made sure I got the word out about what those slimy bastards did. Eventually when it went to court the ones responsible got a slap on the wrist due to a mix up in the court paperwork.”

“They used their power to get out for free…”, Courtney snarled.

“Having sat there pouring my broken heart out for my loss they walked away with a small fine, and nothing else.”, I stated, “I gave the courts a chance, but when they failed me I took matters into my own hands. Taking out my own weapon I killed all of those bastards that took my world from me, and then the corrupt people who let them get away. When I finished my task the guards killed me when I refused to drop my weapon.”

Holding my hand Lily rested her head on my shoulder.

“Before I realized it I woke up here in this world without remembering much of my previous life. Eventually pieces of my memories came back of the happiness I had which is why I wanted to share that when I saw the wrong doings around me taking place.”, I said looking at Lily, “I wanted to share the feeling of love, and belonging my wife gave me. Everything I did for those in need I did in her memory…till the rest of my memories came back when my father dispatched one of the Lizard kin maids when her children accidentally broke a vase in our home. The vase was of no worth, but the mere fact they broke it was enough to kill her and hang the children. That day was the day I swore that I wouldn’t standby, and watch the happiness of others be ruined by those in a seemingly higher position of power.”

Taking all of their hands into my own I looked at all of them.

“The reason I wanted to be with all of you is because I love you. Sure I have the memories of my future self, but I saw myself living with the same love I had in my old life then.”, I said, “I want you all to share that happiness with me, and see what love really is like.”

Smiling the women thanked me, and said they wanted to go to the end of the world with me. Thanking them I kissed them with a warm smile.

“So then your kind actions are because of your wife from your old life?”, Tetra asked.

“No, it is obvious to me that this worlds idea of what love is…well it’s broken. If I can brighten just life a day for the rest of my life I am sure I can change that in people’s eyes.”, I said, “Once we win this war, and settle down I want to show the people of this world that there is a better way to love.”

“You know you sound weird saying that.”, Tetra giggled.

“Listen, how many women do you know are happy in their marriage?”, I asked, “How many men would you say are happy?”

“What’s your definition of happy?”, Courtney asked.

“The same way I make you all feel.”, I stated.

Looking at each other they eventually said very few at our level.

“Do you think things would be better for everyone if they were similar to us with just as much love?”, I stated, “My ways aren’t going to stop wars, or bring world peace but it will bring about a world where people have a choice to have love or not.”

Nodding their heads they liked the sound of that. Finishing our meals I paid the tab, and left with the women to browse the market. Walking around to all the stalls we saw the three Dragon women were showered with compliments about their wings. Taking the compliments the three motioned to me saying I polished them. Before I could get a word in dozens of people surrounded me asking me how I did it. Apologizing to them I stated it was a secret reserved for my family.

Quickly retreating from the crowd we got back to our shopping as I bought up thousands of pounds of meat for my very hungry family members. Buying a few hundred pounds of various other meats I was content once I felt we had enough for at least six months. Moving to spices, vegetables, and fruits I bought up what I could of those as I could never have enough. As I was looking at some vegetables an elderly woman approached the four women.

“My my…seeing a husband doing the shopping for his wives is a sight for sore eyes.”, she laughed, “You are lucky to have him.”

“We know.”, they replied, “He does much our cooking as well.”

“How kind of him.”, she said, “You should treat him to something special for being a good husband.”

“Meaning?”, they asked.

“There is a special fruit that couples eat that supposedly ensure a healthy family if eaten yearly.”, she said, “It also will help kick things up in the bedroom. My husband and I eat it on our anniversary so I can attest to the results.”

Looking ar each other the women thanked her before huddling up.

“I think she is talking about Passion Star Fruit. The maids in our mansion mentioned it frequently so it must be true.”, Zena said.

“Where do we get it?”, Tetra asked.

“It’s a specialty item of our southern islands.”, Courtney said, “I read about it several books about agriculture. I can order us some.”

“Should we invite the others?”, Zena asked.

“We should.”, Tetra said, “It’s not often we get to all spend time with him. Though…one of us has yet to actually be with him…”

Looking at Lily she froze as her ears flattened.

