The Retired Hero of Grisvald – Chapter 1

Four classmates, and I were summoned into the world of Grisvald roughly eighty years ago. Brought here to assist in fighting off the Blight, beings that infected living creatures and mutated them into monsters, we went through hell just to put an end to the fighting. During our time here we met our partners, and ended up married. My friend Thomas Lorde married a widowed human Queen of Lanester as well as a Catwoman he met on his travels. Andrew Carnage the muscle in our group married three Werecats, and Werewolves that showed up one day in his bed. When we asked about it he said their race only marries the strong. My childhood friend Tyler Pasturia married into the family of a very wealthy merchant family. He ended up marrying all four of the merchants daughters because he couldn’t choose just one. The fact that all of them were Dog Beastmen which we knew he had a thing for.

Our sole female friend, Jessica Houser, ended up marrying the third prince of the Galos Empire. Unlike us she couldn’t marry multiple men, but she was content to settle for him. Lastly there was me the tactician for our group. I ended up falling in love with three Elven princesses who I rescued from the Blight. With the war over we separated to go our own separate ways. I felt bad for my comrades because due to our summoning we were no longer humans. In order to summon us they had to kill us, and allow us to pull ourselves back from death. Out of the one hundred that died it was only the five of us that pulled ourselves back. Due to this our races changed from Human to High Humans which had even longer lifespans than Elves. In addition to increased lifespans we were physically stronger, faster, and even had higher all around stats than most races. Now eighty years old I felt like it was only yesterday that I woke up in this world.

“Good morning sweetheart.”, my wives said giving me a good morning kiss.

“Good morning, I hope you all slept well.”, I said.

“We did though the children are very active.”, they said rubbing their stomachs.

Five months pregnant my wives were carrying our first children together. Having made our priority helping their Kingdoms rebuild we put having children on hold till last year when we started actively trying. Now Queens of their respective countries I reigned as King over most High, Dark, and Celestial Elves. My first wife Celestina was a High Elf from Celebra a large Elven Kingdom near the coast. Spending most of her days reading she was incredibly smart, and wise making her an amazing Queen. Having met her on accident during an assault mission against the Blight I rescued her from the hordes just before they got to her. Ever since then we had been incredibly close to the point that her parents gave their blessing before I even got the words out of my mouth. Like her mother she stood about six-foot tall with golden blonde locks of hair that matched her peerless white skin. She also inherited her mothers amazing chest size thanks to her diet of mainly meat her chest was full of happiness…well at least in my eyes anyways. Outside of her chest she took my breath away as the sunlight reflected from her beautiful green eyes.

My second wife, Queen Aurora, was a bit different from Celestina. Growing up in the Emerald Forest to the west of Celebra here people made up the Mirkwood Principality. A little shorter than Celestina she had dark tan skin from her day’s hunting in the bush. Unlike the book reading lifestyle Celestina had Aurora spent her days hunting, tracking, and trapping game. Never wanting the throne she had wanted to become one of her nation’s top hunters. One day though that all changed when one of her prey turned into a Blight. Stunned by seeing a dead animal rising from the ground she almost died if it weren’t for me. Having been on vacation nearby at a small lake I heard her screams, and came running in to save her. After that I frequently hunted with her on my vacations much to joy. When the talks of marriage was finally brought up by her parents she chose me without hesitation much to her parents hope.

During that time their Kingdom was experiencing a harsh drought that was killing off crops making them more dependant on others for food. I regularly made trips bringing relief supplies to them so her parents were happy to marry her to me to ensure the supplies kept coming. Accepting the marriage offer I assisted in making aqueducts to bring fresh water down from the mountains thereby ending the drought. The smile I saw that day on her face when the children of her nation thanked her was priceless. With gleaming violet eyes she hugged those that asked it of her, and on occasion a young boy would get a bit grabby. Thanks in part to her high protein and fat diet she had a very muscular body, but massive breasts that even her mother was upset about. Throwing in her wavy silver hair I was one hell of a lucky man.

My third wife, Lenora, was a Celestial Elf which were different from other Elves. Unlike the standard Elf the Celestial ones were much closer to being God’s than mortals. A single Celestial Elf is said to have the potential magical power of nearly five thousand human mages. With their overwhelming firepower, and increased stats they were a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Lenora and I were introduced to each other by a mutual who thought we would make a cute couple. I admit that the first few dates were rough as she felt I was a burden being in her eyes, inferior. That view changed though when we were sent back to her nation when a Blight infected Dragon assaulted her nation. Being almost completely immune to magic Dragon’s were the Celestial Elves worst possible foe. When arrived at the capital of her mountainous country we found most of it burned to the ground. Using myself as a decoy I bought the citizens time to flee while I kept the Dragon on the ground. In the end I killed the dragon by crashing it into a castle spire. Collapsing from exhaustion I awoke to find myself in bed with her. Having spent a full night healing me she proposed to me the moment she woke up. Neither of her parents were happy about it, but they accepted that without my help they would have died.

Lenora was far shorter than the other two at a short five foot six, and compared to the other two her body was much less curvy due to studying only magic. Her diet was mainly fruits and vegetables so her body didn’t get a lot of fat which would have helped shape her out a bit. Her purple eyes though were definitely something special. Unlike the day before her eyes seemed to twinkle while looking at me, and to this day they still did. She prided herself on her coal-black hair, and ghost white skin for some reason though. Fortunately her skin didn’t burn like an albino so we still could enjoy ourselves outdoors. When I asked her parents about it they explained it was just a sign she had far greater magical powers than a normal Celestial Elf.

