Solo Heroing – Chapter 7

A week went by before I was able to finish the wall as it took longer with very welcome distractions popping up. By this time half of the women in the town had spent intimate time with me venting frustrations, stress, and anxiety all while having sex of course. Having women of this caliber in bed at the drop of a hat was something else.

“The wall is finally done.”, I said as Sarah rode me in bed.

“Took you long enough.”, she teased.

“If some people would’ve let me work normally it would have been done faster.”, I pointed out.

“You actually complaining about that?”, she asked.

“No, I several dozen women wanting some attention later today.”, I burying a load in my wifes pregnant vagina, “They want kids as well…though I am surprised so few want to actually get married…meaning just you, Arnet, Ariel, Anna, Ella, and Mimi.”

“They are content receiving affection without marriage.”, she said stretching out on my chest, “How you like my riding style?”

“It’s heavenly.”, I said kissing her, “As expected of my goddess like wife. Your form is amazing, and watching those perky breast sway is magnetizing.”

“It makes me happy to here you find me so attractive.”, she said kissing me back, “How’s Mimi?”

“She is lecturing her daughters on the proper way to care for children…I have a feeling they aren’t paying attention though…”, I said with sigh.

“The two will learn in time.”, she replied, “Now on to more pressing matters.”

Rolling over to kiss me good morning Ariel took her turn riding me.

“Any word from Nemoria?”, she asked me.

“Word came last night that several of your sisters are going up for auction in three days.”, I stated, “Sounds like word reached them that we killed the aggressors out here, and they have been raising hell. In one case I heard one of them ‘accidentally’ crushed their partner with a body slam to the chest.”

“Sounds like something one of us would do.”, Arnet said as I rubbed her belly to soothe her.

“So what’s the plan on retrieving them?”, I asked Ariel.

Grinding my waist with soothing expression she looked at me to reply.

“I was thinking of leading a small force to free them. If we kill the slaver we can free them from their bindings. After that we will take what we need from the city, and return victorious.”, she said confidently.

“I think you are forgetting a step.”, Sarah scolded her, “What about researching the location before attacking? If it’s a major trade city we aren’t going to survive an assault.”

“True, do you have information about the city?”, she asked as she drained my sac.

Holding her hands we froze for a moment letting her take it all in. A shaman had confirmed she was going to have triplets so since then she had been glued to be in private.

“Yes, it’s a small mining town made up of mostly immigrants from other nations.”, I stated, “Should be relatively unguarded, but that remains to be seen.”

Pulling out Arnet went for hers orally. Looking at me with naughty eyes as she swallowed me whole I knew she wanted punishment. Grabbing her head gently I pulled myself out, and made her breathe the odor she loved so much that I gave off. Breathing it in she immediately tried to swallow me again, but I flipped her onto her back then spread her sexy legs.

“You are the last out of the six to get pregnant.”, I said, “We will ensure you are this morning before I go to work.”

Arching her legs in mating press she made sure I was in her good before relaxing. A half an hour later when we were lounging around I asked them a question.

“How do you shoulders, and backs not get sore for your breasts?”, I asked.

“What do you mean?”, they asked.

“Well obviously you breasts add some strain to your shoulders, right? I mean, you don’t even wear bras.”, I said.

Still not understanding what I was talking about I offered to rub their shoulders. At first they were doubtful, but after their back cracked it was over. Giving the women a full body massage they almost passed out from the rub down.

“You need to tell everyone about these massages!”, they said kissing me, “This sensation…it never felt possible to be this relaxed.”

Smiling at them I said it would be a reserved privilege for my wives to get a massage. Accepting that without argument I asked about bras again.

“What you met us in is what we normally wear.”, Ariel said, “Is that bad?”

“I just want you to be comfortable.”, I said.

“We are fine without whatever your asking about. Besides…it makes it much easier for you to fondle them.”, Sarah said with a smirk.

“Speaking of that, don’t you have somewhere you need to be?”, Arnet asked.