“I…I couldn’t…unlike all of you I have been with so many-”

“Did you want them?”, Tetra asked.

“No!”, she shouted before quieting down, “Jameson was the only one I wanted be intimate with.”

“Then you have been with one.”, they said with a nod, “Love is important in an intimate encounter, and if there was none then it was worthless.”

Looking over at me Lily bit her lip.

“Do you think he will-”

“Yes, he will definitely accept you.”, they stated, “Now when we get back you go get him!”

Clenching her fists she agreed with them. Walking over to me as I finished buying produce the Dragons asked about returning to the castle. I thought it was fine as I was sure Zena was about at her limit for public interaction. Riding back to the castle Tetra and Zena sat next to me drifting in and out of sleep. When we got back home I helped the women out, and they immediately broke off to do their own things aside from Lily. Pulling me along I went with her to the bedroom where she kissed me aggressively for once.

“Is everything alright?”, I asked her.

“I want you.”, she said looking me in the eyes, “Take me as your woman here, and now.”

“Did something happen?”, I asked with concern.

“Please! I don’t want to be left out!”, she said grabbing my hand.

Realizing that she must have been concerned about the last few days I kissed her as I caressed her butt. Slipping my hands under her dress her vagina was already trembling. Helping her undress I kissed her as we went complimenting her beauty.

“You are beautiful.”, I whispered in her ear as she used her thighs to stroke me.

Soon enough her legs spread as her pink fur covered vagina devoured me. Inching my way in I ensure was buried to the base in her. Humping her steadily she started panting, and moaning for me as our hands gripped each other tightly. Matching my smooth movements she showered my dick with her nectar as she climaxed over, and over.

“You are so beautiful.”, I said as I picked up the pace.

Flipping her over so I could see her face she kept her eyes locked on mine. Wrapping her legs around me she started crying.

“Are you hurt!?”, I asked stopping myself.

“No, it’s just…this what I always wanted. All of my experiences till now I was beaten, thrown, and drugged to suit their desires. Now…I am being loved the way I want to be in the arms of the one man I would give anything for.”, she said with a big smile, “It’s just a relief…I was afraid you were going to hate it because I was forcibly-”

“None of that matters to me in the slightest.”, I said hushing her my finger on her lips, “What is most important is that you feel the love you deserve, and are happy to be with me.”

“Of course I am!”, she said, “I knew you were my special person when you brushed my tails the first time I met you. Instead of yelling at me like everyone else you brushed my tails with lots of love.”

“Absolutely! Your tails are so beautiful that I had to keep them looking amazing! It would be a crime if they were treated any other way, but with love!”

Clenching down on me without warning I was unable to control myself. Slamming into her I grip her tightly as she did the same to me. Pulsating violently she moaned as her fingers dug into my back. Stealing her needy lips I used them while she was filled up. Before a word was said we immediately went back at it like animals. Unable to part from each other everything was a blur for the next few hours as we went at it over and over. When we finished late afternoon both of us were panting heavily as I held her back to me firmly. Overlaying her forearms on mine we linked hands as she rested her under my chin.

“We are definitely meant to be together.”, we laughed as I kissed her.

“You will be a wonderful father.”, she said.

“Not without all my wonderful wives. I’d be a carriage wreck without all of you to keep me on the straight, and narrow.”, I said with a warm smile.

Twitching between my legs her tails happily wagged as she accepted the compliment. Falling asleep in my arms I rubbed her belly while whispering sweet things in her ear. While all of this was going on my wives, who had watched from a secret room, grinned like evil villains.

“They certainly had a lot of pent-up frustration.”, Ariel said, “She will be a worth opponent for his affections.”

“Agreed.”, everyone said.

“Now we are equals so the gloves are coming off.”, Nemoria said with a smile.

“Couldn’t have said it better.”, Sarah said.

“We all must agree not to be spiteful about things though as we are all loved by him.”, Courtney said.

Back in the room I fell asleep holding my love tightly. Waking up an hour later I kissed her till she awoke gripping my hands like her life depended on it.

“Sleep well?”, I asked.

“Yes, I was nice and warm.”, she said with a smile.

“Oh really”, I said sliding back in her, “let me take a look.”

