Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 12

Working their way down my back each moment felt heavenly. Towards the end of my time slot they flipped me over to crack my neck. Seeing my angel of massages I realized it was the owners wife. As she rubbed my neck I asked where she learned to do such a fine job.

“I learned from a monk in the Highland Mountains on the Northern edge of this continent.”, she said cracking my neck, “The man was amazing with his understanding of the physical, and spiritual body.”

“I can tell you learned quite bit from him.”, I said with a smile.

“Yes”, she said enveloping my head in her chest, “He taught me to always ensure the happiness of the patient.”

Rubbing my arms, and chest I felt really good about this. Walking to my legs she removed my towel as she went to work. Sucking me off I gently stroked her hair keeping it out of her face. When I got hard she climbed on the table, and took me in. Riding me I held her chest up while gently massaging them. Keeping a steady pace she smiled at me as I pulled her towards me. Kissing her the speed she was moving at increased. Keeping our lips together we intertwined tongues briefly before I took over. Wrapping her legs, and arms around me tightly she really got into it as she laid on her back.

“You are doing well.”, she panted softly, “You have made me climax three times already.”

“I am about at my limit.”, I stated.

“Please, allow me too-“, she started.

“You weren’t going to have a choice. A woman as good-looking as you should be wanting kids, right?”, I asked.

“Yes, but my husband…I am just a cover for his true taste so people don’t hate him.”, she said.

“So it’s like that.”, I said.

“Don’t get me wrong he supports me one hundred percent just…just not in bed.”, she said.

“Well expect multiple visits.”, I said kissing her, “Now let this soak in!”

Firing off a load we both climaxed together. Remaining still for the duration we separated so she could finish the massage. Finishing with my legs a few minutes later I gave her a tip.

“I wish you luck in your endeavor.”, I said, “I hope that charming man you met last night works out for you.”

“You knew!?”, she stuttered.

“Yes, the walls are thin.”, I stated, “The man must not make a lot for you to try to get a guy like me to help.”

“He is a simple miner.”, she said lowering her head, “My husband doesn’t care, but if word gets out I will be chased out. Please keep this between us.”

“I have intention of telling anyone. Just take care of us whenever we visit. We should be back in three months for our honeymoon.”, I said with a smile.

“I understand.”, she said with a bow.

Leaving the room after wrapping the towel around me I finished my spa time with a hot stone massages. Once that was over all of us left the spa, and called it a day. The next morning we left the inn feeling very refreshed…aside from myself. After hearing about Eleanora and Laura the other demanded the same treatment. I didn’t finish till almost 3am which at that point I bathed, and then read a book. Happily chat amongst themselves as we returned to the capital several thousand miles away the Prince of Rogarth who started the war sat on his father’s throne in a sour mood.

“We lost contact with that idiot after sending him to execute the Royal Family.”, he muttered, “His younger brother must have taken care of him. I believe his brides to be were there.”

Looking at the terrified Ministers the Prince demanded information about me. Walking forward the Minister of Foreign Affairs stepped up.

“Your Highness…the boy has really no record aside from what you have been made aware of.”, he said, “Aside from reports of killing two wyvern, executing the Grim Reaper, and taking out our spies we have-”

Before the man could finish his head fell off. Terrified the Ministers fell to the ground bowing before him.

“How hard is it to gather information on one man!?”, he shouted.

“Sire, the boy is extremely dangerous!”, one of his servants said, “We have only been throwing fodder at him!! If we want results we need to send someone just as powerful as him.”

Glaring at him the manservant fell to his knees.

“I am sorry for speaking out of turn, My Lord.”, he said.

“No, you are right. We have been sending baby fish to catch a shark. We need a shark to catch a shark.”, the Prince said rubbing his chin, “Bring me Rovar.”

The room went dead silent hearing that name. Merely mentioning the name had caused several Ministers to faint from terror. Fleeing the room the servants retreated to the relative safety of the kitchen. Leaving the room full of dread the Minister of War did as he was commanded. A few minutes later the Minister of War came flying through the massive iron doors that lead into the throne room. Crashing into the wall behind the throne the Minister’s body turned into splatter on the wall. As for his head no one could see where it was till a man in rags walked in. Chains covered his body where the Minister hadn’t been able to remove them. Currently the man had a limited range of motion, but it was more than enough to kill anyone in the room.

“What do you want from me…”, the man said in a low growl.

