Solo Heroing – Chapter 1

“How can I be of service today?”, a well dressed man in a suit said, “I assume you are here to look at the product?”

“Yes…I need someone with combat skills.”, I stated.

“I have plenty of slaves that can fit that requirement.”, he said baying me to follow him.

Currently I was in the market for a combat slave due to circumstances beyond my control. I had been reincarnated here from another world after a freak accident in my office building sent all of us into another world. I had been lucky enough to be born into a noble household as the second eldest son of a Viscount, but my luck had been poor as I along with my other sibling had been kicked out once we were old enough to live on our own. While my luck was poor many of my former coworkers had been killed, in some case, almost as soon as we arrived here.

Having been reincarnated meant I was given the class of Hero which really bugged me. Unlike the other survivors I had no interest in being a Hero. All of them had formed an adventurer party, and took off on an adventure a few months back leaving me alone thankfully. Recently rumors had been going around that the enemy they went to pursue, an Evil Ancient Dragon, had subdued them as they hadn’t been seen in weeks. Now that they were gone it was only a matter of time before the nobility I left came back to make me into a Hero.

“God, why the hell couldn’t you have given me a better class than Hero? I would have been fine as a Weapon Smith…”, I thought, “I hate having to fight as it’s incredibly boring, and I absolutely hate having to deal with nobles. If I have to attend another damn birthday party in one of those suits I will hang myself. I just need to get a combat slave to help fight monsters, and I should be fine.”

“Sir, here are my best slave.”, he said motioning towards the rows of cages before me.

Men were out of this equation as I had no interest in them. I had my heart set on making a harem, and a man in the group would only cause issues. Using the spell <Appraise> I checked the stats of the female slaves. Many of them were incredibly strong, but most had sexual diseases that couldn’t be treated by potion or magic. If I slept with them it was a guarantee that I would die at an early age. Eventually I found two Amazonian sisters chained up like dogs. Standing there I examined them confirming that they were in fact free of disease.

“Why are they chained up?”, I asked.

“Amazonian’s have a bad habit of raping men, and then killing them. These two came with five others, but I had to dispatch them after they ripped the cages apart.”, he said bluntly, “Outside of fighting, and the bedroom they are completely useless. These two can’t cook, clean, or even wash clothing properly.”

“How much for them? Those other things matter little to me as I only need them for fighting.”, I stated.

“If your willing to pay me my cost I will be happy to be rid of them.”, he said, “It would be roughly 1,500 kel.”

“Cheap.”, I stated.

“Like I said they are useless outside of those two things, and have a bad habit of killing their men.”, he said, “I was a fool for buying them given that we are in peace time right now.”

“That will be coming to an end shortly.”, I told him, “The nobility seem anxious to start a war with the Demons…”

“Not a Demon hater?”, he asked.

“I could careless about race. My only desire is to not have to do shit I hate all the time.”, I stated, “Tired of running around like an idiot.”

“Understandable.”, he said as I dropped the coins into his hand.

Kel was the solo currency of the world. The coins started out at copper which was a single Kel, then went bronze which was ten, iron which was twenty, silver which was fifty, gold which was one hundred, rose gold which was five hundred, mythril which was a thousand, and finally platinum which was ten thousand. The whole coin system here seemed broken to me, but I couldn’t change it even if I wanted too. Confirming the amount he transferred their contract to me. Unchaining them the two of them made a dash for me immediately. Before either of them could touch me my hands grabbed their faces, and smashed them into the stone floor.

“Listen carefully, I am your master and you will do as I say. I had no desire for you to kill me, and I certainly don’t need you assaulting me. You are forbidden from sexual acts unless I give you permission. We are pressed for time to leave the country so after buying you gear we are leaving.”, I stated.

Nodding their heads I released them. Standing up the two introduced themselves.

“I am Anna, and this my younger sister Ella.”, the taller of the two said.

Both women were incredibly fit with six packs on their stomachs, and had very bouncy chests that seemed to want to be set free. Right now I wanted to fondle them, but like I had previously said we were pressed for time. Walking away the black-haired, tan skinned, blue-eyed women followed me keeping an eye on the surroundings.

“You are not allowed to engage in combat without my permission. The only exception is if I am asleep, and we come under attack. In that situation only you are allowed to act within a one hundred foot radius.”, I stated looking at the short swords, and spears.

