Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 16

Spending another day relaxing we immediately left for the capital. I decided not to mention the conversation I had that evening. The explanation I went with was that I wanted the best doctors possible for the birthings. This easily made them accept the quick change in plans as a few of them thought they were close. Arriving in the capital a few days later Eleanora and Laura went into labor. Having never been through this before I tried to stay calm as doctors rushed into Eleanora’s room. Before I could even relax everyone else went into labor.

“Why the hell is this happening now!?”, I thought before it hit me, “Edgar!!!”

I realized that this had to have been their handiwork in order to keep my wives preoccupied. Waiting in the room with them all I heard was the sound angry women blaming me for this. I tried my best not to point out it was their call so I said nothing just went around wiping their foreheads off. Within two hours of arriving the room was now filled with the sound of babies screaming their heads of demanding their mother’s milk. Surprisingly I only had two boys out of ten babies one with Eleanora, and one with Rulia. After feeding them I had the chance to hold each of them much to their mother’s delight.

“We should have more!”, they said with smiling faces.

“Not till they are potty trained!!”, I retorted, “I can already smell the amount of baby poop in their nursery.”

‘That’s cruel!!”, Eleanora said crossing her arms, “That would be two to three years from now.”

“Exactly.”, I stated, “Who do you think will end up changing the diapers?”

“The maids?”, they said.

“Oh wait…we do have maids.”, I said remembering that.

“Yes, they will take care of changing the babies.”, Eleanora stated, “They will also help teach them when they are older. So, can we have another soon?”

“Since the maids are helping we can try again in a year.”, I said.

“A year?!”, they all said.

“We will still have our evening fun, but you will have to take medicine to prevent conception. The reason is having multiple kids in a short period of time is bad for your health. I want many kids with all of you just not at the expense of your lives. We can always adopt, but I can marry another Eleanora or anyone else. Each of you are special unlike anyone else in this world.”, I said.

Hiding their faces from my view they said they would wait. Looking closely each of them was bright red. I didn’t point this out as the children had just fallen asleep. Telling them I was headed to the temple to thank the gods for healthy children. Accepting that lie they let me go. Walking over to the temple which was close to the castle I proceeded into the main area where the cardinal immediately came to greet me. Eagerly pulling me along he was excited for my arrival.

“The gods have granted me a vision that you would visit our temple to see them.”, he said, “To be summoned by them is a very high honor. Please put a good word in for me!”

“That’s why this guy is being so helpful…”, I thought, “He has done some sketchy things, and wants a free pass.”

Leaving me in the Sacred Vision Hall alone he shut the door, and I locked it per the instructions. Walking to the center of the room I was momentarily blinded by a bright light. When my vision cleared I found myself surrounded by twenty-seven different deities.

“You seem happy to be a father.”, Edgar said with a grin.

Without smiling I looked at him straight in the eyes.

“Who decided it was a good idea to damn near give me a heart attack with having nine women give birth in the span of two hours!!”, I snapped rubbing my forehead, “I about died from the stress of worrying about my wives health. I mean, a few of them were birthing really early.”

“We wanted to keep you calm during this conversation.”, one of the Goddesses said, “We thought you would be stressed if they were still with child.”

Looking at her I was about to cuss her out, but what stood before me was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Tan skin without a single blemish, a shapely body that would make a pornstar jealous, sea blue eyes that made me think I was looking into the tropical ocean, and that wasn’t even the beginning. Her smile made me want to kiss her, and her rack…let’s say it was on a whole other level. Just moving around in place her chest bounced with a steady movement.

“Those have to be F cups…”, I thought to myself.

“They are J cups.”, she said to me.

“You are reading my thoughts…aren’t you?”, I stated.

“Yes.”, she replied.

“I am sorry.”, I said looking away.

“No need to be sorry, mortals find me attractive.”, she said with a smile, “I am the Goddess of Beauty, Fertility, and Love, Miatana.”

“I see, still though I shouldn’t think that way.”, I said.

“I like you!”, she said hugging me, “Normally by now a man would have attempted to rape me, and I would have had to kill you. Thankfully you are civil about it only thinking which I can’t punish you for.”

“You are making this so difficult…”, I said restraining myself.

“I am giving you-“, she started.

“Enough!”, Akotisha snapped, “If you want to sleep with him do it on your own time. Right now we have an important issue to discuss.”

Releasing me she resumed her place among her kind.

“Now then we can discuss things in more detail.”, he said, “We all intend to bless you with our powers in order to persuade those who you meet as our apostle. Normally we would never give all our blessings to one person, but we have limited options.”

“As we said prior within twenty years new races will emerge from a rift between this world, and another. We can’t tell whether or not they will be peaceful so it is best to be prepared.”, Edgar said.

“Isn’t there a God of Time?”, I asked.

“Yes, I am the God of Time.”, an old man said stepping forward.

Dressed in a simple gray robe with a long white beard he looked just like Father Time from the childhood books my mother read to me.

“I am only able to see the paths available at this point in time. With them not apart of this timeline yet I can’t see them.”, he said.

“Fair enough, so you want me to bring about peace in twenty years?”, I said, “I can’t remove years of hate, and prejudice between all the groups.”

“They will listen to you as you will be our apostle.”, Akotisha stated, “In the last era they came together to fight off the last invasion. At that time as we told you many races perished, and others took their place. As such you will be able to join them before then.”

“Yeah…I will be almost forty then. Doubt I will be as fit as I am now.”, I stated, “Don’t they say men start losing their strength around 35?”