“Now now, we have an agreement.”, the Prince said with a nasty grin.

“Our agreement was that I would help you if you left my daughter alone.”, he stated, “My daughter’s innocence was taken from her a while ago by you.”

“What do expect wearing such revealing clothing..?”, the Prince laughed, “She enjoyed it thoroughly.”

“You don’t care about our customs!!!”, the man snarled, “She didn’t want you as a husband, and now she sleeps in the dungeon because she refuses to even be near you!!! If it weren’t for these chains I would kill you here, and now!!”

“Haha, I like the idea, but that won’t happen.”, the Prince said, “You can’t lay a finger on me. Now then, I called you here because I have a task for you. A nobleman’s child from the Equastia Kingdom has been a massive thorn in my side. First he takes my bride-to-be from me, and then has the gall to beat my men back to our territory. I want him removed by any means necessary.”

“You are sending me to kill a child?”, he chuckled.

“This child killed several wyvern single handily before he was even six years of age.”, the Prince said.

The man stopped laughing, and grew a serious look.

“He has killed the Grim Reaper, and managed to discover several of my top spies in their nation. If things keep up he will effectively sever all communications we have with them.”, he stated, “I want you to kill him. Do so, and I give you my word on our contract that I will release your bonds.”

Signing the contract in front of him the man nodded agreeing to it.

“I don’t think I will need to say this, but the boy may be hiding his true strength. If you can’t kill him silently be careful of his full strength. Take your daughter with you as she may be of help.”, the Prince said with a snap of his fingers.

Instantly the chains vanished from sight, and the man was free to move. To most they would have thought the Prince freed him, but actually the chains were still there. For now he was free to move, but one thought from the Prince would put the chains back.

“Go forth Dragon of Death, Rovar!!”, the Prince laughed.

Retrieving his daughter the man turned into his dragon form, and headed towards our capital. Several days later I was preparing for my wedding. The Queen and Eleanora had pressed the King into speeding up the planning because Eleanora wanted to venture out to the land I had been given with my title.

“Do I really have to wear this stuffy outfit!?”, I said as the butler buttoned me up.

“Of course!”, he stated, “These clothes are standard for Royal Weddings. If you don’t wear them Eleanora will be disgraced in front of all the nobles present.”

“I…I understand. For her sake I will put up with it.”, I stated with a sigh.

Nodding with satisfaction he finished buttoning me up in this stupid seventeen hundreds formal wear, and then sent me on my way to the chapel. Taking my place at the altar I looked up the statue of the god that brought me here.

“Thank you for this opportunity.”, I said bowing my head, “I have always wanted a wife, and a family of my own. To think a guy like me could end up with several wives…I am grateful too you.”

“You are most welcome human.”, a voice said.

“It’s been a few years since we last spoke.”, I said bowing my head, “This world has been just as interesting as you said it would be.”

“I am glad you like it, however the winds of change are coming.”, he stated, “You have already discovered that you aren’t the only reincarnated person in this world. In total, there are forty reincarnated people in this world, and in the future a distant country will perform a Hero Summoning Ritual. I suggest you keep an eye on that as not every person your world has is honorable besides…I made you to be stronger than them in case I need someone I can trust to protect the world for me.”

“Why place such a high level of trust in me?”, I asked.

“Do you remember when you were twelve?”, he asked.

“Vaguely.”, I said trying to remember.

“You saved a young child from wandering out into the street.”, he said, “It was a cold winter night, and his mother failed to notice him. You saved him from being hit by a car, and ended up with a broken leg. That boy was me examining your world, and you saved my life. As such I owe you a debt, and know you are a good man.”

“Thank you.”, I said.

“Also, my suggestion is keep your side arm ready.”, he said, “An event will come soon, and you will need your sword possibly unless you stop holding back.”

“I don’t want to go all out.”, I said, “People will call me a monster if I do. I was lucky enough that I had some restraint in dealing with my brother.”

“I think you should believe in your allies, and brides more.”, he chuckled.

Standing straight up again I sighed, and stood there for twenty minutes. About that time people started showing up for the wedding. Soon the chapel was full, and the priest had arrived. As the last people arrived I felt something enter my range of senses. It was far off, and a minute later several more entities followed after it. Before I could say anything Eleanora, Laura, Romilia, Rulia, and Alexis entered the room. Seeing them in their stunning dresses my mind momentarily ignored the threat as they approached the altar. Standing next to me the five of them seemed to be very nervous.

