Solo Heroing – Chapter 6

In the week that followed the attack I assisted in rebuilding the walls. During that time I used new skills I acquired from all the experience I gained in the fight. Not only did I gain skills, but due to aging ten years I was now in my twenties. With a bigger body, and in the prime of my life now I definitely didn’t want to shave anymore time off.

“So now that we are partnered…”, Jessica said leaning on my shoulder, “Will we be getting that affection every night?”

“Depends if you can keep up.”, I said with a grin.

“You are bigger now so I think it will be a real test of my endurance.”, she said kissing my cheek, “By the way, how did you manage to put on so much muscle so quickly?”

“Ah, I gained alternative skills that boost my stats on demand. I have been using them to get used to them as I was ordered not to use <Ultra Instinct> anymore.”, I stated, “The skills almost quadruple my metabolism speed making my burn calories like crazy. I burned off most of that lazy fat I had as a nobleman.”

Puffing out their cheeks my wives glared at me. Asking what the issue was they said that most women would die to be able to lose weight so easily.

“You should show us how to get the skill because we will need to burn off the baby fat when the children are born.”, Nemoria said.

“I think normal excercise, and dieting will be more than sufficient to keep you where you want. Besides, I think you will all look cute no matter what.”, I said with a smile.

Blushing the women told me to shut up before thanking me for the compliment. Currently the five were pregnant, but the sisters had yet to bear fruit. The only reason the Demoness women were now was because when they heard that I had plans to visit the Amazonian nation they became hell-bent on having children now. In my mind I think they felt a bit threatened by the fact that I would possibly have women anytime I wanted there, but in reality the five of them were just as important to me.

“So when do you plan on leaving?”, Naomi asked.

“I want to help finishing the wall tomorrow, rest for two days, then head out to the Amazonian nation. Right now I am sure word has gotten out among the human nations that I am here in the Demon capital. For the moment you shouldn’t have to worry about any threats as they will be nervous about an unknown ability I have that I used to kill half an army, and another Hero.”, I stated, “We should use this opportunity to secure borders, and start researching the Mad Gods. The information I have is quite limited mainly based in legend. If we can find ways of defeating them, or resealing them that would be beneficial.”

“I already have our researchers looking into.”, Nemoria said, “As for the nobles in our nation none have voiced issues with our partnerships with you. In fact, most nobles are relieved as in their minds it means you are duty bound to our nation.”

“Yes, my parents took it better than expected…”, Germina said with a twitch, “In fact they tried to offer you my sister, but I politely turned her down for you.”

“Thanks…a lot of people have been submitting partnership applications…”, I said with a sigh, “I never imagined it would be this bad.”

“You saved frontier villages, partnered the Four Demon Generals, won the-“, Naomi started to say before something came to mind, “Oh! A messenger arrived from Iron Village with a marriage application from that young girl…should we turn her down since you will be too old by the time she-”

“I think you have some sort of misconception.”, I chuckled, “I don’t age, I looked like that since I gained my High Speed Recovery Skills. Since then I haven’t aged a day, but I could still gain weight…”

“Wait…so then your body is caught up to your actual age?”, they asked.

“Technically I should be twenty-one, but my body is twenty-six.”, I stated, “As long as I don’t use the skill again I should remain this age permanently.”

“How did you manage that bit of luck!?”, Nemoria asked.

“I think it’s some kind of blessing.”, I stated, “Not quite sure myself…”

“Do you have a blessing?”, Lidia asked.

“Well that’s the funny thing…before the battle I didn’t, but now I have two. <Apostle of the Demon God> and <Champion of the Creation God> which I am confused how I got.”, I stated.

“Probably because you went above, and beyond to protect our kind that the Demon God took a liking to you. I haven’t heard of a human ever getting that blessing as for the Creation God…maybe saving the children caught his attention. It is said that the Creation God is the one that shapes the babies in the womb.”, Nemoria said rubbing her stomach.

Smiling at them I kissed the five beautiful women on the lips before turning to the Amazonian sisters. Asking them to dispatch a notice to their nation so we didn’t arrive unannounced they happily did after they received payment of a french kiss. The next morning the male soldiers, and I started to finish the wall repairs. Female soldiers had been tasked with helping reconstruct homes, and reuniting families due to children being afraid of the majority of the male soldiers. As the day dragged on we ended up removing our shirts due to the heat of manual labor. Working hard to ensure the wall was perfect we started to attract onlookers.