Looking at the three of them laying side by side facing me I didn’t understand their meaning. Sighing Ariel said I had dates schedule in less than fifteen minutes. Looking at the time I dashed out of the room after getting dressed. Today was important because my first date was with a woman from another settlement before they were overrun. The reason today was a big deal was that she was a big shot from their settlement. When we’d free more Amazonians from slavery there was a strong chance that not all of them came from this village. That being the case they may end up falling back on their former leadership. At this point the whole town loved me there was a chance that we would bring back one that would have strong sentiments against humans like myself.

“Good morning!”, I said meeting her in the center of town.

“Morning.”, she replied, “You ready to go out for a hunt?”

“Let’s go!”, I said with a smile.

Leaving the town with her, and six women from her settlement we out hunting for wild boar. Not knowing where we were as I wasn’t from around her I followed silently without causing a fuss till I saw city walls appear.

“What are you doing?”, I whispered.

“We are saving our sisters! Now is not the time to be waiting!”, she retorted, “You may enjoy sex, but some of us want our sisters to be safe. If you don’t have the stomach for this we will-”

Spotting something overhead I tackled the women to the ground. Struggling around they were about to complain to me when they saw what I did.

“A Dragon Knight!?”, they said with a petrified look, “Why is a heavy soldier out here at a mining town..?”

“This is why I wanted to wait! We don’t have all the information about this place.”, I said.

“We won’t leave our sisters!”, they snapped.

“Fine, if we are going in its on my terms. I will use illusion magic to make it appear you are wearing slave collars.”, I stated, “If I buy your sisters outright they may not trust me. While I keep the slaver busy you alert them to our plan.”

“Whatever it takes to bring them home.”, they said.

Casting the spell on them it really looked like they were enslaved now. Praying I had no bounty on me I entered the settlement with little problem aside from the guards drooling over the women. The settlement wasn’t big all things considered as there was only a General Store, Magic Shop, and a Barber plus dozens of super cramped homes. The slaver didn’t have a shop that was open to the public as the workers earned money that was only usable in the three stores the mining company owned. Walking towards his tent we spotted the Dragon Knight and his mount who was in her human form.

Entering the tent while they were talking to one of the servants I asked about the Amazonian women. Looking at me then the women with me he asked if I really needed more. Opting to go all in I spoke my mind.

“I am the Solo Hero as most people call me, and I do need more of them. While I have been traveling around it has become apparent that I need more combat fighters in situations were I have to defend a village. We are simply not enough to efficiently surround, and protect a village or town.”, I said, “Plus, there are other benefits.”

Grinning he nodded his head understanding what I meant. Leading me back to their cages we found fifty of them in pretty rough shape. Many of them were missing limbs, breasts, and in a few cases eyes.

“I can’t offer you much in the way of Amazons, but I have other combat slaves that you may have interest in.”, he stated.

“How much would you want for them?”, I asked.

“I thought you wanted combat slaves…they are hardly in a condition to fight.”, he said, “I mean you could use them as monster bait.”

“I have been learning healing spells as of late so these women would be fine subjects to practice on.”, I said.

“Ah, I understand.”, he said, “If you buy the lot I can sell them for thirty thousand kel.”

Reaching into my storage I was about to pull out the money when the Dragon Knight interrupted us.

“Excuse me, but are you buying all of them?”, he asked me as the Dragon glared at me.

“I intend to yes.”, I stated, “If they can’t be combat slaves I can always have them trained as maids.”

“I understand, but are you sure you can’t part with a few? I am interested in having capable slaves tend to my stables for me.”, he said.

“Surely there are slaves better suited to stable cleaning than they are. I am fairly confident in my ability to heal them so they would be better used in fighting.”, I said.

“Again I understand, but you would have a rather large party.”, he said looking at my current companions.

“Yes, but other Heroes have parties of two hundred or more for bigger raids on Monster Domains.”, I stated, “Amazons are far more capable fighters than I could hope to teach anyone else in the same time frame.”

Before he could speak again his partner spoke up.

“Those six aren’t wearing collars…”, she said, “Why aren’t they?”

