Solo Heroing – Chapter 8

Early the next morning a guard came into the bedroom to alert us of a delivery from Nemoria. Getting up quietly I snuck out without waking them so I could see the package. Outside the room was a giant mirror that even a ten foot tall person could walk through.

“They really must have pushed the mages…”, I said with a sigh, “I am going to put this in the study till I have time to explain what it is to Ariel. Please let her know not to damage it.”

Nodding her head the guard resumed her position at the door. Carrying the giant mirror down the hall to the study I set it by the giant bay window overlooking Sarah’s flower garden. Applying a bit of magic I connected the two mirrors, and walked through. Silently entering our bedroom I found the five women sound asleep huddled around my spot on the bed. Taking a quick bath I came back with breakfast in hand. Setting on the table near the bed I climbed into bed, and planted a kiss on each of their cheeks. Before to long they started grumbling about it being to early.

“If you’re not going to eat the breakfast I made I can-”

Shooting up out of bed the women hugged me tightly. Running my hand through their silky smooth hair I complimented them as they all smelled of roses. Kissing them again I motioned towards the breakfast I brought them. Sitting down for a nice meal I went over everything with them, and our current goals in the settlement.

“We can definitely help our allies.”, Nemoria said.

“You already made a pact?”, I asked.

“Ariel and I worked out the details yesterday.”, she responded.

“So that’s why they demanded belly rubs last night.”, I chuckled.

“Probably.”, she replied, “After breakfast we can-”

“Before we go any further I made something for all of you.”, I said pulling out rings from my storage, “I know most people in this world don’t really give anything to their spouses but a bracelet, but I wanted something special for you from me. In my world you give spouses rings like this as a symbol of marriage.”

Holding the rose gold rings with a karet diamond in each one they looked at me in shock. Putting it on their ring fingers the five women smiled happily as they looked at their rings. Kissing me they thanked me for such a wonderful gift.

“I hope you like them. The five of them were handmade by me.”, I said.

“Then they are priceless to us.”, they said, “Men hardly ever make their partners presents like this.”

Kissing them again I said I would spend the night here this evening which made them almost jump out of their skin. Hugging me they said they would get ready immediately to head to the settlement. Dressing up for work the six of us went through the gate, and met up with Ariel and company. After introducing each of them I rolled out a map of the immediate area.

“Okay, we need to add an additional room for two hundred houses.”, I stated, “That leaves plenty of room for future growth.”

“We will need definitely need that.”, the Amazons said.

“Speaking of which we will need to clear a room for our children in the castle.”, Nemoria said grabbing onto my arm.

“We have to discuss that too!”, Ariel said holding my other arm.

Sparks shot between the two women as they glared at each other.

“Let’s calm down, I am happy to talk with you both about this. How about over lunch?”, I suggested.

Looking at me then each other they agreed to it.

“Your cooking though.”, they said.

“How about WE cook?”, I said.

Thinking for a moment they agreed to it. Thanking them we went over the design plans, and I added a moat around the walls as added protection. I told them we would use the dirt to brace the back of the wall for added strength. Germina and Jessica offered suggestions for watchtowers attached to the walls which Sarah and Arnet liked. Going back and forth on designs I sat back assisting them by keeping track of the modifications they wanted. As lunch rolled around Ariel dragged Nemoria away saying they would me in the kitchen.

Heading down to prepare the ingredients for our lunch I got everything ready by the time they came. Looking over to greet them my face turned bright red. Standing before me the two women wore nothing, but aprons. Both wore frilly blue aprons that I saw in my trips to England which made me remember some fond memories. Snapping back to reality I said both of them looked cute. Shyly smiling at me Nemoria thanked me while Ariel offer to just remove hers. Pulling them over I told them we would make a pizza. Looking at me with confused looks I said I would teach them.

Pulling them in front of me I placed some ingredients in front of them to cut up. Helping them the two women seemed to enjoy the attention. Smashing up tomatoes we mixed in some seasonings before moving to the dough. Mixing flour, water, yeast, and a little sugar we made a twenty inch pizza pie then covered it with the sauce we made. After that the women grabbed their favorite cheese to coat the pizza Ariel shredded cheddar, Nemoria used mozzarella, and I broke up feta cheese. Last thing we did was top the pizza with onions, green peppers, and bacon. Sliding the pizza into the brick oven we sat back, and watched it cook.