“Hey…why is my wife just standing there watching us…”, a few men said.

“Dude! You see those beauties looking at us in the Red Light District…bet they want a piece of this action!”, others muttered.

Stopping my work I looked over to the men calling a group huddle.

“So hold on here…your saying they are eyeing us like candy?”, the men said to me.

“Big, muscular men slaving away doing manual labor with no shirts…dripping with sweat…what else do you think those women are looking our way for?”, I stated.

Realizing my point they asked what we should do. Telling them to show off for their partners I told them I wasn’t responsible for any pregnancies the men might make with their partners. Getting back to work the men laid it on so thick I could have cut it with butter. Flexing muscles for their partners the women started hollering for their partners. As the wall started to be complete men started peeling off, and vanishing with their partners. Eventually it was just me with a massive crowd of women watching me. Currently setting massive stone blocks by myself I could hear them holler at me.

“Why don’t you come set us up big boy!”, a few women shouted.

“You can come spread the fun down here with-”

“What do you think you hussies are doing!?”, Naomi shouted breaking up the crowd.

“He is our partner not yours!”, Germina snapped.

“Move out of the way!”, Lidia said.

“I am going to rip anyone in half who tries to touch him, but us.”, Jessica growled.

“By order of your leader I declare Jameson off-limits to any Demons aside from the generals and I!”, Nemoria shouted.

Turning back I saw the five of them eyeing me like a juicy steak. Setting the final stone in place I jumped down, and walked over to them. Kissing them they purred happily receiving the affection. That night was one hell of a party having to sate the seven of them before I could get any sleep. Putting two days of relaxation behind me I started my departure morning with signing that young girls marriage proposal.

“I hope she knows what she is doing…signing this means she has to partner with me…”, I thought as I sealed the envelope.

Sending the message back via pigeon I got ready to leave with the sisters. Kissing my Demoness wives several times I promised to write to them often, and to come back as soon as the Amazonians were allied with us. Leaving with necklaces I handmade for them they held them tightly as I left the capital. On the road outside the capital I asked the sisters how their country operated.

“We have our Queen who earned the position by defeating all challengers in unarmed combat. She is the one that makes our laws, determines when we go to war.”, they said, “Her advisors are her mother and grandmother.”

“You must be a long-lived race.”, I stated.

“Many of us can live up to a thousands years.”, they replied.

“Ah so then her grandmother isn’t very old then. Didn’t know how to base your ages is all.”, I said, “So how many are you in your race?”

“Only five hundred now…too many human nations have enslaved our people for use as disposable soldiers. Work them to death then buy replacements.”, they said, “We may be a warrior race, but even we have our limits…”

“That’s why your desperate to have me come to your nation.”, I said.

“It’s not only that…are people are starving as we have been busy defending ourselves. If something isn’t done soon our race will become slaves to humanity.”, Anna said, “Our mother must have been heartbroken when we were ambushed.”

Patting her back I gave her a smile saying we would hurry back to their stronghold to help. Picking up the pace we reached the stronghold a week later. Greeting their mother first thing she showered with kisses thanking the gods they were alive. Turning to me she sized me up before her daughters introduced me.

“This is our husband Jameson. He is the Solo Hero, and the one who bought us from the slavers.”, they said.

“Nice to meet.”, I said with a polite nod.

“So, you beat my daughters in a test of strength?”, she asked.

“I throttled them.”, I chuckled.

Nodding their heads the two remembered the fight as a shiver came over them.

“I see so you would be open to fighting me?”, she said.

One look at her thick legs, and very bountiful chest made me nod my head. It wasn’t like the sisters were against it…in fact they wanted me to do this. Instead of a brawl like the sisters had done she wanted an arm wrestling competition. Using a boulder as a table we locked hands, and got to it. The moment the competition began the boulder broke in half from the strain. Yawning at her she got pissed off throwing everything she had into the push, but our arms didn?’t budge. Smiling at her I casually forced her hand down with relative ease.

“See, isn’t he strong?”, they boasted, “Just wait till the bedroom.”

Having been defeated she surrendered to me, and in her bedroom all the sisters heard was her thick butt being tamed. Sucking on her milf tits I happily filled her womb in the submission position before putting her in mating press. By the time I finished she was addicted to me without a doubt.

“You have beautiful body…now I know where your daughters got it.”, I said as she cleaned me off.

“This cock is simply overwhelming. I see why my daughters want our Queen to submit to it. I doubt you will just make love to her as her mother and grandmother will be begging for it.”, she said.

