Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 10

Sneaking out of the castle I returned to the Sidorian tavern. As it was late now the clients instead had left for easier pickings at other bars. Most men I discovered, while attracted to them, were also afraid that not satisfying them would lead to their deaths. Also none of them were brave enough to fight one of them. Walking inside the owner recognized me so I had no problems. Producing the pies I asked if they wanted some. Smelling the dessert it took maybe two seconds for everyone to surround me.

“Is this heaven?”, I thought keeping a start face.

Serving everyone a slice they ate it without hesitation. Moaning with mouth’s full of food some of them turned red from embarrassment. Those who weren’t embarrassed devoured their serving moaning the whole time.

“Shit…I am glad I came to take my mind off things.”, I thought looking at them, “This place is definitely heaven.”

Finishing their meals the owner looked at me with a serious expression.

“You look like you have something on your chest. Not like we have customers so why don’t you tell us what happened.”, she said.

Explaining what had happened after I left I made sure they got the full story. When I finished the owner seemed like she wanted to say something.

“That’s tough for a guy your age to handle. Family matters of any kind that end up hurting you are the worst. All of us here are victims of the civil war going on in our country.”, she stated, “All of us just want peace, but as it stands your either on someones side, or your just scum. We chose the latter so we didn’t have to kill family.”

“I didn’t realize there was a civil war going on there.”, I said, “Sidoria I thought would have been relatively peaceful.”

“If it were for the fact that two faction leaders were lusting after the same woman it would be peaceful.”, she laughed.

Laughing I asked if they had met anyone here yet. Everyone shook their heads saying the men were to cowardly.

“The first day here the Captain of the Guard pissed his pants when Lilia here served him water.”, she said pointing to one of the women.

“It must be tough.”, I said.

“Amen to that!”, the ladies laughed, “Most of us are in our twenties, and want to mess around. With the men not living up to our standards the days just drag on.”

“I understand, your boss hits hard so I get why they are afraid.”, I laughed.

“That is right, you did win in a match against her.”, they said grinning ear to ear, “Care to have a bout?”

“Are we gonna do one on twelve?”, I said with a grin.

“Oh!!”, they said grinning away, “If you win you can do whatever you want!”

Pushing the tables, chairs, and other furniture to the side we all did a little bit of stretching before getting in position.

“No hard feelings when I win.”, I said with a grin.

“We won’t be upset if you lose.”, they replied.

After a few seconds their boss gave the go ahead, and the fight started. Closing the gap instantly I knocked two of them out with a light chop to the neck. The other ten realized I was actually stronger than I looked, and fought seriously. Launching a flurry of blows at one another I felt each hit much more than other people I had fought. Looking at the women they also looked like they were enjoying this. Going for what seemed like a weeks time the women were finally beaten leaving me panting from the workout.

“I have to say you women fight harder than a wyvern.”, I said with a dry laugh, “No wonder the men around here are afraid of you.”

“You are a beast yourself.”, they said catching their breath, “That’s the first time a man has beaten us in a fight. So what now?”

“I think you know.”, I said looking over at them, “There is two things I would ask of you.”

Showing them my emblem they were surprised I was the source of all the excitement in the capital.

“As you can see I have need of capable knights. Would you be interest? I am sure you would enjoy it more than being waitresses.”, I teased.

“Agreed.”, the twelve women and the owner laughed, “That is fine.”

“Lastly, I am a man and you lot are like goddesses taken flesh. Of course I shouldn’t have to tell you my other request.”, I said.

“We are closing early, and permanently tonight.”, the owner said with a grin, “Can you at least store our alcohol in your Magic Bag? Some of this stuff is hard to come by.”

With a snap of my fingers the alcohol vanished completely as it teleported into my bag. Satisfied the owner place a sign out front stating that they were closed permanently. Taking me upstairs the thirteen women led me to an extremely lavish room that made me think something was wrong.

“Why is this here!?”, I said touching the soft silk carpet, “This is even nicer than the King’s chambers in the castle.”

“Sidorians prefer to have our place of night fun be a comfortable, cozy, and safe place.”, the owner stated matter of factly, “This room would be in an upper nobles home. Our former King had a bed made of water that supposedly could give a person such an amazing sleep they wouldn’t need to rest for a week.”

“Damn…”, I said, “That sounds like an amazing bed. I should really visit your country to get a look at that bed. If I can figure out how to make I would make one for myself.”

“That would be quite an achievement. The bed is said to be over two thousand years old so the art for making it must have been lost long ago.”, she said shutting the door behind us, “I hope we will live up to your expectations.”

“Oh, I think you will exceed my expectations.”, I said with a grin, “Hopefully you won’t hate me when we finish.”

Teasing me over to the massive bed I got to work. By early morning I was thoroughly exhausted from the workout. Even though I had beaten them in a fight I had a long way to go in the bedroom. These women exploited their beauty, and I lost hands down. The last thing I remember was looking at the moon high in the sky. Sleeping around me the thirteen of them wore smiles on their faces unlike the night before. During our fun they looked like ravid dogs, and I was the piece of meat. There was no break between them so I had used my bedroom magic to the max. Sitting up I took some medicine out of my Magic Bag because I had a headache from dehydration, and overwork. Also taking out medication for them as well. If memory served sometime this month I should hit that thresh hold in age where I am packing. My hope of being safe till I was fourteen was shattered recently when the King had given me a book for nightly activities.

“This should help you produce an heir.”, he said with a thumbs up.

I read it, and discovered that men here could start producing kids as early as twelve and a half. It would be my luck that I would end up ready now.

“If one of them gets pregnant now I won’t hear the end of it from Eleanora. She is already breathing down my neck for stuff like this.”, I thought.

