Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 9

“Lets see here…”, she said pulling the paperwork out, “According to my information the Whore Prince has been holding back on putting a lot of resources here. He has had many attempts on his life making him extremely skittish.”

“Makes sense. Many nobles are probably pissed off he is killing so many girls.”, I said.

“By the way, a team of murders should have made it into your capital. You should-“, she started.

“I already killed one, and they are looking for others.”, I said, “The man sounds very much like the Whore Prince.”

“Yes, the whole group made my skin crawl.”, she said.

Handing me documents she then made us tea. Passing me a cup I took a sip without testing it.

“You aren’t afraid I will poison you?”, she asked.

“I trust you.”, I said, “My gut says you are a trustworthy person.”

Smiling she seemed satisfied with my answer. Coming over next to me she pointed out troop movements, supply lines, and hidden fort locations. Watching us work some of the nobles were upset while others were stunned. Nathan looked at her, and then me.

“Are you sure she is safe to stay here?”, he asked me.

“She and I came to an understanding. I feel she won’t harm me, but if one you tries to peek at her I have no doubt she will kill you. If she does its your fault for peeking.”, I stated.

Nodding their heads the men continued taking an inventory of everything.

“You know there are spies among your men, right?”, she asked.

“I know, I kept an eye on everyone when we assaulted the fort. It is easy to know who is a traitor when they vanished during combat.”, I stated, “They have been taken care of.”

Secretly I poisoned their water so I could get rid of them. Those who were traitors were substitutes for nobles that didn’t want to fight. Grinning at me she said I was quite a man for killing them without a care. Kissing her I flipped the folder over. Noticing a key piece of information I held it up.

“Project Re-Life…what is this?”, I asked.

“Some mumbo jumbo theory a scholar translated from an old book. Said something about a cursed treasure guarded by some vengeful spirits.”, she said, “I doubt it’s true.”

“You may be right, but would Whore Prince think it’s true?”, I asked.

She stopped laughing realizing he was in fact stupid enough to do it. Looking at me she pointed out that this area wasn’t mentioned in the text so he shouldn’t have an interest here. Flipping through more files I eventually stopped on another page.

“Memoir of Genghis Khan…”, I said, “Strange thing to send as a message.”

“His failed attempt to wow ne into his bed. I believe it was the twentieth time.”, she laughed.

“True, but it’s translated into our common tongue. You don’t think his lust for power came from this, do you? It would explain his fixation on banging so many women.”, I pointed out.

“That…that could be it.”, she said.

Handing off the important information to the men they left us to sip our tea. Surveying the surroundings we eventually retired after assigning night watch. Sharing a bed we cuddled a bit, but nothing more. I told myself I’d complete my end of the bargain before making a move. The next day we struck out at the nearby supply lines, hidden camps, and stockpiles. Gathering much-needed resources I left Nathan to run things. Taking the Prince’s remains with us we took a slight detour into enemy territory to retrieve her half-sister. All together it added four days on to the week-long trip back. Arriving back in the capital eleven days after leaving the front I appeared before the King. Presenting him the Prince’s remains he thanked me for taking excellent care of the ashes.

Rushing past the King my fiancées, and my concubines came to see me. Hugging them all I asked how things were.

“Everything was fine. They found the remaining six men in the slums.”, Eleanora said looking at the two girls behind me, “Are these…new additions?”

“Only one.”, I said with a smile, “The younger one is her half-sister.”

Giving us a bow she stepped forward.

“I am Nome.”, she said softly, “My sis Romilia found me in an orphanage.”

“Who?”, Laura asked.

“You may know her better as the Black Widow.”, I said.

Gasping I told everyone to calm down.

“She isn’t going to kill anyone.”, I said firmly, “She is here to help us with Rogarth, and will also be one of my wives.”

“Yes, I mean no one here harm.”, she said bowing her head, “I just want a safe home for my sister, and I.”

“I take it you will be responsible for her, Jameson?”, the King asked.