“If your daughters had their way your people would all be banging with me.”, I said.

“That would go a long way in relieving the stress we have.”, she said before swallowing me for an oral load.

Watching her gulp it down I knew I wanted kids with her. Lifting her chin with my dick still coming in her mouth I told her I wanted her pregnant right now. Shivering she seemed to like that idea, but hesitated.

“While I want too my people need help.”, she said.

Nodding my head I understood her people meant a lot to her. Kissing her forehead I said to get dressed so we could talk about it. Thanking me she met us outside the room a few minutes later.

“My Lady!”, she said seeing her leader was in her living room.

Having walked into the room before her I had been in shock as normally a leader wouldn’t come to a normal home which meant the situation was dire.

“Raise your head. There aren’t many who would put our people before their urges.”, the Queen said eyeing me over with a smile.

Seeing her mother and grandmother with her I decided that maybe sleeping with all of them wasn’t a bad idea.

“So, you have come to aid us and to take my hand in marriage.”, she said.

“Who told…Anna…how much did you tell her?”, I sighed.

“She deserves to know!”, the sisters snapped.

“Regardless of what they said I already had an interest in you.”, she stated, “Three of the other Heroes have been harassing us as of late. A few of our youngest girl, four years of age, were captured when they left the safety of our walls to play. They are being used as shields, and bait to get us to surrender to them for unsavory reasons. We are a warrior race so being forced by cowards to submit makes our skin crawl.”

“Makes sense, you don’t feel good unless you believe your man is fit to support you.”, I said nodding me head.

“Precisely, if they have to lower themselves to hostage taking they aren’t worth a damn.”, she said clenching her fist.

“How much do the girls weigh do you think? Under fifty pounds?”, I asked.

“Most certainly, why?”, she asked.

“Think you could lure their captors into bringing them into view?”, I asked.

“Haha, we can certainly do that. Have something in mind?”, she inquired.

“A spell I know may be able to pull them into my grasp.”, I said, “Our top priority is their safety before revenge.”

“Agreed.”, everyone said in unison.

“So let’s get prepped then.”, I said.

Setting up in a blind spot from the field where I could watch things unfold. True to what the Queen said Tyler, Jason, and Gary all showed up to harass them like the jackasses they were. The trio had a bad reputation for abusing women that fell for them. Demanding to see the children alive the idiots did as she asked. Trembling where they stood the four girls were terrified of the idiots. The moment I saw them I used a spell which could pull things into the casters graps. Normally used by workers to retrieve fallen tools I used it for another purpose.

Disappearing from before them the men froze in disbelief. Appearing in the room with their mothers, and I they immediately leapt into their mother’s arms. Telling them everything that happened I learned those bastards had been using them for oral activities. Hearing that I snapped. Walking out onto the wall I leapt off it landing a few feet away from them. Backing up from the blood lust I was giving off the three start spewing excuses.

“I don’t want to hear it from you perverted sons of bitches!! Forcing yourselves on children is inexcusable!”, I said punching Tyler in the face hard enough that his head exploded.

Shrieking the other two bolted, but they got five steps before I crushed their skulls in the dirt. Severing their heads I searched the area for more soldiers. Sadly their escort appeared to have already fled the scene when I retook the kids.

“Shit…”, I thought, “I fucked up…”

Returning to the women the Queen grinned at me.

“Revenge is second huh?”, she teased.

“Like I was going to let them get away with abusing the children.”, I said.

“We appreciate the sentiment.”, her grandmother said, “It’s nice to see a strong man with a caring heart. Too many men nowadays are one pump chumps who-”

“Where the hell did you pick that up?”, I asked.

“My father was a Hero like yourself.”, she replied, “He sired many strong warriors. You will do the same, I can tell.”

Following her gaze I realized I became aroused just talking to her. Licking her lips I wanted to take her there, but her granddaughter cut her off.

“You may do that this evening. For now we have other things that need attended too.”, the Queen said, “We must secure food now that the immediate threat has passed.”

“I completely forgot.”, her grandmother said winking at me.

“Okay, this is going to get awkward really fast.”, I said rubbing my forehead, “Let me ask to clarify what Anna and Ella said. Do you really have your men have sex with their own biological daughters?”

“Uh, at this point it may need to happen.”, her mother said, “We don’t have enough of us to sustain our race even if we all started having kids. Are you against it?”

“It seems wrong…”, I said.

