Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 15

Continuing our forward momentum I managed to reclaim all the land the kingdom within two months of starting the original conflict. Currently sitting on the border with my reinforced army of thirty thousand strong I was eyeing a prized trade city roughly fifteen miles away from our border.

“I think we should take a few gifts since we can’t get a King’s head.”, I told my commanders, “Get me a map.”

Bringing up the map the young girl from the first battle, Angela, handed it to me. After meeting them they had told everyone about me, and the next day almost all of the soldiers wanted to help. The same story played out in everyone fort we destroyed so by the time we reached here I had gained an additional ten thousand soldiers after the rest of my soldiers had reached us.

“Let’s see here…”, I said, “In the next hundred miles we have two trade cities, and three port cities…Let’s take all of them for the kingdom.”

“Sounds good to us!!”, the knights said grinning ear to ear.

“Listen up, no looting from the civilians…anything from the military is fair game!”, I said, “No fighting over material, first come first serve. Mind your surroundings no matter where you are!”

Mounting up we rode out. Having been thrown into a full retreat the enemy was in disarray. As it stood we were capture supplies, gold, and land almost daily. The King of Rovarth evidentially not planned on my involvement more than likely assuming I wouldn’t care. Now he was paying for it the tune of almost seven million gold in just coins alone. That amount didn’t take into consideration valuable jewelry, gems, and ores we had captured. Riding into the trade city I was surprised to find we had no resistance what so ever. Getting off my horse I asked to speak with the lord of the city. That was when I learned the horrible truth.

“He abandoned all of you!!”, I said in anger.

“Yes, he took all our food stores, livestock, and most of the gold three days ago.”, a merchant told me, “We have been living on scrapes.”

“Gerard!!”, I shouted.

Rushing forward my Calvary commander kneeled before me.

“Take three thousand men, and see if you can catch a rat for me. Bring him back alive…”, I stated, “Also make sure he gets a comfy ride back.”

Smiling the commander acknowledged my order, rounded up some men, and took off. Distributing food to the starving people I asked for information regarding the other cities I wanted. I was horrified to learn everything one hundred miles away from their capital back to our current border had been abandoned.

“That’s almost two thousand square miles!!”, I said in protest, “If I didn’t come you would have starved this winter.”

“We are fully aware of that.”, the merchant said.

Seeing the families lined up to receive food I made my mind up.

“I am annexing these lands into my territory.”, I stated, “There will be no complaints, and my first action will be to get food and supplies to your cities. I would like some assistance transporting said items.”

“We will gladly help!”, he said, “I will inform my associates immediately.”

Setting up routes for food distribution I then advanced my army to the new border, and built several sturdy fortifications to secure the newly acquired land. Having captured even more loot I gave some back to my new citizens so they could purchase badly needed supplies. Returning home six months after the campaign began I was welcomed with open arms by my worried family. Running out to see me I counted nine swollen bellies. Using magic I quickly released they were all mine, and Eleanora was having twins.

“We missed you so much!!!”, they said holding me tightly.

Kissing them I dismissed my commanders, and went inside with my family. Sitting down in the living room I got my family up to speed with my adventures. Listening excitedly to everything I presented each of them with a gifts I had purchased, or found on my campaign. Gladly accepting the gifts I spent the rest of the day with my family. Catching up on all the things I missed I was happy to be home with them. Zentia handed me a slip saying that the hot springs were awaiting our arrival so I suggested we leave immediately.

“What about informing my father?”, Eleanora asked.

“I sent him a letter explaining I would inform him of everything after you gave birth. He was satisfied with that.”, I stated.

Hearing that they all accepted the plan, and brought their bags down immediately. Laughing I stowed them away in my bag, and set off in our carriage. Falling asleep on me I affectionately pampered my wives till we arrived. Helping my wives out I checked us in with the owner, and got the women relaxing in the hot spring. Bringing them some cool refreshments I let them relax peacefully. Going to the spa for a massage I found the owners wife with two children in tow.

“Well hello there.”, I said patting the kids on the head.

“Hello mister!”, the brother and sister said.

“You helping your mother today?”, I asked.

