Solo Heroing – Chapter 10

Returning to my body I could hear the screams from my wives as everything came back into focus.

“<Apostle Acension>!”, I snapped calling out to the Demon God in my head.

My body felt tinkly all of a sudden as I felt a surge of power wash over me as a black aura covered me. As if by its own will the aura smashed into Artemis sending him flying backwards. Getting up I felt the wounds I sustained close up as I got up.

“<Black Bullet>”, a voice said from within the aura.

Shooting out from somewhere on me a bowling ball sized sphere shot out, and clocked Artemis in the face. Seeing that the tides had changed all of a sudden one of the few remaining Dragon Knight swooped down, and carried Artemis off. Before I do anything though a ghostly figure appeared in front of me.

“Next time when you visit I want some alone time with you.”, it said with a wink before disappearing.

Before I could say anything else it was lights out. Coming to sometime later I awoke in an extremely comfortable bed in a strange bedroom I hadn’t been in before.

“My head…”, I said rubbing my forehead as a massive headache came over me, “Where am I?”

“You’re in my bedroom.”, Courtney said looking over me, “You passed out after something that was possessing you left. Nemoria, you wanted ask him something?”

Jumping on me I writhed in pain as she glared at me. Looking around I realized every one of my wives were glared at me. Sitting up I asked what was wrong.

“You did something extremely stupid…”, Naomi stated, “Care to explain why you switched places with Zena’s father? He could have easily-”

“Artemis uses an enchanted sword special made to kill Dragons. If her dad was cut by that he would have died almost instantly.”, I said resting my back against the wall, “I couldn’t use <Ultra Instinct> so I did the next best thing to protect you. None of you were paying attention to the troops warning you about him heading for you. What was I supposed to do?”

“You could have fought him in-”

“I hate to admit this, but as I am Artemis is far to strong for me to beat alone.”, I said, “You all wouldn’t know this as they normally guard the royal families, but the troops that were dressed like him are known as the Elite Guard. They are injected with genes from other races to enhance their bodies to several levels above what a normal human can reach. In a bare knuckle brawl even an Amazon would find it tough to fight one-off. Artemis is the leader of their order, and is on a completely higher level than his men. He was the one that trained all of us Heroes.”

“So that’s why you ordered the troops to fall back…”, they said.

“One of those guards can casually snap a Dragon’s neck like a toothpick.”, I said.

“Fair enough, so you took on an opponent alone without help to protect those wanted to fight alongside you…”, they stated coldly.

“In any other circumstance I would have brought you with me…Artemis…he has a dark history with nonhumans…”, I stated looking at the sheets, “His family was killed in a rebellion by nonhumans who he holds solely to blame for it. From his view his family was only bettering their lives, but they were treated like shit. He is known for dragging nonhuman and human couples out into the capital square, and forcing the spouse to watch as they are disemboweled and eaten by wild animals. That man is evil incarnate…the thought of him doing that to…to any of those people I hold dear…I would go mad!”

Coming to terms with why I did it the women sighed looking at me with soft smiles.

“If you feel that strongly about it you can fight him yourself.”, Germina said.

“As for his men, we will fight them!”, Anna said cracking her knuckles.

Trying to persuade them Courtney leaned into me.

“You need to learn that our future is not just your, but ours as well. Running yourself into the ground for our happiness won’t make us happy.”, she said, “Let us do what we can to support you.”

Wrapping my arms around her I gave in, and promised to bring them into things more. Thinking that was it I was going to get out of bed when Nemoria’s fist hit the wall a mere inch from my head.

“So what was that about…that ghost that took you over for a bit…did you do something behind our backs?!”, she said.

Looking at me I felt a lot of blood lust coming from everyone. Quickly shaking my head I explained everything to them.

“I was pulled into heaven by the God of…I mean Goddess of War.”, I stated looking at Sarah, “You never told me the last woman he went for was your mother. Anyways, she and the Dragon God gave me their blessings while explaining a few things to me. The gods are the reason my power doesn’t work correctly as they are jamming it only letting a select few things be known to me. Secondly, the Mad Gods are actually former Heroes like myself that attempted to take over the world. Thirdly, I learned about a hidden skill called <Apostle Ascension> that allows me to bring their power down for however long they want with the side effect being I pass out once they depart. Also while I was there…I may have slept with the Goddess of War…”

“My mother was always looking for a good time when she wasn’t working.”, Sarah laughed, “I can’t believe she killed the God of War.”