“If that is the case we could put forth more effort into recovering those of us sold into slavery. After a bout they would come around to it I think.”, Anna and Ella’s mother Mimi said, “Then you’d only do it if you wanted too, but that be years off. Amazonians don’t pursue that route till their first period which is fifteen or sixteen years of age.”

“Besides, Anna said you know who you will marry anyways.”, the Queen said.

Looking back at her I sighed.

“Anna…I saw the future if I didn’t change anything. I made my plays early to gather everyone up now instead of later. Things in the future can change very easily.”, I said with a sigh.

“That’s because you have seen how sexy we are, right?”, Ella teased.

“No comment.”, I said trying not to make it obvious, “On to the food issue, how can I help?”

“We could use some help watching our backs. While we are excellent fighters…our magic skills are lacking. Most of the ones captured were caught in magic traps we couldn’t escape.”, she said.

“I can handle that much.”, I chuckled.

Gearing up twenty women set off on a hunt with me keeping an eye on them from a distance. Ensuring they didn’t set off any traps I made a point to disarm any I found. Returning home with a bounty the whole town was in an uproar of excitement. I barely finished cooking the meats before the women were shoveling the meat down. Dancing around with excitement they asked where I learned to cook.

“I took cooking lessons on my world. Most things I can to some degree aside from really fancy foods.”, I said.

“I see…it is official then. We will have a competition of strength between those who wish to sleep with you, and yourself.”, the Queen said setting her plate down, “Let’s see what your made of!”

Before I could say anything a brawl broke out with no really signal. Tossing my plate I started throwing them around trying my best not to break bones. By the time I had beaten the women the younger girls were all over me. Unable to think of a safe way to beat the children who had just gone with the flow I swiftly knocked them out with neck chops.

“Seriously…you people are insane. You’re going to puke up the food if you fight while you eat.”, I sighed.

“It’s been a while since we could relax, and let our guard down.”, Mimi said, “Usually we take our frustrations out in the bedroom with our husbands, but few men are actually suitable for more than sex. That’s why we end up killing them afterwards.”

“I was wondering why Amazonians were known to do that.”, I chuckled.

“It used to be that if the man lost he would get to have sex, but then we’d snap his neck. Men who won got to keep their lives, and indulge in love-making with many women.”, the Queen’s Grandmother said, “Nowadays the males in nonhuman circles are hard to find in a position to come to us, and most human males…they are just trash. With you here we can relax more.”

“Can’t believe your kids got riled up though…”, I said passing them back to their mothers.

“Like we said a quality male has lived here since my Grandmother was Queen.”, the current Queen said, “We know full well to take advantage of it.”

“Uh…they are waiting till they are old enough.”, I said crossing my arms.

“Absolutely.”, the women said with a smile, “But they still want you as their husband.”

Sighing I laughed as I picked ny plate of food back up. Sitting down with the women around the fire pit they asked me all sorts of questions about my former life. Telling all about my past life I left my more unsavory things I did for the military as a contractor. By the time everyone was done I wanted to go to bed, but a lot of people had other ideas. Before they could get to me though the girls used me as a sofa, and passed out on me. Looking at the with twitches many of the women wanted to pull them off, but cooler heads prevailed.

“Can we discuss things moving forward?”, the Queen asked.

“I think that’s a good idea.”, I said, “How do you want to proceed?”

“With you here we have less to worry about regarding magic attacks.”, the Queen said, “We could use help reinforcing our walls. As you can see the walls have been in disrepair as of late due to no manpower.”

“It’s alright, I will happily take on repairing the walls. Using magic I should have it done in a few days.”, I said.

“Also, we need to start looking for our sisters-in-arms. They belong here, and not with those mongrels!”, her mother snapped.

“We can start looking, but I honestly wouldn’t know where to start. I could ask Nemoria to use her network of spies to find out where the majority of them are.”, I said.

“Let’s start there first before going much further. While we would like to search for our sisters we must rebuild our home so they have something to return too.”, the Queen stated.

Agreeing with her the other women all voiced their agreement. Sending a message to Nemoria via telepathy she bombarded me with questions about the trip before letting me ask a favor of her. Hearing my request she said she would look into as she wanted to also save enslaved demons while we were at it. Going to bed after figuring out a sleeping arrangement I got a little sleep before the sun came up. Getting out of bed I had a small breakfast made of things my Demoness wives sent with me, and then got to work on the wall. Mixing up cement that they had in storage I started to patch gaps in the wall all while keeping an eye on the surroundings. As the morning hours flew by the area started getting really hot, but I should have known being on the edge of a jungle would do that. Taking off my shirt to let the breeze wick my sweat away I started getting teased by the women. Every so often while I was patching the wall one of the women would wrap her arms around my waist, and kiss me passionately.

