Solo Heroing – Chapter 4

The Holigran Empire was an even worse nation than my home country. In this nation it was completely legal to assault a nonhuman in any matter aside from one exception. Owned slaves were considered property meaning that only their owner could assault them. Anyone else who did without permission was subject to fine for damaging property. On top of that the nobility found hunting nonhumans for sport to be a leisurely activity. Jessica and Lidia’s family had been one of the many victims of the cruel sport.

Currently in line to enter the capital I looked back at the last month of travel since leaving my family behind. My travel had been relatively easy thanks to having my family name, but I had seen the terrible treatment of families like mine.

“This nation sucks ass…”, I thought to myself, “Lets just find the people responsible, and their families so I can go home. If I have to continue to watch these poor people be tortured I am going to start killing people.”

Eventually getting in I immediately went to look at the display exhibit that the royalty setup to show off their kills. Finding the place to be relatively empty I slipped in to locate the people specifically. It only took me three minutes to find the family members. Displayed like frightened animals I clenched my fists as I saw how animatistic they made them look.

“I am sorry this happened to you…I will make sure your daughters don’t ever end up like this. Anyone that lays a hand on them I will slaughter.”, I said low enough so no one heard me.

Before I turned around to see if the area was empty a familiar voice called out to me.

“Jameson, what are you doing here?!”, Jared shouted at me.

Jared was one of the Heroes that I did my best to ignore, but he was too dense to get that. Looking back at him the muscle-bound idiot ran towards me with a woman in tow. Jared towered over so she was definitely nowhere close to his six foot height. Standing before me we looked each other in the eyes.

“Observing my fathers trophies?”, she asked me.

“Pardon me, but may I ask whom you are?”, I asked the black-haired woman.

“Oh! This is First Princess Milia!”, he said with a grin, “The King arranged our marriage.”

“Congratulation.”, I said with a fake smile.

Thanking me he proceeded to ask me where I had been all this time. Lying to him I said I went on a journey to get stronger by myself in Demon Territory. Hearing that the princess gasped believing I was insane.

“Jameson is a Hero like me so it probably wasn’t that big of a challenge.”, Jared laughed, “I assume you looked at those trophies because they are some of the prey you ran into.”

“Something like that”, I laughed, “Werecats and Orcs are incredibly stubborn even in the face of superior strength.”

Laughing the two invited me to the castle to meet her family. I tried to turn them down, but Jared wouldn’t hear it. Dragging me along I was forced into a stupid suit before being brought before the King.

“Welcome Solo Hero Jameson!”, he said with loud shout, “It’s pleasure to meet you! I hear you have been out training in Demon Country! I like a man who lives life on the edge!!”

“Thank you Your Majesty…”, I said bowing my head.

“No need to be so formal! As a Hero you have no need to be polite. Are you by chance engaged to anyone?”, he inquired.

Knowing that my current relationships would be frowned upon I said no. Smiling the King asked if I was pursuing a young woman to which I said no.

“Would you be interest in meeting one of my other daughters?”, he asked, “I am sure one of them might catch your attention.”

“You flatter me Your Highness.”, I said with a bow, “If that is what you wish I would be honored.”

I really had no interest in meeting any of his daughters, but I figured turning him down outright would cause too many issues. Flattering him in this manner would ensure that even if I turned them down he wouldn’t lose face. Dismissing everyone aside from his daughter and Jared he summoned his daughters, and his wife to the throne room. Bowing my head before the royalty as they entered I did my best to follow what I had been taught being the son of a Viscount.

“Please raise your head.”, he said once everyone was in the room, “This is the Solo Hero Jameson who just returned from a journey to the wild Demon Country. I want all of you to meet him as he is an eligible bachelor.”

Raising my head I wanted to puke just looking at his daughters. By human standards all of them were beautiful, but I could tell by their expressions that they were just as bad as their father on the inside. None of the twelve women before the King caught my interest in the slightest, but evidently I had caught the attention of the Queen who was looking at me lustfully.