Stirring the women sat up like they were drunk.

“Good morning.”, I said with a chuckle.

“Good morning.”, she said kissing me, “Last night was a lot of fun.”

“I agree, here is some medicine.”, I said.

“Medicine?”, they asked.

“Yes, it’s contraceptive.”, I stated.

Handing them back to me they said they didn’t want it. Putting them back I asked why they didn’t want them.

“Why would we stop a strong man’s seed?”, they asked, “We desire strong men so after beating us in fair combat we accepted the duty of rearing strong offspring from you. Last night we made sure you thoroughly inseminated us for the best effect.”

“You won’t be very good knights if you end up pregnant.”, I said with a sigh.

“We can still fight just as well carrying children.”, they said giving me a thumbs up.

“These muscle brains…”, I thought with a sigh, “I should probably improve their protective, and offensive armor.”

Getting out of this amazing bed I got dressed, and then took advantage of my status with them. Assisting in holstering their racks in their armor-plated sports bras I smiled as I got to rub them gently. Walking out the back door we promptly returned to the castle. Hoping no one would notice me I walked smack into an angry Eleanora.

“Where have you been?!”, she said grabbing my shirt.

“Getting suitable knights so yesterday’s incident won’t happen again.”, I said pointing to the women behind me.

The knights that were with her took several steps back.

“They are Sidorian’s!!”, the knights said in a panic.

“Where did you go to find them?”, Eleanora asked narrowing her eyes.

“Uh…the red light district…”, I said.

Before I could defend myself I received a blow to the head from her.

“You have me, and the other girls!!! Why do you have to go to the red light district?!”, she demanded.

“I don’t want to take your chastity before we are married.”, I stated.

“You don’t have a choice now!!”, she snapped, “My mother already arranged for us to go to the hot springs. We are leaving in thirty minutes, and I expect to be treated like you said you would!”

“Yes, I have arrange transport for them.”, I said motioning to our new knights, “They are coming with us for added protection.”

“I figured, go get things ready!”, she said storming off.

I had never seen her so mad before, but I knew I had screwed up. Looking at the guards I asked if there was something else I had done.

“Well…she waited in your chambers last night…”, they said nervously.

“Shit…”, I thought, “That is more realistic.”

Taking the knights to the stables I arranged for thirteen horses to be readied for them. Taking a look at their armor I told them I would look into improvements for them after the trip. Saying that they would be looking forward to it they got their gear on their horses, and together we all went to the gate. Seeing the carriages at the front gate I looked at the time.

“I have twenty minutes.”, I thought.

Telling my knights to wait here I ran back into town to purchase something. Returning exactly on time I boarded the carriage with Laura and Eleanora. The second carriage carried my other brides, and the third carriage was our luggage. Encircling the carriages my knights easily kept the riff raft away from the carriages as most of the town people knew them.

“Eleanora, I apologize for not being at the castle last night.”, I said bowing my head, “I know it isn’t much, but I bought you something.”

Producing a strawberry shortcake from my Magic Bag she gave me a weird look.

“I made another dessert for you to try.”, I said.

“Trying to win me over with food?”, she said.

“No, I am trying to make up for last night.”, I said calmly, “I didn’t know you had been waiting for me.”

Handing her a slice of cake she took a bite, and quickly turned away. I hoped that me using magic to speed up the cake making process hadn’t messed the taste up.

“This is a start…”, she said.

With relief I acknowledged that, and promised to make it up to her this evening. Serving Laura a portion as well she fell in love with it at once. Happily eating the cake I looked at the carriages accessories. The floor appeared to be made of a satin like cloth with cotton or goose down under it. Looking at the windows I resolved myself to this, and closed the blinds. Turning around to tell them my plan both of them were already folding their clothing on the bench. Latching the door I joined them as we pulled out the bedding used for overnight stays in the carriage. Running my hands gently over both of them I felt them shiver nervously.

“That’s right, I am an adult on the inside so for me this isn’t a big deal for me.”, I thought, “This is their first time ever so I go slow for them.”

Kissing them on the lips I used my fingers to start getting them going. Wriggling around they held my hands down their moaning softly as they got into it. Happily pleasuring them I made sure I kept their mouths preoccupied with kissing them. When they were wet both of them pushed me back, and went to town on me. Babel had explained things a little to well as both girls were acting like they knew how to do this like professionals. When I was ready both of them laid back awaiting me. Choosing Eleanora first as she was my first wife due to status it was customary she go first. Sliding in I was sent on a pleasure train I had never experienced. It was completely different from Babel, and the Knights in that she was my size, and age making this fit much better. Moaning as I grinded her greedily Laura played with herself watching the events unfold.

Kissing Eleanora her legs locked around me as she wrapped herself around me. Spanking her gently a few times she tightened up every time. Switching positions I mounted her from behind as carefully twisted her nipples making her moan softly. Making our way through several positions we eventually ended up with her on the bench facing me as I took her next to Laura. Legs firmly locked around me I looked her in the eyes.

“I am about at my limit, Eleanora.”, I said.

“It’s fine.”, she said kissing me, “We are going to be wed so finish.”

With that I spanked her butt as I let loose. Clinging to me she kissed me as her womb took it into her. Twitching every spurt I knew she had climaxed again, and was enjoying our closeness. Separating after a few minutes I took Laura who was about to burst. Her hole was loose at first, but became like a dragon protecting its gold a few moments later. Locking her ankles behind me she only wanted this position for our time together. Creaming her forty minutes both women held each other looking at me with seductive smiles. Unable to hold back with them we went several more times before arriving at the hot spring.

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