“Don’t worry, you won’t be human after this.”, Edgar said.

“What’s that mean?”, I asked nervously.

“Deities always come in pairs.”, he said, “As you can tell there are only twenty-seven of us. The God of Knowledge was killed in the last era attempting to save his people. They along with him perished unable to cope with the change.”

“As such we want you to take his place.”, Akotisha said.

“I thought I would be an apostle.”, I said.

“When we grant you our power you will be…temporarily.”, Edgar said, “As we stated generally we don’t give a single person all of our blessings. The reason is after an adjustment period they would become a God like us. Most people can’t handle the power, but you can.”

“So…I am going to be a God.”, I said with a sigh, “What about my family? I don’t want to be separated from them.”

“Fear not, you are more than capable of staying with them.”, Akotisha said, “We aren’t bound to Heaven so you may remain here if you desire. After your family die you can bring them back as angels, and they stay with you forever.”

“That is true.”, I stated, “I would become the God of Knowledge?”

“To be precise, the God of Knowledge, Strategy, and Innovation.”, Edgar said.

“I guess I can live with that…I am not going to have to make my own race, will I?”, I asked, “I am not so good with that sort of thing.”

“You will yes, but we will assist in helping you at that point.”, Akotisha said, “So then, will you take on this request for us?”

“It’s either watch the world tear itself apart along with my family, or save the world and my family.”, I stated, “As a father and a husband I will do what I can to protect my family.”

“Very well then, we will now bestow our blessings upon you. Try not to pass out.”, Edgar laughed.

Before I could ask what he ment I was hit with something I would have thought was a nuclear explosion. Every inch of my point creaked as the power filled my body, and soul. The sensation lasted for five minutes before subsiding. Picking myself off the ground I shook my head as I was dizzy.

“I feel like I just got hit by a subway train.”, I said.

“After a few weeks your Godhood should take effect. Till then it would be best to remain in the capital where we can converse with you easily.”, Akotisha said.

“Very well, my wives aren’t in any condition to move anyways.”, I stated, “It has been a pleasure to meet you, and I look forward to working with you.”

“We are just a thought away if you need advice.”, Edgar said, “In case an in person meeting is required it is safest to meet in a temple. It is risky for us to remain in unsanctified areas for long. Our power makes the plant life grow at an alarming rate, and on occasion…some of us make children…Miatana.”

“I can’t help it!”, she said, “It is in my nature.”

“You have a new god you can sleep with.”, the men said rubbing their foreheads, “Sleep with him, and leave the mortals alone. It’s hard enough dealing with summoned heroes.”

“Very well, when he joins us in Heaven I will give him a night to remember.”, she said giving me a wink, “Since you will be making peace with the races I will ensure your wives will suit your tastes. I will ensure your bed is never lonely.”

“Please take it easy on me…I already have many women trying to take that position.”, I stated.

“Fear not, I will ensure things work themselves out…eventually.”, she said.

Vanishing I felt like I was about to receive a curse of some sort. WIth a sigh I left the room, and returned home. Finding my wives asleep with our children I opted to walk around the castle. Visiting the library I found that troublesome Duchess waiting for me.

“Hello.”, she said with a smile.

“Great…that Miatana did curse me.”, I thought.

With a sigh I greeted her as well. Asking about where her followers were she said that they were all out looking for men. Placing her hand on my shoulder I tried to back away.

“Am I that unattractive?”, she teased.

“I know of your games.”, I said, “I will have no part of them.”

“A strong man like yourself should let loose once in a while.”, she said.

“I suppose you mean with you?”, I asked.

“If you want me too.”, she said with a smile.

Realizing I wasn’t getting out of this I told Miatana that if my wives left me I would kill her. Following Celebon to her room her clothes fell off almost as soon as the door locked. Falling to her knees she took me in her mouth as she began sucking me off. Holding her head she let me move as she just took it. When I was sufficiently hard she climbed onto the bed, and I mounted her. Keeping her butt glued to my waist we went at it like dogs in heat. Holding her jugs firmly she told me to be rougher. Picking up the pace she fell forward into her pillow screaming with pleasure. Smacking her butt her supple butt jiggled joyously with pleasure. Leaning forward I nibbled on her pointy ears. Tightening around me she climaxed. Spotting a mirror I sat her on my lap in front of it. Mesmerized by the scene before us I started making deep pumps into her. Sprouting her bat wings, and succubus tail she eagerly showed me my dick inside her.

Tracing my dick on her belly she smiled happily. Sucking on her boobs together she got even tighter. Twisting her nipples she climaxed again and again. At this point her vagina was soaking wet, and was gripping me like her life depended on it. Pulling out with great effort I rolled her onto her back. Presenting my dick to her mouth her eyes stared longingly at it.

“You want this, right?”, I asked.

“Yes, it must belong to me.”, she said.

“Swear off all men, be my wife, and make many children with me.”, I said, “Outside of that you will be free to do as you please.”

“Celebon the Succubus swears that this cock will be the meat she desire. She will also make her womb ready to bear your babies.”, she said kissing my dick.

“Are you ready?”, I said lining up.

Spreading her legs she nodded. Leaping forward I slid in hitting her womb. Latching onto me she locked her legs around my waist. Aggressively kissing her womb she told me to give it to her. With great effort I kissed her passionately as I activated one of my adult play spells. Interlocking hands her body told me it was time. Firing off a load as I breached her womb I let off a super big load into her.

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