“I beat them in their traditional fighting match, and thus they treat me as their husband. As such I have no fear of them killing me in my sleep. The reason this illusion is up is because far to many people try to take them by force in public.”, I stated, “It just makes things simpler with the collar on.”

“I think you’re lying…”, she said.

Turning to the women I asked them if I beat them in combat after a celebration party. Nodding their heads they said I had beaten them fair, and square.

“Eliza…there is no need to fight them over this.”, he said.

“You want some Amazons, and he is taking them all.”, she stated, “You are my rider so I am trying to help you.”

“There is no need. If he is taking them all we will just go else where to look.”, he stated.

“We have gone everywhere else that sells them! These are the only one’s left on the market!”, she snapped.

“That may be true, but we can find more.”, he stated.

“Sorry buddy, but I am already way ahead of you. I found some records in the castle that say they may have some gear I can use in my campaign. If you find stragglers you are more than welcome to them, but I am headed to their settlement in a week or so. If I get them under my wing it will be easy to beat the Abyss Dungeon to the south of here.”, I said with a shrug.

“You seem to like them a lot…”, she growled.

“What man wouldn’t? They are beautiful after all, and I enjoy their company to the other Heroes. I don’t have to clean up their screw ups as often.”, I chuckled.

“Come on Eliza, let’s go searching further-”

Leaping at me the Dragon woman tried to sucker punch me, but I her punch with one hand. Holding her fist there I looked at her in with a frustrated expression.

“There a reason you just tried to hit me…”, I said.

“My rider wants to purchase four of those women. If you allow him to purchase them we will leave in peace.”, she snapped.

Crushing her hand she howled in pain.

“I don’t think you get it…they are coming with me, and I was here first.”, I stated, “If you have an issue with that too bad. Your rider understands that I want all of them, and we don’t have any issues. If your going to start a fight you best understand that it will be one you won’t win.”

Releasing her hand she collapsed to her knees holding her broken hand. Glaring at me I could tell she wasn’t going to stop now. Turning to her rider it was evident he wasn’t going to back down now either. Paying the slaver his requested amount the slaver looked to the man.

“How much were you going to want for one?”, he asked.

“I would have paid a thousand kel per woman for four of them.”, the rider said.

Trying to hand me back some of my money I told him I already bought them when he took my money.

“Sir, I am sure you won’t miss four of them…”, he said.

“Is a member of the Slave Merchant Guild backing out on a deal?”, I said, “If your backing out after accepting payment I may have to have a word with royal families about this. They buy from your guild regularly so if they thought you’d turn them down for a higher offer I doubt that would work out to well for you.”

Looking back at him nervously I continued speaking.

“If he came in before me to purchase them I’d have no right to complain, but I was here first and you gave me a price for all of them.”, I stated.

Before he could retort his boss came over to see what was going on. After hearing what had occurred he looked at me with a serious expression.

“In this store we go with the highest offer.”, he said.

“I already paid before he made his offer.”, I stated, “Going back on a deal is piss poor business practice.”

“I am sorry you feel that way, but the knight only wants four of them.”, he replied, “I am sure we can come to an agreement on discounting some other-”

“Amazonian’s are regarded as the top fighters on the continent barely beating someone like him for top place. Do you have a Dragon Knight here?”, I inquired.

Biting his lip he shook his head.

“So therefore you’d offer me a slave with less capability for combat knowing full well that as a Hero I fight for a living?”, I stated, “Again what are you trying to pull?”

“Again I apologize for the inconvenience, but the gentleman has offered a higher price.”, he said.

“After I already bought them…”, I stated.

“Be that as it may I am more than willing to refund-”

“There will be no refund because you will either honor the agreed upon arrangement or I will forcibly have you hand them over for free under the Hero Party Law. Do you want me to do that because I would rather pay the amount you asked for?”, I stated.

Clenching his fist he accepted the money without fighting anymore. Transferring them to me I had the six women I brought check the severity of the injuries.

“Don’t tell them anything about our plans for the assault on their stronghold.”, I said.