“Oh shit…I really need to hurry up. If I stay here to long I am going to be drawn into some very shitty stuff.”, I thought continuing to smile on the outside.

Before I could say anything the Queen spoke up.

“Dear, it is a bit much for someone who just arrived from a long trip to start selecting a wife. Maybe we should celebrate his arrival, and let him rest before pursuing this any further.”, she stated.

“I understand, was there anything you wanted to do today?”, he asked me.

“I was hoping to see the trophy collection that Your Majesty has so graciously provided the common folk to view. Your hunting adventures would certainly pique my interest.”, I stated.

“I see, if that is the case my wife will have to show you. I have some business to attend to, and my daughters shall start setting up a celebration for your return to the civilized world.”, he said with a warm smile.

Bowing my head again as they all stood up I waited for everyone to leave before raising my head. With no one around I glared at the throne.

“Royalty is nothing, but a bunch of pigs in this nation…”, I thought, “They only want me here because they know I have an Ultra Rare skill, but don’t know what it is. If I had told the truth to my father I would have certainly been married off to the royal family of our nation. A book I read that list the Heroes before us said that one Hero born with the skill <Tactician Knowledge> found himself married to all the Princesses of our nation to secure his loyalty, and to sire children with lesser skills from his. I don’t want to end up a prized breeding horse…my family now loves me for me not my skills. Besides, I have taken precautions against my children getting a lesser skill of <Foresight> so it won’t be an issue for them.”

Getting up I retired to the room I had been given, and switched back into my clothing after removing the spells they had placed in my clothing. Once I was changed a butler came to get me so we could leave for the exhibits. Riding along in the carriage with her personal body guards I kept my attention outside the carriage to give the appearance of being vigilant.

“Is something the matter?”, one of the guards asked.

“No, I just like keeping an eye on my surroundings. Traveling alone in the wild tends to make you overly cautious in unknown environments.”, I said.

“Understandable coming from someone who has lived on the land for sometime.”, she replied with a nod.

Arriving at the gallery I got out, and assisted the Queen getting out of the carriage as tradition dictated. Having us wait outside the guards had all the staff leave, did a thorough sweep of the building, and then let us in.

“We will remain outside to ensure criminals don’t sneak into the building.”, her guards said, “Her Majesties safety will be entrusted to you.”

“Shit…they are trying to force my hand into a marriage…all she would have to do is say I did something to her, and my freedom goes out the door.”, I thought.

Looking at the butler who rode along with us I asked if he would accompany us should the Queen need anything as I couldn’t leave her alone as I was her guard. Clicking his tongue at me he agreed that it was a good idea, but the guards said he had to remain outside to freshen up the carriage interior. Pushing us inside they closed the doors behind us.

“What particular creatures did you have an interest in?”, she asked me.

“There was a Werecat family, and an Orc family I was viewing when I met your daughter. I was curious about them as I didn’t run into any of them while on my travels.”, I stated.

“Ah, please show me the ones you are talking about.”, she asked.

Offering her my arm, like a gentleman, I led her to the exhibit.

“Yes, this exhibit is one that my husband claimed is his, but it is actually mine.”, she sighed.

“Yours?”, I asked.

“Yes, on this occasion he took me on a hunt as our wedding holiday.”, she stated, “We stumbled across a small village, and decided to wipe them out. A few children managed to flee, but they weren’t that noteworthy.”

“This bitch…”, I thought keeping my cool, “They are going to be my wives one day, and I won’t stand for you to insult them.”

Looking at the exhibits for a few more minutes the Queen asked if I had any real interest in any of her daughters. Shaking my head I told that while her daughters were beautiful that I had my heart set on traveling a while longer before settling down.

“I’d like to get my sense of adventure fulfilled before I go settling down for life.”, I stated.

Nodding her head I thought she was going to let it go, but a moment later that stopped. Pushing me into a private room the staff used she casually started to strip down.