Sitting on my legs the two leaned back into me laying their heads on my chest. Running my hands through their hair I kissed their heads.

“I love both of you very much.”, I said, “You both mean the world to me, and if I could I’d never be away from either of you. I will do everything I can to ensure that our future together stays together. I want nothing else than to wake up every morning surrounded by the family I love.”

Leaning into me more they apologized for their behavior earlier. Telling them I understood they were just being territorial of my time I said I would split my time evenly between the two groups till we found a place to come together. Promising to behave better moving forward I pulled them in close to cuddle. When the pizza was finished I pulled it out of the oven, and let it cool. Cutting it into slices I plate a portion for them to eat. Taking their first bites the women smiled enjoying the fruits of our labor. When we finished the pizza the two women asked to take a nap with me. Reminding them that I had work to do I said I could put off my work till tomorrow.

Returning to the bedroom everyone had already left for their tasks today. Laying in bed with them they snuggled up to me gripping me tightly. Wrapping my arms around them I ran my fingers down their backs sending shivers down their spine. Before long they fell asleep peacefully having wrapped themselves around me. Falling asleep with them I was awoken two hours later by Germina.

“Jameson, we have a big problem!”, she said with a terrified look.

“Whats wrong!? Is someone attacking!?”, I said sitting in a hurry.

“An envoy from the Dragon Gem Archipelago is here to see you…”, she said, “They won’t take no for an answer, and they appear not to be in the best of moods.”

Getting dressed I told her to tell everyone to stay inside their homes. Marching downstairs I met with envoy in the study. Recognizing this man from a fragment of my future self I knew he was trouble. Before he introduced himself I cut him off.

“What does General Zoc The Butcher of Zaviod want with me?”, I asked looking him.

“I see my reputation precedes me.”, he said, “Though the title is-”

“You set his wine cellar ablaze, and cause a massive explosion that collapsed the house on him and his family.”, I said, “Don’t give me your usual argument about it wasn’t you. No one was found killed any other way aside from being torched, and only four people had a key into that vault.”

Narrowing his eyes he asked how I knew that. Waving my hand I said I knew someone involved with the killing.

“Anyways you have some balls terrifying my wives…”, I growled, “If you came here for a fight I will happily mount your head above my mantle.”

“Unfortunately I didn’t come to fight. Word has gone around about a Hero that is siding with nonhumans. As you know many of my brethren have been brainwashed into being pets for Dragon Knights.”, he said, “Do you know about the consequences of that?”

“A Dragon can literally only ever have one mate. The moment a Dragon unions with their partner their life force is immediately joined meaning if one dies so does the other…aside from non-Dragon relationships. When they partner with non-Dragons the partner has the ability to just take the life force of their Dragon partner…magic.”, I stated, “In most case Dragon Knights don’t share their life force with the Dragon making them not really married in your people’s eyes. Not only that, but should the Dragon die they simply replace them which infuriates your people to no end. The few Dragon Knights that bonded their life force to their partners are the only ones you accept as they perished together.”

“You know our culture quite well.”, he said with a grin.

“We both know you can see my stats with your <Demon Eyes of Revealing> no pointing in beating around the bush now that you used them on me.”, I stated.

“…you have seen the future through your own future self…I can assume you know me from-”

“The Dragon Empress, your secret daughter, and one who I won’t name are my partners in that future…”, I said with a sad look.

“Something wrong?”, he asked.

“You are the only one I can tell that will understand the magnitude of this. The Mad Gods…their seal has been weakening this past millennium. In under ten years they are completely free, and rain Hell down on all of us.”, I said.

Looking at me he asked a single question.

“If you are telling the truth you can name all three of them. What are their names?”, he asked.

