Solo Heroing – Chapter 3

Leaving just before sunrise the trip took us only two hours before the Wind Village came into view. Creeping into the village we started our investigation only to discover that the village had somehow stockpiled a large sum of Kel.

“This is far more than they reported to the capital…either they have been lying or someone paid them.”, Germina said.

“More like bribed them. None of the other villages have this much. They all roughly had the same amounts, and since they all made their living on crops…”, I said.

“Someone paid them…”, Naomi stated, “These bastards really did sell out their fellow Demon’s. They should be executed for their crimes.”

“Or enslave them to give the families money for their dead families.”, I said, “Many people are without a spouse, or child now because of them. Helping them out even a little will go a long way.”

Looking at me the two Demoness agreed that it would be the most beneficial if we enslaved all of them. With that decided I stowed the massive stash of Kel in the Village Chief’s hut in my storage before we left the immediate area.

“I can handle enslaving them.”, Naomi said, “I just need someone to gather them all together.”

“I think I can do that.”, I said with a grin, “They don’t know I am friendly, and I can’t think of them as nonhuman anymore…they are just monsters.”

Agreeing with me they sent me on my way. Drawing my sword I casually walked into the village towards a group of Demons. Looking at me they seemed alright for a moment till they realized I was here for them. Retreating into the Chief’s house the majority of the villagers hid inside while the hunters stay outside to defend them.

“Makes sense…this a small village not a military camp.”, I thought.

Slowly approaching them I waited for Naomi to finish her spell before sheathing my sword. The moment the collars appeared on their necks I laughed loudly.

“You monsters are going to fetch quite a high price in the capital. I can’t believe you’d sell out your own race for money.”, I laughed.

“We had to protect our families!”, the men said dropping their bows.

“Tell it to your owners in the capital.”, I said as the four women joined me, “See, told you it be easy.”

“Fair enough.”, they said looking at the villagers coming out of the house due to Naomi’s mental commands.

Lining up outside the people started crying as we inspected them for injuries.

“They look fine.”, Germina said.

“Please human…we will give you our unmarried women if you will just-“, the Village Chief pleaded.

“No thanks, all of you voluntarily sold out your comrades meaning none of you are trustworthy. Besides, look at my four beautiful women. None of you lying sacks of shit come even close to a fraction of their beauty.”, I said.

“All four?”, Germina asked with a puzzled look.

“Counting you, yes.”, I said.

“What makes you think I would-”

“When I was taking care of you all the signs physical signs Naomi expressed before she asked you showed.”, I said looking at her, “You aren’t like her. All you want is an equal partner, and you were frustrated no man would treat you equally. I came along worked alongside you, helped your race, and even healed you. It’s pretty obvious that you want me.”

“Damn it all…”, she said with a smile, “I thought I was keeping it wrapped up nicely. You are right about wanting you. Before we go I wish become your partner as well.”

“Oh, where at?”, I asked.

“I will show you. Naomi, can you take them back to the Iron Village…I am sure the Chief’s will want to hear about this.”, Germina asked.

“I can, enjoy him.”, Naomi replied with a playful wink.

Pulling me along we ended going to the underground lake which breathtaking. All around the lake glowing moss coated the rocks letting the grass grow underground. Seeing the waterfall in the distance I got to see how crystal clear the water was. Looking back I saw her laying back in the grass naked waiting for me. Taking my clothes off she smiled when she saw my dick.

“You are well endowed for a human. Naomi was right about how badly you want it after seeing it.”, she with a gulp, “Her Majesty Demon Lord Nemoria will be pleased by it I assure you.”

Starting out in 69 we serviced each other. Her unblemished dark red vagina tasted of apples making it quite a delicious treat. While sampled her she sucked me off taking deep breaths of smell my sack had. Eventually she took me out, and kissed the tip.

“Please savor my virginity. I have waited so long for a worthy partner that I started to lose hope. Now that we are here I must have you immediately.”, she said.