“Absolutely.”, I said, “Now then, Nathan has started leading the men forward in reclaiming lost territory. I left him with instructions to only go as far as the original border, and then to reinforce the border.”

“Very well, we have no intention of pushing them to much.”, the King said, “For now, preparations will need to be made for my late son, and for your graduation ceremony and wedding.”

“I understand, I will return to my temporary home for now.”, I said, “First though, I would like to take my future brides out for lunch.”

Jumping around with excitement the girls even got Nome excited. Yanked out of the throne room the King bid us a farewell with a joyous smile. Once we disappeared from his sight he sat back in his throne looking at his son’s ashes. Enjoying a meal with everyone I caught them up on all of the past two weeks. Parting ways after we finished eating Romilia, and Nome were offered a place to stay by Laura. Returning to the Earl’s home I was told he, and his wife were out at their summer cottage for another few days. Entering my room my secret lover leapt into my arms.

“I missed you.”, Victoria said dropping my pants.

Pushing her back on the bed I tore her clothes off, and made love to her. Kissing her repeatedly she smiled happily as she sucked me dry. After two rounds she tapped out from exhaustion.

“I am happy you came back alive.”, she said holding my hand, “My father has made the decision to remove me from the family.”

Pulling her into my arms I told her she would move in with me as a mistress instead of a concubine. Seeing as she wouldn’t be a noble anymore I felt it was fitting. Happily accepting the offer I was relieved explaining things to the others hadn’t been for nothing. Getting dressed she immediately left so she wouldn’t be missed. Watching her walk down the hall her maid snuck up behind me.

“Thank you for taking care of the Miss.”, she said, “She was lonely without you here.”

“I am sure she was.”, I said with a smile, “Would you mind helping her pack her belongings? She will need help with all the clothes she has.”

Nodding with a silly smile she accepted the task before running after her. Returning to my room I cleaned everything with magic before settling down for the night. Falling asleep quickly I was awoken the next morning by a maid who said a message had arrived for me. Sitting up I opened it, and read the contents.

“Hmm, it seems I am being requested for an appearance at the castle. Please ready my breakfast to go, thank you.”, I said.

Nodding she went to make my meal. Getting dressed I took a carriage to the castle. Taking Victoria along I explained we would be attending the First Prince’s funeral. Understanding the situation she obediently followed ne into the castle. Taking my seat with my soon to be family I looked over at the First Prince’s expecting wife. Bawling her eyes out it was evident to all she loved him.

“I would resurrect him, but people would think I am a monster.”, I thought looking at Eleanora, “If people knew I could they would hate my family which I couldn’t make them go through.”

Resigning myself I asked Eleanora what would become of her.

“She is a widow with a child. Her family has already disowned her because she ran off with my brother.”, she stated, “Why do you ask?”

“Should we take her in as she is still family?”, I asked.

“That is your decision.”, she replied, “Just be aware she may take it the wrong way.”

“I know.”, I said kissing her cheek.

Lining up after the priest prayed over the body we placed flowers in the casket. Once everyone said their goodbyes the men, and I carried his casket to the graveyard where we laid him to rest. Standing in the back I watched his family cry over his grave.

“You don’t feel anything, do you?”, Romilia said walking up behind me.

“I wasn’t very close to him.”, I stated.

“Is that really all it is?”, she asked.

“No, the number of killers they caught was to low.”, I said.

“Why do you think that?”, she asked.

“I took out one, and the captured five. Were they so stupid that having scouts out in the area slipped their mind.”, I said.

Understanding my suspicions she started looking around.

“Right now is a perfect time to attack as the guards are few, and they have a lot of places to hide.”, I said.

Drawing her daggers from somewhere on her she looked around carefully.

“Where do you think they are?”, she asked.

Thinking about it carefully I tried narrowing it down.

“Getting close is a no go. They’d be to obvious, and hiding would make them detectable by magic.”, I thought, “Archers are a bad idea as it gives your location away after the first shot.”

Watching the priest be handed a chalice the attack became clear.

“Shit the wine!!”, I said, “Track where it came from!!”

