Solo Heroing – Chapter 9

“So we thirty captives I assume whom were adventurers that came here to capture some of you?”, I asked.

“That would be correct…”, Ariel said.

Before me sat thirty women all of whom were human, and very pissed off. Looking to Ariel I asked about the ceremony I had been told about. Explaining that it was basically just a blessing that their shaman tattooed onto the women I asked why they hadn’t done it to them yet. Going on to explain that they could have, but it was easier if they didn’t resist when the tatoo was being applied. Nodding my head I looked at her with a dead serious expression.

“What happens after the ceremony?”, I asked.

“Their bodies will change to look like us leaving only their eye and hair color unchanged.”, she replied.

“I suggest we do it. They know that once the ceremony is complete that there is no point in fighting us. If they tried to return to their normal lives they’d be treated the same as you.”, I said looking at them.

“You can’t do this to us!”, they growled, “You are only helping them because they are beautiful! Being a Hero you could easily get any human you wanted!”

“There lies your issue…”, I said squatting in front of them, “Humans in my world were at their core good people, but we were all idiots in our own way. Reincarnating in your world showed me that humans here are really no different…”

“Still though you could have yourself a proper woman who would-”

“Do anything I say whenever I say regardless if I was right, or wrong…”, I said, “I know all to well what women like you would put up with if you realized the people on top were nothing, but animals. If we were in the capital of any human nation, and I liked you I could have you arrested on false charges, tried as a criminal, forced in slavery, and then buy you. Once you were under my ownership I could do whatever I wanted with you, and no one would ever complain. I could force you to be raped by monsters, animals, or criminals just to watch you squirm. Once I was done with you I could simply toss you into a goblin den, and let you become their breeder.”

Shivering the women looked at me terrified of the thought that I would even think that.

“I wouldn’t do that because I have common decency, but I can assure you my family wouldn’t. My father happily raped many of your comrades in arms just because they had a pretty face. Mother would falsely accuse common women she thought threatened her position in the household, and would have them raped by centaurs till they died. If that didn’t kill them she take wooden mallet to their face, arms, and legs before carving them up with a knife.”, I said, “My brothers regularly raped the maids, and common girls because no one could touch them. My sole sister was rented out to upper nobles just to secure favors for my father…did you realize that all happened in nobility?”

“That can’t be right…could it…”, they said looking at one another.

“My father introduced me to several potential marriage candidates that I was told I would have to share till I married them.”, I said, “I never accepted one of them because of that reason. Why would I get emotionally involved with someone who would be passed around like? No, I decided from the moment I came here that I wanted mainly nonhumans in my harem because, for the most part, are gentle folk who at times may be corrupt, but as a whole only want peace in their lives. That’s when my unique skill awakened, and I saw the future I had on my current path. I realized if I sat back I would have my wish, but in the end they would all end up dead because of all the blood that has been spilled. At that point I decided to move forward with my dreams sooner rather than later.”

“Do you end up with any humans?”, Mimi asked.

“In the painting that I saw of my family I think I end up with four, but that is subject to change since the timeline is no longer the same.”, I stated.

“Four…”, Ariel said scratching her head, “Any of these women them?”

“Nope, the only thing I can remember is that they had platinum, white, neon blue, and neon green hair respectively.”, I stated, “Like I said though, that could all change since I messed with the timeline.”

“Understandable, so will you women allow the tatoo to be put on you?”, Ariel asked.

“Not like we have much of a choice…”, they said, “If we didn’t he’d knock us out, and do it.”

“I am glad we understand each other.”, I laughed, “Now then, proceed with the tatoos.”

Walking away Sarah asked if I was going to stay, and watch.

“Heck no! I hate needles!”, I said with a dry laugh.

Grabbing me several of the women brought me back to watch the ceremony. Closing my eyes when the adventurers got the tatoos I only opened them once that part was done. After completion I opened my eyes to see the newly minted Amazons. Removing their chains the thirty women turned to me unsure what to do.

“Listen, the women here wanted me to be their husband. I won’t hold you to their choice. If you find someone you love I implore you to chase them.”, I said.