Handing them the equipment after they got leather armor that fit them we paid, and left the capital. Keeping pace with me the two asked why we were in such a hurry.

“As I said in the Slaver’s Tent the nation is about to be engulfed in war. I am one of the reincarnated Heroes so I will be called into service.”, I stated.

“Isn’t cowardly to flee from a fight?”, they asked.

“I don’t want to fight the Demon’s, or the other races that the human nations hate.”, I stated, “I happen to like those other races, and as a man who wants a harem I can’t live here with nonhumans.”

“So who all do you want in your harem?”, they asked.

“In my main group I want like four Bunny Kin women, maybe two or three Sacred Fox Kin, three Elves, a fairy or two, and several demons plus the both of you. Outside of that I will take any women I feel like, but the ones I listed will be in the publics eye as my wives.”, I stated.

“You sound like the original Demon King”, they laughed, “However I think we can make do with something like that. We Amazonians like strong men so why don’t you show us that drive of yours to take any woman you want.”

“That will have to wait as our goal isn’t the harem at this point. As I assume you heard the Heroes party went missing while going to slay an Evil Ancient Dragon. I need to confirm whether or not that is true. If it’s true that means my theory that a Demon is involved is correct.”, I stated.

“How so?”, they asked.

“Simple, historians confirmed that there has never been an Evil Ancient Dragon.”, I stated.

“Then why would they post a job for it?”, they asked.

“Thing is the one who turned in the request swears that it’s a Dragon, but I have a feeling its a Demon trying to gather information on the state of things here. If I can make contact with it I may be able to avoid needless conflict with the other races”, I stated, “But if I am wrong, and the first Evil Ancient Dragon has been born I want the possible rare materials it would have. Legend says that their scales are the only thing that can block Divinity which will be perfect for me so they can’t force me back into being a Hero.”

“What do you mean? I thought Heroes volunteered for service?”, they inquired.

“Normally yes, but the ones that came before us refused to help so the nobility enslaved them using some funky Holy Magic. We never had it put on us since the majority wanted to help. If I am all alone they will force their will on me whether I like it or not.”, I stated.

Understanding the situation we ran for a few hours before stopping in a small village for the night. Booking a room at the inn I put up several barriers to prevent intruders from sneaking in before I went to bed. Luckily the women were exhausted so they passed out in their bed without much trouble.

The next morning we set out at first light for the Boreal Mountains where the Dragon was supposedly living. It took us roughly five days to get there, and when we arrived it was evident a big battle had been fought.

“Looks like this was a brutal battle…look at all the blood.”, they said.

“This is black blood…”, I said, “Not even a hint of red so this belong to a Demon.”

“How are you sure?”, they asked.

“Dragon’s blood is silver-colored.”, I said, “I fought one previously so I know the color well. It looks like they fought the Demon back into the mountain range. Let’s keep going forward, but keep an eye on our surroundings.”

Continuing along the blood soaked path we eventually stumbled upon a collapsed cave. Having the two of them check the pathway that continued up the mountain they found boot tracks leading up the mountain.

“It appears the Heroes continued on up the mountain.”, they said, “This time of year they probably got trapped in the bad weather higher up. Storms frequently hit this area in the spring.”

“Fair enough, I am going to remove the debris.”, I said snapping my fingers.

Instantly the debris vanished causing the two of them to back up.

“Calm down, I only put the boulders in my storage. I can use them later for something.”, I snapped.

Taking a torch out the three of us ventured inside to the back of the cave where a blue skinned Demon sat with her back to the wall. The blue skinned woman had golden goat horns on her head which complimented her silver eyes. Covered in cuts, and blood I could barely make out her more female attributes.

“Here to finish me off?”, she said weakly.

“No, I am not with the Hero party.”, I said kneeling before her, “I am here to help you.”

Taking out a potion I offered it to her. Pushing it away she glared at me.

“It has to be poisoned…no human would willingly help a Demon for nothing. I am sure you want to make me a slave, or even-”

Popping the cap off the potion I put some in my mouth, and kissed her. Forcing the medicine down her throat she sat there in shock. Once I finished forcing her to drink it all I sat back on my bum.

“Believe me now?”, I asked, “If I had poisoned it both of us are going to die now.”

“I believe it’s not poisoned now, but that doesn’t explain why a human would help a Demon.”, she said.

Sighing I told her about my situation, and what my ultimate goal was. Looking at me skeptically she eventually seemed to understand what I had in mind.