“You are such a brave man risking your life out in the Demon Country all by yourself.”, she said with a seductive smile, “I think your bravery should be rewarded with some womanly affection.”

Standing up I dusted myself off before looking at her.

“Your Highness, I don’t find your tests to be amusing. I come from a long line of respected Viscounts, and I will not sully their line by sparking a conflict between our nations.”, I stated, “Please inform His Majesty that I will be leaving immediately if this is how he believes he can ensnare me.”

Laughing she shook her head with an evil grin.

“My husband has no idea of this, and all the staff I have brought with me is loyal to me alone. I instructed them to remain outside so I could have you to myself. Your demeanor reminds me of my husband in his youth, and as such my body is attracted to you.”, she said before kissing me.

Dropping my pants while she kept me distracted she seized me package. Looking at it her eyes grew soft as she came from just looking at it.

“My word, you certainly are far bigger than I would have expected.”, she said removing her clothing, “You out do even my husband in length, and girth. This will very easily satisfy my growing desire.”

Looking at her while she eagerly sucked on it I came up with an idea.

“The Demons could really use any extra information that I could get. We could even figure out who poisoned those villagers.”, I thought, “Doubt I will find anything further than that, but I could stand to get them extra information.”

Pushing my dick deep into her mouth she happily licked the shaft till she had swallowed it completely. Patting her cheek I pulled out a Memory Crystal from storage which was used by nobility to preserve special occasions forever, but in most cases it was only used at weddings.

“May I record this for myself?”, I asked, “I want to remember the time I had the pleasure of breeding a Queen.”

“Breeding a Queen?”, she said after pulling her head back, “Someone is getting bold now.”

“You are going quite far if this was just a casual encounter.”, I reminded her, “Right now your nipples are erect, your vagina is soaking wet, and you quivered when I said breed.”

“Very well, you have my permission to record it.”, she said.

Activating the stone she looked into it with pleasure.

“I am sorry sweetheart, but I love this manly cock too much. My body craves the heroic seed in him that will bear us children. From this moment on I swear myself to him.”, she said swallowing my cock.

“Very good my love, drink a Fertility Potion to demonstrate your loyalty to siring my offspring.”, I said handing her one.

Popping the lid off she drank it obediently even going as far as to lick the inside clean. Shaking her hips she begged me to fuck her. Picking her up I put her in the same position I put the Amazonian’s in…Submission Position. Stretching her vagina out she watched it get destroyed with excitement.

“Yes, my cunt is-“, she said till I ran into her womb, “YES! I need your sperm! Fuck me like the animal I am! I can feel my body giving you several of my eggs to breed!”

Filling her with sperm I ensured that the stone saw her being bred. As she lay on the floor in a heavenly state I looked at her with an evil smile.

“Now time to use my skills, and a bit of magic to get the information.”, I thought to myself.

Two weeks later the King called a private audience with his family, Jared, and I. Once we were all present the King struck both Jared and his wife.

“I trust the both of you!!”, he shouted, “You betrayed my trust, and mated with each other!!”

“What are you talking about?!”, they said in shock.

“Jameson knew full well that you were hiding something from me, and like any good hunter he stalked his prey down only to find that you two were having intercourse!!”, he snapped, “Look!”

Playing the Memory Crystal I modified it showed they two of them having sex in the backroom of the exhibits. Watching in horror both of them swore it wasn’t true.

“Jameson and I had sex not Jared!”, she exclaimed.

“Summon Grand Priest Alderman!”, he shouted.

A few moments later the man arrived on the scene.

“Both my wife and daughter are pregnant. I wish to know who is the father of both.”, he demanded.

“By your orders.”, the priest said.

Using magic Jared and I placed our hands on his tome, and used <Verify> on us.

“By the words of the Great God of Knowledge, Honesty, and Chivalry I have been granted knowledge to what you have asked.”, he said, “Please stand by the woman you know you slept with.”

