Solo Heroing – Chapter 5

“So Holigran was involved in the development of the disease…”, Naomi said flipping through the report.

Currently the four generals, the Demon Lord, the Amazonian sisters, and I were going over the information I brought back from the Empire. Having made relative peace with the last two generals I was now in a holding position to try, and win them over. At least now they considered me an ally, and weren’t trying to kill me now.

“The Hero you killed helped them make it.”, Naomi stated, “Thank you for dealing with him.”

“I dealt with the King too. In a few days he will suddenly be poisoned from an unknown source.”, I chuckled.

“So cruel.”, the Demons laughed.

Of course they were joking as his family had been slaughtering their kind for years without a thought. With his death the royal bloodline would end giving way for a new royal family to take over. I hoped internal strife would make them weaken making it easier for us to defend against disjoined force.

“What else have we learned?”, Nemoria asked.

“The nation of Agmor plans on assaulting our border to the east in approximately two weeks.”, Germina said, “If Jameson hadn’t brought us this information we would have been left wide open. I already ordered our defense forces to strengthen the barriers there in secret. We should be to easily fend off the attackers.”

“We should expect them not to follow this plan exactly. Your five heads are worth a lot so they may have lied about things in order to get to you easier.”, I stated, “By the way, did we locate the attacker who poisoned Her Majesty?”

“Don’t call me that!”, Nemoria said puffing her cheeks, “I consider you my partner so therefore address me as such.”

The generals also said I should call her that so I gave up.

“In regards to the attacker no one found them meaning they slipped out of our grasp.”, Jessica said.

“Nemoria, I highly suggest we fortify the city as well. No one should be outside the day prior to the assault.”, I said nervously.

“Is there something else that bothers you?”, she asked.

“It may very well be a small force will attempt a raid on the city.”, I said, “That spy would have had a lot of access to sensitive information.”

“Jameson has a valid point. Naomi and I will handle the defensive fight on the frontline. Jessica and Lidia will remain to handle an offensive fight here in the capital.”, Germina said, “Do you know anything about Agmor?”

“Their Wyvern Corps is considered to be one of the best in the world.”, I said, “Doubt they could fly here without being spotted.”

Sitting back in my seat I felt like I was missing something obvious, but I couldn’t figure it out. Discussing the plans a bit more the Amazonian sisters opted to got with Germina and Naomi to help fight. Taking their best soldiers the group left the next morning after a tearful parting between the five of us.

“You act like they won’t be coming back.”, Jessica said.

“Nothing is certain in war.”, I said, “I love them terribly so parting in these circumstances is rough.”

Returning to the castle I aided the Ministers in balancing budgets, sourcing supplies, and even organizing people. Watching me do so Nemoria grinned happily as she pressed the two generals.

“What do you find so bad about him?”, she asked.

“It nothing like that now.”, they said watching me work, “Having the five of us as partners means he would have immense authority in our nation, and the authority comes with responsibility. He has shown he treats us equally under normal circumstances, but what about under pressure. Will he surrender to being like them, and sacrifice us for himself?”

“I can’t answer that, but he did go to great lengths to get us vital information that will save thousands of lives.”, Nemoria said.

Over the course of the two weeks I was talked about daily behind my back by the three of them. The day before the assault I helped funnel the surrounding villagers into shelters were I helped pass out supplies to them. Seeing the terrified expressions on the children’s faces I patted them on the head telling them everything would be alright. Giving them sweets I had helped brighten their moods to which their parents thanked me.

Once the surrounding areas were empty we shut the gates, and braced the doors with heavy lumber. That night the watch was doubled to ensure we had ample warning. As the sun peeked out from the horizon we received reports that the defense forces were locked in a fight with Agmor, but they reported the force seemed to be too small.

“Where are the rest of-”

“Burning Wagon on the road!!!”, one of the watchmen on the wall shouted.

Before I could react similar shouts came from the other gates. Trying to give the order to destroy them I was to slow as the wagons blew the wall apart before I give the order. Thrown into a building I crashed into the back wall making my back crack. Struggling to my feet I saw a horde of soldiers approaching. Trying to understand how they arrived so quickly I saw Wyverns flying above the capital.

“Damn it!! They flew in ground troops!!”, I said to myself.

Jumping back onto the streets I gave the men orders.

“Archers pick off as many of them as you can then once they reach the wall fall back, and guard the keep. Everyone else get wounded out of here, and evacuate the citizens to somewhere away from the walls.”, I ordered.

Without a single complaint the soldiers did as I ordered. Volley after volley hit the oncoming horde dropping their numbers a little, but not much. When the horde reach the breach I attacked allowing the archers time to flee. Killing them without hesitation I slaughtered them to a man within minutes as I managed to kill four hundred men without much trouble. Wiping the blood from my face I turned to see a giant cyclops rampaging through the other gate.

