Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 7

Two years passed by after I began assisting the sword program. In that time everyone improved substantially from their original start point. It was to the point now that only the most brave among the boys dared approach them. Every man was on his best behaviour when talking to them because on several occasions a light smack on the butt ended up sending them to the infirmary. Of course this only applied to the majority of the boys…meaning I was actively told it was alright. With my three wives to be hovering over me like hawks I wasn’t man enough to try a thing. The professor I had been with was now my official concubine at her request. My wives accepted the proposal on the grounds that they receive magic training in the spells we had been translating. I had tried my best to prevent it, but the three of them were fixed on learning the magics.

As for everything else I had managed to pick up another two wives at the behest of the King. Both Rulia and Alexis had used their influence to persuade the King into making the request of me. Both women said they settled on me because quote, “We aren’t treated like meat sacks by you.” While I took it as a compliment I also thought it was an insult by saying I was passable. I told myself I would make them pay for it after our marriage. Currently in the last few days of senior year I was with my concubine in her office.

“So tell me about this final exam.”, I said, “Is it true we are really going to be in a dungeon alone?”

“Yes, Jessica won’t be following you as she is graduated.”, Babel said, “Rulia and Alexis also won’t be there as they are underclassmen. The test itself will take you through seventeen layers of dungeon, and at the bottom is a boss you must defeat to pass.”

Giving her a kiss I told her my request.

“As you are aware in a year I will be able to produce offspring.”, I said, “As my primary wife Eleanora must have the first child, but after that there is no fixed order. I would like you to be the second.”

“Absolutely, it’s my job after all.”, she laughed.

In the past three months she had started taking birth control potions in case I suddenly became live. The people here didn’t understand the body that well so it was understandable she didn’t know I was currently sterile. I tried to explain, but she refused to listen. Either way I stopped trying to explain, and just enjoyed myself. Taking her on her desk before leaving for the day she wished me luck on my exam. Returning home for the day I bid the new head of the family a good evening. Six months ago the former Earl passed away in his sleep a fitting end to a brave man. My grandfather passed a way a few days later signaling the end of a military legacy that they had built that was now left two their grandchildren. Going to my room I found his eldest daughter, a seventeen year old, waiting for me. Secretly we had been seeing each other for about a year now, and the only reason we had kept it secret was because her position in the family had yet to be decided. While being the oldest daughter she was also an illegitimate child whose fate was never decided by the former Earl. Now at the mercy of her father her fate was now being decided. Locking my door she removed her dress, and welcomed me back. Making love on the bed we discussed my upcoming test.

Giving me some suggestions from what she remembered I rewarded her by being extra rough like she enjoyed. She was different from Babel. Her actions were driven by lust, and had blossomed into love over time. The current her actively tried to make a baby even though she knew the consequences. I let her think I didn’t mind to keep her happy. As for the relationship my brides already were aware as well. Rulia was in a similar situation so she accepted her without hesitation. The others followed suit under the condition she would be a concubine. Victoria readily accepted the terms, and as such performed her duties daily. Receiving my affection she snuck out of my room leaving me to prepare myself for the next day. Polishing my gear I made sure all my charms, and equipment were ready for the test.

“This is better than I could have expected.”, I thought, “I am engaged to an elf, a cat girl, a princess, a vampire, and a saint. I also get to have a dark elf, and a chef as my concubines. Things are really looking up.”

Victoria had taken up cooking as her main hobby as it kept her out of people’s way. The long hours of baking had made her into a world-class chef in my mind. I was happy things were looking up, but that all changed the following morning.

“What do you mean they vanished!?”, I said in disbelief to the First Prince.

“Like I said, the enemy vanished from the frontlines. It’s almost like they turning into ghosts.”, he said, “Either way we can finally advance.”

Having been woken up early because of the news I sat at the table with the King, the new Minister of War, and all the men in the King’s immediate family. Sipping on my coffee I read over the report, and something didn’t sit well with me.

“I think we should be more cautious. Advancing now could cost us lives.”, I stated.