“Apparently she rammed his sword down his throat.”, I said.

“So what about that ghost?”, Nemoria asked, “Was that her?”

“No, that was the Demon God…I think.”, I said, “I believe that is who I called down. It is a strong possibility that my merry-making didn’t slip the notice of the other gods.”

Sighing Nemoria looked at me sternly.

“I hope you got something out of all that!”, she said crossing her arms.

“Yes! I remembered you wanted to know who would be in the harem when we finally got to settle down.”, I said proudly, “I know who they all look like now at this point, but…I don’t know the names. Though I may not have names I can definitely tell you that we have a lot of kids in our future…a lot of kids.”

“Like how many?”, Lidia asked excitedly.

“What I saw was easily two hundred of them.”, I said, “We were on a beach, and I got tackled by all our kids.”

Laughing the women said they really wanted to see that happen now as it would be hilarious. Sighing Nemoria looked at me to asked how many wives I had. Rubbing my chin I said it was difficult to tell.

“I know for sure everyone was present, but…I am not sure who were maids.”, I stated with a dry laugh, “I can’t imagine we’d be able to handle that many kids at once.”

“How many do you think?”, she asked.

“A lot, and lets leave it at that. Only about thirty of you were married to me. The rest are in similar positions like the other Amazons. I am their husband by our agreement not marriage.”, I said.

“So I only have to worry about thirty women on a regular basis.”, she said with a sigh of relief, “Outside the six of us are there anymore Demoness women?”

“No.”, I said, “The six of you are the only Demons.”

Pulling her fist back she smiled while nodding her head. This news seemed to be what she wanted to hear so I am glad it was the right news to tell her. Getting out of bed I got dressed, and asked how the battle went after I passed out.

“We got things taken care of pretty easily.”, Ariel said, “The injured enemy troops were killed, those that surrendered were handed over to the Orc women. The Dragons took their fallen brethren to here to be laid to rest among their own kind. Once the battle finish we raided the mining outpost, and freed our sisters there. Right now they are recovering from slave labor treatment before we let them work with us.”

“How’s your father?”, I asked Zena.

“Aside from being embarrassed that you saved him he is fine. My mother isn’t letting him live that down so I think my father may speak with you later about that.”, she giggled.

“How have the human nations responded to our declaration?”, I asked.

“Much better than we hoped. Many human nations have been setting nonhumans free as a sign of goodwill, but I doubt it will last long. The only nations doing it are those on the border.”, Germina said, “Several nonhuman nations have sent envoys to see about joining the alliance.”

“Probably should have asked this, but…how long have I been out?”, I asked.

“You were unconscious for a day, but we kept you asleep for a week to let your injuries heal with magic. You broke all of your ribs in that fight with Artemis, and had really bad organ damage.”, Nemoria said scolding me.

Apologizing again I said that we could meet with the envoys after an important thing happened. Asking what I meant I looked back at them, and said we needed a vacation.

“I am still sore all over so I would like to relax somewhere nice, and private with my wives.”, I said, “We are in the Dragon Gem Archipelago so I think a few days at the beach will do wonders for me.”

“I would happen to agree, you need more rest.”, Courtney said, “Therefore I propose we use the royal manor on the coast to relax at.”

Agreeing with her we left immediately for the manor. Arriving there by the end of the day we all got settled in before jumping into the bath. Floating on my back I sighed peacefully looking up at the stars. Listening to the women casually talk I floated around till Nemoria jumped on me. Jumping up out of the bath I looked around a bit dazed.

“What was that for!?”, I asked.

“You weren’t paying attention to us.”, she said puffing her cheeks out, “We were trying to get your attention.”

“Oh sorry, whats up?”, I asked.

“About tomorrow, what time did you want to go to the beach?”, Courtney asked.

“I think 10ish will be fine.”, I said, “We can sleep in, and take things slowly tomorrow.”