Going through the normal dialogue the priest asked us, “Do you promise to hold, and cherish your spouse in sickness and in health?”

“We do.”, the six of us said.

“May we have the rings?”, he asked me.

Taking the five rings I had hand-made the priest about fell on his ass.

“Those rings!!! Are they made from Mythril and Adamantine!?”, he said in shock.

“They are made of Rose Gold, Mythril, Adamantine, Platinum, and a tiny bit of Silver. Each stone is a Magic Stone I mined from a Dungeon.”, I said, “These rings should easily last a twenty lifetimes before scratching. I wanted something special to show my love for them.”

Hushed discussions broke out in the crowd.

“Doesn’t he realize such a ring is worth a King’s ransom!!”, some nobles said in a low voice.

The fathers of my brides started laughing as they gave me a thumbs up.

“If this is the quality of a wedding ring you give we have no doubt they will be taken care of properly.”, they said.

Looking at my brides their eyes sparkled with excitement just looking at them. Placing them on their ring fingers the rings adjusted themselves to fit them. Happily cradling their rings the priest told them to present mine. Producing a silver-colored ring they placed it on my hand.

“Oh, what is this made of?”, I asked.

“It’s a rare metal.”, Romilia stated, “It’s Titanium.”

“Nice!”, I said admiring the ring, “I like the engraving.”

“It’s from a book you like.”, Romilia said with a grin.

Admiring the craftsmanship I thanked the five of them. Pronouncing us married I leaned in to kiss Eleanora first when a sudden spike of magic showed up nearby. Pushing the five out-of-the-way barely dodging a laser that would have hit us. Instead of us the priest was vaporized in an instant. Frozen in fear the five of them realized how close they were to death.

“Get them out of here!!”, I ordered the guards.

Before they could react several men rushed in, and tore the guards apart. Shielding my brides behind me I glared at the man at the front of the group.

“I can feel your power.”, he said to me, “It’s no wonder why the Prince sent me here.”

“You are from Rogarth then…”, I said, “The hell does that bastard want?”

“I have nothing against you kid, but he wants you dead. If I don’t do this my daughter will suffer more at his hands.”, he stated, “I will do my best to make this painless as a kindness for-”

Vanishing from his field of view several of his men’s heads flee into the area. Reappearing in front of my wives I sheathed my sword.

“I am not going to roll over, and die.”, I said.

“Very well.”, he said.

Both of us vanished in an instant, and a moment later the roof blew off from the air pressure from our movements. Holding on for dear life the guests, and my wives struggled to not be blown away. Clashing swords faster than most could follow both of us were evenly matched in sword skills.

“You surprise me human.”, he said, “No one has matched me on equal footing before.”

“I am not trying.”, I stated.

“Why not?”, he asked.

“I don’t want to be a monster.”, I stated.

“If that’s true let’s see what it will take for you to become serious.”, he said.

Sensing movement on the side of the room I noticed a young girl moving towards my wives. Unable to move due to wind pressure they were sitting ducks. At that moment I knew I only one choice.

“Eleanora, Laura, Romilia, Alexis, and Rulia!!!”, I shouted, “I am sorry you have to watch this!!”

Dropping my sword the man unleashed a powerful slash at me. Thinking he had won the man turned white when I caught the sword with two fingers. Shattering his sword with brute strength the man was in shock. Launching twenty blows into his gut in less than half a second the man vomited a large amount of blood.

“Father!!!”, the young girl shouted running towards us.

“No, don’t come-“, he shouted.

Before he could finish I clapped my hands together causing a shockwave to hit her, and launch her into the wall behind her.

“I will not have you hurt my daughter!!”, he snapped.

Sprouting wings from his back he displayed his true form to me. Towering close to one hundred feet tall he easily destroyed the walls of the chapel as civilians fled the scene taking my wives away several guards also escorted their families away.

“Foolish human!! I was going to offer you-“, he started.

Leaping into the air I punched him under his jaw snapping his head back like it was a toothpick. Spinning in the air I hit his neck knocking him fifty feet away as he slid across the cobblestone. Reappearing in front of him I poured out all of my killing intent which momentarily stunned him.