Walking over to Milia I stood behind her rest my hands on her stomach. Seeing this Jared’s anger exploded.

“Get your hands off my-”

“Sir Jared, Lady Milia is carrying Sir Jameson’s children. She has made three boys for Sir Jameson in her pure maiden’s womb.”, the Grand Priest scolded him, “Your children lay within Her Majesty.”

After the encounter at the exhibit the Queen had been in my chambers nearly every night. During that time I had used magic to swap the eggs of the two via a spell my grandfather taught me to avoid trouble with women in the future. Apparently my grandfather had been quite the tease so he ended up in trouble quite a bit before mastering the spell. Not only did I swap them I even modified the videos we took to show Jared there instead of me. In high school on Earth I had been a proficient video editor for my schools television stations so this was an easy feat for me to accomplish.

It took only one minute of the footage when I showed Milia for her to believe me, and so when moved on her she willingly slept with me making her believe that her children were mine in the first place. With this plan complete I finally revealed it to the King so he could deal with them.

“Sir Jameson, I am happy a man like you beat this garbage to my daughters eggs.”, he said glaring at Jared.

“I am innocent!”, Jared shouted, “Check my memory! All those times I was in bed with-”

“Those times you weren’t in our bedroom, and Jameson was training in the Archery Range.”, Milia snapped, “The guards swore under oath they saw him training, and not only that but the maids even say they saw you enter into Jameson’s chambers. How dare you mate like animals on another’s bed!”

What the guards and maids actually saw were only illusions I setup to completely hang both of them. Unable to get themselves out of this the King had Jared executed on the spot which pleased me greatly. The bastard had given me nothing, but issues since the time I met him so now that he was dead I had one less thing to worry about. Turning to the Queen the King disowned her in front of the family.

“I hereby remove your status as Queen , and hand you over to Jameson to be used as bait for the Demon Country.”, he snapped, “Jameson, what can I give you as a thank you for saving the royal family from such disgrace?”

“If I may, I have a request for the trophies that this filth killed. I wish to bring back my own similar trophies.”, I said, “During the trip I want her to only see the beings that will rape her, and tear her apart.”

“A fitting punishment!”, he said with a satisfactory nod, “Anything else?”

“With Jared gone I wish to marry Milia. She carries heirs to your throne as you have no sons.”, I said.

“I wholeheartedly agree to your request, and ask that my other eleven daughters be your concubines. As you have stated Milia carries the future heir to the throne so their children will not inherit this court. Still as their father I want to see that each have children so that Milia’s children have good stock to choose from when they fill positions in the court one day.”, he said allowing us to leave with Henia in tow now a slave under my control.

Returning to my quarters Milia’s sisters awaited us. Ordering Henia to watch I took my clothing off with a smile. I really didn’t want the eleven extras, but I had a plan to deal with them at a later date. Bedding them anyways all eleven of them gave me their virginity, and were inseminated as Milia made them take Fertility Potions. Each drank them as they were already implanting fertilized eggs. As I was fertilizing the youngest sister the others looked at me.

“That was a pretty good trick you pulled on our father.”, they said, “The footage was edited, and our mother was really carrying your children before you did something to trick the test.”

Looking at them each wore a smile that said they were admiring me not trying to take advantage of it. Picking up the youngest sister I kept fucking her while I spoke to them.

“You are pretty knowledgeable.”, I said, “I assume you played along for a reason.”

“Yes, we want something from you in exchange for us.”, they said.

“That would be?”, I asked.

“Freedom, being concubines is fine, but we want out of the noble lifestyle. If not for you our father would have tried to sire a child with one of us.”, they said with a shiver.

“If you knew then why did you-”

“Jared was sterile.”, she sighed, “His family is nothing, but inbreds.”