“The Empress that your people see is just a figure head. Courtney keeps to herself in the Library of Time as she is afraid to lead her nation down the wrong path. Your daughter, Zena, is kept hidden from the world because she has the magic of the era that gave birth tp the Mad Gods. You are terrified she would marry someone who would use her powers for their own gain. Lastly, the woman I didn’t want to name is Tetra due to her relations to you as a sister.”, I said, “You made us a couple because she…she has no real control of her magic, and that can cause explosions randomly around her. Marrying her to me you wanted me to control hee powers for her. When the Mad Gods came they joined you on the front disregarding my warnings. Right before they died they pushed all their life force to me so I didn’t die…those idiots…I knew you were going on a suicide mission to buy us time…but they refused to let your people fight without them…”

“So you really did partner with them…if you know all that about them it is certain you partnered with them.”, he said.

“From the fragments I have you watched me like a hawk with your daughter for the first year of our union.”, I chuckled, “Not only that, but you were a pain in my ass.”

“My wife says that quite often.”, he said, “I believe you are trust worthy based on the information you have given me. The original reason I came here was to confirm the information she found in a book that you described to the letter. Based on that…I apologize…if put in that situation I can see myself falling to my pride, and fight against an opponent that I have no where near enough power to fight. Whatever is written in there made her face very red, and after that she asked me to come assist you before bringing you to see her, Zena, and Tetra.”

“We can use the help…I have reason to believe that the army is going to show up in the next few days.”, I stated, “I dispatched some soldiers, and a corrupt merchant nearby here. The soldiers are valuable hence they may show up looking for them. When that occurs we are going to be literal sitting ducks.”

“I assume it was the Dragon Knight I smelled when I headed here.”, he said, “Before you ask, if you killed both of them it is alright. As you said she wouldn’t have been able to do anything without her partner. As for the army you are correct I spotted several patrols on the way here.”

“Great…”, I said rubbing my forehead, “At this point, my suggestion to you is to return home. If you can relay anything regarding troop movements on your way back I would appreciate it. Also, tell Courtney I will bring her the sugar cookies she likes.”

Laughing he nodded his head. In reality I could use his help here, but he would be severely limited as we were surrounded by a forest. One misfire from him would catch the whole forest on fire. Thanking him for his help he left a mirror behind like the one had made by Nemoria’s mages for me to head to the Dragon Gem Archipelago whenever I wanted in the future. Seeing if off I returned to the room, and let them know that he had left.

“Is he related to you somehow?”, Germina said with a shiver.

“In the future yes, his daughter and sister are future wives of mine. From what I remember he is very rough around the edges except towards his family excluding me.”, I said with a dry laugh, “Now then, we have a very big issue. We have scouts combing the area for the Dragon Knight I killed. It is safe to assume they will find us out here, and there will be an all out fight. My suggestion is that we gather up all the food we can now before a possible siege situation.”

Agreeing with me the Amazonian women wanted to leave now, but Germina spoke up. Stating they could send food through the mirror I shook my head. Informing her that there would be no way for them to send enough food through the mirror she acknowledged that issue.

“I am open to suggestions.”, I stated.

“Is there an option for us to fight them off?”, Mimi asked.

“There is, but that will only save the issue temporarily. They will eventually come back to capture all of you.”, I stated rubbing my chin.

“Why not just pick off all the scout parties?”, she asked.

“No, they will just send more people this way.”, Ariel said, “Ideally we need a barrier that is invisible to keep them away. No matter what we do we are town in the middle of a clearing.”

“Hmm…”, I thought, “There may be something!”

Looking at me I smiled at them.

“At this point the human nations don’t know there is a pact between the Amazons and the Demons. In two weeks we would possibly be adding in the Dragon Gem Archipelago which would be a major threat to them. If we can get the word out we may be able to avoid fighting at all, and work on bringing your sisters back.”, I said to Ariel and the other Amazons.

“Without the Dragon Gem Archipelago backing us right now though we won’t be that big of a threat.”, Ariel replied.

“I can go there now, they left us a mirror that connects to their capital building. Right now I’d have to go alone as their Empress is incredibly shy.”, I stated.