“No, we are just dropping off her yummy lunch!!”, the little girl said.

Running off with her brother the two disappeared into the maze of hallways. Turning to their mother I congratulated her.

“Thank you, they are both wonderful.”, she said.

“So you managed to keep the relationship a secret then.”, I said with a smile.

“Well…he and I separated a few months after you were here last. I wasn’t getting him going anymore thus he moved on.”, she said.

“I am sorry to hear that.”, I stated, “To leave you with his kids is horrible.”

“I know, but they aren’t his.”, she said.

“Then whose…they aren’t…”, I started.

“No, they aren’t yours.”, she laughed.

“Be honest now…”, I said.

“Yes, they really aren’t yours.”, she laughed, “We didn’t make one otherwise I’d have a six-year-old not two three year olds.”

“Fair enough.”, I stated.

Closing the door she then silently locked it. Dropping her clothes to the floor she kissed me softly.

“Do you want to try?”, she asked.

Dropping my clothes like her I pulled her towards me.

“This time you won’t get off easy.”, I said with a wink.

Grabbing my penis she gave me a naughty smile.

“Whose says I want off easy?”, she said shoving me in.

Sliding into her tight vagina she kissed me before I picked her up. Wrapping her legs around me I smacked her ass as she shook her butt on my penis. Laying her on a massage table I got on top, and showed her who was in charge. Smashing her vagina hard she wanted to scream, but barely managed to muffle it. Cumming several times only fifteen minutes in she was like jelly now. Giving her slow hard pumps she met my advances with her legs spread wide.

“Tell me how you want it my little breeding sow.”, I teased.

“I want it in my naughty womb.”, she replied, “Give me my punishment, and make me pregnant.”

“Alright then!”, I said giving her the punishment of a lifetime.

Satisfying each other for an hour we ended up in the small hot tub in the spa. Cuddling for a bit I eventually left to tend to my wives. Finding them on the deck outside our room they were sipping on tea and honey.

“You look pretty good.”, Eleanora said.

“Yeah, the spa people fixed my back.”, I laughed, “It has been bothering me for almost three months now.”

“Could you rub our shoulders?”, Laura asked.

“Of course.”, I said.

Walking over to them I spent the rest of the day rubbing their tense shoulders till they passed out. Carrying them to bed I got them changed, and then tucked into bed. Sitting out on the deck with a glass of cider in my hands I sat back looking at the stars.

“It’s been a while.”, a voice said to me.

Looking to my side a burly man standing seven-foot tall emerged from the shadows.

“Well…it cerntainly has.”, I said with a grin, “Take a seat, I will get you a cider. It’s the least I could do for the god that brought me here.”

“I will take you up on that.”, he laughed.

Akotisha sat down next to me while I poured him a glass.

“There is something I wish to discuss with you.”, he said calmly.

Taking a sip I looked over at him.

“Is something wrong?”, I asked.

“There is no real way to say this, but…I am dying.”, he said.

“How does a god die?”, I asked, “I thought you were immortal.”

“This is a different kind of death.”, he stated, “What I am talking about is my immortality is disappearing. My life is tied to this world, and as of late something has caused the process for this world’s decay to accelerate.”

Sitting up in my seat I looked him in the eyes.

“You are joking, right?”, I asked.

“No, I wish I was.”, he stated, “The other gods, and I can’t find the source of this pollution.”

“Then I have too-“, I started.

“Absolutely not, whatever is causing it will kill a mortal like yourself almost instantly.”, he said.

“Then what am I to do?”, I said looking back at me room.

“Jameson, this wasn’t what we gods had intended to happen too you.”, he said.

“What do you mean me, it’s the whole world.”, I stated.

“That isn’t what I am getting at.”, he sighed, “The truth is you didn’t die on your world…more like your world ejected you.”

“How is that any different?”, I asked.

“Your world died.”, he stated, “Only a handful of people survived, and while it’s true you inherited my blessing your true power comes from the World Fragment in your chest. Coming here your world’s shard and a piece of this world’s shard fused together.”

“Then I can use my shard to fix the world, right?”, I said nervously.