“So what’s on the docket today?”, I asked.

“I believe we have a meeting with Dwarf King Darius.”, Celestina said.

“After that we have lunch with our parents.”, Aurora said.

“Finally we are unveiling our new transport ship.”, Lenora said.

“That’s right haha.”, I said, “I have a great day ahead with my beautiful wives.”

Smiling they gave me another kiss before getting ready for the day. Walking into the onsuite I washed my face, and brushed my teeth. Swapping places the women washed up while I got dressed. Wearing the normal kingly attire of a t-shirt, and jeans I sighed while looking in the mirror.

“Never in my life did I think I would become King of anything…”, I said, “In some ways it’s quite a bother, but it is a small price to pay to have the three of you in my life.”

“I know it’s tough dear, but once things settle down we will be able to relax more.”, Celestina said brushing a little dust off my shoulder.

“It’s alright sweetheart I realize that our relaxation time is coming soon.”, I said with a smile, “Once our children come we will be focusing on them for a few months. Even with children in tow I will enjoy the time I get to spend with you.”

With all of us ready we promptly went to my study where we were served breakfast. Eating our meal together we then got settled for our meeting. Sitting next to me my wives greeted King Darius’s wives Jean and Vivian. Greeting my old friend we sat down to discuss the current priority, trade.

“I would like to discuss setting up a trade for your lumber.”, he said, “Being our neighbors you make the most sense to buy from.”

“Fair point so I will cut you a deal.”, I said, “Let’s see…a hundred foot log for four gold a piece? Is that the going rate, Aurora?”

“I believe it is.”, she said.

“Very well, we will do it for three gold, and four silver.”, I said.

“What about two gold?”, he asked.

“Now that is pretty low…”, I said rubbing my chin, “We have to organize transport, guards, and then there is paying those that cut the logs…lowest I could go is three gold and two silver.”

“Is there something you want?”, he asked.

“We could certainly use more iron.”, I stated, “If you were willing to sell us one hundred pounds of iron for three gold I could let the wood go for two gold.”

“You sly dog…”, he chuckled, “I can’t go that low.”

“Okay, how about an equal two gold, and four silver a piece?”, I said.

“Five silver, and you got a deal!”, he said.

“Make it one hundred and one pounds, and you got a deal!”, I stated.

“Haha!”, he laughed, “Alright one hundred and one pounds of iron for a one hundred foot log.”

With the main business out-of-the-way we changed topics.

“I hear the Blight have made a resurgence in the North…”, he said.

“It is baseless rumor.”, I said, “We killed every single one of them. The Grand Magician Rovar confirmed that they were completely destroyed.”

Handing me a report I opened it up.

“I sent spies into Thomas’ country, and confirmed something similar to the Blight has appeared. For some reason he is keeping it a secret.”, Darius stated, “Any idea why he would do so?”

“Probably because he is the kind of guy to not tell anyone he is injured.”, I stated, “He doesn’t like troubling others so it makes sense he wouldn’t share this information.”

“Still though, we have to do something before this spreads outside his borders.”, Darius said, “We need to take them out before they take us out.”

“I understand your concern, but our hands are tied if he doesn’t share the information with us. It’s not like we can invade his nation, or force him to tell us.”, I stated, “The five of us are meeting next month so I will bring it up then.”

“I appreciate it. My cousin rules the Iron Mounds near Thomas so if there is a threat I want to aid my cousin.”, he said.

“I will ensure you are made aware as soon as possible.”, I said.

Storing the information away in my desk he went to another topic that blindsided me.

“Have you decided to take anymore wives?”, he asked.

“Why would I?”, I asked, “I have three beautiful wives that I love dearly.”

“Your comrades, aside from Jessica, have all added more people into their harem.”, he stated.

“I know they have, but I am not them. The three of them are all I need in my life.”, I said.

“You really should consider adding more to your harem.”, he stated while nodding his head, “A lot of people believe you don’t like other races, but I know that isn’t the case.”

“It’s because of us, isn’t it?”, Celestina said.

Outside of humans Elves rarely if ever interacted with other races. Of course Elves that became Adventurers regularly interacted with other races, but as a whole the Elves didn’t bother with other races. It wasn’t like they outright hated them, but more like in the distant past they had several wars against the other races that many Elves still remembered to this day.

“Aye, it does have a bit to do with you, but mainly it’s the fact he has turned away so many marriage proposals.”, he stated, “It makes people think you hate them when you turn them away without even listening.”

“I have three wives. The thought of women trying to get between us pisses me off.”, I said bluntly, “I value my time with my family.”

“Jameson, you may want to consider it.”, Lenora said, “Marrying into other families could help increase our nations strength.”

“That would mean spending less time with all of you…”, I said.

“We are nearly immortal.”, Aurora said, “The most they would live is maybe a thousand years. That being the case once they die things will go back to normal.”

“Please don’t phrase it like that…”, Darius said, “It makes it sound like you would kill them if it was an inconvenience”

“They are…”, my wives said, “Just because it’s a benefit doesn’t mean we like the idea of sharing him.”

Gulping he looked at me with pity.

“Don’t give me that look. I enjoy the time I spend with them so I am more than happy with their answer.”, I said, “Either way I will start listening to them, but not more than three more wives.”

“You should at least go for twelve.”, my wives said, “That way there is no mistaking you don’t hate the other races.”

“If that is what you think is best I will do that.”, I said.

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