Thanking me they asked how they could help as their lives were now on the line like everyone else. Clearing my throat I made sure everyone was present.

“As I am sure all of you know scouts have been looking for the Dragon Knight I killed that tracked some of you back to the village. The chances are high that they will find us, and will bring the Army here. All of you have done a great job hanging the flags of our two allies, but it may not be enough to completely chase them off. If they come here we will have to fight them with everything we have.”, I said, “Nemoria has already pledged her support, and while the Dragons may not openly say it I am sure they will help us in their own way. That being said I am sure you won’t idly accept their help without getting your own hands dirty. For the time being I want everyone preparing armor, weapons, and defenses for the battle. Assume that they will throw everything they have at us then double it.”

Looking at each other I thought they were going to panic a bit. Stepping forward the children asked if I was going to fight with them.

“You all may be incredibly strong, and capable women who surprise me everyday with what your capable of but…each of you here offered yourself to me without any hesitation when I came to help you. I have fought alongside you, hunted with you, and in at least half the cases slept with you.”, I said to which many of them nodded, “No matter how strong you may be it will never be enough for me not to want to protect all of you. If I had my way I wouldn’t involve any of you because I don’t want to lose any of you, but I know that you would never let me have my way. I will fight alongside you so that way I can see the bright smiling faces of your future generations that you will all help bring about.”

A moment of silence passed before Sarah spoke up.

“I think I speak for all of us here, but we all want to fight alongside our destined partner. If we should fall we will be waiting on the other side to reunite with you.”, she said, “We will give them hell!”

Cheering the Amazons started chanting war cries in unison showing their support. Laughing I nodded my head before hugging her.

“Very well, tomorrow morning we all begin preparations for war!”, I shouted.

“Yeah!”, they shouted before running to their homes.

The new Amazons joined the ones we had rescued filling up the remaining homes we had left before we expanded the settlement. Returning to Nemoria’s castle the five women greeted me with hugs, and kisses. Telling them about everything to get them up to speed Jessica said her elite troops were already on their way to aid them.

“All of them are women trained by myself.”, she boasted, “Each one is a lethal fighter that are ready to fight the attackers.”

“Why send them?”, I asked.

“Not enough partners for them here.”, Nermoria said, “They volunteered on the basis they are allowed to bring back any men they find attractive as husbands.”

“Ah…”, I said with a shiver.

I silently said a prayer in my heart for those poor souls as I assumed they wouldn’t be the same afterwards. Taking a bath with the five women I washed their hair with magic shampoo to keep their hair smelling fresh, and keep that shine there. Helping wash them I got to fondle them before I got the special nude wash treatment myself. After a nice dunk in the tub we had some milk and honey before crawling into bed. Snuggling up really close in our bed the five women passed out as I rubbed their bellies. The next morning I got up, had breakfast with them, and went over things with Nemoria. Since becoming her partner she had coming to me with many government items wanting my opinion. Going over a list of items I noticed some issues in the budgets.

“Why is there a five percent cut in orphanage funding?”, I asked looking at the numbers from last month versus this month.

Taking a look herself she saw the same issue I did. Grabbing the ledgers we poured over the numbers, and noticed that the accounts weren’t matching. Somehow there was a surplus each month that didn’t reflect the high number of orphans from the war. Calling her Minister of Finance in she demanded to know what was going on. Giving her every excuse in the book I told her to calm down for a moment.

“People like him won’t give up answers without something in return.”, I said, “Like this!”

Swing my fist through the table I shattered his kneecap making him scream out in pain.

“Answer her, and your other kneecap will remain intact. Lie or don’t answer her…I don’t think I have to explain myself…”, I said with an evil smile.

“We are pocketing the money!”, he said cradling the injured leg, “We felt that not giving us raises was unfair so we took money from charity areas to cover the raises.”

Standing up from her seat she grabbed him by the neck, and dragged him on to the table.

