Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 8

Reaching the seventeenth floor by the third day I suggested we hunt for rare monsters for a few days before completing the test. No one had an issue with it so we started mapping the whole floor. Finishing the map two days later something didn’t feel right.

“Where is everyone else?”, I thought, “No way they couldn’t be here on day five.”

Feeling the same as me Laura, and Eleanora requested we wait for them by the boss room. Waiting another two days with no one showing up we started getting worried.

“Lets beat the boss, and go back up.”, Laura stated.

Agreeing we pushed open the doors, but instead of a boss we found a horrible sight. Quickly covering their eyes I looked away from the sight. Inside the remains of our fellow classmates littered the floor. The males were ripped into pieces slowly being dissolved by the dungeon. Females…their armor was completely torn off. Seeing them naked, and cowering in fear the smell hit us like a pile of bricks.

“A Troll got them…”, I said, “There shouldn’t be any Trolls here.”

Hearing screams from close by we ran over to find the Troll in the middle of assaulting one of the girls.

“Help me!!!”, she screamed, “It hurts so badly!!!!”

“<Absolution>”, I said launching the spell.

Turning to dust the girl it had been holding fell to the ground. Stumbling over she held me tightly shaking like a leaf.

“It’s alright.”, I said stroking her hair, “The Troll won’t attack you again.”

The girl in my arms was the top student in our graduating class Duke Marman’s daughter, Cynthia. To think a woman with her sword skills was beaten I found hard to believe. When I asked she shook her head.

“No, someone else was in here before us. My group made it to the fifth floor before a man in black attacked.”, she said hugging me tightly, “I was no match for him. Before I could put up a fight he destroyed my sword, and was on top of me. The boys tried to save us, but they were under the effect of poison. The man had been poisoning us for days!! Unable to move much they fell victim to the monsters…my dear Victor had to watch…as that man…defiled me before his very eyes…if only I was stronger!!!

Falling to her for the first time ever I saw her breakdown crying. Seeing this sight my heart fell into my stomach.

“Well, it looks like I missed some.”, a man said.

Turning white Cynthia clung to me shaking even more. Turning around I saw the man in black standing in the door way.

“Ah, it’s your group. That makes sense.”, he said grinning under his hood, “His Majesty warned me you would be trouble.”

“Who are you?!”, I demanded.

“Oh me? I am just a loyal servant of the Third Prince of Rogarth. My name is Saul, and I am happy to meet you.”, he said with a creepy laugh.

“Why did you do this!”, I said clenching my fists.

“Hahaha!!!”, he laughed, “Don’t worry, it is nothing personal. I happen to enjoy watching women get defiled by monsters. Every girl over there has experienced the Troll you killed. It was so wonderful watching them scream out in pain as the Troll stuffed them with his seed. Such a delectable display sends shivers down my spine.”

Grinding my teeth I imagined what would happen if Eleanora, and Laura hadn’t paired with me. Sensing my anger the man-made his move.

“Let’s taste those delectable women of yours!!”, he said vanishing and reappearing before me.

Jabbing his blade at me I caught it with two fingers. Trying to pull it back he found he couldn’t make it budge.

“Eleanora…Laura…please see to the girls..”, I said in an ominous tone, “This man is going to experience what pissing me off is like.”

“Don’t be so cocky!!”, he said jumping back.

Drawing his sword his slashed at us. Instead of making contact his arm flew past us. Stunned he looked at his now bleeding shoulder. Stumbling back he started screaming.

“How did you do that?!”, he said before noticing my sword was drawn, “You can.’t be that fast!!! It’s not possible!!”

“My grandfather was known as the God of War. Rumor has it he could wipe out seventy men in an instant in his youth. Did you really think I couldn’t do the same?”, I said smashing his crotch into paste, “I will show you just how much I have been holding back.”

Before the man could react all of his hair fell off without a single drop of blood. Dread filled his eyes as he realized he pissed the wrong guy off.

“Let’s be reasonable!!!”, he said backing away.

“We are beyond reasonable…you violated these girls, made their fiancé’s watch you do it, and then let a Troll violate them. You aren’t leaving this dungeon, and your death will not be swift.”, I said on a cold tone.

Severing his remaining limbs he fell to the ground in shock.