Nodding their heads the women knew I meant don’t say anything that would give our cover away as the Dragon woman would easily hear us at this range.

“You plan on raiding them?”, the owner said, “Would you be interest in selling some of them to-”

“If I am going to sell I will sell to my friend Jafer in Holigran.”, I stated, “He is who I normally buy slaves from.”

Souring his expression he nodded his head, and left the area. Using my healing magic I closed up their cuts, bruises, and internal injuries before helping them up. Watching me intently the entire time the Dragon wasn’t happy in the slightest.

“You are being awful kind to them…”, she growled.

“I’d rather them respect me then fear me.”, I stated, “I can get more out of them that way.”

Twitching she glared at me all the out the door. Taking us out of the town, and back into the woods I stopped when the walls were out of sight.

“I have a feeling they will follow us so you take them back to settlement.”, I said with a wink.

Nodding their heads the six of them lead their injured comrades back home. Climbing a tree I waited silently for a few minutes before the rider, and his dragon walked under the tree. Silently following them from high above in the trees I watched them track the footprints towards the settlement. Stopping just inside the tree line to observe the settlement I jumped down behind them.

“You know follow people is very rude…”, I snapped, “I don’t take kindly to people interrupting an infiltration mission…”

Turning around I grabbed the Dragon, and snapped her neck like a twig. Before her rider could react his head went sailing into the clearing. Spinning around I fired a bold of lightning into the trees behind me to hit the slaver who followed them here. Walking over to the stunned man I looked down at him.

“If you had just left things alone you’d be alive in five minutes…”, I said grabbing his vest, “The women in that settlement are all mine, and I have no intention of handing them over to someone who wants to get rich off them. If I get the privilege of sleeping with all of them I will be one hell of a happy man. Now you can take that secret to your grave you piece of shit…”

Smashing his face into the earth I torched his body to ashes. Doing the same with the other two bodies I returned home where the forty women I bought were waiting. Using my higher tiered healing magic I fixed them back to normal to which they thanked me repeatedly.

“Ariel has told us you are to be trusted.”, they said.

“I would hope so, she is having children with me along with her two advisors.”, I stated, “In fact, there is three more women I know who are as well. Outside of them no one has told me yet so there is probably more.”

“We understand that, and have already seen you casually block a blow from a Dragon. There is no doubt in our minds you’d beat us in a fight.”, they said.

“I am glad because I didn’t want to hurt you. It’s obvious that all of you have been through a lot.”, I stated, “If you’ll let me I would like to get to know you all better.”

Looking to the seven women that went with me I pulled their leader over to me for a kiss. Gratefully kissing me back her six friends dropped my pants, and losing their clothing. Taking turns sucking on my penis they enjoyed teasing me till I stood them up. Lifting their legs expectantly I started fucking them one by one. Cumming in them I kissed them telling them that I loved them. Once the seven inseminated they brought the other women up for their turn. Greeting each of them with a smile I made sure that they were happy with everything. I even gave them a massage which made them want me as a husband. The last woman who came up was different from the others. All of the Amazons I had met thus far were tan with either black or brown hair, and blue or brown eyes. By far the most unique this woman was chocolate-colored with a thick ass, and very big breasts. Not only was she darker than the others she had snow-white hair and green eyes with thick pink lips.

Pulling her into my embrace I kissed her silky smooth lips with aggressive movements. Hiking a leg up she reached down, and pocketed my dick in her vagina. Poking through her womb to the back started bouncing to stroke my dick. Lifting her up she wrapped herself around my waist while I gripped her ass. Suckling on her tits while she moved she kept them up for me while she focused on what she wanted. Wrapping my arms around her waist I kept her pressed to my stomach. Releasing her breast enjoyed the sensation of them pressed against me. Kissing her I came her desperately in her while the women congratulated her.

“Good for you Annie!”, they said.

“Is something wrong about that?”, I asked.

“Well, she looks so different from us that most people treated her like shit.”, they said.