“Is this how women feel when men do this?”, I thought as I smoothed the archway.

I was enjoying the attention, but the women were getting bolder every time. If things kept going the way they were my pants were going to be in trouble as having so many beautiful women flirting with me…it made things complicated for my pants. The problem was that if I did it with one of them it was sure to get out among them, and then next thing I would know is I’d be sleeping with everyone instead of working on the wall. As I was repairing one of the beams that supported the outer wall the Queen’s grandmother came to visit.

“How are things going?”, she asked looking at my handy work.

“So far things are going smoothly. I have been filling the gaps, and then drawing out the moisture to harden the cement almost immediately.”, I stated.

“The women giving you trouble?”, she inquired.

“They are certainly a distraction, but I am enjoying it.”, I said with a grin, “What man doesn’t like beautiful women making out with them?”

When I didn’t get a response I looked back to find her eyeing me over. Smiling she nodded her head like she had made up her mind.

“For a man you are very well-built.”, she said, “It’s no wonder you fought us off so easily.”

“I think some of you went easy on me so you could keep me around.”, I stated with a wink.

“Haha, maybe or maybe not.”, she said drawing closer, “Can I borrow you for a bit?”

“Depends on what you want with me.”, I stated setting the materials down.

“I’d like to service each other before intercourse.”, she said honestly.

The former Queen wasn’t anything, but a goddess given flesh. She had jet black hair without a single gray hair, and not only that she looked no more than thirty years old. Here brown eyes were fixated on my crotch so I figured even if I said no she would still force it on me. Scanning her with <Anaylsis> I wanted to get an idea of her three measurements. I only got to the first one before I stopped though.

“She’s a fucking N cup…”, I thought to myself, “How they hell do those suckers not ruin her shoulders and back?!”

Reaching behind her I firmly grabbed her thick butt cheeks without reserve. Dropping my pants without breaking eye contact I removed her clothing as soon as she was done. Picking her up I hung the top of her thighs on my shoulders letting her face down right in front of my dick. Eating her apple butter smelling vagina out she gasped gripping my legs.

“Heaven above…you have a way with your mouth.”, she said wrapping her legs around my head, “Oh my…I haven’t felt this wonderful in years. You are going to make a lot of very pent-up women pregnant if you warm us up like this.”

“Oh, I plan on ensuring that.”, I said, “Now don’t leave me out of this.”

Kissing the tip she circled her tongue around it teasing me before swallowing me whole like a pro. Smacking her butt I called her my little whore to which she came in my mouth as a response. Servicing her till she came for a fourth time I proceeded to sit her on the ground. On her knees with my dick in her mouth she looked up at me with excitement. Holding her head tenderly I smiled evilly at her.

“I want to see that belly of yours swollen immediately. That shameless body of your is just begging for it.”, I said.

Spitting me out she pressed her face to my sac taking a deep breath of satisfaction.

“I want all the sperm you have in these balls buried in my womb. This shameless woman wants to be dominated like a bitch.”, she said before swallowing my sac with a grin.

Hoisting her up her vagina dripped expectantly on my dick as I slid in. Gasping and spasming violent as her vagina stretched out to take me made out with her as came four times in a row. Smacking her ass I got her to cum a few more times before she calmed down.

“Someone is very pent-up.”, I said kissing her neck, “I think you even started to ovulate for me.”

Panting as she shook her hips I laughed as I started to move. A complete mess now she barely reacted when I burst into her womb. By this point she was still on a buzz from all the orgasms she had experienced in such a short time. Clapping my sac against her butt she slowly regained her feelings as she came back to earth.

“The Amazons are going to be addicted to you.”, she said kissing me, “I understand why Anna and Ella would bring up the daughter thing. Compared to my two one time partners this is like comparing alcohol to water. There is just no competing with it.”

“You should get your daughter, and granddaughter over here.”, I said, “I want to stack you up, and impregnate the three of you together as a family.”

“You heard him!”, she said looking to the corner, “He said we can all three do it!”

Rushing out from their hiding spot it was obvious they had been there from the start.

“Damn…they knew I’d want this to happen.”, I thought as the three women took my attention.