Giving me their blessings I headed over immediately after letting my future father-in-law know via telepathy. Teleporting directly into her study I found Courtney ready a book on her sofa. The beautiful sea blue haired women with jade colored eyes looked up at me. Her breast may have been small and her butt not so round, but there was something about her that made me want her…that perfect smile. Rising to her feet she walked over to me continuing to wear that smile.

“You came sooner than I thought you would.”, she said, “I doubt we need introductions as you have memories of our future together.”

“I have bits and pieces, but nothing major. My power isn’t something that I control very well.”, I said rubbing the back of my head. I brought you sugar cookies!”

Pulling sugar cookies I made a few days ago as a midnight snack from time to time, but now wasn’t the time to worry about that. Sampling the cookies her maid warned her that they may be poisoned.

“My future self loves this man more than anything. If she trusts him I trust him.”, she said with a smile.

“I heard about that book, where is it? I’d like to piece together everything in my head if-”

“I am sorry, but I can’t let you read it. The future is always changing based on your actions of knowing the future.”, she stated, “It would only serve to confuse you even more.”

“Very well, then could you help me with something?”, I asked.

“What do you need?”, she asked.

“Queen Ariel of the Amazons is about to go under siege if nothing is done. I am not asking you to fight, but could you make an alliance with her? At this point it would be a show to stall the human nations.”, I stated.

“Very well, I will have my body double make the announcement. It’s been something I have been meaning to do, but I wanted you to come here first. I wasn’t sure how much you knew about the future.”, she said.

“I know more than I want too…”, I said with a sigh, “May I?”

“Of course, I have been waiting for well over two hundred years.”, she said as I kissed her.

“Your Highness to kiss a man like that is-”

“Anyone else I would have backed away from, but I know everything he did for me in the future he knows. As a child I read the book repeatedly because I got to have happiness that my family was never afforded as the rulers of this nation.”, she said, “I want you to give me that happiness.”

Nodding my head I promised to do so before leaning forward.

“Just try not to slip on our wedding day.”, I teased her.

Turning red she looked at me surprised I knew that.

“I have a few memories about you.”, I said with a smile.

“Maybe I should hit you a few times so you forget…”, she said puffing her cheeks out.

Kissing her again I asked her to arrange a meeting with Tetra and Zena next time I came out to visit. Having her maid make it so she asked if I could stay for a while smacking the pillow next to her. Taking off my armor I sat next to her like she asked she leaned back into me as a memory came to me. Reaching out with my left hand I gingerly held hers, and with my right arm I wrapped it around her right between her chest and stomach. Getting comfortable she let out a relaxing sigh before reading her book again. Reading along for a few hours I left her three hours later to help prepare things at the settlement. Handing me a signed document the maid said the agreement was prepared, and that all it needed was a signature. Opening it to see what was written I found only one line written.

“Family comes before all else.”, I said looking at Courtney.

“Absolutely so let them know I want a portion of your time as well!”, she said, “I need my relaxation time with you in the library!”

“I will inform them of that.”, I said with a smile.

Leaving them behind I returned home, and informed everyone that an alliance had been struck. Grinning the women asked what it cost. Explaining what Courtney wanted everyone frowned, and started complaining about that not being fair. Rubbing my forehead I said I wouldn’t be spending the night there till after everything was good on her side. That news was enough to end the complaining so Ariel could spread the news. Sending the Demoness women back home I promised to be home this evening with them.

“Alright, spread the word immediate about the alliances, and someone get their flags up. It should be enough to deter an attack.”, I stated.

Agreeing with me the Amazon’s sprung into action. While the majority of women worked I pulled a few aside for some attention that they were happy to receive. Satisfying the three women I pulled aside they asked me to visit them every once in a while.

“I keep tabs on everyone I sleep with, and make sure I spend some time with them as often as I can.”, I said softly, “You all want me to be your partner so I want to be there for you all.”

Kissing their stomachs, and lips I said to come find me if they needed anything. Thanking me the three got dressed, and went to join their sisters. Walking back to the house I looked around watching everyone running around.