“<Demon Curse: Regenerating Flesh>”, I said casting the spell on him.

“What are you doing!!”, he screamed.

The nubs on his body healed almost instantly as he stared at me in panic.

“This curse will constantly use your magic, stamina, and vitality to keep you in this state. When they run out you will die. I want you to reflect on this so…”, I said whistling towards outside the room, “Why don’t you play with the Hell Hounds?”

Realizing what I had planned he started screaming.

“I will tell you anything you want!!!”, he screamed, “Don’t do this!!!”

“If my fiancées hadn’t been with me they’d be like those girls. You made this personal, and now reap what you have sown.”, I said throwing outside.

Slowly encircling him the dogs started growling. Screaming for help the dogs pounced on him tearing him to shreds. Letting out bloodcurtling screams the man was continuously torn apart, and regenerated. Closing the boss room door I let off a sigh.

“Now what will they think of me?”, I thought turning around.

Tackling me all the girls started crying. Holding them the best I could they eventually calmed down.

“Thank you…”, Cynthia said with a smile, “You avenged Victor for me.”

Similarly those that had lost their significant other also thanked me. Teleporting to the entrance using the circle the teachers, and parents were waiting with open arms till they saw the girls. Bringing the girls blankets I explained what happened to the Headmaster. Hearing the story the parents fell to their knees. One man started screaming.

“I didn’t know!!! He said he was just an explore looking for rare materials!!”, Baron Eclare said.

“What did you do!?”, the Headmaster snapped.

“I snuck a man in saying he would help my son, and daughter. I didn’t think it would turn out like this!!”, he said.

“You idiot!!!”, the Headmaster said almost striking him, “You let a murder slaughter my students!!!”

Grabbing the Headmaster by the shoulders I leaned forward, and whispered the rest of the story. Looking at the girls his face turned pale as the light from his eyes faded. Looking at the noble the Headmaster shook his head.

“You…if I had the authority I would kill you right now…”, he said, “The King…I will inform him. Thank you Jameson for saving them.”

Before leaving he gathered the parents, and told them the events that had occurred. Showing them the recording I had the parents crumpled to the ground. Some cried, some sat there broken, and others became enraged. Seeing how I disposed of the brute the families thanked me from the bottom of their hearts. Before letting the girls go I gave each girl a potion to remove the Troll fluids from them, and killed anything that might have spawned. Once they were gone I turned to Eleanora.

“We need to alert your father that your idiot brother is in danger.”, I stated.

Agreeing with me the three of us rushed to the castle. Entering the throne room the King was in the middle of talking with the headmaster. Apologizing for the interruption I revealed more information to both of them. Fortunately the Headmaster wasn’t upset with me as he understood the other nobles didn’t need to know the information.

“We need to get someone out there then.”, the Headmaster stated.

“I can’t send valuable manpower after him. The fact a murder like got through our security means there is an issue, and there could be more like him in the capital.”, the King said with a troubled look.

“I will go.”, I said, “Now that I passed the test I can assume the title of Twilight Knight of the Embomira. I am ready to live up to that name for my soon to be brother-in-law.”

Handing me the cloak, sword, and emblem he bestowed the title on to me.

“I am coming with you.”, Eleanora said.

“Absolutely not!”, I said, “You both need to be here in case more murders show up. Healers will be needed here more than at the front where they are already working.”

“You better come back alive!!”, they threatened.

Kissing them I looked into their eyes.

“Please make sure everyone remains alive too. If I lost one of you…”, I said holding their hands, “I don’t want to think about it…”

Promising to be safe I left them in the throne room, and got a steed from the stables. Riding out immediately I pushed my horse hard, and used the <Swift Steed> spell to further my speed. Normally I would have run there, but I had to also think about conserving my strength and magic. Taking only breaks for the horse as needed I made it to the frontlines in four days. Stumbling in their camp I went to the commanders tent.

“Listen you idiot we need too-“, I started to say entering the tent.

The First Prince wasn’t there, but his close friend Nathan of Duke Bordains family was. Wearing a dreary face he looked up at me.

“You were right…”, he said, “We were massacred.”

“How did you know what I was going to say?”, I asked.