“Very well, that will work out for the better. Our guests are late sleepers.”, Courtney said.

“Guests?”, Nemoria asked.

“Yes, the ambassador from the Beastman Empire. He brought his family, and a few friends with them.”, Courtney replied, “Kitsune’s tend to be much less active when-”

Shooting up I asked about what she was talking about.

“Uh…there a reason your interested…”, they started to say before narrowing their eyes, “Do have a thing for Kitsunes?”

“I like their fluffy tails! I had a maid Kitsune for a few years before my father threw her out after finding out I was pampering her.”, I said, “I never found out what happened to her.”

“Oh…”, they said with a sigh, “Maybe we will find her.”

“I am not sure…she was my age when my dad threw her out. Not likely she survived by herself as did the maids I got after that. My father never hired maids just bought slaves.”, I stated.

“Oh…then you must have gone through a lot of them.”, they stated.

“Three…a Kitsune named Lily, an elf named Rosa, and…a demon named Lilinet.”, I said, “Lily was thrown out, Rosa was beaten before thrown into the sewers, and Lilinet was used at a pin cushion for my siblings magic testing till she died.”

“Oh…”, they said.

“In the end it was my fault for trying to better their situations…”, I said hanging my head.

“Maybe the Kitsune and Elf made it back alive.”, they said, “You never know.”

“True, one can hope.”, I said.

“Wouldn’t you be able to tell if they end up with you?”, Ariel asked.

“Its been so long I wouldn’t be able to tell who they were. We were young, and I definitely don’t look like I did as a child.”, I said.

“Paintings…of you…as a baby…”, they said smiling at me.

“Not happening! I will burn them!”, I snapped getting out of the tub.

The next morning we ate breakfast on the beach before meeting up with the guests. As I expected the entire group wasn’t Kitsunes. The ambassador was a Dog kin with Beagle ears, his wife was the same, but the kids were all different Beastman races. More than likely the couple couldn’t have kids thus they adopted. Greeting them they were a bit on edge around me especially the children.

“Good morning.”, I said shaking his hand.

“You…you must be the Solo Hero.”, he said nervously.

“Please just call me Jameson.”, I said with a smile, “You appear to have a wonderful family. I bet all of them are excited to be at the beach.”

“Yes, they wouldn’t stop talking about.”, he replied with a chuckle.

Pulling out some chairs for the women I placed them down, and put up some umbrellas for shade. Taking out toys for the kids they thanked me before running off to play. Walking along the beach with the ambassador I asked him about what his country was like. Hesitant to speak about it I spoke first. Telling him about a Kitsune I knew as a child I told him about the stories she told me of her home before she was taken away.

“Ah, you were hoping I might know her.”, he said.

“It’s a slim chance, but yes. I may have no right to say anything on it…she was the first girl I had a crush on here. Her silky smooth red fox tails that I brushed daily, and her adorable fox ears warmed my heart in all the cruelty that I saw around me.”, I said.

“I don’t know her, but I can certainly see if she returned to our nation.”, he promised.

“Thank you.”, I said with a smile, “So Courtney informed me you wanted to join the alliance.”

“Yes…she said to talk it over with you…as did the other leaders.”, he said.

“Go figure they would leave it to their husband so they could relax…”, I sighed.

“Husband?!”, he said in shock.

“Did they not tell you that except for Courtney and the other two Dragon women I am married to everyone else? The three Dragon women I am engaged to at this time.”, I said.

“Oh! My apologies I thought…well we thought you’d captured them, and were just treating them nicely.”, he said with relief.

“Heck no! Those women would beat my ass if I tried it. Besides aside from the Dragon women they are pregnant. I am not an idiot!”, I stated.

“You have it rough too…”, he said with a sigh.

“What do you mean?”, I asked, “You only have one wife, right?”

“Sadly no, all of those kids have mothers back home dealing with various jobs they perform for the government.”, he replied, “My wife Layla and I have three boys all of whom are in their last year of schooling so they couldn’t attend the trip.”

“Ah, well at least you are letting two go.”, I said patting his back, “If I know anything it’s that fewer children means less chaos.”

