Solo Heroing – Chapter 11

“I can’t believe you slept with a married woman…”, Germina stated.

“Have you been in politics before?”, I teased.

“…I realize that is standard practice sometimes, but still…you are only throwing fuel on the fire with them.”, Nemoria stated.

“Relax, I did my homework before hand. She is trustworthy according to all the sources I reached out too. Besides she liked fucking me too much.”, I chuckled.

“Men and their egos…”, Naomi laughed.

“She isn’t joining us as she likes her position, but has agreed to run relay for us so long as we have equal trade. This case she gets her babies, and I find someone I owe a lot too.”, I stated.

“Lily? I thought you were worried that-”

Setting a scroll down I slid it to them.

“Your spies discovered that they have an underground railroad for smuggling Beastman back home.”, I stated, “My hope is she got lucky, and was taken safely home. If anything I just want to make sure she is happy. I plan on paying her with some valuable ore I have as repayment for her mistreatment under my father.”

Hearing my reasoning everyone gave their blessing as they felt bad for her. After a little snuggling we were all out like lights. Vacation passed to quick as it felt the time flew by leaving us in the dust. Returning to the Dragon Nest Castle the women returned home while I stayed behind to plan defenses with Courtney, Zena, and Tetra. Standing around a map laid out on a table I watched the three women chat. Over the course of the vacation I had slept with the three of them, and had gotten to know them well. Zena was very outgoing enjoying the freedom she never had due to a protective father. She had enjoyed our private dates as she got to explore more. Tetra had a bubbly personality, but was extremely shy around strangers. Apparently after Courtney made them read the book she has Tetra came to like me. Courtney was very private about things never wanting to involve people outside her circle of trustees. With me here now…she has brought everything to me to converse with. Giving them my opinion on base locations along the coast they wrote them down on the map, and then started discussing what fortifications were needed. Before working it out with them I received a sealed message from the Ambassador’s wife.

“Shit she works fast…”, I thought opening the letter.

Reading the contents I told the three of them that I had an appointment that I needed to make. Asking if it was related to the letter I nodded telling them I would be back to make dinner. Wide-eyed they asked if I could make steaks for dinner to which I agreed to keep the peace. Since they first sampled my cooking the chef had been ordered to step aside when I was staying over. It was so bad that extended family from the three women made regular appearances when I was cooking.

Leaving the castle behind I used the mirror to the Beastman Empire where I was greeted by one of the Ambassador’s servants. Guiding me to the front door I was given instructions on where to go. Thanking her I leapt into the air, and ran along the rooftops.

“I really hope he finds the place…I didn’t think he would run on the rooftops.”, the servant muttered.

Running all the way to the edge of the business district I found the restaurant I was looking for. Strolling inside I took a seat at the empty counter. Walking out an older Dog kin couple walked out a bit shaken up to see a human in their shop.

“Can we help you..?”, they asked hiding their children behind them.

“Sorry for the intrusion, but is a Mrs. Marplin in?”, I asked showing them my Ambassador badge, “I wanted to ask her something.”

Seeing the badge it took them a minute to realize who I was.

“You’re the Solo Hero we heard about from the criers!”, they said relaxing themselves.

“Yes, I am here to see a friend. I was told Mrs. Marplin knows her.”, I stated.

Running back to get her they came back a few minutes later with a middle-aged Fox kin woman. Introducing me to her they went to the back to continue cleaning. Walking up to me she asked how I could be of service.

“I was told you know a girl around my age named Lily.”, I said.

The moment I mentioned the name her fists clenched tightly.

“May I ask how you know that name?”, she said as calmly as possible.

“She is a former servant of my estranged family. I came here to-”

Before I could finish I received a slap across the face. Looking at her the hairs on her tail were standing on end.

“You are related to the bastard that sold her in prostitution!!”, she growled.

“What!?”, I said standing up in anger, “There was no way she was sold in as a sex slave! Most humans wouldn’t look at a nonhuman let alone sleep with one! She was a servant for my family, and more specifically my personal servant before…my father tossed her out because I was to kind to her.”

“I am sorry…you aren’t the one then…”, she said relaxing herself and lowering her head.

“What happened to her?”, I asked.