“I am afraid we are past that point now.”, he stated, “At this rate the world will collapse in two months.”

“No!!”, I said stumbling out of my chair, “I have to save my family!”

“There is nothing you can do!!”, he said slamming his fist into the chair, “They won’t survive the jump to another world. Their mind, soul, and bodies with be torn apart. You will make it as you carry two World Shards.”

“Are you telling me to abandon my family!?”, I said in an angry tone.

“Yes, we gods intend to give you our remaining power then launch you into the next world. At that point you can rebuild in that world, and hopefully prevent its destruction.”, he said.

“I…I don’t know.”, I stated, “My family…I am going to lose the people important to me. Those faces mean the world to me, and for you to tell me I have to leave them…I can’t. I would rather die with them than continue living.”

Smiling the old man clapped his hands.

“Edgar, I told you he wasn’t in it for power.”, he said.

Walking from the shadows another man maybe twenty years of age.

“I am sorry to trick you, but Edgar wouldn’t speak to you unless he felt you were trustworthy enough.”, he stated.

“Who is Edgar?”, I asked.

“The God of Destiny, Choice, and Possiblity.”, Edgar said, “I am a deity that humanity forgot about a long time ago. I wanted to speak with you privately, but I wanted to confirm you were trustworthy enough.”

‘This must be something important to risk me not killing both of you for that prank…”, I said cracking my knuckles.

“It is, you have a mission I want you to complete.”, he said, “I want you to start bonding humanity with the other races. In twenty years time all the races will be in dire peril. Even with the Heroes help the world won’t hold out.”

“War, or invasion?”, I asked.

“Worse than that…”, he said, “I will keep the story of our creation to a brief summary. We are not the first God’s to rule this world. Once ordinary people like you we traveled these places in the very distant past. The one before me told of an event that happens every twenty thousand years, and the last time it happened on my watch the population dropped from seven billion to only one billion in just a years time.”

“What happened?!”, I stated.

“The event is call the Convergence.”, he stated, “Twenty thousand years ago several races didn’t exist. When that happened Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, and Goblins spilled into our world, and wreaked havoc on the races already here. Sure we are settled now, but back then the races were tight-knit. If this event happened today.”

“We would be looking at extinction depending on their level of knowledge.”, I stated.

“That is true, but you aren’t looking at the big picture.”, he said, “Right now your world is maintaining itself nicely with food production. What do you think would happen if another seven billion dropped in unannounced?”

“A food shortage, land disputes, religious disputes, and even water rights.”, I said.

“Correct, that’s why we will need your assistance.”, Edgar said.

“Why my help?”, I asked, “Humanity doesn’t have a very good reputation with other races. I was fortunate Rulia and Alexis’s parents accepted me.”

“That is true, but each race worships a specific God.”, Edgar said, “With that in mind we have to select an apostle to spread our word as few people can stand before the power we hold just holding back.”

“Okay, so I will be an apostle for Akotisha.”, I stated.

“About that…”, he said with a dry laugh.

“You are currently the only person we can trust with our power. The other’s from your world have ambitions that could cause issues for the world.”, Edgar said.

“What about Romilia? She isn’t bad once you het to know her.”, I said.

“She loves you so she doesn’t make issues with you around. When you aren’t around she kills bandits, hardened criminals, and child molesters.”, Edgar stated.

“Is that bad?”, I asked.

“No, the problem is the killings aren’t from the urge for justice. She does it for fun, and gets pleasure from it.”, Edgar said, “Giving her power may not affect you, but everyone else…that may be a different story.”

“I trust my wives.”, I said.

“That trust is well deserved. They have remained faithful to you letting no man bed them aside from you.”, both of them said, “That is an achievement in this day and time.”

“I guess your right”, I said thinking deeply about it, “What do I have to do?”

“Even if you say that it isn’t something we can tell you here.”, Edgar stated, “All of the god’s and goddesses have to be present. Come to the temple in the capital. We will inform the cardinal and church head to allow you into the most sacred place of the temple. We will speak to you in detail there.”

Vanishing in a flash of light the two gods left me in silence.

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