Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 11

Arriving at the hot spring we were greeted by the staff.

“Welcome to the Midnight Inn Hot Springs.”, the owner said with a bow, “My family, and staff welcome such esteemed guests.”

Looking behind me my brides were chatting like giddy school girls. I knew what it was about so I tuned it out right now. Thanking the gentleman for the warm welcome we were led to our rooms. When we got to the rooms Eleanora told everyone that the knights would sleep in the adjoined room while my brides, and I slept in the other. Unsurprisingly the girls approved, and the knights happily agreed as it would be cozier for them. Dropping our bags off my party started changing for the hot springs. Dashing out of the room I made a beeline for the mens bathing area as I knew if I didn’t I would be dragged to the mixed bathing area. Diving into the changing room I pumped my fist with success as I undressed. Wrapping a towel around my waist I walked into the bathing area where I instantly ran into two unwanted people.

“Hey son!”, my dad said.

“Jameson!! What a surprise to see you here!”, the King said.

With a sigh I sat down with them to wash myself off. Grinning ear to ear the men started teasing me about the knights.

“So, how are they?”, the King asked, “I hear Sidorian women are heavenly in bed.”

“If your mother wasn’t so picky with others you’d have a Sidorian mother as well.”, my dad said.

“They are very energetic, and very loving to their partners.”, I stated, “I doubt either one of you could even hold one of their hands.”

“Oh, think your better than your old man?”, my dad laughed.

“They hit hard than wyverns.”, I stated as I washed my hair, “They’d knock you out before you could sneeze.”

“You fought all thirteen of them?”, the King asked.

“Yes, they refuse to bed with anyone they believe are weaker than them.”, I said, “Unless you can beat them in fair combat you aren’t getting with one.”

Rinsing off the three of us slid into the spring letting the mineral water wash away our soreness. Listening to the women playing around in the opposite bath the two men wanted to peek. Grabbing them by their beards I glared at them.

“Sneak a peek at one of my brides, and I will make you forget the past year.”, I stated.

Quickly sitting back down the men changed gears.

“Why don’t we go to ‘That’ place?”, my dad said motioning to the King.

“Oh!”, the King said with excitement, “I forgot about ‘That’ place. Let’s get ready.”

“What are you talking about?”, I asked.

“Just follow us.”, they said.

Following the men towards the fountain where the water came out the King pressed on a hidden stone button on the statue of a lion. Silently sliding to the side the base revealed a small doorway which we walked into. Walking in the innkeeper greeted us.

“Welcome Gentlemen, both of you are looking well. Come for the usual?”, he asked.

“Of course!”, they said.

“Follow me please, I will organize something separate for the young man.”, the innkeeper said.

Thinking about it carefully I realized what this place was.

“This isn’t a Nobleman’s Retreat, right?”, I stated.

“No, it is.”, they said.

“Well, I am going back to the bath. I have no interest in ending up in the doghouse.”, I stated.

“Your going to miss out on the Beastman women.”, they said.

“Okay, maybe I can stay for a bit.”, I said taking a seat.

Laughing the men left me alone. Secretly I wasn’t sticking around for the sex. I had always wanted to pamper a Dog or Cat kin girl. The fluffy ears were like kryptonite for me, and tails…they were like puffballs from heaven. Smiling just thinking about it the innkeeper returned, and took me the opposite direction of the King and my dad. When I asked him why he gave a complicated look.

“They have…a different taste than you.”, he said politely.

Thinking about all the different preferences a man could have I quickly stopped as I thought of the worse possible things first. Dropping me off at a small room below the hot springs I sat back waiting nervously. A few minutes later the innkeeper returned with three my age. Each of them was a Beastman, but they were all different. Fortunately the three of them had poofy ears, and fluffy tails so I was content.

“Alright, three rules”, he stated, “No physically harming them, no drug use, and lastly have fun.”

Closing the door I ran over, and locked it. Looking back I smiled at them. Smiling back nervously I made my first demand. A few hours later my brides came bursting into the room with their mothers in tow. The King had apparently made a slip up, and hadn’t checked in with his wife. Upon searching for him they stumbled in here, and found them. My brides, worried I was doing something like them, came running to find me.

“Jameson!”, they said, “What are you…wait…what are you doing?”

Currently I was pampering them by scratching their super fluffy ears. Seeing that I was fully clothed they girls relaxed a bit.

“Jameson, what are you doing?”, they asked.

“I am healing my soul with fluffy ears, and tails.”, I said, “This is utter bliss!”

“He isn’t being rude, is her?”, Rulia asked the girls.

“We were a bit confused when he asked to pet us.”, they said, “However now we enjoy it a lot!”

“Jameson, I hope you realize that we Beastman don’t let people scratch our ears, and mess with our tails so easily.”, Rulia pointed out, “Only our parents, and partners can-”

“Then they will be mistresses!!”, I demanded, “Fluffiness is sacred!!”