“So you want only nonhumans in your harem?”, she asked.

“The main group, yes. Outside of them I will have women I find attractive, but they will have little sway in the scheme of things. Only the main group will really have a say.”, I stated.

“I understand, so you happen to like nonhumans then more than humans?”, she inquired.

“Compared to the humans I have met you are far superior to all of them even covered in blood.”, I teased her.

“Well I think I can give you a chance as you saved me, but don’t get your hopes up. Demon women have expectations for our spouses.”, she said, “For now though, I would like to return to my home before those blasted Heroes return.”

“They will busy battling a snowstorm like we will if we don’t hurry.”, Anna said peeking outside the cave, “A storm has come over the mountain, and will hit us in thirty minutes.”

“You able to move?”, I asked her.

“I should be…ouch!”, she said stumbling forward after trying to stand up.

Catching her in my arms it was evident she had hurt her leg in the fight, and that she wouldn’t be moving anywhere. Scooping her up she became flustered almost immediately.

“Put me down I can manage myself!”, she demanded.

“Stop playing the tough woman already! You are hurt, and unable to move around by yourself.”, I stated, “You said you’d give me a chance so shut up, and let me carry you.”

“Fine…”, she said burying herself in my chest.

Running off the mountain we managed to escape the snowstorm, and started to head towards the Demon nation of Nagara. That night when we stopped to rest I took a closer look at her injure to see if I could treat it with magic or a high tier potion. Using <Analysis> I determined she had a fractured shin bone that had almost broken through completely. Giving her the news she looked at me for options.

“I recommend binding your leg so you don’t accidentally finish breaking it. You won’t be able to walk on it for a while till the bone heals.”, I said.

“Let’s do that then.”, she stated.

Taking a few strong branches I tore up a spare shirt of mine to bind her leg together. Grunting as the pain hit her she didn’t calm down till I finished.

“Should you need to use the restroom ask one of the women. I will carry you anywhere, but there. I figure you want privacy.”, I stated.

“Thank you for the consideration.”, she said.

Taking her to use the restroom I remained at the campfire to cook up some venison we had killed a few days back. Seasoning the meat with salt, pepper, and lemon I had let it soak most of the day in Anna’s pack. Having been soaking all day the meat smelled amazing. By the time the women returned the smell was so strong their mouths started watering.

“Is it almost done..?”, Anna said with a gulp.

“Yes, just a few more minutes.”, I said with a smile.

When the food was finished I gave everyone an equal portion, and then we began to eat. Shoveling their food down in almost a single bite after cramping it all in the three gasped as they shivered.

“Excellent!”, the Demoness said.

“You are worth not killing after intercourse.”, the sisters said.

“I think that’s a compliment?”, I stated with a chuckle, “You couldn’t kill me even if you wanted too.”

“That a challenge?”, the sisters asked.

“Depends on what you’re betting.”, I stated.

“We beat our bodies on it, and if you lose we want our freedom.”, they said.

“Sounds fair enough, so what are the rules?”, I said standing up as I finished my food.

“We will attempt to kill you with nothing, but our bare hands as is our custom. If we can not do so within five minutes, or you make us submit you win. Obviously if you die we get our freedom.”, Anna said.

“I see, I have two conditions and one question. Condition one should I lose, which I won’t, you will still take our Demon friend here back home upon which your slavery contract will be released.”, I said, “Second, I will give you a handicap as a show of good sport. I will not move or attempt to dodge your attacks for one minute. Lastly, my question is…as long as I don’t use anything aside from my body it’s allowed, right?”

“Yes, you can use any part of your body to fight us. We will ensure her safe return, but you are awfully cocky about winning here.”, she said, “Our fight prior was nothing really as the slaver had ordered us not to kill anyone.”

“You will need everything you can muster to make me try to fight you seriously.”, I said with a grin, “Now then, I hereby release you from your inability to kill via slave contract for the next five minutes.”

With that they launched themselves forward hitting me straight in the gut. Before they realized what happened their knuckles cracked as they noticed they hadn’t moved me. Redirecting their energy so their hands didn’t shatter they looked back at me in shock.

“Just what are you!?”, they said as they tried to kick my neck.

Again they didn’t budge me even an inch. Checking me over they reassured themselves I wasn’t using magic. Continuing to try, and injure me they hit my back, groin, chest, and knees trying to make me buckle. When their minute ran out they backed up, but when they blinked I vanished from their sight. Before they realized it they were upside down in a tree with almost no clothing.