“How the fuck did they bring that monster here!? Are they fucking insane!?”, I said sprinting towards the fight.

Desperately holding the line as the citizens fled the Nemoria, Jessica, and Lidia fought hard against the cyclops. While the three were deadly this opponent was beyond them as their magic was ineffective. Cyclops had magic immunity, and as such it was a battle of strength between the two groups. Bleeding heavily the three women weren’t going to hold out much longer.

“Hey you bastard hands off my wives!”, I said as I punched in the face.

Toppling over he feeling into a housing complex as I landed on the ground. Spinning around I ordered the soldiers to take the three of them away. Blocking a wild kick from the cyclops I slid across the street as the monster rose to its feet.

“Why can’t you be reasonable like your Demon brethren!?”, I said as it swung its club down on me.

Catching the club with my hands I sunk into the street as my body reeled in pain. Before I could react it swatted me into the ground after quickly pulling the club from my hands. Barely able to block it I was struggling to make any headway. Just as frustrated as me the cyclops swung his club around destroying the nearby buildings where people were hiding. Running out into the street several children got separated from their parents in the panic. Crying put for their parents they accidentally drew the cyclops attention. Raising his club he went to kill like flies.

Leaping forward I grabbed the children, and carried them to their parents. Gripping their children tightly the families tried to thank me, but I didn’t have time. Picking up a piece of rubble the cyclops threw it at us.

“<Destruction>”, I said activating the spell in a hurry.

Exploding into dust the car size wall turned to dust. Grabbing a broken wooden beam next to me I threw like a spear straight into its eye. Not expecting that it wasn’t able to block the beam so it punch right threw its head. Falling backwards onto the invaders I was hoping to catch my breath, but a volley of arrows came from the breach. Seeing the glowing tips I knew they were anti-magic arrows designed to kill Demons. With no cover to hide them behind in time I pushed everyone down, and shielded them with my body. Countless arrows punched through the armor as my enchantments were useless against the arrows. Cowering below me the families stayed glued to the little wall that was still stand, and to the places I was shielding.

“Jameson!!”, Nemoria and the generals shouted.

Struggling to keep standing I looked back, and confirmed they could flee. Tell them to run to the three women. As they took off running an image flicked through my head of the future a few seconds from now. Jumping in front of the families I got hit by a spear. Reeling from the impact the air in my lungs left me. Screaming for I told the women to stay back.

“Jameson is that you!?”, Charles said coming into view, “So they did capture you!? The King of Holigran said you and the others went missing! To think you were ambushed by the Demon Lord, and those generals. I will save you from their spell.”

Recalling his spear I fell to one knee as waves of pain came over me. Looking behind me the young girl I gave candy to early stood there trembling holding on to me. Looking at the blood on her it was obvious that someone had been injured.

“Go…go to the Demon Lord.”, I struggled to say.

Shaking her head she gripped me tightly.

“I don’t wanna die…”, she said with a petrified look.

At that moment I knew I had no choice, but to go all in to this fight. Sucking in a stomach full of air I forced myself to stand with my blade pointing at Charles. Biting my lip I momentarily tricked my body into focusing on that one spot.

“<Ultra Instinct>”, I muttered activating the skill.

In that moment the world slowed to a crawl while I remained the same. Dashing forward I closed the gap between Charles, and I unleashing all hell on him. Behind him the archers slowly pulled back their bows which I put a stop to as I sliced their heads off. Dashing forward I kept killing the invaders until a minute had passed. At that point the world went back to normal speed.

“What the hell!?”, Jessica said in shock noticing that I was no longer where I had been.

Spotting me near the other humans she almost thought I had betrayed them till Charles fell to pieces as the soldiers behind him did the same. Wided-eyed the three of them stood there in shock as I collapsed. Catching my Naomi, who was breathing heavily, shook me to keep my conscience, but I passed out in her arms. With the defense force back now the invaders fled the area only to be pick up by the slower moving soldiers still returning to the capital. Carrying me in tears Naomi started shouting for a doctor.

“How did you get here so fast?”, Lidia asked as Naomi looked around for a doctor.

“Jameson gave us a spell that we could use to increase our speed the more magic we put into it.”, Germina replied.

“I am over here!”, the Demon Lord’s Doctor called out running towards us.

When he reached us he instructed Naomi to lay me on my stomach so they could pull out the arrows. One by one he quickly pulled them out before burning them shut to prevent infections. Rolling me over he started tending to the frontal wounds while Nemoria stood next to me holding my hand.