Tracing outline of my dick inside her she smiled. Lifting her leg up I held it her so I had a better angle.

Turning slightly she presented her breasts to me which I happily suckled on. Rubbing her clit she moaned till I filled her again. Watching the pulses vanish into her womb we looked at each other with playful smiles.

“I have to be pregnant by now.”, she said, “I am in heat, and my lover made sure my womb was full. We need to have many children.”

“How many is that?”, I asked.

“Until I think we have enough.”, she teased.

“If I am making them with any of you I will happily do that.”, I said, “So you just worry about keeping them health fornthe time being.”

Kissing me she wriggled me out with a pop as her vagina clamped shut. Sliding down her I made sure her clit got some of my attention before getting out of bed. Knowing that I had to get dinner ready I told her to come to the dining room in an hour. Walking out of the room I got things going in the kitchen when a message arrived for me. Ensuring no one was around I opened them to find photos from my secret lovers confirming they were carrying my children. Looking at their extremely naughty poses I read the notes from each of them telling me to visit soon. Apparently their husband was oblivious accepting that he did it when he was drunk.

“How plastered does he get…”, I thought.

The last item was a note about potential other partners that showed interest in me. Setting the notes in storage I realized there was a second separate letter. Opening it up I found it was from the Emperor himself.

“Odd…thought it would have taken him longer to reach out to me.”, I thought opening the document.

Long story short the Emperor took my advice, and made amends with his mother. With things between them resolved this letter was mainly a thank before I got to the last paragraph. Informing that the humans near his border were acting even more strange than usual he had concerns for his people’s safety.

“I will have the women start readying their force tomorrow. It’s too late to start rounding up soldiers today.”, I said to myself stowing it away.

Finishing my cooking I served the four women plus the extended Dragon families. Passing out the alcohol everyone drank till they passed out on the table. Sighing I carried my wives to bed, and then the men to guest rooms for the night. Asking the maids to help me with their wives we eventually got people settled in for the night. Going to bed early I ended up waking up in the middle of the night to pee from the alcohol I drank. Using the shared bathroom as Courtney was renovating ours I relieved myself, and turned to wash up when I realized I wasn’t alone. Courtney’s grandmother evidently didn’t pay a bit of attention to the facilities being in use.

“Uh…pardon me.”, I said trying to scoot passed her.

“She is gambling her life on you, you know that?”, she said as I washed my hands.

“Yes, I know that this alliance is a big-”

“Not about the alliance, but about her social status. The majority of our race didn’t want you involved with her let alone two additional Dragons.”, she said.

Looking back at her I narrowed my eyes.

“Are you threatening them?”, I said getting up in her face, “You can say what you want about me, but you have no right to say shit about the three of them. If I hear anyone slander them I am going to bury them regardless of who they may be.”

“If something happens the three of them will be thrown out of-”

“Then fuck your society! If you’d throw someone out for being happy your no better than the humans you claim to be better than.”, I snapped, “If you throw them I nothing will change with our relationship. There position means jack shit to me because they are my wives before they are anything else. Even if their shitty race turns their back on them I will still love them the same.”

Looking me in the eyes I could tell she was seeing if I was lying. When she saw I was telling the truth she nodded her head.

“Good, you pass my test.”, she said, “I have been skeptical of everything, but your cooking. Having a human let alone a Hero come into my granddaughter life without any warning. Before I knew it you were sleeping together, and talking about marriage. Can you explain how that works?”

Explaining everything to her she stood there soaking it all in. When I finished she looked me in the eyes to speak.

“I understand now.”, she said, “Let me be clear though…if you hurt her there won’t be a place you can hide from me.”

“Same goes for you.”, I said.

Grinning she left the room without another word. Returning to bed I cuddled up with Lily and Courtney as the other two were kicking each other in their sleep. Before I got comfortable I found myself tangled up with both Lily and Courtney. Unable to move I gave up, and passed out again. The next thing I knew I was receiving a good morning kiss from Courtney.

“I should be woken up like this everyday.”, I chuckled wrapping an arm around her.

“We can see about that.”, she teased.