“That be fine if it weren’t for the fact Layla wants more children.”, he sighed, “She comes from a large family of three mothers, a father, and nearly twenty children.”

“Haha, by the time I have one child with each of my wives, and lovers I will easily beat that amount.”, I chuckled, “Anyways back to the matter at hand, what does your nation want out of the alliance and what can you offer?”

“Surely it is obvious we want your assistance with the human nations as they are regularly raiding villages for more slaves.”, he said.

“I am well aware of it…”, I said with an angry expression, “The fools can be satisfied with just using criminal slaves…either way, what do you have to offer the alliance?”

“Well…what do you want?”, he asked.

“It’s not like that…the Demon’s benefit from the Amazon’s meat gathering as no animals really live in the Demon country that are edible. The Amazon’s benefit from the Demons because the Amazon’s can’t use magic very well thus when it comes to magic needs the Demons supply it. The Dragons joined the alliance to help bolster the threat against the human nations that frequently attempted to raid their nesting grounds.”, I stated, “The Dragons back us up, and we keep their hunters at bay by provoking the frontlines. So what does the Beastman Empire have to offer?”

“When you put it that way there-“, he started to say before I cut him off.

“Let me be blunt if I may, your Emperor…is he really okay with this?”, I asked.

“The Empress is the one pushing it.”, he sighed, “As I assume you heard the Emperor has a bad relationship with humans.”

“I don’t blame him. He was born a slave, watched his father worked to death, witnessed his mother become a…a toy to her owner, and then ended up in the arena. Roughly ten years ago he finally bought his freedom, and fled.”, I said, “As for the empire he built I heard he beat the piss out of all the chieftains that challenged his rule.”

“More or less.”, he said, “His father’s death, and his mothers suffering is what drives his anger towards humans. The problem is that our nation is not a strong military force. Most of our people are simple farmers just wanting to live in peace.”

“Yeah…he hates his mother though.”, I said, “Last I heard is that she tried to see him only to be thrown out.”

“In his mind his mother died back then.”, he stated with a grim expression.

“Either way, if he isn’t going to commit to at least helping the alliance by providing crops at a lower tax rate there isn’t much we can.”, I stated.

“If it is that much I am sure I can swing that much.”, he said looking at the kids, “At this point I need to discuss things more with your…your wives. We could use their knowledge right now on various projects.”

“Heading back already?”, I asked.

“The main goal of this trip was to get a magic mirror here, and meet with you.”, he stated.

“True, but your kids are having fun.”, I said motioning to them.

“I know, but duty calls.”, he stated before changing his mind, “Could my family stay behind at least for today to enjoy the beach?”

“Sure, I can handle that.”, I stated, “I will speak with the three you want to talk to about going.”

After a quick talking to the women agreed to go with him to speak with his Emperor. Leaving the rest of us on the beach I played with the kids while the remaining women kicked back, and watched. Playing until the kids passed out for a nap I kicked back in the shade where everyone else was already asleep. Barely closing my eyes Layla soon woke me up asking me to escort her on a trip down the beach. Currently on the closet island to the human nations pirates frequently raided the area so I accepted. Walking down the beach with her I soaked up the sun, and warmth it brought. After we were a bit aways from everyone she began to speak.

“You wives speak fondly of you.”, she smiled, “It’s hard to believe a human treating us like equals publically exists.”

“Yeah, hard to believe I am the first.”, I said watching her tail wag.

Unlike the beagle ears suggested she had more of busy fox tail than a beagle tail which must have been nice for her husband. Asking a few more questions of me we were eventually out of sight of the sleeping group. Pulling me into the water to splash around I played along for a while till a big wave hit her from behind. Ripping the top off her I caught it with my face as she started laughing. Peeling it off my face I took off running with it.

“It’s every man’s dream to snag this!”, I teased.

Chasing after me she pursued me into a sea cave where we discovered a massive collection of geodes that broken up from years of battering from the ocean. The light shining down from a hole in the ceiling illuminated the entire cave through refraction from the crystals.

“Holy shit…”, I said looking around, “This is a stunning location.”