Running past the crowd I grabbed the chalice. Holding it the chalice seemed to be too heavy.

“What are you doing?!”, the priest demanded.

Knocking him to his knees I forced him to drink it. Flailing like a stabbed pig the man let off a shriek of terror. Before long fluid started escaping his body. Seeing his body fall apart I knew it wasn’t poison, but acid. Seeing the man melting the Queen passed out. Drawing my sword I turned to the man who handed the priest the chalice.

“Halt!!”, I said.

Throwing his tray at me the man bolted.

“Protect the King and his family!!!”, I commanded, “Call for backup immediately.”

Dashing after him I chased him through the streets. Shoving people out of his way I pressed forward trying to dodge the fallen people.

“Damn this holding back!”, I muttered jumping over a fruit stand.

Continuing into the business district I figured he was trying to lose me in the busier shops. Seeing me chasing the man several guards tried to jump him, but he ended up stabbing three of them.

“Fuck it!!”, I snapped.

Destroying the road below me I launched myself forward, and crashed into him. Having a firm grip on his skull I threw him into the ground. Using <Earthen Shackles> I bound the man so he couldn’t flee.

“Who do you work for!?”, I snapped.

Grinning at me the man gave me a skin crawling answer.

“For the New World Order!!!”, he laughed insanely.

Sensing magic start to swell up in him I realized he intended to commit suicide.

“Run!!!!”, I ordered everyone.

I had no time to throw a proper barrier up so this was the best I could do. Killing him now wouldn’t stop the spell so ensuring people’s safety was all I could do. Running away people dove for cover behind buildings for cover. I was about to follow suit when I spotted a small child crying in the street.

“No, my baby!!!”, a woman shouted.

Taking off I grabbed the child, and slid behind a statue just as the man exploded. Shaking the entire area the area was covered in a fine red mist. Capturing it with magic I crystalized it in case his blood was poisonous. Returning the child to her mother I went to investigate the crater. Sure enough there was nothing left of the man not even the shackles remained.

“Damn it, there is another reincarnated person out. This one is hell bent on terrorism.”, I thought clicking my tongue, “Just when did the Prince get these lunatics..?”

Running back to the graveyard Eleanora leapt into my arms.

“We heard a massive explosion, are you alright?”, she asked.

“I caught him, but then he decided to commit suicide.”, I said, “He wanted to take out many people, but fortunately no one was hurt.”

Sighing with relief she held me tightly. Escorting everyone back to the castle I sat down with the men in the Royal Family.

“Did we ever find out how the former Minister of War communicated with the Rogarth Empire?”, I asked.

“It seems he had a contact in the red light district.”, the King said, “We tried pursuing it, but hit a wall as no one wants to talk to the guards.”

“Romilia, care to join me for some information gathering?”, I asked.

Grinning she said she would need to change first. Running back to her temporary home I felt some discontent from Eleanora. When I asked her what was wrong she quickly gave me an answer.

“As your soon to be first wife I haven’t been able to spend much time alone with you. It has been a long time.”, she stated.

Realizing it really had been a while I gave her a promise.

“As soon as we find the leak, and stop it I promise to take all of us to the hot springs. If your father allows it…you and I can share the couples suite.”, I said, “I can-”

“You have our permission.”, the Queen said with an evil smile.

The King held back his temper fearing his wife’s wrath, and quickly backed her up. Smiling Eleanora asked about the others.

“We will get them an adjoining room, but only you and I will sleep in the room.”, I said hoping she wouldn’t mind about the others.

“That’s fine.”, she said with a smile, “I will hold you to that.”

Giving her my word Romilia soon came back in a tempting satin red dress. Seeing her several guards gulped loudly.

“My eyes are up here boys…”, she told the guards, “Ready Jameson?”