“Then how did he-”

“Let’s say I have my tricks as well. Anyways, all of us agreed that you are trustworthy enough to marry.”, Milia said smacking her youngest sisters butt, “Ovulate for him! He needs your eggs to make you pregnant! All of us agreed to be pregnant together so ovulate, or we will cram grandma’s fertility medicine down your throat.”

Pulling out a mid-sized pillow from her pocket the young woman clenched. Making her take it despite her willingness to try regularly her sisters started taking bets.

“She is still young so she should give him five this time.”, they all said after hashing it out.

Watching the sperm flow into her she ovulated finally, and that was that. Looking at them I smiled then promised them freedom. Agreement made all of us left the next night under the cover of darkness. Leading the group into Demon Country I sent Naomi and Germina a message through our crests the night we entered the territory.

“You managed to bring the person responsible, and her daughters?!”, they said in disbelief, “Can we assume they are under mind control?”

“Correct, I managed to hypnotize them after I got them alone. It’s no surprise, but they knew I tricked their father earlier.”, I said, “I managed to bring Lidia and Jessica their families back as well. Please bring them to our location immediately.”

“We already sensed you drawing close to us via the crests so we left already, and are only a few minutes away.”, Naomi replied, “The Amazonian’s are about ready to explode from lack of attention from you.”

Chuckling I told her to relay a message to them for me. Arriving at our camp as expected I informed Jessica, and Lidia of the women’s identities as I hand their families back to them. Trembling the two looked at me skeptical of me.

“You went this far to impress us?”, they asked.

“Correct, I would do more if you want me too.”, I stated.

“We accept that you are an ally with this gesture, but as for our affections this will not win us over.”, Jessica said, “It will take more than this to win us over, but that being said we are grateful that you brought our families back. This means the world to us as we never would have been able to get our families back without you.”

Kissing my cheeks the two women thanked with soft smiles before looking to the women asleep in camp.

“Their mother is the one that killed our families?”, they asked.

“According to her she is yes.”, I stated.

“And the others?”, they asked.

“Baggage I had to pick up in order to bring your families back. At this point I would be grateful if you took them off my hands permanently.”, I said glaring at them, “All of them give me the creeps as they find pleasure in hunting nonhumans.”

Walking out of view I let the six women I would marry slaughter the thirteen of them without a second thought. None of them were really pregnant as the potions that I gave them prevented any such issue. The Grand Priest was the hardest one to fool into think they were actually pregnant which was where the magic my grandfather taught me came in.

“<Hijack>…I never thought my grandfather brought our family back from the brink with this spell. If it weren’t for that I wouldn’t have been able to interfere with the Grand Priests magic by seizing it, and modifying the answers he got. Not only that, but I swapped the potions effect with little effort.”, I said with a chuckle, “No wonder he used it to modify memories of rich people into believing that they owed us money.”

Smiling with an evil grin I listened to their screams without a second thought as they got what they deserved. When the screams finally ended I returned to the camp to find all of the women I brought torn into pieces aside from the youngest sister.

“There a reason you left her alive?”, I asked.

“Yes, that bracelet she is wearing is a symbol of friendship among the Beastkin. They don’t give those out unless you are extremely trustworthy.”, Germina said, “We couldn’t kill her in good conscience.”

“I see…<Execution>”

Before they could say anything the young girl’s head fell off as I looked back at them. Looking at me in shock I shrugged my shoulders.

“The bracelet wasn’t hers.”, I stated, “Their father gave it to her in case we ran into a beastman along the way. She was a twisted son of a bitch that liked to mess with the hearts of the innocent.”

Glaring at her they smashed her face into the ground before looking back at me with a refreshed smiled. Pulling out some papers for the I tossed them to the generals. During my waiting period I used <Hijack> to steal the information I wanted, and gathered it all up for the benefit of the generals.

“You four can thank me later for getting the information for you.”, I said, “If you could make it look like an ambush I would appreciate it.”

Smiling the four said they would handle it as the Amazonians and I returned to the Demon capital to see Nemoria.

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