“It’s better if I show you.”, she said placing her apron on the counter.

Leaving the restaurant she lead me into the slums to a rundown shack where she apparently lived. Running up to meet her half a dozen children greeted her almost tackling her to the ground. Dismissing the children briefly she took me to a back room where a young Fox kin woman sat cowering in a corner. Looking at her memories of my childhood came flooding back. Walking over to her I gently touched her hand. Jerking back she curled up tighter screaming that she was sorry. Looking at her fur I was horrified to see her tail was in tatters, her ears torn off, and her once beautiful nose gone.

“Who did this to her!?”, I snapped glaring at Mrs. Marplin, “When I get my hands on the bastards I am going rip their balls off, and shove them down their throats!!”

“From what the people who found her said she was sold off by her most recent owner to a whorehouse near the border. She was apparently treated as a disposable girl, and raped repeatedly because they liked how she screamed.”, Mrs. Marplin said, “The stress of everything apparently-”

Falling to my knees I embraced Lily tightly. Thrashing around she screamed, but I held on to her tightly.

“Lily it’s me Jameson! We played together as children!”, I said trying to calm her down, “I brushed your tail every night, and read you stories.”

Hearing that she started calming down little by little.

“We snuck into the kitchen twice a week to steal cookies and milk…we ranaway from my home a few times to explore the city…I bought you a ring a few weeks before my father through you out!”, I said starting to cry, “I am so sorry that this happened to you! Had I known things would have come to this I would have chased after you!”

Stroking her hair softly eventually she calmed down. Slowly leaning back she looked me in the eyes as her mind struggled to catch up.

“Jameson..?”, she asked weakly.

“You remember me..?”, I said with a smile.

“Yes…”, she said with a weak smile as she produced a dirty ring on a chain from her pocket, “…no matter what they did to me…I never let them take it…”

Resting my forehead on hers I smiled at her.

“I am glad our time together means so much to you”, I said looking her in the eyes, “For everything that happened…I am so sorry…I should have chased after you! It’s all my fault that this-”

“…don’t say that…”, she said weakly, “You are…the only human to show me…compassion, friendship, and affection…I am sorry my tail is…damaged and I am…damaged.”

“Don’t you dare say that!”, I said placing my hand on her cheek.

Rest her head in my hand she smiled weakly, and relaxed.

“I missed you…so very much.”, she said, “Back then I…I wanted to be your…wife. When you gave me the ring…I wanted to marry…you. The way I am now…I couldn’t possibly.”

Placing my finger on her lips I hushed her softly.

“You don’t say another word about it. If you still want to marry me I will happily take you.”, I said with a warm smile, “I want to be the one to help nurse you back to health so I can that beautiful smile I saw as a child.”

Tearing up she nodded her head resting her head on my chest. Within moments she was sounds asleep. Walking over to us Mrs.Marplin teared up as well.

“She hasn’t slept that peacefully since she arrived here.”, she said wiping away the tears, “I must humbly apologize…I had no idea that you were still in love with her, and that she was still in love with you. If you want to take her home I will certainly support it. She deserves happiness after all of that though I am afraid she-”

Using my most powerful healing spell <Regrowth> I slowly repaired her nose, and ears to the way they should be. Stroking her messy hair softly I smiled at her.

“My word! You can heal others like that!?”, she said in shock.

“I can even revive a dead person within an hour of their death.”, I said, “To them it would be as if they took a nap.”

“Would you please help our people then!” , she said bowing her head, “Many of our kind are disfigured due to treatment they received from humans. If you could-”

“Lily and her family is one thing…do you think they would accept my help if I offered? I may treat all of you equally, but to them I am a human.”, I said.

Realizing my point she was about to argue when a frantic knock came from the front door. Running to the door she opened it, and started speaking to the person. Relaxing with Lily I was about to fall asleep when Mrs. Marplin came running back.

“Jameson, one of the mines has collapsed! My husband was one of the miners trapped down in the coal! I know I don’t have any room too-”

Waking up Lily looked up at me.

“Please help…them.”, she said, “They are…the only family I have left aside from you.”

“You get some sleep while I go handle this.”, I said kissing her forehead.

