Solo Heroing – Chapter 2

“So which Hero are you?”, Naomi asked as I was carrying her.

After a hardy breakfast prepared by myself the four of us had set out just before dawn. As her leg was still injured I had to carry Naomi again, but this time she had no issues with given we were official now.

“People referred to me as the Solo Hero because I never really interacted with the others. I always felt like they were idiots for blindly following whatever the nobility told them without thinking for themselves.”, I stated, “The others blindly believe that nonhumans are nothing, but a blight on the land and steal resources from the human nations.”

“That’s a lie!”, the three women snapped.

“Well…we may take a few of their men once in a while, but they hardly fight back when we tell them what’s in store for them.”, Anna said, “That will be a thing of the past now though with you around.”

“Demon’s haven’t stolen anything from humans! It’s always been the humans taking stuff from us because they breed so rapidly! We nonhumans have a lower birth rate due to our special traits so the humans always get land grabby when their population grows ever ten or twenty years.”, Naomi said, “I am interested to see if making children with a human will speed up our reproduction rate.”

“I can’t say if it will or not.”, I chuckled, “I will be happy to experiment though.”

“I am sure you would.”, she giggled, “So why are we going to my nation first instead of the Amazonian nation?”

“We need to get your leg looked at. No offense, but the Amazonian women mainly specialize in combat areas…not advanced medical techniques.”, I said, “It’s not like they are idiots, medicine is just not their strong point.”

“Outside of minor injuries if a potion can’t fix it we dispatch our comrades.”, Anna said.

“You are forbidden from doing that.”, I stated, “Once we secure the help of a Demon with Healing Magic wounds can be healed easily. I can only do minor healing magic since my skill doesn’t give me healing bonuses.”

“Speaking of skills what skills do you have?”, Naomi asked.

“Quadruple Growth Speed, High Speed Magic Recovery, High Speed Health Recovery, High Speed Stamina, Complete Poison and Disease Resistance, 80% Magic Resistance, 70% Physical Damage Resistance, Archery, Swordsmanship, Superhuman Strength, Godly Might, and Ultra Instinct.”, I stated.

“Oh my!!”, they said, “That’s a lot of skills.”

“Compared to the other Heroes I am average in number of skills. Most of them have martial art skills, specialized magic skills, and one even has blacksmithing skills.”, I stated.

In reality I only started out with Foresight, but thanks to the fragments I got from the future me I knew how to get more skills, buffs, and knew how to efficiently level up. The reason I hadn’t told them about Foresight was in about six months time an attempt would be made on the Demon Lord’s life. I didn’t have all the details, but the reason she was targeted was because someone learned of my skill. From what I gathered the human nations were afraid I would give her all sorts of information about their plans. For now it was best if no one knew about the skill aside from myself.

“I see, so that is why they managed to overwhelm me so easily.”, Naomi said.

“They have Holy Attribute weapons which damage you severely.”, I stated, “At this point if the four of us were attacked by them we could fend them off. For now it’s best if we keep moving towards your capital. I will be relying on you when we reach the border this afternoon.”

“I will see to it that you aren’t hassled.”, she said kissing my cheek.

Reaching the border that afternoon around 1pm the Demon guardsmen glared at me in anger. Unsurprisingly they instantly thought I forced myself on Naomi, and had drawn their weapons. Before a fight broke out she ordered the men to stand down.

“I am sorry My Lady, but this man is a human. We can’t permit him to pass without-”

“He is my partner!”, she said having me show them my mark, “I willingly made him my partner, and we are currently on our way to the capital to meet with Her Majesty Demon Lord Nemoria!”

“But My Lady, I can’t believe you would-”

“I trust this man with my life! He rescued me from certain death after I was cornered by those rotten Heroes!”, she said, “While Jameson may be a Hero he isn’t like them in the slightest! He values the lives of nonhumans, and treats us as equals. If we are going to end this war before it begins we will need his strength. Now let us through immediately!”

“As bossy as ever I see.”, a black-haired, red skinned woman said walking towards us, “Naomi the Demon General of the South has a human male partner…now that’s something I find hard to believe, and I am stand right seeing it.”

“Well if it isn’t Germina the Demon General of the East…I thought I smelled something horrible nearby.”, Naomi snapped.

“Smell? You are one to talk! You reek of his sperm!”, she snapped.

“Hold your tongue you-”

“Enough already!”, I snapped, “We don’t have time to be bickering with each other! If you value the life of the Demon Lord you will let us through. The human nations have spies in your castle that are waiting for a signal to kill her when they are ready to start the war.”

Looking at me Germina asked how I knew this. Lying to her I said I had overheard the King mention it before fleeing the castle.

“Before I let you go I want you to prove you have no hatred for nonhumans. Sleeping with our kind is far different from having no hatred for us.”, Germina said, “Recently an outbreak of some disease unknown to us has been ravaging the local villages. If you help solve the mystery as to where it came from, and find us a cure I will personally escort you to the Demon Lord myself.”