Scratching the Fox kin girl behind her ears I moved to brushing her fluffy tail out. Happily letting me do it the three girls didn’t mind the proposal, and the innkeeper was more than happy to let them go in exchange for everyone keeping quiet about this secret area. Brushing the Panda kin, and the Cat kin girl’s tails I put the brush down. Leaving with the three of them in tow we returned to our rooms. Falling asleep all over the bed the girls were out like lights while I sadly listened to my dad, and the King get lectured by their wives. I didn’t get to sleep till almost 4am when they finally calmed down. Getting only three hours of sleep Eleanora woke me up for breakfast. Seeing the cute Beastman girls in my bed I about had a heart attack from cuteness overdose.

“You should be satisfied with this many women, right?”, Laura stated.

“I think in addition to the knights I am content with the number, yes.”, I said with a smile, “Now then, what shall we do…wait, I there was something I wanted to tell you first.”

Waiting for everyone to be awake I explained my situation as far as being reincarnated was concerned. Listening carefully till the end I waited nervously to hear their reactions.

“That explains a lot.”, Eleanora said nodding her head, “Why did you tell us earlier?”

“Felt the time wasn’t right. Now things are settled, and we are moving forward.”, I stated, “As such I felt I should tell you. I hope you aren’t upset.”

“Not at all, you are still you after all. The person you were then isn’t the you now.”, Laura stated.

Smiling I thanked them for their understanding.

“Still though, to think you understand the ancient language so fluently…”, the Fox kin girl Aco said, “Maybe you can read the language in the ruins near my hometown.”

“Isn’t this your hometown?”, I asked.

“No, we were born in the nation of Mirkwood.”, Aco said motioning to Chichoo the Panda kin and Teela the Cat kin, “It’s a small nation in the Abyss Forest.”

“Sounds like an adventure!”, I said grinning ear to ear, “I want to go!”

“After the wedding and graduation ceremonies.”, Eleanora scolded me, “Not a moment sooner!”

“I know, speaking of the wedding I will be going to visit the city of Rush for two days.”, I said, “Your rings will have to be made custom after all. I won’t settle for cookie cutter rings.”

Giving me their blessing the girls said it was perfectly fine. Thanking them I ordered some room service for snacks, and beverages. A few minutes later the innkeepers wife showed up with snacks, and a pitcher of water. Thanking her I pulled a pouch of powder from my Magic Bag.

“What’s that?”, Romilia asked.

“Lemonade powder.”, I stated.

“Heck yes!!!”, she said pumping her fist up, “You will be a good husband!!”

Mixing the powder in I poured everyone a glass of lemonade. Slowly bringing it up to their lips the girls took a sip, and immediately smiled with happiness. I was fortunate that my brides, and mistresses liked sour things otherwise I would be getting my butt kicked. Discussing things we decided on our days events which included me helping them tan, and doing hair care on the mistresses as their hair wasn’t as soft as I wanted it to be. After yesterdays discovery the King, and my dad were in the doghouse. Confined to their rooms with burly guards the Queen and my mother relaxed in the women’s bath while we used the mixed bath. Scrubbing my wives down using special soap I had made in my spare time the girls commented on how good they smelled, and how smooth their skin felt.

“What is in this?”, Eleanora asked.

“Animal fat, scented oils, and vitamin E.”, I stated, “It is super good for your skin.”

“I can tell!”, Romilia said with a warm smile, “I never thought I would use elegant soap like this again.”

“Why, are things different in your world?”, Laura said.

“Yes, in England such soap was common in…”, Romilia started to say before realizing she had been tricked, “You took advantage of my love of soap!!”

“We figured you were from Jameson’s world.”, Alexis said.

“How did you figure that out?”, Romilia asked.

“A known killer somehow fell in love with a man she just met.”, Rulia stated, “You have been known to lure men into lowering their guard, but never got close enough to share a bed with one. So far we have had to fight you so you don’t get in his bed.”

“What?”, I asked.

“Hush it!!”, Romilia said red-faced.

Laughing I finished bathing them then rinsed them off. Applying old fashion tanning oil on them the girls started sun bathing to get a tan. Roughly four hundred years ago someone else like me was reincarnated here, and brought tanning oil with them. The man apparently made a small fortune, and had many children with very happy women all over the world. He sounded like the guy I wanted to be though I had several lethal reason I wouldn’t be before me. I got the impression that if I even tried to do it once I would never be allowed to be alone anymore. Ordering a drink for myself I sat in the shade by the girls. Every so often one of them would poke their head up to see if I was there. Turning over every so often they soaked in the sun till lunch when they washed the oil off, and retreated inside to relax. Paying for the sauna for the knights, my brides, my mistresses, and myself we sat back enjoying the massages.

Taken to a different room as I had no need for a chest massage from the female technicians. Instead, I opted to get my spine realigned as my back as of late hurt more than usual after practice. Face down on the table I relaxed as the staff member came in. Applying some lotion on to my back the muscles relax as the person started feeling my back to get an idea of what needed done. A few minutes later they started cracking my back, and giving me a massage to loosen up my muscles even more. Twenty minutes in I felt like I was floating on clouds from how good I felt.

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