Sliding into her with no resistance her virginity was taken in a mere moments. Burying myself deep in her she gasped biting her bottom lip. Wrapping her legs around me we continued at a stead pace as we made out. Clapping against her butt she smiled at me playfully squeezing my dick.

“If you keep teasing me I am going to break you. I want to see your wild side in bed.”, I said kissing her neck.

“Then you better make my body know how much you love me.”, she said.

Smacking her butt hard I picked up the pace, and the strength I used to fuck her. Moaning she gripped me tighter as she came all over my dick. Twirling our tongues together she eventually broke as I pushed into her womb.

“Please cum in me. I need this so badly!”, she pleaded, “My body wants my partners seed now! My womb has been ready to welcome your sperm now cum already!”

Slamming in her waist I bust a big load in her making her back arch. Holding her I made sure her insides were coated, and filled. Raising her hips slowly she arched her legs in the air.

“Yes, I am finally being impregnated! Keep your seed flowing into me!”, she said kissing me.

Feeling her womb tighten up I knew this was it. Forcing more sperm in I ensured her egg was greeted properly as we both started panting. Falling to the ground she smiled at me before looking at me in disbelief.

“You are still hard!?”, she said in shock.

“High Speed Stamina Recovery.”, I chuckled kiss her as a red band appeared on ny wrist.

Seeing a white band on her wrist she held me tightly.

“I am going to hold you to a high standard. You have to be a prime example for all of your children.”, she said touching my pecks.

“I recognize that.”, I chuckled, “They may have it rough though…they may not end up with spouses as beautiful as all of you.”

“The compliments keep coming from you!”, she said kissing me, “I appreciate the affection from you, but we should probably get back.”

“I want to relax with you for a bit.”, I said rolling over to lay her on my chest, “You deserve a small break.”

“You convinced me.”, she said resting her head on my chest, “I will relax in your arms.”

Holding her I gently ran my hands down her back. Only five minutes later did her breathing become calm, and slow signaling her sleeping state. Smiling I kissed her forehead before falling asleep myself. Waking up an hour later we got dressed, and returned to the village. Immediately seeing the mark on her wrist Naomi smiled at her.

“I am glad you joined the team.”, she said hugging her, “Let’s get along from now on.”

“Let’s not start dreaming too much.”, Germina laughed.

Sigh Naomi shook her in disappointment before looking at me.

“The Chief’s are in agreement…they want to kill the villagers instead of letting them live.”, she said with a small smile.

“They are the ones that suffered so they can make that call.”, I stated.

“About the money…”, she said looking to me.

“It belongs to the villages. It would have been a pain to haul here without my storage.”, I said pulling it out, “Make sure every village gets an equal portion.”

“Done and done.”, she said waving the Village Chiefs over.

Dispersing the funds evenly I asked to keep the chest which no one had an issue with. Thanking me for saving them as we left the village we got out of sight before I called a meeting.

“What’s wrong?”, Anna asked.

“This issue has only temporarily been fixed. I am giving everyone an option to vote on this. Do we continue to the capital, or shall we try to go secure their water supply?”, I asked.

“I vote for the captial.”, Naomi said, “We can inform our subordinates so a small force can be deployed here to fend off the human forces.”

“I second that.”, Germina said, “We could end up in over our heads.”

“We should fight!”, the sisters said, “Let’s hit the enemy while they are relaxing believing the disease is doing their work.”

Looking at me I sighed rubbing my forehead.

“Do we know where their water source cones from in the mountains?”, I asked.

Shaking their heads no I sighed.

“I have to agree with Naomi and Germina then. We could end up spending months in the mountains. Our top priority is securing the Demon Lord’s safety.”, I said.

“Refer to her as Her Majesty Demon Lord Nemoria. If certain people hear you call her anything, but that they will shame you.”, Germina said, “If they do we would have to kill them. No one shames my partner…”

“Something we can agree on.”, Naomi said with a nodded, “That being said, if Her Majesty shoould become his partner he could refer to her by name. At that point he could really call anyone by their first name in our country.”