“Nonsense!”, the First Prince said, “We should seize this opportunity while we can.”

“I am saying we have to be cautious. No way they didn’t secure a retreat. For all we know they could be lying in wait for us.”, I stated, “If we go head first in it’s a disaster waiting to happen. We should strengthen our current position before moving.”

Going back and forth the two of us were the only ones talking. None of the other family members wanted to take up the fight as we were giving off killing intent.

“Fine, we will go with your plan, but you lead the men.”, I said, “If you are right I will supply all the alcohol for your wedding.”

“If you’re right?”, he asked.

“You supply the alcohol for just your sisters portion. Wouldn’t be right if you did it for the whole wedding as I am marrying more women.”, I said.

“Deal!”, he said.

Shaking on it he left to prepare for the journey. Telling Eleanora to say goodbye to him she didn’t understand why.

“Your brother won’t make it back. They used this tactic eight months ago.”, I stated, “If history is correct he won’t live long.”

“Why do you say that?”, the King asked.

“It’s my intuition that says this a trap. It’s just strange for them to run off in the middle of the night in an area known to have dangerous monsters at night. If you think about it it was suicide to run off at night meaning the person that made the call doesn’t care how many people he has to sacrifice.”, I said, “An enemy like that…do you think he will play by normal rules?”

Thinking about it they realized just how dangerous it was for him to go.

“Then why send our brother?”, the Second Prince said.

“His thick skull won’t listen to reason. Even if the King told him no he will go. He has retainers, and friends on the frontline.”, I stated.

“He is right.”, the Queen said, “Of all the traits he had to get from us it was our stubbornness.”

“If it’s dangerous we should send-“, the Second Prince started to say.

“If we send more men out no one is left to protect the rear.”, I said, “The Rolan Dukedom has been in talks with the Rogarth Empire for months. It isn’t a stretch to think they would attack to gain favor with them.”

“That is just hearsay!”, the Third Prince stated.

“You want to risk that?”, I said, “They are a weeks march from here, and the majority of our fighting strength is two weeks away.”

Reminding of that the Prince backed down.

“I get wanting to protect your elder brother, but you also have a duty to your families as well.”, I stated, “The honest truth is in an emergency situation I would take Eleanora, and my other wives and run. I expect nothing less from any of you, and wouldn’t fault you for it.”

Looking at their families they admitted they’d probably do the same. Resolving ourselves for the outcome of the expedition the First Prince would take we promptly left to prepare for our test tomorrow. Sleeping with Victoria that night I gave her a parting kiss in the morning before she left my side. Gearing up, and storing my extra items in my <Item Bag> I left the house after breakfast. Joining up with Eleanora, and Laura the three of us formed a team for the test. Getting it approved by the Headmaster we dove into the Dungeon we advanced in the following order. I brought up the front at my request with Eleanora backing me up from the middle. In addition to helping me, Eleanora would also help Laura in healing, and maintaining barriers. Fighting for several hours we stopped in the safe room on floor seven.

“With Jameson here we are advancing very nicely.”, Laura said pouring me some green tea.

“Yeah, it’s because I can relax knowing I have reliable people backing me up.”, I said with a grin.

Hiding their faces they gave me cute reactions. Looking around the safe zone I spotted many different ores, and gems.

“Thinking about that…I need to get things ready for the wedding. Maybe when they sleep tonight I will gather some ore, and gems.”, I thought to myself, “It would certainly be memorable…I could also make Babel and Victoria necklaces with my new family crest on them. That should be sufficient to show that they belong to my house.”

Getting to work on my turn for night watch I stealthily extract the necessary materials with magic before taking my place around the fire. In addition to the needed materials I snagged some precious ores I found looking for the material in the walls. These materials I would eventually use when I honed my talent with circuitry. Some of the tomes I had been reading were instructions on how to make different circuits which would be helpful in making an armored suit like I wanted. I didn’t want anything fancy, but I was thinking a robot butler would be nice. Leftovers would go into weaving in a defensive layer of light armor. Mulling over different ideas it eventually came time for us to leave.

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