Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 13

“Alright, I am sorry I worried you!”, I said after a three-hour lecture.

“Why haven’t you shown your true strength before today?”, Eleanora asked.

“I didn’t want you to be afraid of me.”, I said, “It’s not normal to be this powerful, and thus I was afraid all of you would label me a monster.”

Before my wives could say anything the Knight Captain interjected.
“Well you are in bed.”, she said so only we could here.

Turning red the girls started lecturing the knights. Walking over to us the King gave me a serious expression.

“Well, what is your plan moving forward?”, he asked.

“It’s safe to assume that the Prince knows I beat his pawn. As such he probably has already begun to bolster defenses.”, I said, “Neither of them are fit to travel as it stands so I was thinking of going to the mansion.”

“Are leaving right away?”, he asked.

“After we grab our certificates yes we will.”, I stated.

“Very well, I wish you luck.”, he said with a smile, “Here is the key, and the deed.”

Receiving the items from them I stored them away before asking my butler to call a carriage for us. Fifteen minutes later we were headed out of the capital with our certificates, and belongings in tow. Taking our time to reach my newly assigned territory we reached it two days later. Located to the west of the capital this land was split between two biomes, lush fertile plains and barren rocky mountain foothills. Arriving at the mansion I was surprised…not in a good way.

“This is the mansion…”, I said looking at a pile of rumble.

“Father must not have realized the mansion collapsed with the war going on, and all. Looking at the rubble pile several villagers came up from the village just down the hill.

“You must be the new lord.”, they said bowing their heads.

“It is a pleasure to meet all of you.”, I said shaking their hands, “I know we just met, but I have a favor to ask of you. Could you ask the farmers to get me a list of the produce grown here? I wish to know what this land grows so I can set up proper trading with the capital.”

“Understood, it will be a few days to give the news to the towns and villages in your domain.”, the village elder said walking up from the back.

“That is understandable, now then…what caused the mansion to collapse?”, I asked.

“We had a terrible snowfall last year.”, he stated, “As no one took care of the home years of disrepair took its toll, and then the building fell.”

“I see, well then I guess I get to start over.”, I said with a smile, “I already have plans drawn up for just this occasion.”

Finding a nearby stump I laid the prints out for everyone. Seeing my grand plan my wives, and mistresses liked the blueprints. Starting at the basement we would have a cold cellar room for food, a vault room, and most importantly…a well pump for water. Having designed a pump with suction as the main way of gathering water this unit could supply water to a large tank that would be kept under pressure via magic. This would allow running water through the whole house.

Moving on the first floor we would have the kitchen, dining room, living room, and several bathrooms throughout the floor. The kitchen was located in the back near a garden where we could dispose of leftovers to further enhance the soil. The kitchen would be large, and able to feed two hundred guests if required. The dining room would be for my family’s use, and for high ranking guests. As such I wanted marvelous light fixtures, and a massive window overlooking a nearby lake. This view would be spectacular easily earning points with nobles. The living room would be used for family gatherings, and also for my wives and mistresses to use when their friends came over. Lastly the bathrooms would be the first in the kingdom to flush. This meant the waste was flushed from our home, and disposed of via magic. The waste was returned to normal material, and distributed into the soil via the same magic.

The second story had similar bathrooms, many guest rooms, and contained my study. Each room would be sound proofed, and have an attached bathroom with bath for added comfort. My study would be reinforced with magic so only I could enter. Of course guests could enter if I allowed it so it was my retreat from everything. The final story would be the master bedroom with a luxury bathroom, and the staff quarters with an equally nice bathroom like the guests would have. Seeing a massive tub in the bathroom my wives instantly approved.

“What are these outlying buildings?”, Rovar asked.

“The stable is behind the house for carriages to be stored along with the animals that pulled them. This is a barn for storing various feed for livestock during the winter. The big building a few hundred feet away would be my alchemy and enchanting lab. If I screw something up I don’t want my house being destroyed.”, I chuckled, “Lastly we will have walls around the mansion with a guard-house by the road. The guard house will be grand befitting someone of my status.”

“I thought you didn’t care about that?”, Laura teased.

“I don’t it’s the other nobles that do.”, I stated.

Asking the villagers where I could find people to build this the elder said they would call up builders, and order the supplies for me. Handing him a bag of gold I told him to keep all work receipts for items purchased, and labor hours worked. Acknowledging my request the group left to organize the building.

“Where are we going to sleep?”, Rulia asked.

“I have that covered.”, I said taking a small box out of my magic bag.

Tossing it to the ground a massive tent appeared in a flash of light. Walking inside I showed the girls our temporary home. The tent had three large rooms all of which were sound proof thanks to special magic. It also had a large portable bathroom which my wives, mistresses, and knights wanted to use. I gave them permission as I was walking towards the entrance. Grabbed by the collar the Captain of my Knights and Eleanora said I had to spend time with them. Looking at Rovar he shook his head.

“If my wife found out I went to help someone who was surrounded by women…I would the dead Dragon of Death…”, he said with a pale face.

Looking at his daughter she shook her head.

“You should take responsibility for your family.”, she said with a grin.

“Traitors!!”, I said being pulled into the bathing room.

Removing our clothing I was told I had scrub everyone. Taking a deep breath I looked at them with a grin.

“Now that we are married…”, I said approaching them, “There isn’t anything that is going to stop from enjoying you all thoroughly.”

Giggling ny wives taunted me so I punished them. Before long what had been a peaceful bath had turned into a battle ground. Victims were already falling prey to me. Making love to everyone in the room when I finished I was the only one standing. Washing them off I let them soak in the mineral bath. Sitting between Eleanora and Laura both of them leaned on me with happy smiles.

“Soon, we will move into our own home.”, Laura said.