“Very well, is there someone here who can heal Naomi’s leg?”, I asked, “It’s more complicated than I can heal with my skills.”

Rushing out of the barracks a man came over, and looked at her leg. Before to long he used magic to heal her after confirming that she had no internal bleeding.

“There, she is healed so let us be on our way.”, Germina said.

Following after her the four us caught up to her immediately so we could jog our way there.

“So explain to me when this all started.”, I asked.

“Roughly three months ago several villagers became incredibly ill after expanding the village well. We already confirmed that there was no poison, or toxin in the water so we thought maybe it was just a fluke. Not to long after that several other villages started reporting that they to had sick people matching the description of the illness which is why Her Majesty Demon Lord Nemoria dispatched me out here. Out of the Four Demon Generals I am the best suited for Healing Magics.”, she said, “I can not for the life of me figure out where the disease is coming from.”

“Lets start with the villages…I assume all of their water comes from the same source?”, I asked.

“Correct, there is an underground lake that is fed by mountain run off. The men were down there cleaning away debris that builds up every few years.”, she said, “In prior centuries our people dug underground streams off the lake that feeds the local villages.”

“I see, would it be possible to see the lake once I get to see a few of the sick villagers.”, I asked.

“You may do so at your own risk. The disease appears to be transmittable.”, she said.

“Jameson has Complete Poison and Disease Resistance so he will be fine.”, Naomi bragged.

“I am happy for him…”, Germina said with a sigh.

Stopping in the nearest village I got to see first hand how bad the situation was. Currently several healthy villagers were digging mass graves for those who had died. Too many villagers passed away in a short time to make individual graves for them. Immediately looking at Germina I told her she had to make them burn the bodies.

“You want to burn them? Is it because you hate Demons?”, she pressed me.

“If their bodies carry the disease their fluid will leak into the soil, and possibly pollute the ground water.”, I stated.

Hearing that she understood why I wanted them burnt now, and nodded her head. Ordering the bodies to be burnt after being place in the hole the villagers acknowledged her orders. Walking in the Village Chief’s house in the center of the village I saw several children hanging on to life. Seeing their parents weeping for their children I knew I had to do something.

“Why have you brought a human!?”, the Chief demanded from Germina.

“He is Naomi’s partner. I am having him try to determine what is going on here.”, she replied.

Kneeling down I asked the first child’s parents if I could look him over. Hesitantly giving me permission I started with using <Analysis>. Using this spell I could only see health issues that could be visibly seen since I had no medical skills. Staring at his head I saw he was running a fever of one hundred, and five degrees which was life threatening if left unchecked. Working my way down I saw his eyes were bloodshot, his lymph nodes were swollen to the size of ping-pong balls, his breathing was labored, he had rash on his chest, and it appeared that his fingernails were slightly discolored.

“Do the victims suddenly get ill, or does it slowly take hold?”, I asked Germina as I looked at the second child.

“It takes hold slowly, but picks up speed once it sets in.”, she said, “We know the victims going to die when-”

“They start bleeding from their eyes.”, I stated finishing her sentence.

“How do you know that!?”, they both snapped.

“This disease is something I read about back in my world.”, I stated, “This is known as the Black Death. It is highly contagious, almost always lethal if you don’t catch it early, and based on your level of medical science…is untreatable.”

Hearing the parents fell to their knees bawling their eyes out. Before she could bite my head off I raised my hand.

“That being said I can help force your medical science forward enough to treat them, but it will take time.”, I stated, “It’s not something I can make overnight. It will be at least a month before we have enough for wide-spread use.”

“Please! We will do anything if you help our children!”, the parents pleaded.

“For now, the children need to drink plenty of orange juice and water. They will also need protein and starches to keep their energy up to fight the disease off. While the disease may be tough to beat it can be fought off with our immune systems.”, I stated calmly, “As long as they children have that started two days before their eyes start bleeding we can give them the best chance possible for survival.”

Getting up the parents immediately sprung into action going to fetch the necessary items for their children. Turning to Germina and the Village Chief I asked them a question.

“You said this started when they cleaned the debris from the mountain water opening, right?”, I asked.

“Correct.”, they said.

“They more than likely picked this up from animal carcasses that they likely had to clear away.”, I stated, “This disease is generally spread by fleas that infest rats, but can spread to other animals. We can get infected by being bitten, or being exposed to the body of an infected host.”

“Damn it!”, she snapped, “I should have thought about it! The affected villages used the materials for various things! We spread this disease without even realizing it!”

“Calm down! No one is at fault here because you wouldn’t have known.”, I stated, “Fact is this disease has never been recorded in your world. All the history books I read never once mentioned this ever causing the human nations problems. In my world the disease spread because people didn’t have proper hygiene which most humans here don’t. The nonhumans I have met are very clean so I have no doubt most of you are the same way. Given that fact I have reason to believe someone who knows about the disease sent it into your water supply after figuring out where you get your water. I would even wager they have the cure.”