“True, we should arrange a meeting between the two of them.”, Germina said with a sigh, “Though the last two Generals will be hard to please. They adamantly hate humans with a passion as both of their families were hunted, skinned, and are on display in one of the human nation capitals.”

“They wouldn’t happen to be a Werecat and a Orc…would they?”, I asked.

“Yes…”, they said, “You weren’t involved with that, right?”

“I wasn’t no.”, I stated, “I have just seen the display. It’s in the Holigran Empire. The display made me sick as they looked like they were terrified before they died.”

“From what we hear they were.”, Naomi said with a grim look, “They won’t kill you as you are our partner, but one slip up and they will kill you without hesitation.”

“I know, I will have to figure out how to win them over.”, I said scratching my head.

“Good Luck!”, the two Demonesses said, “We will be rooting for you!”

“Are they stronger than both of you, or something?”, I asked.

“Physically, yes but not magically. Both of us are far more deadly in magic combat than physical combat.”, they replied.

“Okay, so what do you suggest I do then?”, I asked, “If they are physically stronger than you that may-”

“They are weaker than Amazonians!”, the sisters boasted, “Our grandmother fought the Demon General of the West in a tournament between our nations, and we are stronger than her. You should have no issues in a fight with them…that being said they may fight in a group so that may even the odds.”

“Damn it, I don’t have the knowledge from my future self on how to beat them. I vaguely know that the future me had their undying loyalty, but I don’t know how I pulled it off.”, I thought to myself.

Pushing on we eventually managed to flag down a passing merchant, and hitch a ride up to the capital which was two weeks away. Spending the time with the four women I made sure to focus on learning about them. I wanted to know the four of them more than just sharing a bed. The future me had a bond with everyone that no one broke so I figured it had something to do with getting to know them. When we arrived in the capital I was taken immediately to the palace where unsurprisingly both of  the other Generals were waiting. Feeling the hatred pouring from their eyes I realized winning them over with simple actions, or getting to know them wasn’t going to work.

“I see both of you have become this humans partner.”, the Werecat woman said, “If you were going to attempt to break him you didn’t need too-”

“Lidia, we are truly his partners.”, Naomi stated, “We have every intention of having a family with him.”

“Then you both are far more stupid than you claim we are.”, the Orc woman huffed.

Unlike their more pig looking males female Orcs were much more human like aside from the dark green skin, the pig ears on their heads, a small curly tail, and lastly a pig nose. Even though they looked different they weren’t weaker than the males by any means, and in fact it wasn’t uncommon for their men to be afraid to mate with them due to their need to be pleased. I heard that a female Orc went through eighteen human men before finding one that suited her.

“Now is not the time to be bickering.”, Germina interjected, “We have reason to believe we have spies in the castle, and Jessica…for your information we picked a human that is willing to not act so high and mighty towards our kind. He helped locate, and exterminate the plague on our frontier. Humans have used diseased corpses to kill the villagers henceforth we need to dispatch troops to secure their water supply.”

“I read your note, and we have already dispatched men to secure it.”, Jessica stated, “Her Majesty Demon Lord Nemoria thanks all of you…now you can leave the capital.”

“Damn this…if I don’t hurry the spy could move now. I didn’t think Germina would be so ignornant as to send word in advanced. Now those assassins are going to move outside what I know which means we could be too late.”, I thought looking at them I stepped forward.

“Lady Jessica and Lady Lidia, we don’t have the time to keep waiting around for an attempt on Her Majesty’s life. The little bit of information I know was already sent to you which means you told your subordinates.”, I stated.

“Watch your tongue human…”, they growled, “Are you saying one of our soldiers would harm our leader? If you are-”

“I am saying if they leaked it out their going to move sooner to escape capture!”, I snapped, “Now we can stand out here all day long, or we can find them before they start a war! For all we know they brought the disease into the capital to take all of you out!”

“Now you are being-“, Lidia started to say.