“It’s hard to believe that they will work this hard even carrying children is unbelievable.”, I said, “I knew women were tough, but that is just ridiculous. I doubt I’d be able to do it myself.”

Ariel had told me before that Amazons worked normally up till the last week of pregnancy when they are forced to take light duty. Once the child is born they have a day of rest, and they are out working again with the baby tied to them in a harness that allows the children to breast feed as they want. I’d seen one of the harnesses, and I felt it was overkill but its their way of life.

“I am really going to have to step up my game because Ariel wants me to start training the children in a week as no one has the proper time to do it.”, I thought, “May starting with a short sword would be-”

Walking down the street next to my block a woman stumbled out of a home that looked nothing like the Amazons. This woman was definitely a human, and I wasn’t fully certain how she got in here. Catching her with magic I knocked her out with a gut punch. Tossing her over my shoulder I walked inside the home to find a dead Amazon that I spent time with four days prior. She was one hell of a cook, and an excellent fighter so I wanted answers. Tying the woman to a chair I threw water on her to wake her up.

“Where am I!?”, she said gasping for air.

“I am asking the questions here…how did you get into the city?”, I said.

“I don’t have to answer that! Why are you here?”, she snapped.

Resting my hand on her knee cap I smiled at her…then crushed it. Howling in pain she glared at me.

“Hurting my family isn’t a very wise move…”, I said placing my hand on her other knee cap.

“These Amazons are insane!”, she shouted, “All they think about is sex and war! They dragged me here to make me one of them! I refused to accept their offer so they locked me in the basement till I accepted their offer. Eventually after I made a shiv I told her I would accept her offer, and when she opened the door I stabbed her in the gut! She howled about something valuable in her before knocking me up a flight of stairs. When she came up I clocked her with a chair, and stabbed the bitch till she bled out! I refuse to be treated like a nonhuman!”

Breaking her other knee cap she started foaming at the mouth.

“You wouldn’t have ended up here if humans didn’t hunt these women almost to extinction…”, I growled, “That Amazon may have been carrying a future offspring, but now we won’t ever know. Just so you know you life was forfeited the moment you killed her…”

Grabbing her throat I gave her a twisted smile. Shuddering in my hands she almost fainted.

“I told myself that if anyone killed anyone I loved I would kill them, but since I got here within an hour of her death I can resurrect her like nothing happen. You may wonder how that’s possible…well maybe if you were fluent in the Dark Arts you may know where I heading with this. There is a special spell called <Physical Reversal> in the Dark Arts study of magic that can switch any physical damage one person does to another back upon the dealer. In this case that means you’ll endure all the pain you inflicted condensed into a mere two seconds. The look on your face will be enough to wipe your crime away.”, I said casting the spell.

“Please! Don’t kill me! I don’t want to die!”, she screamed, “I will do anything you want! Marry you! Sleep with you! Lure any person you want into a trap! I will even sell my body for you so please-”

“<Physical Reversal> <Maximized Pain>”, I said.

Transferring the damage to her with the increased pain she howled for only a moment before her brain overloaded killing her with a horrified look on her face. Gasping as she regained her consciousness the Amazon woman looked at me speechless.

“I thought I died…”, she said looking at her stomach.

“You did, and the woman here helped bring you back.”, I said casually throwing her off like trash as I held the Amazon in my arms, “Are you feeling okay? Does anywhere else hurt?”

“I am fine, but how did you…nevermind I don’t think I want to know.”, she stated, “The fact I am alive is enough for me.”

“So why was there a woman in the basement?”, I asked.

“There is a ceremony that we can perform to change any woman of another race into an Amazon via the War Gods blessing. We Amazons are his subordinates, and at his beck and call. If he ordered it would we sire him a child without regard for our husband, but he hasn’t demanded that in centuries.”, she said hugging me.

“I am just glad I found you in time.”, I said returning her hug, “If there are other women locked up somewhere get them settled into one spot so nothing like this happens again.”

“Understood, I personally don’t want to die again.”, she said with a nod.

“Agreed.”, I said, “Now lets finish arranging the flags with everyone.”

Running out her front door we went to help the others, and round-up the captives.

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