“What the!?”, they said trembling in shock.

“Don’t worry, I bought the armor so I didn’t total it. I set it next to our companion so I didn’t damage them.”, I said walking towards them.

Pulling the out of the tree I looked back at our comrade.

“We will be taking this elsewhere.”, I said.

“No, I have a feeling I know what you’re going to do to them…”, she said fidgeting around, “I want to watch.”

“Oh, so you’re a masochist then..?”, I said with a grin, “If you want to watch that’s fine, but once your healed up I want to see you in bed too.”

“Okay, I am okay with that.”, she said spreading her legs to reveal her wet panties.

“Her attitude changed quick…”, the two sisters said.

“Demon’s like strong men like Amazonians do. Both of are soaked enough that I don’t need to prep you.”, I chuckled.

Setting the two of them on the ground next to each other I took off my clothing for them. Presenting my dick the three of them gulped loudly.

“Take a deep breath, and start sucking.”, I said.

“You have yet to make us-“, Anna said before I grabbed her head.

Before she closed her mouth I rammed it in forcing her to swallow it to the base. Cumming from just that she looked at me dreamily. Moving her head she sucked it properly without complaint. Seeing her sister do so Ella caved, and swallowed my sack with delight swirling them around in her mouth. Telling them to stop they returned to their places.

“Now kiss the tip, and swear yourself to me. Your slave contract will be void once you do so. I hate using the contract because it limits your combat growth.”, I said.

Kissing the tip passionately the two swore allegiance to me for eternity. Torching contracts they were free from slavery now so I moved along with my plan. Picking Anna up she greedily gripped my dick trying to shove in her vagina. Making her sister and the Demoness watch I slammed my dick in making scream loudly as I took her virginity.

“By the Amazon Queen…he has taken my first time.”, she said tracing the outline of me on her stomach.

“Yes”, I said hooking my arms under her legs and behind her head, “Now squeal like the naughty woman you are!”

Fucking her hard she screamed in pleasure trying to keep her sanity. Watching her get plastered the other two fingered themselves without a second thought. Watching my sack clap against her the two moaned while she kept screaming.
“Do you submit?”, I said nibbling on her ear.

“We submit!!”, they said, “All Amazon’s will be in your harem! We shall see to it that our Queen bears your children only forever more. All of us will bask in glory with our eggs bred with such strong sperm!”

“I am glad you both understand who is the best suited to sire my children. I expect you all to assist in satisfying my urges once your Queen understands who the superior one is.”, I said, “Now be silent, and bear me child!”

Slamming into her womb she sprayed her nectar everywhere as her head shot back with her tongue hanging out. Watching her sister take my sperm the younger one licked up the little bit that came out diligently.

“Yes, I will sire you a strong daughter who will one day be bred on this dick!”, Anna said, “I will ensure her upbringing is proper!”

“I am happy you understand that you lost.”, I said before thinking to myself, “Did she just say fuck my own daughter? I hope she was just in the moment with that because otherwise that’s all sorts of creepy.”

“Both our daughters shall be bred with us!”, Ella said.

“So that is a thing then…Amazon’s really take the strength thing to far…”, I thought releasing Anna.

Popping out her vagina closed without dropping a speck of sperm. Picking Ella I firmly slammed her down on my crotch. Smacking her butt I told her to satisfy me. Leaning forward she grabbed a nearby tree, and used her powerful legs to pull me back and forth. Slamming into her she moaned happily as a little blood from her lost virginity fell to the ground. Reaching forward I used my hands to roughly grab her neck. Slamming her into me harder she gasped letting go of the tree. Holding herself up using her legs wrapped around me she hovered there letting run the show.

“My sister is nothing, but your sow. Please breed her like me. Make her womb bloom with your offspring. She is ready now so please-”

Letting her drop she caught herself before hitting the ground. With one strong heave I buried myself, and pumped her full of cum. Spraying like her sister she watched the waves fill her. Pulling out she fell to the ground gasping with pleasure.

“Now then, once we get her home you will take me to your Queen. I will need to raise an army if I am to stop the nonhumans from being wiped out.”, I said.

“We will guide you!”, they said watching me walk over to the Demon.

Standing in front of the blue skinned woman she panted just sniffing me.