Tackling me I fell into a pile of seaweed, and rolled over. Trying to get her top back I locked on to her knockers, and went for it. If she rejected me oh well, but if she liked it we would see where this went. Pulling her towards me I kissed gently to which I received a smile back along with a kiss. Eating her out she moaned as I fondled her breasts. When she was good to go I worked my way up her kissing everything I could till I made out with her. Forcing myself into her smaller vagina she moaned as it stretched to receive me. Fucking her hard once she had me to the base I made sure the clapping noise of my sac hitting her butt was heard clearly. Wrapping my around her from underneath I held her head to face me.

“I am going to fill your stomach, and impregnate you.”, I said authoritatively.

Wrapping her legs around me she said today was a good day to inseminate her. Lifting her hips I informed her that she would become my secret lover, and bred only by me from now on. Leaning back I took out a magic pen, and wrote on her stomach.

“Jameson’s woman.”, I said as I wrote it, “Also don’t worry, it will only show up when we fuck. Also this will stop anyone, but me from impregnating you from now on.”

Leaning forward I slammed into her dropping a massive load in her. Feeling the warmth her womb took it all in making sure eggs were drowned in sperm. Watching her stomach expand she moaned happily rubbing the bulge as it grew.

“Make our alpha many babies.”, she said to her stomach, “Show our desire to give him dozens of babies. We must submit to his manliness, and procreate.”

Fucking her three more times I asked her if she was alright. Nodding her head she looked at me with a grin.

“So to what do I owe the pleasure?”, she asked.

“I have a feeling your husband is hiding something from me. I know your empire runs underground ops to recover Beastman so I want information regarding a friend of mine. Her name is Lily, and she is a Red Fox kin. She is a former slave that my father threw out.”, I stated.

“All this for just information on one woman?”, she asked showing off her stuffed vagina.

“I owe her for what happened…”, I said.

“Very well”, she said closing her legs, “I will put a word in with a friend to see if I can’t find her.”

“Also, I expect that I will be fucking you often?”, I said.

“If we are to be secret lovers I think twice a month is suitable. Now that my womb is definitely carrying a litter of our babies I expect a few litters more from you. I will ensure my husband foots the tab as its his fault it came to this.”, she said.

“I want regular progress photos.”, I said with a wink.

“Of course now…about this”, she said motioning to her stomach, “Think you can help?”

Fingering her as she sucked me off she eventually pushed out enough to make her stomach flat again. Washing her vagina off with sea water I ensured it was sperm free from the outside. Prompting her to let cum she grinned as she swallowed it all. With that we ended our fun time, got cleaned up, and to cover our tracks I caught a crap ton of seafood with magic. Spending time catching seafood would be our cover story so we quickly agreed on a story to make sure our facts were straight. Returning to the group the children ran over asking their mother where we had been. Showing them the catch we said we had been busy catching dinner. My wives peeked over the children drooling all over the place as they saw the food.

“I will get cooking, why don’t all of you go play in the ocean?”, I suggested.

Nodding the children dragged the women into the warm while I cooked everything up. Returning from their meeting a short time later Nemoria, Ariel, and Courtney took one look at the food before grabbing plates.

“Really? How about the kids eat first?”, I suggested.

Huffing they let the kids go first then came right up behind them. Sighing I shook my head as I plated them a massive plate of fish, crab, clams, and lobster. Handing them drawn butter they gulped before thanking me as they found a cozy spot to sit. Sitting off with their parents my family, and I sat by the grill in case someone wanted more.

“How did it go?”, I asked.

“We secured an alliance though the Emperor is still not happy with you being involved.”, they stated, “He doesn’t trust you.”

“Rightfully so, trust should be earned when you run a nation.”, I stated.

“So you went off fishing with his wife?”, Nemoria said with a grin.

“Apparently her uncle was a fish monger so she knows what is safe to eat, and what is poisonous.”, I stated, “Didn’t feel like poisoning anyone.”

Laughing the women thanked me as they finished their meals with a satisfied face. Parting ways I politely shook hands with him stating I looked forward to working with him in the future. Nodding he replied the same way as they walked through the mirror. Stowing it away temporarily in my storage we returned to our residence for the night.

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