Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 17

The next day Celebon went to inform my wives that she would be marrying me. I had thought I was going to get a lecture, but instead they tossed her a small bag of coins. Apparently a bet had been made on Celebon marrying me within a year. Having been the only one who betted in favor of it she won a few gold coins.

“Am I that bad of a husband?”, I asked.

“No, it’s just you attract women like bees to a flower.”, Laura said with a smile, “It isn’t a bad thing.”

Thankful I wasn’t a manwhore in their eyes I sat down for breakfast with everyone. Explaining the situation about my current situation at first they were all skeptical. Showing them my new stats they all turned pale including Celebon. Seeing all the blessings they were about to faint, and when I told them about what task the Gods had given me.

“So…you have to travel a lot then…”, my family said with disappointment.

“I will be yes, but I intend to figure out a way to have you all travel with me. Of course before we leave we will need to find a capable steward. Can I leave that to you?”, I asked Eleanora.

“Why one? Won’t we need two?”, she asked.

“Marrying Jameson means my rights to the household go to him.”, Celebon said, “Your father revoked everyone elses rights in favor of him.”

“What!?”, Laura said, “Isn’t that a bit harsh?!”

“No, my former husbands family has been good at maintaining the territory, but not growing it.”, Celebon said, “Jameson has increased the profits for the kingdom by over three hundred percent just in his territory. The King knows if he takes the territory he can expect bigger profits for the nation.”

“Speaking of my father have you spoken to him yet?”, Eleanora asked me.

“No, I wanted to speak with you all first plus…I wanted to see my adorable children.”, I said rubbing noses with the twins.

Giggling both of them were very happy to see me. Picking them up I gave them soft hugs, and raspberries on their tummys. Laughing happily the children and I spent a few hours together before I left to speak with King. Entering the throne room I knelt before the throne per the usual standard.

“Jameson, how is my daughter?”, he asked.

“She is in good health, and the twins are happy and healthy.”, I stated.

“Twins!!”, he and his wife said.

“Yes, out of my ten children only two were boys.”, I said.

“That is excellent news!!”, he said with a big grin, “I was worried something was wrong, but to have ten children now is very good. Having two boys means succession of the household is assured.”

“I am here today for two reasons. I wish to update you on the conflict I fought in, and also about a vision the gods bestowed upon me.”, I said.

“Very well, lets here about the conflict first.”, he said.

Explaining the details of the fighting at first the king was a bit upset. As I continued though his mood brightened as I informed him that all the lost land had been recovered. He was even happier when I said I captured half of their nation stopping at the mountain range that divide the Rovarth kingdom. Asking him if he had received the treasures I had sent back he nodded with a happy grin.

“Doubling our national treasure was well worth this skirmish. As you have more than made up for your actions with land reclamation and capture you are forgiven for stepping outside your station. Defending your territory is one thing, but starting a war is another.”, he said, “In this case we suffered few casualties and brought back sufficient loot for this to be overlooked. Please remember not to do this again though.”

The King was acting strange so I decided to use magic to find out why. Reaching out with my mind I contacted him.

“What is the matter, you are acting strange?”, I asked.

“We have a guest listening in. Pardon the harsh tone. I am overjoyed about my grandchildren, and the well-earned victory you brought us.”, he replied telepathically.

“Is the guest an issue?”, I asked.

“A bit due to them being from the Talos Meno Empire.”. he said, “They are among the powerful nations in our world.”

“An Ambassador?”, I asked.

“Yes, a gentleman named Vasta Nomar came requesting a meeting with you. He currently is watching us from a secret room to our right.”, he said.

“I understand.”, I replied.

Continuing my update he told me the newly acquired land, and reclaimed lands would be under my control. Moving on to the next item on my agenda I decided to drag our friend out.

“I know you’re in there.”, I stated, “A fool wouldn’t notice you, and I am no fool.”

Smashing through the wall a nine foot man with limbs as thick as a two hundred year old oak tree approached. The man’s body was cover in scars from possibly battles he had fought. Scanning him with magic I determined his race was Giant and his stats leaned heavily towards hand to hand fighting. With a completely shaved head he wore a bandana for protection from the sun.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?”, I asked.

“My name is Vasta Nomar, I represent the Giant Nation of Talos Meno. Our oracle said we should meet with you.”, he said bluntly.

“I understand, you may want to listen to this as well. In roughly twenty years time this world will be visited by people from another world. The last time this happened several races went extinct because of fighting, lack of resources, and all around bad luck.”, I stated, “We have to prepare now otherwise many people will perish. The only way that will happen is if the races put aside their differences, and work together. This time it could be more than just a few races disappearing.”

Sitting back in his throne the King’s face darkened. When I tried to cheer him up he informed me that the story of the last event was a well-known story that most blew off as just that, a story. The Giant also looked genuinely concerned.

“You must come to my nation, and speak with our King. This is something we have a written recorded of, and if it is similar to what we know our nation won’t survive it again. We survived with only a few thousand left.”, he said with a shiver, “You will have to convince him of this prophecy. We will leave im spring as right now my nation is settling in for winter.”

“That gives me some time to work on transportation.”, I said with a grin, “Eleanora won’t let me go without her.”

“That’s my daughter.”, the King laughed, “You have something in mind?”

“Actually, I do.”, I said with a grin, “I will need some help though. Do you know where I can acquire a large amount of copper?”