“I would like to know my partners name before I do sexual acts with her.”, I said.

“I am…Naomi.”, she said.

“Naomi, kiss it.”, I said.

Without hesitation she kissed it then swallowed it whole. Stroking her hair as she went her attention was solely on sucking. Before long she looked up at me desperately wanting me to fuck her raw.

“If memory serves Demon’s can have only one partner, correct?”, I stated, “Only that one partner can have sex with them no matter what, and their senses merge together.”

Nodding her head her gaze never wavered. Sliding out of her mouth I had her lay back with her legs spread. Seeing her dark-colored vagina winking at me I went right in. Wrapping her legs around me she then dug her fingernails into my back. Fucking her hard she made out with me as tail wrapped around the base of my dick. Stroking me it was desperately shaking from excitement. Smiling I smacked her ass hard.

“Such a naughty woman. I think you need a punishment for this.”, I said.

“Punish me!”, she said shaking her hips.

“Demon’s are prideful…maybe I should make some of your own kind watch me fuck you.”, I teased.

“Yes! So them that I am a common whore for your dick! Shame me in front of my brethren. I want those other three to suffer for humiliating me by forcing the job of spying on me. They need to be bred by you too!”, she screamed, “I want them to beg for your sperm like me!”

“Both a masochist and a sadist…quite the catch.”, I thought smacking her ass, “Now then your heavenly vagina is about to greet my cum, and make you pregnant.”

Nodding she watched my dick plow into her, and pulse as the sperm filled her. Lifting her legs all her toes curled as she sprayed my dick. Feeling her womb pulse with glee lifted her hips to allow her eggs to soak more.

“I am being filled by a worth male…I the Demon General of the South hereby pledge my loyalty and body to you. We shall be a couple from today on for all of eternity, and even into our next lives.”, she said, “Once the other three fall we shall assist you in breeding our Demon Lord which no male has done in generation.”

“Very good, I will need her assistance.”, I said.

“We shall bring all our unwed noblewomen to your chambers to ensure absolute loyalty among the nobles.”, she said, “With your help we will show those rat bastard humans that we can fight.”

“All the nonhuman races will join our cause.”, I said firmly, “The humans far out number each other race individually, but together we are equal in number.”

Looking at her stomach a white star appeared as one appeared on my right hand.

“My body is yours to do with what you will.”, she said kissing me.

“I plan on bragging about my wives, and harem to everyone I meet.”, I said, “All of you are beautiful, sexy, and mine alone. I want to remind everyone of that everyday.”

Pulling out of her she passed out from exhaustion like the Amazonians had. Moving them to a warm blanket after cleaning them off with magic I sat by the fire pondering everything.

“So far I have managed to secure three allies…at this rate I may be able to prevent the cataclysm that a waits the world in ten years.”, I muttered to myself, “Everyone was so damn busy fighting in the war that when the Mad Gods returned the races were unable to resist the onslaught. If not for my Hero Skill of Foresight I wouldn’t have been able to know about it. I just the damn thing worked on my command, and not randomly like it does right now. If I can just reach the Amazonian Queen, the Demon Lord, and the Dragon Queen before next summer I can definitely prevent the beginning of the war…the shitty part is once I save them I won’t know what’s coming next. I only know the fragments of what will happen based on the current timeline.”

Looking over at the sleeping women I recalled the images I saw of my future. I was standing in the capital city from which I fled with the corpses of dead women around me as I bawled my eyes out. Everything felt so real at that point…all the agony, sorrow, and anger I felt towards the Mad Gods. Somehow the future me managed to marry twenty women, and had a harem of over two hundred that kept to themselves in some splendid castle that I couldn’t find in the castles library after I snapped out of my trance.

“I have to protect that future. That is a future I never want to have happen after everything I went through on Earth.”, I thought, “I lost my wife to cancer, my daughter to drugs, and my son all but disowned me after I couldn’t express the hurt I felt from it all. When I awoke here I swore I would be a better husband and father…I was a failure as husband by not supporting my wife’s treatment, and a failure as a father for not recognizing the signs my daughter was becoming a drug addict. In the end my son pointed all my flaws out like a spotlight leaving me an utter wreck. I wasn’t ever going to be that man again now that I had a chance for happiness I intended to hold on to it with everything I have.”

Staying up a bit longer I eventually put up several protective barriers, and crawled into bed with the three women.

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