“Jameson can enter the castle under our authority!”, Germina and Naomi snapped, “If you have an issue with it take it up with the Prime Minister!”

Growling the two of them glared at me before moving aside. Walking past them both of them hurled insults at me. Before I could respond one of the guards on the wall started screaming.


“Shit, we are too late!”, I snapped running into the castle.

Following me the Generals, and the sisters ran towards the Queen’s bedroom. Arriving in the nick of time I grabbed the doctor, and pulled him back.

“What in blazes are you doing!?”, he snapped.

“Her Majesty has a high ranking disease resistance…going in without any form of protection is a good way to die from her disease.”, I stated.

Realizing my point he took a mask out from his back, and put on several charms to protect himself. Walking into the room several others followed him after using similar items. Catching up finally the four Generals peeked into the room as I casually walked in the room.

“What about the disease!?”, the doctor barked.

“I have Complete Immunity to Disease so unlike you I won’t get sick.”, I said, “May I approach?”

“As you helped out our frontier villages with their illness I grant you permission.”, he said.

Walking closely to the bed I took one look at her with <Analysis> before ordering everyone out of the room. Scooting everyone out of the room I told them to burn their clothing immediately, and to sanitize themselves quickly. Using <Purification> on my clothing I repeated the spell eight times before I was happy.

“What is wrong?!”, the four Generals demanded.

“That isn’t a disease…someone poisoned her with a very dangerous mineral. If anyone gets to close to her you could die, become sterile, grow extra limbs, or any number of other gross things. Thankfully her anatomy is repelling the effects, but it’s wearing her out. If nothing is done within two days she will die.”, I stated.

“What is this mineral you speak off?”, the doctor asked.

“It is a mineral known as Uranium. In my world it is used to make weapons of mass destruction.”, I stated, “It’s usually a white rock that animals avoid at all cost.”

“I know the element you are referring to well…we had a mining village die due to that material…”, he said, “How could someone have brought it so close without her knowing?”

“They probably had her drink from a lead cup. Lead will block the harmful effects.”, I stated, “Now then, you six should start looking for anyone that has entered her room in the last few days that is sick. As the doctors knows what to look for he should be able to help determine the person who did it based on their physical condition.”

Nodding his head he ordered them to do what I asked. Once the women were gone he looked at me with a serious expression.

“So how do we fix this?”, he asked.

“I am immune to the changes due to radiation poisoning, but I am still effected by radiation itself. If I am exposed to large doses of it I will likely die as would you. To the best of my knowledge no magic exists to block radiation.”, I stated.

Looking at the other men around him no one had an answer so I sat back to think things through. With no answers in my head as in the future I knew I had stopped her from ingesting it so now I was lost. Thinking about carefully there wasn’t any other way around it so I looked at the doctor.

“Get me a thick lead cup. It has to be at least three inches thick, and I will need a lot of prayers.”, I stated.

“You are going to attempt the operation?!”, he asked.

“You wouldn’t know what to do.”, I stated, “At this point I will do what I can to fix her up.”

Thanking me he ordered for a lead cup to be brought up. A few minutes later a cup was presented to me as I took a deep breath. Patting me on the back he pushed me in the room, and shut the door. Running over to her bed I grabbed her hand.

“Why is a human in my room..?”, she asked weakly.

“I am sorry Nemoria, but I don’t have time to be formal. If I wait much longer your body won’t hold out.”, I said holding her hand tightly, “This is going to hurt.”

Placing a piece of wood in her mouth to bite on I used <Telekensis> to rip the Uranium out, and into the cup. Crushing the cup I ensured that it was completely encased before starting to heal her. Slowly I could feel my body start taking damage from the radiation in her body. I cast <Purification> after <Purification> removing the effects of the Uranium piece by piece till she was healed. By that point I passed out beside her bed from the radiation I had absorbed.