“The Prince wouldn’t stop talking about how he would prove you wrong.”, he said, “He fell first to an archer’s arrow.”

“This is no time to wallow!!”, I said slamming my fist on his desk, “Round up the men, and have them bring every sword and spear you can muster.”

“What’s the point…”, he said.

Grabbing him by the collar I smacked him.

“Your sister was raped by a murder sent by the Rogarth Empire!! She was raped in front of her dying fiancé, and then given to a Troll for fun!!”, I snapped, “Are you going to let those bastards take your sisters chastity without any revenge?!”

Standing in a hurry his eyes sparked with anger.

“They did what to Lily!!!”, he said flipping the desk, “Those bastards!!! I will kill every fucking one of them I can get my hands on!!! I will shove a pike up every one of their assholes!!!”

“Get the men now!!”, I snapped, “If we don’t march now the enemy to the West will seize this weakness, and take our lands.”

Leaving the tent full of energy he started giving orders. In less than half an hour the remaining ten thousand men were gathered. Having heard what happened in the capital each man was ready to fight.

“Listen!!”, I snapped, “At this moment you are now being led by me, the Twilight Knight of Embomira. We are going to use the Modified Turtle Shell formation. Men on the outer edges will keep arrows out with their shields, and more will be placed to shield the men in the middle. Next to the edge men with long spears will stab any bastard that gets close. We will close the gap this way, and when we are at their doorstep we will kick their asses!!!!”

Battle cries rang out as the men got in formation. Doing as they were ordered I along with other officers joined them in the front.

“Forward!!! March!!!”, I said holding my spear.

Advancing along the same road they had before the enemy started pelting us with arrows. In this formation the arrows mainly bounced off, but a few did make it through. The injured kept moving forward driven by anger. As we drew closer to their hidden fort the more they attacked. As we drew near the gate Operation Devastation began. Blowing the gate open with magic we poured into the fort catching most of them scrambling for their equipment. Killing everyone we saw we spared no soldier.

“We found the enemy commander!!!”, some of the men said dragging a woman over, “This woman is known as the Black Widow. She isn’t even a Rogarth citizen yet they made her a commander, such idiocy.”

“Thoroughly search the fort for anything of use. I will interrogate her.”, I said.

Tossing to my feet the men began looking for information. Helping the young girl up she kept her cool demeanor.

“Believe it or not I know quite a lot about you.”, I said to her as we walked, “Formally the only child of the Ratagast Kingdom’s Royal family. Seven years ago a coup took place which result in your family being killed.”

“So you that about me, what of it?”, she snapped.

“You aren’t the only child.”, I said, “You have a half-sister.”

Stopping she looked at me in shock.

“Amazing what a bit of torture will do to some people.”, I said, “The Grim Reaper gave me a lot of information during his stay as a prisoner.”

“What do you want..?”, she asked.

“Three things in exchange for two things.”, I said, “First I will bring your sister to my home so you can be with her, and I will also free you from the Third Princes control. In exchange, you will become my fiancée, you will assist me in under cover operations, and lastly I want information about the Prince’s side.”

“Why would I marry you?”, she asked.

“You and I are both reincarnated people.”, I said.

Looking at my cautiously she asked how I knew.

“Your signature trade mark of leaving a black widow card on your victims. It’s from a comic book.”, I said, “You’re from England originally, aren’t you?”

“Yes.”, she replied, “I died abandoned by my family in a back alley. Some thugs raped me, and beat me to death.”

“Formally I am an American.”, I stated, “Seeing as we from the same world I think you can agree I am the best shot you have of regaining your freedom.”

In this world women were treated as below their husbands by many. I did my best to treat my women as equals, but sometimes I had to take the lead.

“I agree to your terms.”, she said.

Releasing her chains I kissed her on the cheek.

“What can you tell me about the Prince?”, I asked.

“He is a manwhore that likes only virgins.”, she said bluntly, “He has been after my cherry for a while, but I haven’t let him touch me. He has a gross fetish of cutting his lovers to pieces after he climaxes.”

“Sounds like a psychopath.”, I said with a sigh.

“He is.”, she said.

“Why don’t we discuss our topic over tea?”, I said.

Wrapping her arm around mine we entered the Keep to discuss things.

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