“Listen well you damn dragon!!!”, I shouted, “No one lays a finger on my wives, not god, not the devil, not even a piss ant like you or that damn Prince. I understand it’s your duty to protect your daughter, but it’s my responsiblity to protect my family. Come hell or high water I will face the world for my family!! If you can’t face me with the same resolve you are just a fool following a bigger fool.”

Planting a firm kick into his chest the dragon flew through the air crashing into the entertainment district. Over with my wives the knights arrived to watch the fight, and their faces were pale.

“What is wrong?”, Laura asked.

“We fought him, and we were under the impression he was slightly stronger than us. There is no way we would stand a chance against Rovar the Dragon of Death in a fight of strength.”, the captain said dusting off my wives.

Watching me lift the dragon off the ground my mother passed out in my father’s arms. Driving him into the ground I grabbed the dragon by the horns, and pinned his head to the ground as he struggled to free himself.

“Yield damn it!!”, I said, “If you don’t stop I will kill you!!”

“Father, please stop fighting!!!”, his daughter screamed, “You can’t fight him!!”

“I don’t have a choice!!”, he snapped, “If I don’t that bastard will have his way with you again.”

“I don’t care about that because I have you, Father!!”, she begged him, “If you are there I don’t-”

“Neither of you are going anywhere after ruining our wedding!”, I interjected, “I intend to have a discuss with you both of you about this, however your curse has to be removed first.”

“What!?”, they said.

“<Grand Cleasing: Heaven’s Light>”, I said casting the spell.

Blasting the chains that bound him away the dragon changed back into his human state. Looking at his arms the burns from the chains remained, but the chains themselves had been removed.

“Now then, I want answers and I want them now.”, I said glaring at him, “I don’t have much patience given you about killed my wives.”

“I will tell you everything.”, he said bowing his head, “Roughly two years ago my daughter left our home to explore the world. She ended up stopping in the mountains outside the Rogarth capital to avoid a storm. During the storm soldiers found her, and used anti-magic weapons to force her into her human form. They bastards dragged my daughter to the piss ant prince, and he…he…”

“I understand that much, how did this turn out this way?”, I demanded.

“I heard about my daughters capture through our kingdom’s spy network, and came charging in to save her. For us dragons we only mate with one partner no matter what, and the only exception is in the case where a female is assault by a male. My daughter may have been the victim, but other suitors won’t look at her as the male was a human.”, he said, “I wanted to save her from further torment, but instead found her at sword point from many guards. In order to secure her safety I was forced into making a contract with him which you just removed.”

“I see, that makes sense. If it were for my wives I would more than likely do the same.”, I said nodding my head.

“Both a few weeks ago I had never even heard of you.”, he stated, “That is until the bastard brought me before him, and ordered me to take you out.”

“Figures.”, I chuckled.

“I don’t expect forgiveness for my actions, but I-“, he started.

Before he could finish I smashed his head into the ground.

“I get it was on orders, but you could have waited until after the wedding.”, I said rubbing my forehead, “Do you realize all the preparation our families went through, and the cost to repair the chapel? All of that isn’t going to appear out of thin air.”

“I understand.”, he said pulling himself out of the ground.

“As such, until your debt is paid I want to hire you as a butler and your daughter as a maid for my exclusive use. No killing is involved, and I will see your daughter is taken care of.”, I said, “As a bonus…I will let you have that bastard if you swear to make him suffer for pissing both of us off.”

Getting up he sprouted an evil grin.

“That sounds like a good proposal to me.”, he said nodding his head, “Do you want to form a contract?”

“No, I want your word and a firm hand shake.”, I stated, “A man willing to go this far for his daughter tells me he is trustworthy. If you say you will be my butler then I will believe you.”

Shaking my hand he swore to be my butler. Preparing myself for the possibility of a cold reception I turned around, and instead of getting called a monster my wives tackled me bawling their eyes out.

“I thought you were gonna die!!”, Romilia said, “I don’t want to be a widow!!”

“Don’t scare me like that!!”, Laura and Eleanora demanded.

“Geez why do you to be such an idiot!!”, Rulia and Alexis said pounding on my chest.

Running out from within the crowd my three mistresses dove on to the dog pile, and voiced their opinions. Trying to calm everyone down my butler broke out laughing at me.

“For someone as strong as you to be overwhelmed by women is…is so ridiculous.”, he said, “Why couldn’t my daughter have been with you, and not the bastard…”

With a sigh I laid there as my family chewed me out as on lookers laughed at the situation.

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