Waking up sometime later in an amazingly soft bed I opened my eyes to see a red wallpapered room before me. Everywhere I looked I saw portraits of past Demon Lord’s I had seen in books lining the walls. Eventually I realized I was in the Demon Lord’s room so I tried to get up, but couldn’t move. Realizing something was on me I flipped the covers off to find the woman I saved on me. Looking back at me with my dick in her mouth we stared at each other for a few moments before things clicked in my head.

“What are you doing?”, I asked.

“Pleasuring my partner?”, she asked matter-of-factly.

“Since when are we-”

“Since you referred to me by my first name, and saved my life. Had I not slept with you things would have ended for you.”, she said kissing the tip, “You are the first man any of my reincarnations have been with.”

“Huh?! What you mean all of these portraits are past lives?!”, I said in shock.

“Correct, my male reincarnations bedded many women while my female ones never have. I decided you were worth it thus we shall mate here.”, she said with smile as her black bat wings appeared, “I will ensure this time will be the most pleasure you have ever had, and then you can pass on.”

“Haha, you underestimate me.”, I said, “You will be begging me to spare your Succubus Vagina the abuse it’s about to take. I will ensure it gets pleasure from me alone.”

“Oh deary, you seem to misunderstand. You don’t just have to satisfy me, but my personal maids Hilda and Regan. I will consider you a proper mate if you can satisfy all three of us.”, she said, “Ladies, please come on to the bed.”

Climbing onto the bed to Lion kin women crawled towards me on all fours. Seeing my dick the two purred as one swallowed me, and the other made out with me. Pulling Nemoria in the three of us made out while Hilda sucked me eagerly. Fingering the two Lion kin women they wrapped their vaginas around me fingers. Stopping her oral play Hilda spread her legs in front of me just begging to be mounted. Ramming into her she growled in pleasure while the other two examined her.

“She is ready for making a litter of Lion kin. See how she is panting just from that.”, Regan said.

“She wants to drain those big balls into her womb. Lets watch her breeding.”, Nemoria said fingering Hilda, “Milk his balls dry!”

Slowly grinding herself into my waists I reached forward to grab her motherly tits. Just feeling them I knew I wasn’t her first partner as breasts were simply to well maintained. With that in mind I mhappily made my sack clap against her as her cervix kept getting poked by me. Pushing onto the bed I started hammering her hard.

“Just…give it…to me…”, she said clawing the bed.

Lifting her waist the other two women watched the waves of sperm fill her womb as I dumped my biggest load yet into her. Curling her toes as she climaxed I grinned turning to the other two.

“I am sure you need too-”

“I should have told you…I have High Speed Stamina Regeneration…I am ready for round two.”, I said pulling the other Lion kin woman to me.

Spreading her legs to receive me she growled as her vagina stretched to take me. Purring once I was all the way in she place her ankles on my shoulders. Kissing her beautiful legs she shook her hips with content. Grabbing her perky milf breasts I leaned forward to kiss her. Nibbling on her ear next I whispered some playful things in her ear.

“You are my woman now, and I won’t take no for an answer. Your vagina is desperately pleasuring my dick because you want more babies. Stay with me, and I can see to it that you have all the babies you want.”, I said.

Purring she slammed her hips into me, and forcefully made out with me as the other two watched. 

“Regan is ovulating for him!”, Hilda said, “It appears she has a more suitable mate now. Jameson, fill her cunt with a massive load so we can both have your offspring.”

Turning to the Queen I was about to move to her when something cold hit my face. Shooting up I opened my eyes realizing that I was laying om the floor with a splitting headache.

“Are you alright!?”, the doctor asked checking my pulse.

“Yeah…”, I said looking at my status window, “The radiation knocked me out, but other than that I am fine.”

“The Queen is doing fine now. Thank you for risking your life to save hers.”, he said with a bow.

“Did they manage to find the person who did this to her?”, I asked hesitant to kmow if I could refer to her so casually.

“The four of them are currently dealing with a horde of ghouls at our southern gate. It appears the culprit brought them here as a distraction to slip away from our men.”, he said, “The Queen wishes to speak with you in private…most likely it has to do with the attempt on her life so all of us will leave the room.”