Nodding her head she went over, and laid down on her bed. Taking a blanket out of my storage I covered her up before running out the door with Mrs. Marplin. Running to the mines on the outskirts of town dozens of men were already scrambling to dig the tunnel out. Pushing passed people I came to the front where the men were struggling to move a large boulder. Knocking them out-of-the-way I grabbed the boulder, and pulled it out of the way.

“You men grab posts to hold the roof up. Last thing we need is another collapse!”, I snapped.

Growling at me I could tell they didn’t like me ordering them around, but they couldn’t argue with me about it. Fetching posts we started to reinforce the entrance. Using magic I started digging deeper, and deeper allowing the men to reinforce as we went. Eventually we reached the last bit of rubble when I smelled gas.

“Blow out your flames we have gas nearby!”, I said.

Lighting up the area with my magic the men extinguished their torches before I removed the last bit of rubble. Hitting us like a mac truck a massive amount of gas filled the area.

“Grab the miners, and let’s go!”, I said using wind magic I blew the dangerous gases back into the mine.

Grabbing everyone they could find we retreat back outside. Laying the men on the ground their families started to try, and revive them. Unable to restart their breathing some of them started crying. Turning to Mrs. Marplin grabbed my arm as she held her husband.

“Please help us!”, she said crying her eyes out.

Closing my eyes I started channel magic from the surrounding area into me. Building a bigger and bigger supply of it I eventually used it all at once.

“<Multiply><Healing Wind> <Resurrection> <Purification> < Detoxification >”, I said targeting all of the miners.

A golden light lit all of them up for a few moments before dying out. Watching the men for a moment they almost went back to cry when all of them started coughing as they came back to life. Seeing their husbands and fathers come back the families damn near strangled them to death with their hugs. Seeing that I sighed with relieve as I had no idea how long they had been dead. Looking up at me Mrs. Marplin bowed her head thanking me with a tearful smile. Following her example the surrounding people did the same.

“Who are you?”, her husband asked.

“Names Jameson, but most of you know me as the Solo Hero.”, I laughed.

When I gave them my name everyone stared at me in disbelief. Looking at them with a confused look I asked Mrs. Marplin if it was something I said. Nodding her head she explained that I was well known in the country thanks to Demon traders that frequently brought goods into their empire. Apparently the traders spread the word about my defense of the Demon capital, and my marriage to the five highest ranking Demoness women.

“Oh…you’ll have to tell me all about over lunch.”, I said with a dry laugh, “I feel like they said some nice, but weird things about me.”

Sending families home I helped Mr. Marplin home, and onto their small sofa so he could relax. My spells certainly fixed all the miners up, but they were still going to be sore. Walking back to Lily’s room she was waiting patiently for me on her bed. Touching her ears she gave me a small smile.

“My ears, and nose aren’t gone now.”, she said.

“I like pampering your fluffy ears.”, I said with a chuckle, “They are a little slice of heaven.”

Giggling she struggled to get up from her bed. Asking me about her uncle I said that he was sore, but alright. Helping her out to the living room I sat her on the couch next to her uncle. Looking at us he asked his wife if we knew each other. Clicking her tongue she hit her husband on the head scolding him.

“He is Lily’s special person!”, she snapped, “Remember she kept mentioning Jameson when we tried to take her ring to clean it.”

Shaking his head no she hit him on the head again with a sigh. Laughing softly Lily and I looked at each other with a smile.

“Now then, I am hungry. What can I make you for lunch?”, I asked.

“I couldn’t impose…”, she said softly.

“Nonsense! Tell me what you want to eat, and I will make it for you.”, I said.

Hesitantly looking at me she asked for the soup we used to steal from the kitchen at the manor we lived at as children. Patting her head I nodded before asking her aunt if I could borrow the kitchen. Looking at her husband she said that they didn’t have much in the way of ingredients as they were poor. Shaking my head I said I had ingredients, but just needed to borrow the kitchen. Giving her blessing I went into the kitchen to start cooking. Pulling logs out from my storage I put them in the stove, and got a nice fire going. Pouring water into an extra-large pot I had I put it on to boil while chopping up vegetables, and steak. Once the pot was boiling I added the ingredients along with chicken broth, salt, pepper, and a few other seasonings. Letting the food cook I sat back keeping an eye on it. Eventually when everything was cooking all the way through I pulled it off the stove to cool down a bit.