“Those children are my citizens, and therefore are just as important as you are. Since you have been cutting their funding that means countless children have ended up on the streets, and most likely ended up on the human slave market one way or another…”, she said, “Do you have anything to say before I deliver your punishment?”

“Mercy!”, he screamed.

Crushing his windpipe she dragged him to the fireplace, and threw him into the fire. Trying to push himself out she pinned him their with her foot ensure he died. When it was all said, and done she was livid about the whole situation. Grabbing her I hugged her tightly to calm her down.

“Listen, I know you are upset about this but I think you need to calm down.”, I said looking her in the eyes, “Confiscate his fortune and assets to use as buffer funds to help the orphanages immediately. As an apology to the orphans we can arrange a banquet for them to show them that you care about them.”

“…would you help me..?”, she asked looking up to me shyly.

“Absolutely, as your partner we both share equal fault here.”, I said resting my forehead on hers, “Since meat is valuable here I was thinking that Ariel can help get us lots of meat if you can spare a few mages to protect them from magic traps.”

“I most certainly can, and I am sure the children would love to have meat.”, she said jumping up and down with excitement.

Looking at her I could tell she was already planning everything out to make this a big event. Seeing her smile like this made my day so I suggested we personally visit the orphanages to see which ones needed the most help. Knowing that meant it would be a private date she immediately ordered her servants to ready a carriage. Pulling me along with her in excitement we changed into more formal apparel before heading out to the orphanages located in the capital. Spending our day going to each one I took notes for us so Nemoria could bring it up with whomever she put in the vacant position. By midafternoon we had finished our tours, and had gathered quite a lot of orphans living on the street. Treating them to their first real meal in a long time I made sure all of them ate a belly full of food. While I was tending to the kids one of the clerks spoke with Nemoria.

“He is quite the catch that human.”, she gossiped, “To think there was one that would openly share a meal with our kind…it does this old lady’s heart good.”

“He is quite the gentleman.”, Nemoria replied, “I am looking forward to seeing our little one.”

“Oh my! That’s right you are expecting!”, she said just remembering the news, “Congratulation Your Majesty.”

“Thank you.”, Nemoria responded with a smile.

“I assume you are working on the orphanages?”, the old woman asked.

“Yes, we discovered funds were being misused and dealt with it. We are in the process of homing these children in orphanages now that we have a better picture of the state our orphanages.”, Nemoria said.

“I see, I wish you the best of luck. You hang on to the dear boy before someone tries to take him.”, she teased.

“He wouldn’t leave me.”, Nemoria said firmly.

“But you could have competition when those children come of age, and remember his kindness.”, the old lady pointed out.

Looking back at the children Nemoria now saw them as adults, and the girls appeared to her like supermodels fawning over me. Clenching her fists Nemoria looked back at the old woman.

“I am sure that won’t happen…”, she said with an evil giggle.

Agreeing with her the old woman waved to her as she walked away from her stall. Walking over from another stall another old woman spoke with her.

“Janet, are you stirring up drama again?”, she teased.

“Heavens no, thought I’d spice up that boys love life. I am sure our leader will sway him to her side with her beautiful body.”, the stall owner giggled, “Otherwise he will be closely watched like a hawk.”

Suggesting we go to park when she rejoined us Nemoria lead us to a giant park in the center of the capital where the kids could play. As we sat back watching them Nemoria scooted closer to me to ask about who I knew I was marrying in the future.

“Any more Demons outside the five of us?”, she asked nervously.

“I couldn’t tell you honestly. All I could see was features of each of you, and titles you had.”, I said, “Also, you mean the six of you right?”

“Who did you add!?”, she said looking at me in shock.

“…Derna…you remember from the frontier village?”, I said with a twitch.

“Oh yes, I forgot as I haven’t met her yet.”, she said with a sigh of relief, “Wait, you remember all of our names? Even the Amazons? Like all of them?”

“Yes..? Is that weird or something?”, I asked.

“Just surprising is all.”, she giggled, “It’s just a lot of women to remember names for.”

“Well to be honest in the image of the future I had I only had Anna and Ella.”, I said placing my hand on my chin, “I don’t know if something I did changed it so I ended up with all of them, but I did so it could change.”