Kissing Eleanora I told her I would see her later. Walking with arms linked Romilia, and I entered the red light district. Immediately all eyes were on me as I was a well-known noble. Keeping an eye out I eventually picked a place fittingly named the Brawler’s Surprise. I say fitting because as we approached three men went flying out the second story windows. These weren’t weak men either. Each one appeared to be a harden veteran so the women here must be at least on par with them. Entering the tavern I immediately noticed all the women here had fiery red hair, tan skin, and wore steel bracers on their forearms and shins.

“They are Sidorian.”, Romilia said, “I’d be carefully talking to them. They don’t treat weaker people kindly, and they have been known to rip half-inch steel shields to ribbons with their bare hands.”

Not paying attention I was fixated on all of these goddesses before me. Each one of these women would make any man feel like a King. The killing intent these women carried around mattered little to me because I enjoyed the challenge.

“I guarantee not a single man has bedded one of them.”, I thought, “When I get older I definitely have to come here.”

Walking up to the bartender she gave me a threatening glare. Brushing it off I ordered a hard cider like I usually drank on Earth.

“We don’t serve children.”, she stated, “Scram!”

“Listen hear Jiggle Dream I want a hard cider, please.”, I demanded.

“What did you call me..?”, she asked twitching with anger.

“Would you prefer I call you Wonder Chest?”, I teased.

Throwing a punch through the counter she tried to knock me out. Grabbing her arm with a single hand I spun around, and threw her across the room. Casually walking over to her I picked her up by her head.

“Can I have my drink now?”, I said.

“Fine.”, she said standing up.

Nodding to Romilia she went off to extract information from the customers. I sat down at the bar, and my beverage.

“So brings you here kid?”, she asked.

“Need information on a man who almost got my girl killed.”, I said, “Jackass turncoat.”

Looking at one of her assistant the woman said to follow her. Leading me to the back she took me downstairs to their records room.

“This room is where we keep tabs on things. Madam has eyes on every corner.”, she said.

Lining the walls reports of suspicious people, black market auctions, and noble movements in the capital. Walking over to the reports I used <Search> to look for keywords on the documents. Almost instantly I got it a hit. Grabbing the document I quickly looked it over.

“You got to be shitting me…”, I said with a sigh.

Turning to the woman I thanked her for the information.

“Did you find something wrong?”, she asked.

“Yes, I have to take care of it immediately.”, I said.

“You look serious.”, she said.

“I have been a fool.”, I told her.

Rushing upstairs I grabbed Romilia, and bolt towards the door.

“I will be back.”, I said telepathically to the owner with a wink.

Carrying Romilia on my back I ran towards the palace.

“What is the hurry?”, she asked.

“We need to get to the castle quickly. The person responsible is someone I know well. He won’t slack off on finishing the job.”, I stated.

“Who did it?”, she asked.

“My older brother…”, I muttered, “He must be upset that I gained more authority than him or something. The bastard killed his pets whenever they annoyed him. If he lays a finger on them I will rip him to shreds.”

Running through the gates I ordered several guards to follow me. Running to the ballroom I asked the guards if my family had arrived. Figuring the King had invited them here for graduation, and the wedding they should have been here by now.

“Not more than ten minutes after you left did they arrive.”, one of the men said.

“What of my brother?”, I asked.

“He was feeling under the weather.”, he replied.

“Shit!!!”, I said.

Crashing through the door I entered a bloodbath. Having killed the guards in the room my brother had already started fighting everyone else.

“Eleanora!!!”, I shouted, “Everyone, where are you!?”

Running over in a red dyed dress Eleanora rush to me with Laura in tow. Holding them tightly both of them were terrified.

“Where is everyone else?!”, I said.

“Victoria, Rulia, and Alexis are hurt.”, Laura said.

“What of Babel?”, I asked.

“If not for her…”, Laura said tearing up.

In that moment the world stopped.

“She sacrificed herself to shield everyone from an explosion that man tried to use to kill all of us.”, Eleanora said.

Letting Romilia down I looked at my brother with empty eyes. Vanishing from their sides I appeared before my brother.