Tickling her she rolled around on the bed trying ti get away as she laughed her ass off. Getting in on the fun the other three tried to join in to help her, but they got attacked too. I almost had them beat when I heard other people run into the room. Looking back the rest of my wives were here, and already jumping at me. Getting up to receive I got close lined by Anna and Ella. Flung back on the bed they jumped on me to tussle.

“Seriously! This is not fair!”, I laughed as I struggled to keep up.

“We have to show you we can hold our own!”, Sarah said trying to choke me out.

“But I won’t fight you seriously.”, I stated.

“All’s fair in love and war!”, Ariel said pinning my legs.

“You gonna regret that!”, I said.

Casually sitting up with Sarah around my neck everyone froze.

“Remember…my stamina regenerates very quickly.”, I said sealing the exits with ice, “You all have too much energy so we are going to have to fix that.”

Grinning our clothes went flying before we went rounds with each other. Finishing up around 3pm the women were passed out on the bed. Taking their behavior as permission to do so I went harder than normal. The result of this was they were very loud, very clingy, and very naughty. All of them were very happy with the attention. Each of the had their needs met, and I got make love to all of them. Eliminating the ice I clean up the bed via magic, and covered up the sleeping women.

“All of you get some rest.”, I whispered after kissing their cheeks.

Leaving the room I called Courtney’s generals together, and gave them a rundown of the situation. Hesitant at first I said for the moment we just need surveillance nothing more. Agreeing to that much they sent out a few troops to keep an eye on things. After I spoke with Amazons and the Demons about a possible impending attack. Immediately making preparations they sprung into action to get things ready. As I was heading back to the Beastman Empire I was pulled back into Heaven by Ariel’s mother. Sitting on her throne with a very swollen belly she gave me a grin.

“This is your fault.”, she stated resting her hand on her belly.

“I will take responsibility.”, I swore.

“You best do that.”, she teased.

“So to what do I owe the pleasure?”, I asked.

“I will be blunt, one of the Mad Gods has awaken earlier than we thought.”, she said.

Instantly my anger started surging out as I started to see red. Sitting up in her seat she told me to calm down. Glaring at her I told her I wasn’t going to if one if those bastards was involved now. Running into her room three other women came in to see what was going on.

“Jameson calm down!”, the Goddess of War said, “You’re distorting our dimension!”

“Just send me back…I am going to be the bastard into the last century!”, I growled.

Taking my suggestion she returned me back to the planet. On arrival the blood lust I held terrified the surrounding people making some pass out. Hesitantly walking towards me one of the maids what was wrong.

“Send word to Zena’s father…my wives are not permitted to leave the castle. One of the Mad Gods has awoken.”, I said.

Her expression immediately paled hearing the news. Running off to send the message I headed to the Beastman Empire in full gear. Sensing my blood lust everyone aside from the Emperor avoided me.

“What is wrong?!”, he asked a bit annoyed.

“One of the Mad Gods is causing the disturbance at the border…”, I said, “You can have your fun with everyone, but him…I get him alone…”

He tried to argue, but a glare was all it took to back him down. Walking towards the border I didn’t stop for anything aside to rest till I reached the plains at the border. Sitting down I decided to wait for the bastard to show up. Meanwhile back at Courtney’s home my wives were throwing a fit.

“Father let us go!”, Zena shouted.

“Absolutely not! I will not send my daughter into the mouth of a devil! You all aren’t leaving! Leave this to Jameson!”, he snapped.

“He’s going to go overboard!”, they barked.

Before he could respond Courtney’s grandmother knocked him out with a fist to the head. Opening the door she turned to her granddaughter.

“Go”, she said.

“Grandmother?”, Courtney said in disbelief.

“Don’t follow in my footsteps. Stop your husband from making a poor decision.”, her grandmother said.

Thanking her grandmother with a hug the women ran off to where the mirrors were after gearing up. Confirming that the troops were already mobilized they joined the Emperor as the united front moved towards the border.

“All of you look properly upset…”, the First Prince said hesitantly.

“Jameson is trying to prevent us from fighting alongside him.”, they said, “It doesn’t matter if a Mad God is involved we will fight alongside him.”

Riding hard for the next few days they finally caught up to me. Finding me sitting on a stump overlooking the plains my wives came running over to shout out me, but stopped when they saw the plains littered with corpses.

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