“We need to figure out your powers…”, she said firmly.

“What’s the-”

“We just need to figure out your powers.”, she said gripping my hand tightly.

“Is something wrong?”, I inquired, “Do you think I am seeing someone behind your back?”

“Why would you say that!?”, she snapped.

“You asked if I saw other Demons aside from the six of you in the future…”, I stated.

“Oh…right.”, she said, “I am just worried that we will be-”

“Like I told you no one is going to take your place.”, I said holding her hand, “There is only one Nemoria no matter what because you are special.”

Smiling she leaned her head on my arm. Wrapping my arm around her we sat there watching the children play till the evening came. Kissing my wives goodnight before returning to the Amazons I told them to come over in the morning to prepare for war. Promising to be there early I thanked them before returning to the settlement. Greeting the seven Amazons waiting in the bedroom I asked for an update on everything.

“Everything is more or less ready. All of us have gotten our armor cleaned up, our swords are sharp, and our food stores are in great shape thanks to your help.”, Ariel said.

“Good, have you seen any scouts?”, I asked.

“The guards spotted several of them in the forest. It is safe to say we will be fighting tomorrow.”, she said anxiously.

“Don’t worry, Nemoria is sending troops tomorrow via the mirror, and we have troops that Jessica sent in advance that will be arriving in the morning.”, I said holding her hand, “I know you are worried something will go wrong, but as long as we stick to the plan our death toll should be very low if none at all.”

Placing her faith me we took a bath before going to bed. The next morning the five Demoness women brought an additional two thousand troops through the mirror at the expense of several magic stones to hold the gate open. Lining up beside the Amazons the troops couldn’t help, but look over at them especially the single men. A few tried to reach out to them only to have their comrades warn them not too.

“All of those women are Jameson’s lovers…if you piss them off if they don’t kill you he will.”, they reminded them.

Just as we thought that was it Courtney came through her gate with Tetra and Zena along with two hundred Dragon Warriors. Looking at her in shock I asked if she was sure about this.

“We are family…and I want to protect you.”, she said holding my hand, “I want the future I see in that book.”

Lining up on the other side of the Amazons I felt we may actually win this fight. As the sun started to rise the horizon was dotted with small specks in the skies. Using a scope I spotted nearly twelve Dragon Knights along with dozens of Wyvern Riders. On the ground I counted roughly ten thousand troops marching through the forest. Seeing that my heart dropped as we were severely outnumbered, but I knew that we had them over a barrel in sheer power. Roughly an hour later they emerged from the forest ready to fight. Turning to Courtney she nodded ordering her troops to fire.

In an instance the Dragon Warriors launched massive Fireballs into the troops incinerating them almost instantly. As the first few waves were burned away eventually their Mage Corps built up magic barriers to stop the fires. Pressing forward the Amazons charged into the fight, and right before reaching the barrier the Demon mages broke the barriers. Mainly mages with no physical training they were slaughtered in a brutal fashion as the Dragons and Demons let loose on the surrounding troops. When the Dragon Knights and Wyvern Riders got close the Dragon Warriors changed into their Dragon Forms taking to the skies to slaughter the attackers. Things were going well till I sensed a massive amount of blood lust coming from in front of us. Grabbing something flying at Nemoria I snatched an arrow mere inches from her face. Stumbling back she looked at the arrow in shock.

“Thank you…”, she said shaking like a leaf.

“Order everyone to fall back! They brought some of the Elite Guard with them!”, I snapped jumping off the wall.

Drawing my sword I charged to the front regretting not taking into account they would send the Elite Guard in. These men were not normal humans by any means. Everyone of them was as strong as a raging minotaur due to genetic manipulation that the human nations did to them. Not only were they strong they were highly resistant to magic, and physical damage. Imbued with genes of slaughtered nonhumans they were a force to be reckoned with. In terms of sheer power they were far greater than Dragon Knights, but the reason I never took them into account was because they never normally left the sides of royalty.