“How did this happen to him!? Why are you so uninjured!? Did you make him fight all alone!?”, Germina said grabbing them by their necks, “How much more are you going to hold him accountable for the crimes of those bastards!? He saved those families using his own body as a shield, and used a suicidal technique to push them back!”

“What!?”, Jessica, Lidia, and Nemoria said turning pale.

“He used a Hero Skill called <Ultra Instinct>. It allows him to exceed them limitations that a normal mortal has putting them on an equal footing to a God for one minute! He shaved ten years off his life to save you all!”, Naomi said falling to her knees, “Are you still holding a grudge against him when he went that far for-”

Falling to their knees the two women started shaking.

“A human only has one hundred years at best to live…he gave up ten of those for us…”, Jessica and Lidia said looking over at me, “Why…we only gave you shit since you arrived…we aren’t that attractive so why would…”

“Just under ten years from now the Mad God’s will reawaken.”, I said weakly, “I have an Ultra Rare skill called <Foresight> that allows me to peek into the future, but I have no control over its activation. Having seen the fragments of my future, and the happiness I have…it’s why I would go so far to protect you. Ten years from now I wasn’t strong enough to protect the people I love, and I lost everything…my wives…my children…and everyone I cared about to the Mad God’s…”

“Why didn’t you tell us!?”, Germina said standing next to me on the verge of tears.

“All of you died in my arms in that future…”, I said, “…I couldn’t bring myself to put you through the stress of knowing when you could die.”

“You idiot!”, Naomi said gripping my free hand, “We are partners! You are supposed to share that kind of thing with us!”

“I failed all of you!”, I said hacking up a mouthful of blood, “I couldn’t protect our children, or you! I was powerless to stop them so I forced myself to train hard every day so that way when they come I can fight them properly!”

“Why won’t you just-”

“I can’t lose you again!”, I said gripping their hands, “I can’t lose everything again…my heart just won’t take it.”

Silence filled the room as no one said a word. Finishing stitching me up the doctor backed out to help the other wounded.

“We will get stronger with you.”, Nemoria said firmly rising from her seat, “The Mad Gods are something we Demon’s know all to well about. You can’t fight them alone, but you can fight them with us at your back.”

“Agreed!”, the Amazonian sisters, Germina, and Naomi said.

Looking to Jessica, and Lidia they walked over to look me in the eyes.

“You say we all had kids…what were ours like?”, Lidia asked.

Smiling softly I told her she had at least one litter of the Werecats.

“They all had patches of different color fur, all three had green eyes, and they were very naughty always getting themselves into trouble.”, I chuckled.

“And ours?”, Jessica asked.

“We had eight I think…six boys and two girls. From what I saw the boys looked like nothing, but a massive human men with green skin and a cute pig nose. The girls take after you in that they may be beautiful, but they can rip men in half like nothing.”, I said with a weak laugh as my wounds continued to heal.

“If the Mad God’s were to be defeated…would you want more?”, they asked.

“I can say that in my visions I saw all of my wives living in a giant white house by the sea. Judging by my view there had to be at least three hundred or so rooms.”, I said with a smile, “Doubt all of you would want that many, but I would happily give you however many you want.”

“Really?”, they asked to confirm.

“Yes, I will give you any amount you want.”, I said holding their hands, “Seeing how beautiful both of you are each of their bright smiles will bring about a new light in this dark world.”

Blushing the two looked away as Nemoria started laughing.

“Such corny lines!”, she said laughing before suddenly stopping, “But that sounds nice. May I ask about us?”

“You and I had three beautiful daughters with a little boy on the way when the Mad Gods came. All three of our daughters had snow-white hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and enjoyed the flowers in our garden.”, I said, “The three blew up part of the house I think…”

“Haha! They sound like me in my younger years!”, she said tearing up, “I want this future you are talking about! Regardless of whether or not the last two generals agree to be with you I will-”

“Now hold on!”, they rebuked her, “If we have children in our future with him it’s only right to be his partners.”

“I am going to hold you to the number of kids I want.”, Jessica said.

“Haha, take it easy on me.”, I said with a smile.

“My mother said to breed regularly when I got partnered up so she could have hordes of grandkids. She may be gone now, but we are going to make them in her memory.”, Lidia said holding my hand tightly, “You are more than enough in my eyes to be my partner.”

“I agree with her!”, Jessica said nodding her head.

“Now hold on there!”, the sisters said, “The Amazons will be using him to reproduce as well. With skills like his our race must take advantage of this, and make stronger offspring!”

“We have a claim to him too!”, the five Demoness shouted as an argument broke out.

Watching them bicker I saw just glimpse into the future where all of my wives, and I relaxed on some unknown beach as the children played in the water. Looking around me I could see the faces of the wives I had already met clear as day. Smiling at me all of them were with child happily enjoying our time together in the sun.

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