Shaking their asses in the air fucked the three of them proper starting with the oldest Queen. Watching her be put in breeding press the other two started smacking her ass playfully.

“Get pregnant!!”, they said as I climax.

Watching the throbs flow into her the three of them climaxed. Blasting her ovaries directly she, and her family knew they were watching her become a mother again. Fucking the second Queen in a similar she made sure I was in her womb when I came. Watching her toes curl she climaxed releasing her treasures for plunder. Leaving the youngest for last I gave her a special treat. Putting her in submission position I fucked her hard to the point that she almost went insane.

“Her facade broke.”, her mother said.

“I think any of us would if he was that rough with us. To be honest…it actually looks heavenly.”, her grandmother said.

“Ariel, why don’t you give me your mother and grandmother’s name as they wouldn’t tell me.”, I said kissing her neck as was gasping in pleasure.

“My grandmother is Sarah, and my mother is Arnet.”, she said kissing me repeatedly.

“You never asked!”, the two complained.

“I was to busy admiring your beautiful bodies.”, I said with a wink, “To have so many of you wanting me is a lot to take in. I will do my best to earn that affection.”

Slamming against the wall of her womb I flooded Ariel’s womb with gushes of sperm as she screamed in pleasure. Watching her stomach bulge as sperm filled her womb the two women gave me a thumbs up.

“Now that’s how you should make love with us.”, they said.

Pulling her head up I french kissed her much to her delight. Searching each others mouths with our tongues she looked into my eyes longingly. Holding her up by cupping her massive breasts she started to tearing up. Asking if she was hurt she held my hands tightly.

“No, its just…I never thought I would get to experience this. My entire life I was told that there really no more happy endings for our kind, but now…I think we have a chance to have our happy ending.”, she said resting her head against my cheek.

“I am honored you think so highly of me.”, I said fondling her chest, “I don’t think I really deserve that as I feel like I am taking advantage of all of you. In my world it has been one spouse for a long time, but now after being reborn here it’s still been hard to come to grips with it. This whole time I have been just going by the memories I had of my future longing for that happiness. Now that I am experiencing it I get to feel the emotions for real not just something I faintly saw.”

Setting her down she pushed her lips to mine probing my mouth with her tongue. Wrapping my hands around her waist she pushed harder like she was trying to join together with me. When we parted she looked into my eyes not as a warrior, but a woman in love.

“I want you to know that I love you.”, she said, “My heart belongs to you so please protect it like you will protect all of us. No matter how strong we are it’s nice to have a place to go when things become too much. You have broad shoulders so please let me be weak for now in your arms…”

Sniffling I realized she crying now so I wrapped my arms tightly around her.

“I failed my sisters…”, she said crying, “I am the one that is supposed to be leading us into prosperity, but all I have done is lead my sisters into the arms of those mongrels! They treat as nothing more than soldiers, or a piece of meat! We have feelings just the same as everyone else! We may like to fight, but we want peace just the same as everyone else…why did my sisters deserve to die like animals under the boots of those cowards!”

“You can’t blame yourself for their capture…”, I said softly, “You don’t have any magic knowledge to help yourselves escape capture. They took advantage of your weakness because they couldn’t win against you in actual combat. We will find as many of your sisters as we can, and bring them home to where the people who love them are.”

Looking up at me she wiped the tears from her face.

“You mean that?”, she said, “Even if they are damaged goods to the world you will still welcome them with open arms.”

“I promise.”, I said resting my forehead on hers, “Now then, I hate seeing a beautiful woman like you crying in pain. When I find the bastards that have been treating you like expendable soldiers I will see that they burn in the pits of hell.”

Resting her head against my chest she relaxed into my falling asleep in a matter of minutes. Sitting up from their mats the two women gave me a soft smile.

“She hasn’t slept that peacefully since she was a baby.”, her mother said, “The stress of being under constant attack, the expectations of being Queen, and everything else has just been too much for her. While we are a female run society…good men have a place in our life for both pleasure, and for our tired hearts. Please…even if you decide to only have a single child with us please allow her to have the happiness of having a strong man to lean on in her private moments.”

“Haha, you both aren’t getting out of this now. You are my women same as her. I plan I savoring every moment I get to have with you.”, I said picking Ariel up, “The moment all of you offered I decided to take my time savoring all of you.”

Scooping the two of them up as well I carried them out, and back to their home. Taking a rest after our fun the three women snored peacefully in bed while I returned to work. When night came Mimi came to find me to finish our previous encounter.

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