Ordering the troops to fall back the Demons did as I asked as did the Amazons. Swing my sword at the first Elite Guard I found he casually caught it. Throwing a sweeping kick at him I knocked him over, grabbed his wrist, and threw him into his comrades before unleashing a hailstorm of spells at them. While they had magic resistance it was only for mid ranking spells and lower. When my bombardment finished someone shot out if the cloud of dust, and sucker punched me in the gut hard enough to crush my armor. Sliding backwards I coughed up a mouthful of blood.

“You have grown since last we met. Last time we met that would have been enough to knock you out.”, the man mocked me, “This will be an interesting experience.”

Looking up at the man my heart dropped like plane without fuel. The very man who trained me into a Hero stood before me, Captain Artemis. This man wasn’t even comparable to the other Elite Guards as his strength was enough to snap a Dragonized fighter like a twig.

“I bet your surprised to see us here, but we heard about the Demon Lord brainwashing one of the Heroes. After that we did a head count, and realized you had gone missing so they sent us after you.”, he stated.

“Why am I so valuable to you..?”, I said weakly.

“Your <Foresight> will be invaluable to our cause.”, he said.

Looking at him in disbelief he laughed at me.

“Did you not think we knew about your skill? There are many ways to check skills that you don’t know about.”, he said, “That skill is the most powerful as it gives you the ability to see the future, and change it.”

“So why now..?”, I asked standing up.

“Simple, once we learned you were with the Amazons we knew we had to retrieve you. Can’t have you making children with them giving them lesser versions of your skill. That would put the human nations at quite the disadvantage.”, he said, “As such we will kill all parties involved, and haul you back to the capital. Luckily for you the Temple has proclaimed you were overpowered by the Demon Generals, and brainwashed into helping the nonhumans so you won’t face any punishment. The King has even assured me he has many suitable wives for you.”

“That’s bullshit!”, I said looking at him, “You can slap lipstick on a pig, and call it a suitable wife.”

“I happen to agree with you on that account as in the end they aren’t much to look at.”, he said nodding his head, “Either way you are coming back with us.”

Looking at the twelve men he had with him I knew this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park like at the Demon capital. Calming myself down I focused on the battle at hand as one mistake could take me out of the fight rendering everyone unable to protect themselves.

“If your primary goal is to take me in, let’s make it your only goal…<Anchor Challenge>!”, I said activating the spell.

<Anchor Challenge> was a unique spell that made the targets only target the caster. In the event that someone under this spell goes after someone else any, and all buffs they have are eliminated which in their case lowers them to level of a standard human.

“So…limiting our targets…you did pay attention to what I taught you in training…”, he said with a grin.

As the spell was one of the high-ranking ones all of the Elite Guard were effected by this ensuring that they had to attack me only. Running past the captain two of the guards came at me pikes. Stepping back I slammed their pikes into the ground as they charged me. Sinking into the ground the pikes finally bit in, and through the men into the air. Flying into the Amazon line the women drew their spears back, and jabbed them into the men. The Elite Guard were much more durable than a human so they could easily take a dozen spears with little worry, but in this case they were fighting Amazons that jabbed their spears forward like butchers. Before they could scream forty spears tore each man to shreds. Tossing them to the ground the women clenched their fists then beat the men to death.

Coming up right behind those two another pair came up with swords drawn. Parrying their blows I kept my attention on not only them, but the surroundings as well. Narrowly dodging two crossbow bolts fired by the guards in the back I sent a message to the Courtney asking for help. Continuing to dodge arrows, and parry sword swings I eventually heard Nemoria reach out to me.

“We are going to launch an attack so get out of there!”, she snapped.

The next time the swordsmen came close I used <Extreme Speed> to dodge the blows, and cut open their necks in the same motion. Jumping back the guards went to pursue me, but a massive fireball flew over my head crashing into the guards head on. Grinning Artemis swung his sword downward as two of the guards hid behind him. Cutting the ball of fire in half as it passed by.

“<Explosion>!”, I shouted.