As the smell start to fill the house I saw several small heads peek through the opening to the kitchen. Smiling I pulled out enough bowls, spoons, and glasses for us all then handed them to the children. Asking them to set the table the children ran off to do as I asked. Once they were gone I pulled out a massive pitcher of orange juice and wine along with crackers, and bread. Bringing the food out I placed them on the center of the table. Helping Lily to the table I looked back at her family.

“Are you guys going to eat with us?”, I asked.

“We couldn’t possibly eat some of the food you prepared for her…”, Mrs. Marplin said.

“Listen, you are her family which makes you my family. Come over here, and sit down to eat with us.”, I said with a chuckle.

Before she could respond the children dove onto their seats drooling just looking at the food. Sighing her aunt and uncle finally came to eat with us. Serving everyone soup, bread, and crackers I then passed the adults glasses of wine while giving the kids orange juice. Staring at the beverages the children were suspicious of them. Asking me what it was I told them it was orange juice.

“Orange juice!?”, Mrs. Marplin said, “That’s a luxury item! We couldn’t possibly-”

“You are family so I won’t hear any complaining. Besides I have the means to get this very easily so I won’t take no for an answer.”, I stated.

Taking a sip of the wine the uncle sighed peacefully.

“This is some good stuff.”, he said.

“It’s Rodesian Spiced Wine.”, I chuckled.

Spraying the swig out he looked at me in shock.

“A bottle of that costs nearly ten thousand kel!”, he said as his hand started shaking, “It take me twenty years to save enough for this! Are you really sure it’s alright to be letting us drink this!?”

“Of course, I have a few hundred kegs of it plus some fifty bottles of it.”, I chuckled, “Having no remorse from taking from…questionable people…I have gathered quite the collection of drinks.”

“I see…”, he said leaning back into his seat.

Telling everyone to dig in the children wasted no time in engulfing the food. Pounding on the table with delight the children bounced around in their seats. Shoveling the food down I told the children to slow down or they would start to choke. Moving on to the bread and crackers the children’s eyes sparkled with happiness. Smiling I looked over at Lily who had yet to take a bite. Realizing she may be too weak to eat I leaned over, and fed her myself. Thanking me she took her first bite before her eyes glazed over with tears. Swallowing the food she looked at me with a smile.

“It tastes just like how it used too.”, she said.

“Of course.”, I said with a chuckle, “I gave the chef the recipe.”

Feeding her till her energy came back enough to feed herself I began to eat as well. Everyone ate in silence for a while till her aunt spoke up.

“So what meat did you use in this?”, she asked, “It tastes amazing.”

“This is Royal Griffon meat.”, I said casually.

Dropping her spoon she looked at her plate.

“What else is in here?”, she asked hesitantly.

“Let’s see…rock salt, pepper, cinnamon, baby onions, green peppers, garlic, chicken broth, carrots, fish oil, beans, and okra.”, I said with a grin.

“Those are luxury ingredients…”, she said, “Our market doesn’t even sell cinnamon…”

“Really? I wouldn’t think the vegetables were luxury.”, I stated.

“Times are tough…”, her uncle said, “Not enough food to go around so prices have gone up.”

“I forgot that the ambassador mentioned that.”, I said rubbing my chin, “My wives are in discussions with your Emperor about helping out with that.”

“Wives..?”, Lily said nervously.

“Yes, currently I am married to all four Demon Generals, the Demon Lord, the Amazon Queen along with some of her subjects, and three of the highest ranking Dragons in the-”

“Am I really suited to be among such women?”, she said shaking in her seat, “I am nothing, but a commoner…”

Taking her hand I gave her a smile.

“I told them that if you wanted to I would marry you. None of them have said a word in complaint, but said they wanted to know all about my childhood…I hope you won’t tell them everything as some of it is embarrassing.”, I said with a chuckle.

“I can’t promise anything.”, she said with a dry laugh.

Patting her head her ears shot up, and twitched happily.