“So you finally make an appearance you brat!!!”, he snarled, “First you go an upstage me on the noble front like a jackass. Next thing I know my bride to be wants to be your spouse so she ended our engagement. Lastly you think its alright to treat my toys like people!? Do you think I would let this slide!? Those women were going to my toys when-”

Grabbing his arms I casually ripped them clean off with no effort at all. Flying backwards suddenly he sunk ten feet into the wall forty feet away.

“You took one of my wives from my side…”, I said walking over to him, “The title, the fame, the wealth…none of that matters to me.”

Stopping in front of him I grabbed him by the ankle, and then slammed him into the floor.

“What you took from me can’t be replaced…the life you stole can never be returned…I swear on my life…YOU WILL PAY YOU INSOLENT BASTARD!!!”, I said hitting in the face as hard and as fast as I could, “I LOVE ALL OF THEM!!! NO ONE IS TAKING THEM FROM ME!!!! YOU HEAR ME YOU ASSHOLE!!! I DON’T CARE IF GOD WANTED THEM I WOULD STILL FIGHT BACK EVEN IF IT COST ME EVERYTHING!!!!”

Stopping after a minute of punching him I stood up looking as the pile of mush on the ground. Falling to my knees I started crying with frustration. I should have known my brother would have done this. He had always been prideful of his spot as the number one son. My ignorance had cost me one precious person in my life. Before I could say anything my fiancées hugged me tightly trying to comfort me. Holding them tightly I eventually calmed down. Walking over to us the King, and my father both apologized for not being able to save her.

“It’s my fault for not realizing it sooner.”, I said tending to the girl’s wounds, “I could have prevented this, but I was oblivious to it.”

Once they were healed I asked the King if we could stay the night. Agreeing he had the maids prepare a room for us. Not wanting the normal food I usually ate I wanted my comfort food, Dutch Apple Pie.

“Dutch Apple Pie??”, everyone but Romilia asked confused.

“Let’s go shopping.”, I said.

Taking the women with me we rushed to the market.

“Excuse me sir.”, I said, ” I am looking for flour, apples, sugar, brown sugar, butter, and eggs.”

“Some of those items are pretty expensive.”, a few merchants said.

“Price is no issue.”, I said showing them my emblem.

Quickly producing the items I paid two gold for them. Returning to the castle I had the kitchen staff stand aside while I made my pies. Making the pie crust the girls, and the kitchen staff watched as I began cutting up the apples. Putting butter on the makeshift pie trays I put the crust in the trays, and then coated the bottom layer of crust with butter. Placing apple slices on the crust I covered the apples in a layer of sugar, and brown sugar. Taking my favorite seasoning, vanilla, from my storage the staff and girls gasped.

“Where did you get that!?”, they demanded, “Vanilla is worth a small country in gold!!! To have a small bottle of it must have cost a lot!!!”

“Nope, I know where to get it.”, I said sticking my tongue out, “This is my secret, and I will take it to my grave.”

Covering another layer of crust on top I cut small slits on the top. Placing another layer of brown sugar on top I moved to the last step. Pressing the corners together with a fork I placed the pies in the brick ovens. Roughly forty minutes I took the pies out, and set them out to cool. Once they were cool I noticed more people had gathered. Slicing the pie up with magic I plated several slices.

“Can we…”, Eleanora said with a gulp, “Can we try some?”

“Yes.”, I said handing plates to my fiancées, my parents, and the Royal Family.

Nervously taking bites they gasped shaking in pleasure. Shoving his slice down the King started tearing up.

“Have the gods called me to the afterlife…this Dutch Apple Pie…it must be kept as a national treasure!!!”, he demanded.

“Jameson, where did you learn to make this?”, my mother asked.

“That…that is a secret.”, I said feeling it wasn’t right, “I want to tell my fiancée’s first.”

Nodding everyone piled the pie into their mouths tearing up with every bite. Eating my slice memories of my grandmother’s cooking flooded into my mind. The realization of everything I had given up when I was reincarnated here hit me hard, but seeing my girls smiling happily I believed in the end I had made the right choice.

Placing the two remaining pies in my Magic Bag I left them to finish the few remaining slices.

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