The split fireball exploded into white flames engulfing the guards behind them killing them in a flash of light. Running out from behind him the last two normal guards were obvious brawlers as they had no weapons to speak of. Getting into a fight with I took a few hits immediately as hand to hand wasn’t my strong suit compared to them. Using I pulverized the face of one of them into paste before throwing everything I had into a roundhouse to snap the others neck. Deactivating the skill I was breathing heavily as using the skill twice was exhausting. Each time I used it I felt like I had run a marathon when I deactivated it. Even though the world slowed to crawl when I used it the recoil was ridiculous.

“You are going to exhaust yourself if you keep that up.”, Artemis said walking closer to me, “You have certainly proven you have honed the skills I taught you, but you are still incredibly weak.”

“I don’t want to hear that from you.”, I stated, “You have easily thirty years of experience on me!”

Grinning he closed the gap in an instant leaving only enough time for me to block his sword with my own. Struggling to keep up with his ridiculously fast blows I knew not even <Extreme Speed> was going to keep up with him. Completely on the defensive I kept receiving small cuts all over me from nicks I got from knocking fatal blows away. Seeing that I was in trouble the Amazons came to help me, but I tried to tell them to stay back.

“If you hit him while the spell is active he can-“, I tried to tell them, but I was too late.

The moment they touched him the spell broke, and his attacks changed from me to them. Not knowing what hit them the Amazons nearby got sent flying covered in mud, blood, and sweat. With the spell broken now he went straight for my wives without a second thought. Knowing full well they would never forgive me if I used <Ultra Instinct> I opted for an equally life threatening. Calling out to the women to warn them several of the Amazons, and Demons did their best to stop him but it was no good. Plowing through them like a freight train he was almost upon them when they realized he was heading for them. Stepping in front of the women Zena’s father attempted to block his path, but they sword Artemis was using was specially meant for killing Dragons. With no options left I went for the extreme measure.

<Castling>!”, I said using the skill.

Swing his sword down Artemis felt his sword cut through armor as he looked forward to see the Dragon in front of him die, but instead of her father I was the one who got hit. Castling functioned very much like the way it did in chess. The target, and I swapped places instantly and it had to be an ally I targeted. Taking his blow head on I saw my life flash in front of my eyes. In the future I saw when my power awoke I saw myself outliving the women I loved, and that was the worst part of it. I lived everyday after that regretting my inability to protect the people I loved from harm. This time the future I saw in my dying moments was different.

In this vision I clearly saw Naomi, Germina, and all of my wives plus many more with me on a beach outside the big white mansion I had seen before. Not only were they there, but dozens of our children running towards me asking for attention. Getting tackled by the swarm of children my wives and lovers smiled at us softly.

“So I am making a change…”, I thought as I fell to the earth, “I want to see that future…I don’t want this to end now, but I am not strong enough to fight him…”

“There is always a way if you just ask for help.”, a voice said.

In an instant I was in a white room with statues of Amazons, and other warriors from this world and earth. Sitting up I saw a woman who looked like a much bustier version of Ariel sitting on a throne before me.

“Don’t look so surprised, the reason I look the same as Ariel is because she is my great-granddaughter.”, she laughed.

“Wait…I thought the God of War was a guy?”, I said a bit puzzled.

“I killed him.”, she laughed, “Did you think that just because most Amazons would just bend over for him I would? Hell no! I kick his ass, and shoved his sword down his throat.”

“Oh…”, I replied.

“Anyways more to the point you need to borrow power, right?”, she asked me.

“Listen…I have heard what happens to people who borrow power from the gods…”, I said hesitantly.

“Don’t use your world’s knowledge, and apply it to us!”, she snapped, “Most of us are quite easy to get along with!”

“Okay, I am sorry.”, I said lowering my head.

“Back to the point…I am giving the God of War blessing and the Dragon God is giving you hers.”, she said as two orbs appeared in her hand, “The Chief God prohibited us from involving ourselves physically in the world meaning we can only really provide blessings. With our blessing you gain access to a skill called <Apostle Ascension> which will allow us to temporarily use our powers through you, but when the connection is severed you will black out.”