“You’re saying the humans did that!?”, the Village Chief snapped, “How would they have found where our water comes from?”

“I hate to break it to you, but could another local village sold you all out? If they knew the war was coming, and wanted to be spared would a village sell you all out?”, I asked.

“Don’t you dare blame our kind!”, Germina snapped, “We would never-”

“Hang on…he may be right! The Wind Village turned down their share of the spoils, and even paid for another village to send extra men to help in their stead…”, he said, “Come to think of it we haven’t seen their normal traders in two weeks!! Those bastards sold out their own kind!!”

Putting the pieces together herself she instantly started walking out of the house. Grabbing her shoulder I tried to get her to look at me. When she refused I spun her around, and smacked her across the face. Gasping the Village Chief was in shock that I would hit her.

“Don’t you dare go off to fight that village!”, I snapped, “We have more important things to worry about right now than to go after them. They won’t be going anywhere, but if we don’t do something soon more people are going to die. Your duty is to the people first!”

Looking at me in the eyes for a minute or two she eventually lowered her head. Admitting that I was right she said she would spread the word to the other villagers and villages about the cause, and how to keep people alive long enough to make the medicine. Immediately getting a clean space prepped I started mixing up the concoction that would become the cure. Making several large batches of the medicine I set it aside to let the bacteria grow. Over the course of the next two weeks Germina, and went around gathering up all the sick people into one place to prevent the spread of the disease. Eventually Germina herself got sick, and became bedridden with the Black Death.

Using magic I sped up the process of making the cure hoping that the magic wouldn’t cause any unknown reactions. With the cure complete I brought to where everyone was to give it a test run. Before I could warn anyone though the villagers said to just give it to everyone, and that they trusted me. If it did fail they knew I had given it my all so there would be no hard feelings about it. Taking a deep breath I gave the medicine to each person in the right dosage based on body weight. Once I finished I gave everyone a big glass of water before letting them rest.

A week flew by in a blur as the medicine finally kicked in. Before long people were showing massive signs of improvement as their bodies fought off the disease. By the month’s end everyone was completely cured, and the materials from the debris had been burned to purify them. Happy to be live now the village through a party for me as a thank you.

“Thank you mister for saving us!”, the little boy I had first inspected said with a smile.

“I am happy you are back to your healthy self.”, I said patting his head.

Talking with various people who wanted to thank me I noticed a little gray skinned girl kepted peeking at me from over behind a tree. Asking the Village Chief’s about her one of the recognized her. Calling her parents over they pointed her out, and asked about the situation.

“She is being rude to our savior!”, they grumbled.

“Please forgive her, she is having trouble trying to come to terms with something personal to her.”, her father said.

“She wants Jameson to call her over first before she comes to him. She is a shy girl after all.”, her mother said.

Waving her over the girl came running with a big smile on her face. Walking over to me she stopped right in front of me with a resolved look on her face.

“I want to be your wife!”, she demanded.

The atmosphere around me hit the floor as I realized that she wasn’t playing around about it. Her expression told me she was one hundred percent certain about this, and I wasn’t sure how to respond.

“Uh…”, I said looking at Naomi.

“It’s not uncommon for our kind to be engaged at an early age…though that being said normally the parents decide that not the children.”, she said.

Looking to her parents they seemed content with it so asked how old she had to be before she was of age.

“Sixteen.”, Naomi said, “It would be ten years away from now before she would be allowed to marry under our laws. At that time she will be sexually mature enough to have children so she must wait till then.”

Looking down at the girl I knelt to level. Patting her head I gave her a warm smile.

“If you still want to be my wife when your sixteen I will happily take you as a member of my harem.”, I stated, “You don’t have to force yourself if someone else-”

“It has to be you!”, she stomped.

Chuckling I nodded my head as I faint memory of the older her ran through my mind. This girl was going to become one hell of a good-looking woman when she was seventeen. At that time she would be the envy of everyone, but she would only be in my bed. Patting her head again she ran off to play with the other kids having stated her intention to me.

“I apologize for her boldness…if you don’t want her we will-”

“If she will have me when she is of age I promise to cherish her.”, I said with a smile, “A young girls heart is something to be treasured after all.”

“I will ensure that she will make you a good partner!”, her mother said with a firm smile, “She will make your other partners jealous with her skills!”

“Haha, I am sure she will keep them on their toes.”, I said looking at Germina, “I want to head out tomorrow to confirm that the Wind Village truly had something to do with this. If they did all of them have to die because if one gets word back to the human kingdoms you can be sure they will try something different again.”

“I agree completely!”, she said with a nod, “Let’s leave just after sunrise. The hunters should be returning from hunting so we can get all of them together then.”

With that settled we enjoyed a night of partying to celebrate both the dead and the living.

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