“Fuck that! She a sexy, beautiful, and soon to be calling me her husband. We aren’t stopping till I ensure you are pregnant because I want you to be very badly. It be a shame not to have kids with a woman as good-looking as you.”, I said.

And that is exactly what we did. I made love to her a total of eight time back to back before pulling out of her. Her sisters quickly cleaned us up sucking me off, and eating her out while she lay in my arms. Once everything was said, and done I took each of them carrying them like a princess. Getting every one of the situated I returned to the castle because Nemoria had sent me a message via pigeon. Opening the letter it had some information regarding the mining settlement as well as some other things about troop movements in the area. At the end of the message she asked that I contact her immediately which I did.

“Good evening sweetheart.”, I said softly, “How are you?”

“When are you coming back..?”, she asked, “All of us are getting frustrated our cuddle time isn’t happening.”

“Don’t say it like that!”, Jessica huffed.

“We aren’t that desperate!!”, Lidia said.

“Really? Who was demanding Jameson come home to rub her belly?”, Naomi asked.

There was a brief moment of silence before Nemoria spoke up.

“Do you know when you can return?”, she asked.

“We just rescued about forty women today from a slaver, and I may have had to kill a Dragon Knight…”, I said with a dry laugh, “Anyways, I am hoping to be home in two weeks if all goes well.”

Hearing them sniffle I had an idea.

“You know, it would be much easier if we had a way of going between your castle, and the settlement. Think your mages could come up with a Lover’s Mirror?”, I asked, “If we had one things would be much easier.”

“How would that help?”, she asked.

“You idiot! A Lover’s Mirror is what human royalty uses to sneak into private quarters when they don’t want to be discovered walking there.”, Lidia stated.

“Lidia…we may be partnered to the same man, but I will kick your ass if you call my an idiot again…”, Nemoria growled.

“…sorry mama…”, Lidia replied.

“If I have a mirror here I can be spending every other night with all of you.”, I said softly, “I can rub your bellies, make you meals, and shower you with affection like you want.”

“I will have my mages get one of those over to you.”, Nemoria said, “I want steak when you get back!”

“Some of that fluffy bread!!”, Jessica said.

“Some cake would be nice!!”, Lidia and Germina said.

“Pancakes!!”, Naomi shouted.

“Haha, I will cook all of those for you when I get back. I have missed seeing all of you very much.”, I said, “I promise to have something special for you when I return.”

Signing off for the night after telling them I loved them I looked over at Anna who was smiling at me.

“They seem to get special treatment.”, she teased.

“I care about all of you equally though I think the majority of you will be more like concubines then wives.”, I stated.

“True, most of them don’t have the patience for political things.”, Ariel said walking into the room, “They will be happy with that as it gives them a lot of freedom, but makes them exclusively yours in private.”

“Speaking of which we need to talk. Nemoria’s spies got some very interesting information for us.”, I stated, “It sounds like there will be an inspection of the mine in a few days because a landowner is claiming the mine is stealing ore from his land. During that time the mines have to be empty meaning all the slaves have the day off.”

“Which makes it easier to take our sisters back!”, the two women said.

“Bingo, but first we need to speak with the girls we recovered today about how many we are saving. If it’s over one hundred more we will need to expand the walls for more housing.”, I stated.

“That makes sense, we require rest else we are incredibly bitchy.”, they said nodding their heads.

“For now let’s get some rest. Nemoria is going to have her mages make us a special mirror we can walk through to go back and forth. Once that is in place they can come over, and help expand the walls or take the overflow of Amazons till we get housing built.”, I said stretching out, “You five get in here.”

Stumbling in Sarah, Arnet, Mimi, Ella, and the white-haired Amazon Daisy jumped into bed. Laying down with them I started to drift off when Mimi poked me.

“Can I get a belly rub?”, she whispered.

“Us too.”, everyone else said.

Chuckling I rolled over to rub their bellies as I applied a gentle warm heat from my hand to their stomachs. They weren’t that far along, but I figured Nemoria had told them their complaints thus these women wanted it to so they were equal. Once they were asleep I passed out with a content smile.

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