“Is there a time limit?”, I asked, “And how long will I black out?”

“No time limit, it’s up to the God whom you use the skill with. As for how long you will be out it depends on you. It could be for a few second, or even days I couldn’t tell you.”, she said, “At this point I think a few days is better than having everyone die again.”

“Wait! You know!?”, I said before realizing she was a Goddess.

“Yes, time doesn’t move here. We have seen the world destroyed a hundred thousand times because each choice a person makes the world’s life shorter or longer.”, she said, “The Mad Gods aren’t really gods as much as they are incredibly power Heroes that decided they wanted to run the world their way, and plunged the world into civil war. We stopped them at a high price to the world which is why we were banned from interfering anymore. When you reincarnated here we saw a way to extend the world’s life nearly quadruple, or you end it in ten years.”

“I end it?”, I asked.

“In a fit of rage at the Mad Gods you use <Ultra Instict>, and instead of using ten years in one minute you force your life into thirty seconds wiping them, and the world out of existence. So we sent those images to you so you would know what was coming.”, she said.

“So then you are the reason I can’t use it completely?”, I asked.

“Correct, there are some fixed points in history that must happen so instead of making holes in your visions we just send vague things to you.”, she giggled.

“Then could you please send me what all of my wives would look like…I have a feeling a few of them will beat me senseless if I don’t get that straight.”, I stated.

“We can do that, but for now you have a fight to finish.”, she said getting up from her seat, “Like I said we are giving you two more blessings unlike your future self had at that time. When you return to your body use <Apostle Ascension> to call one of us to you so we can fight.”

“Thank you.”, I said accepting them from her.

“It’s nothing for my daughter, granddaughter, and great granddaughters husband. Though I may bring you here for some fucking at a later date.”, she teased.

Walking behind her I wrapped my arms around her.

“Listen, before you get grubby your going to have to prove your-”

Lifting her up I gave her a german suplex, and on the downward slam part I used the spell <Gravity> to increase the blow enough to crack the floor. Letting her go her unconscious body hit the floor. Putting my crest above her butt crack I flipped her, and put another crest on her stomach.

“Don’t take it personally, but as a goddess I figured you can handle me being that rough.”, I said to her before I kissed.

Fingering her she moaned gripping my fingers with her vagina. Sucking on her nipples on her pumpkin sized breasts I held her other breast in my other hand. When she was ready I slid into her nicely burying in her. Locked in I held her to me with one arm above and one below her chest. Fucking her like an animal she came to a few minutes later, and came hard spraying her love nectar everywhere.

“You are a manic!”, she said holding my hands with a death grip, “Why don’t you do your wives, and lovers like this?!”

“There is a good chance I would get carried away, and break their backs.”, I said kissing her.

“I can understand that.”, she said as her tongue came out as she climaxed again, “You are amazing!”

“I marked you as my woman, look at your stomach.”, I said reaching from under her arms to lift her head.

Cumming again she screamed as her vagina felt like it almost cut my dick off. Holding her neck firmly she relaxed with a moan.

“Now Goddess of War, as the custom of the Amazons…”, I said feeling her legs wrap around mine, “Get Pregnant!!”

Watching me flood her womb she arched her back as she came again. Sucking it all down she said she would eagerly start conceiving.

“For once a man treated me like a fighter not a woman…I am happy I lost…”, she said with her hips in the air as she was implanting eggs.

Pulling out of her she kneeled before me with her mouth open.

“Come on Hero…cover me with seed!”, she said.

Standing up I used her mouth like a vagina fucking it hard to ensure she was choking on it. Slowly I came to a climax all over her breast and face. Cramming the rest down her she did take a breath till I finished coming. Pouring it down her throat she rubbed my balls milking more into her already swollen stomach from our fucking. Gulping it all down I eventually flipped her over, and started pouring more into her womb. When we finally calmed down we started laughing at each other before taking a nap. Once I was rest she told me she would be in touch as some other people up here wanted to meet me. Kissing her she sent me back down to the planet to fight.

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