“Yes, and we can start having a family.”, Eleanora said.

“Yeah…”, I said realizing I was in for a long few years till a baby came.

About a week later I received the paperwork I requested from village elder, and builders arrived. Working with them, and the local farmers I helped get things going in the right direction. As we had arrived in the early weeks of summer I was able to adjust the crop growing method for this year’s harvest. When fall came our home was completed, and my wives began hiring maids while I took care of organizing guards for my territory. Opting to hire retired knights to train upcoming new bloods I had a smooth process going for training valuable guards. Of course my personal knights attempt to help, but…that caused a few issues with grabby hands, a few broken hands, and lots of upset men. A few knights did have the guts to ask them out, but the answer was always the same.

“Our Lord satisfies our needs.”, they said, “If you wish to bed us you must best him.”

Knowing I had fought a dragon bare handed the men backed down. I had tried several times to push them to marry, but that always ended up with me in bed with them. The years went by fast as I settled in to my position. Reorganizing the territory was hard work, but I had the time. Starting with road ways I used taxes to improve the roads, and install magic lanterns along them to help night-time travel. Next I focused on revamping much-needed economic changes. I lowered the tax rate after the roads were complete. Dropping the taxes I gathered from a steep forty percent to ten percent earned my many favors from the populace, and the reverse from other nobles. As my territory became the lowest in taxes by well over twenty percent merchants, tradesmen, and labors poured into my territory by the hundreds. Before long I ruled the largest territory in the kingdom. The other boon was I was making way more than prior which I reinvested to further my profits, and the betterment of my people. By the time I was eighteen my first event as an adult came.

“We are expecting!!!”, Eleanora said holding me tightly.

Then event two, three, four, five, and six hit me with swift resolve. Laura, Romilia, Rulia, and two of my mistresses all became pregnant a month later leaving the biggest surprise for last.

“I am with child!”, the Captain of the Guard told me after telling her comrades.

The baby craze went to all of their heads, and all I heard was about baby showers, parties, prepping a place for them, and all their clothing. The first few weeks I tried my best to avoid it as for me the excitement made me queasy. I had never had kids in my past life so this whole experience had me on edge. The worries of earning enough money, being around for the children, making sure they were arrogant, and just being a father had me on edge. Sure I knew eventually we would have kids, but it was a lot to take in.

Eventually I got over my nervousness, and embraced becoming a father. Jumping in head first I started making cribs with the help of some local carpenters. Around two months after the announcement the King and company showed up. Excitedly running around our home the Queen was giving tips to everyone. Rulia’s mother was running around as well telling her maids what to do. Once they had arrived they attempted to push me out, but as the head of the household I said I would be involved, or I would have them sent home. Sitting in with my family I silently listened to all the tips both women gave.

“You have to eat a balanced diet!”, the Queen stated, “Any imbalance in your eating will severely affect the children!”

Writing this down I watched my wives start to sweat. Their eating habits would now include less sweets which was horrible news for them.

“Rulia, you have to eat plenty of meat for your baby!! He needs the extra meat because he will be a strong man!!”, her mother stated.

Getting more tips than a hooker on a friday night my wives filled up small notebooks full of information. Once this lesson was over they switched to birthing positions which I promptly left the room for after secretly placing a listening device in the room. Retreating to my study I tuned into the conversation.

“These children are his, right? No secret lovers on the side?”, the Queen asked.

“Mother!!!”, Eleanora snapped, “We wouldn’t cheat on our husband!”

“Hasn’t he bedded anymore women?”, Rulia’s mother asked, “Maybe a maid?”

“No, Rovar tries to push his daughter on him but he refuses. He says if she wants him she can do so without her father’s help.”, Rulia said.

“Either way he has been to busy with managing the farms, and maintaining public morales.”, Alexis said.

“Then he has plenty of time for other women.”, both mothers said.

“We believe him when he says he hasn’t touch any women outside we wives, the mistresses, and his personal knights. All parties know this.”, Laura said.

“You say that now, but the widow Duchess Celebon will be coming to visit him.”, the Queen said.

“I am not familiar with that name.”, Alexis stated.

“She is the ruler of the northern half of our country.”, Eleanora said.

“Her husband died two years ago during a skirmish.”, Eleanora stated, “Since then any household she has visited ended up in turmoil due to a cheating husband.”

“So you need to be cautious.”, the Queen said, “She may have her eyes on your husband now that he is over eighteen widow nobles will be flocking to him. You have to ensure no one gets between you all, and him!”

“Yes, you have to fight fight fight!!!”, Rulia’s mother stated.

Turning the device off I sat back in my chair thinking about things.

“Rovar”, I said, “Please come here.”

Appearing next to me the man asked how he could help.

“I apparently have trouble on the horizon.”, I stated, “As you have magic resistance I want you to ensure I don’t do anything inappropriate. I love my family dearly, and don’t want them to suffer for my inability to maintain myself.”

“Understood.”, he said returning to his duties.

Leaving my study I went to our cellar, and brought out a bottle of my territory’s new wine. Pouring myself a glass I sat back on our back patio soaking in the sun. Thinking about things I knew I had to prepare for other things, but something felt off. I had yet to receive an official note about a visit from another noble. Even if she was a Duchess she couldn’t intrude into my home unannounced.

“Who received a note then..?”, I thought.

Just I was about to get up one of the maids came to get me.

“Pardon sire, a carriage has arrived with several esteemed guests.”, she said.

“Thank you, show to the living room and serve them tea.”, I said.

With a sigh I went up to our bedroom, and informed my wives of our guests. Snapping attention the women cleared their throats before saying they would be down momentarily. Brushing my hair quickly I corked the bottle of wine, stored it away, and greeted our customers.

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