Giving me information for the copper I needed I parted ways with them. Going to the guild I sat down in the Guildmaster’s office. With my new gifts kicking in my mind was racing with ideas, plans, and technology I had only dreamed of. I opted to stay away from advancing weapons in favor of transportation. For my plans to work I would need a lot of ore which my domain could easily supply, but copper was something I was running low on due to merchants buying it up for making bronze. I was going to buy from other sources if the price was right.

“Good Afternoon Duke Jameson, how can I help you?”, the Guildmaster asked taking his seat.

The older gentleman was a war hero like my grandfather. He retired around ten years ago to raise his grandchildren, and now he worked here to pass the time. Stroking his thick white beard the man looked me dead straight in the eyes.

“I am need of a large quantity of copper ore.”, I said.

“How much are you wanting?”, he asked.

“About two tons of copper.”, I said.

Coughing up a lung from shock he looked at me to see if I was serious.

“What do you need that much copper for!?”, he asked.

“A project for the Kingdom.”, I stated.

“I can prepare that much…”, he said.

Paying for the materials I gave him the location of the warehouse I would be using. Delivering the material three days later it was until about two weeks later that I began my work. I had to wait for my territory to send material hence the two-week wait. Spending the next six months on my project in secret I spent a few hours a day with my family. I knew this would upset them, but it was necessary. When spring began I started up my creations that had become my own babies as well. While I believed I’d thought of everything I forgot something important, tell me family.

“I can’t believe we are losing him!!”, Eleanora cried to her mother.

“Now dear, you don’t know that.”, the Queen said, “He is home every evening with you all.”

“Yes, but he is gone every morning when we wake up.”, she retorted.

“Maybe he is working on investments.”, the Queen stated.

It wasn’t just Eleanora all my wives were under that impression. My lack of foresight was stressing all of them out. When I showed up early on launch day I found my wives bawling their eyes out. Running over to them I tried to figure out what was wrong. Before I got two words though they started demanding I give them the names of women I was cheating in them with.

“Who said I was cheating?”, I asked with a confused look.

“You have been distant for the past six months!!”, Eleanora said, “Do we mean nothing anymore!!”

Holding her tightly I softly stroked her hair.

“I am not cheating on any of you. You all mean far too much for me just to abandon you.”, I said with warm smile.

“Then where have you been?”, she asked me as I wiped her tears away.

“I came back to get all of you to show you.”, I said, “Let me show you my cool invention!”

Loading up in carriages we rode over to the warehouse. Helping my family out of the carriages we walked inside. With a clap of my hands the lights kicked on revealing my project. Gasping my wives were in shock of the five ships I had built. Four small unmanned ships were built to guard the big ship as Wyverns, Dragons, and all forms of flying monsters were a threat in flight.

“What is this?!”, they asked.

“This is my…I mean our personal airship!”, I said with a grin, “This is how we will travel.”

“It flies!?”, they said in shock.

“Of course!!”, I said, “The other four ships fly as well. They are what will keep us safe from flying foes. The main ship is three hundred feet long, and one hundred feet wide. It can sleep roughly eight hundred people. I built it with a storage capacity of around two hundred tons. My baby has enough firepower alone to wipe out any nation with ease, and only I can control it.”

“Isn’t a bit…well dangerous?”, Eleanora asked.

“I…I have my reasons for doing it.”, I told her, “I would only use them if something happened to one of you.”

Helping them on board I showed off our ship, and all the features it had. One look at the master bathroom was all it took to convince them. With them satisfied I showed them the bridge where I had installed seating for all of them. Having them sit down I took my seat in the captain’s chair grinning ear to ear.

“Computer, start Levitation engines and start 3D Movement Engines as well.”, I ordered.

Sparking into life the ten Anti-Matter power stations sprung into life as the engines started up. Slowly the five ships started to rise into the air. Blowing through the roof the old building collapsed as we continued to climb. As none of my family members had flown before all of them were terrified. Giving the orders to fly to the castle the engines roared as we started moving at around twenty miles an hour.

“Is this all the faster it goes?”, she asked.

“Heck no”, I chuckled, “The top speed is faster than the speed of light. I can’t go that fast in the atmosphere as it would have very bad consequences for the world.”

Arriving almost immediately I took my family to the Jump Ship, and descended to the ground where we had drawn a large crowd. Getting off the ship the King ran towards us petrified.

“What is that!?”, he asked.

“An Airship?”, I stated, “No way am I traveling by carriage. Those stupid things are terrible long distance. This way I can go anywhere whenever I feel like it. No matter the whether I will always get there.”

“This is incredible!!!”, Vasta Nomar said, “This is even more elegant than our Sky Fleet!!”

“Uh, sure.”, I said.

The Sky Fleet he was referring to run on magic furnaces that made it both hover, and move. The issue with them is that in order to move with any amount of speed a vast amount of magic was needed. For the most part they used sales to move around, and the magic furnaces to hover. My ships moved around using electricity which my generators easily produce. As such my method was much simpler, and much faster.

“Alright, grab your things we are leaving immediately. The ship is already stocked up for our maiden voyage!”, I said with a grin.

Retrieving his belongs we said our farewell for now, and returned to the ship. Opting to wander about I told him to please be careful. Taking their seats again I ordered the ship to increase altitude. Rising higher into the air I gave the approximate coordinates of the Talos Meno capital, TeloVillica.

“Take a scenic route.”, I said.

Acknowledging the order the ships headed on its first voyage.

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