Leaving the room immediately they left the two of us alone. Looking at the Demon Lord she looked much different than in my dream. No longer a succubus this woman was a vampire who looked no more than fifteen years of age.

“Is something the matter?”, she inquired.

“I had the weirdest dream that you were a succubus, and that-“, I started to say.

“The person you saw in your dreams was most likely my ancestor. This position is kept within the family though the Demon Lord’s themselves never have had children. All of us are cloned from the first Demon Lord, and mixed with different races each time.”, she said, “More thank likely the spirit of a previous version of us has taken a liking to you. If it was a succubus though it has to be the first Demon Lord, Gala.”

“So the first one…wonder why I am special.”, I said with a shrug, “So what does Her Majesty want with-”

“Let’s skip the formality as you saved my life.”, she stated, “I want you to tell me about your unique skill.”

“Magic eyes..?”, I asked.

Nodding her head I sighed for my stupidity in not thinking about it. 

“My unique skill is <Foresight>, and I don’t control what bits I get to see.”, I said to her, “I have seen up to ten years from now, but only in very small fragments.”

“I assume it’s something to do with me?”, she asked.

“In the future I have twenty wives, and over two hundred additional women in my harem. I feel like my life was great till everything fell apart.”, I said, “Minor events lead up to a full on war which draws all the races into it. I along with my family side with the nonhumans to fight for your freedom. What happens during that time is very vague, but the last thing I saw was the Mad Gods rain down hell upon all living things. I am unable to see how they came, or what happens afterwards. One thing is for certain though…everyone I love ended up dead surrounding me in the capital of my home country in this world.”

“I see, so you are trying to prevent that?”, she asked, “And I am to believe I am one of your wives?”

“I couldn’t see all of my harem or my wives, but I know for certain the Four Demon Generals, yourself, the two Amazonians I came with, their Queen, and the current Dragon Empress as I am told she is properly called are among my wives.”, I stated.

Looking at me intently for a moment she sighed before nodding her head. 

“Very well, I have no reason to doubt you given the fact you saved me. Not only that, but two of my generals are your partners.”, she said, “In light of that…I will be your partner as well. For the time being the generals will need to stay here. As there has been an attempt on my life we need to strengthen our defenses.”

“I understand Nemoria, but I have to win over the remaining two generals.”, I stated, “Their hatred for humans far exceeds anything I could-”

“There is one way to win their trust. As you have been made aware the two of them lost their families. Returning their bodies here along with anyone alive involved with their death. You do that I assure you that they will love you.”, she said, “Both have spend countless hours, and money trying to retrieve their families.”

“I assumed as much…this is a tough task you’re asking of me.”, I chuckled.

“Yes, but it would without a doubt show your commitment to helping Demon kind as well as them directly.”, she said.

Agreeing with her I asked if that meant she wished to hold off on things with me till I returned. Confirming my suspicions I nodded my head in defeat.

“I have to maintain my image. Partnering the four Generals would make you a suitable candidate for my partner as far as nobleman would be concerned.”, she said.

“When this is all over I am going to build a country where this title crap is outlawed. No need for people to be subjected to dynastic mobleman.”, I said with a sigh.

“When that time comes I, along with the rest of our family, will assist your efforts. A country like you are explaining would be an interesting place to live.”, she laughed as I did last check for injuries on her.

With everything checking out okay I left her to instruct Naomi to watch her closely.

“She is fine now, but they make strike again. Check everything and everyone before you open her door. The only exemptions are you four generals as your loyalty is absolute to her.”, I stated.

With that I asked the two sisters to search the city for information regarding the attack. Telling them to keep any beatings they gave hushed they grinned happily.

“We will gladly do this for you.”, they said kissing me, “Before you go, we want some of your time.”

Grinning I didn’t bother to ask Germina or Naomi as they were busy doing their jobs. After a night of loving I left the next morning for the Holigran Empire.

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