“Now then, I am sure you will need some time to prepare your things.”, I said softly, “I will be by in three days if you want to come back with me.”

Nodding her head she said she wanted to come back with me. Kissing her forehead I held the ring I gave her in my hand.

“When I come back lets see about cleaning that ring together.”, I said with warm expression.

“Okay.”, she said with a smile.

Leaving the food with them along with the rest of the beverages I headed back to the ambassadors home. Running into his wife I thanked her for her assistance.

“Not a problem, I heard you helped out with mining accident. Thank you for your assistance. It will definitely go a long way with winning the people’s support of our nations agreement.”, she said with a smile.

“I am sure your husband must be thrilled.”, I said with a chuckle.

“He’s actually away on business.”, she said, “When he returns I am sure he will be thrilled.”

Leaning forward I asked how other things were going. Grinning she said she her husband drunk when they came back, and led him to believe they had slept together when he awoke the next morning.

“He has no idea that you are really the father.”, she said grabbing my crotch, “Can I borrow you for a bit?”

“I have a dinner date, but till then I can.”, I said.

Grabbing my hand she led me to the bed chambers. Closing the door I kissed her as my hands dropped her skirt as some came up, and purred in my ear. Looking behind me I was a little taken back when I saw several women here.

“Uh…who are all of you?”, I asked.

Introducing themselves as his other wives I looked back at the woman in my arms. Grabbing my dick the woman behind me purred in my ear making my dick throb in her hand.

“We want you to fuck us, mark us, and breed us.”, she said.

Scooping her up with my arms under her knees the Cheetah kin woman started dripping from her vagina. Seeing my dick the other women came over to us. Making them kneel my secret lover forced them to inhale my scent straight from my sac. Watching them take it in they came on the floor from excitement. Smiling at them she made them swallow me while she fingered them.

“He is the one you will be mating with from now on. Today he will be breeding you.”, she said.

Once everyone was in agreement they got marked so only I could impregnate them, then I fucked them hard before cumming in them. By the time I was finished the women’s vaginas were swollen shut, and they were fighting over sucking me off.

“Ladies, all of you must sleep with your hips raised tonight.”, she said, “All of you should be pregnant by tomorrow morning. Jameson will want regular updates so we will be taking photos for him weekly. He will be here twice a month to fuck us so we will need to work to ensure he can.”

“Are these the only kids you want?”, a few asked.

“I will breed you yearly.”, I said, “Those bodies crave it I could tell. Some of you wanted to empty myself in you.”

Smiling the women laughed, and nodded their heads. Spreading their legs the women asked me to cum on them. Stroking one off they got their wish as they moaned fingering themselves. Using the Cheetah woman’s mouth I had her clean me off. Cumming down her throat the women started eating each other out. Using my dick one last time on each of them they ate up the excess sperm. Watching my first secret lover get eaten out by the others I forced my dick down her throat. Fucking she happily licked my dick as she somehow managed to get my sac in as well. Seeing my balls in her cheeks I snapped a mental photo as forced me to cum down her throat. Sighing with pleasuring I pulled out, and kissed her before getting dressed. Kissing the women goodbye I told them to keep in touch before returning to Courtney’s home. Taking a quick bath I rejoined the three women who asked about my day.

Being completely honest with them they sighed shaking their heads with a laugh. Telling me to slowdown, and think next time I promised to do so. Pulling the steaks I had put out to soak in a marinade that I made I put them on the stove to cook while making side dishes. Bringing the food out for the twenty people who showed up I sighed looking at the three women.

“Is it really normal for your families to come together like this?”, I asked them in private.

Shaking their heads they informed me that generally it took three seconds for a fight to break out. Telling me that my cooking was enough to keep the peace between them I grinned. Sitting down for drinks after dinner I moved on to a more important topic. Everyone in the room had the power to help the Beastman Empire so I decided to make a pitch to them. Explaining the situation, and the damages they were sustaining because of humans I told them that they needed help with their food stores. Everyone seemed to be okay with getting on board, but the stipulation was I prepare meals for the families twice a month which I agreed to do. Seeing everyone off the four of us retired to the bedroom for the night. Doing my duties as their suitor I ensured the three of them received my affections before going to bed together.

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