Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 6

The next five years passed in a blur as the war began. Being only five at the beginning of the war I wasn’t allowed to even think about helping. I spent those two years honing my sword skills, increasing my magic abilities, and growing closer to my future wives. Of course during that time I also ended up meeting new people whom all tried pressing more wives, and concubines on me. I was fortunate that the King pushed them back for me saying he wanted Eleanora to marry me before I thought of taking more brides than I already had. Coming from the King no one was going to say a word to me about it till that time. Now in my senior year of school I had completed the academic part of my schooling as well as the magic, and sword skills part. As seniors we were expected to help the younger students now in their studies as a means for making bonds with everyone. The Headmaster felt it was necessary as currently the war was at a stalemate with the Restia Empire having lost a quarter of its land.

“Whose class are you in charge of helping?”, Eleanora asked me.

“Actually, I have been told to help the sword skills classes.”, I stated, “Seeing as my grandfather is a war hero the Headmaster feels my attitude on training will benefit them. What about you three?”

“I have been asked to help in the magic classes.”, Jessica said, “The ancient magics that I have learned thanks to you have earned me respect among the upcoming nobles. I have already told several young boys off who tried to take me from you. In one case I had to freeze a boy for trying to grope me.”

“I’d like to have a word with him…”, I said with a cramped smile.

“No need to be so aggressive.”, Jessica teased.

“That’s right, you have to worry about your public image.”, Laura scolded me.

“I understand.”, I said backing down, “So what are you going to be helping with?”

“I will be helping in the magic classes as well.”, she said with a smile.

“I am helping in the academic classes.”, Eleanora said.

“It’s nice to see the three of you seem so energetic.”, I said.

“Aren’t you?”, Eleanora asked.

Handing them the class list I was helping their expressions cramped.

“Aren’t these all women?!”, Laura said with a cramped smile yes.

“Yes…all of them are from lower noble families who are the brink of extinction because of the war. The Headmaster wants me to ensure that they have the best training possible so their families can continue.”, I said, “Eleanora, it was your father’s suggestion.”

“I will have a talk with him…”, she said breaking her fork.

Finishing our breakfast we set off to school together. In the five years since I had grown to five foot tall, and had put on a decent about of muscle for a ten year old. It wasn’t only me who had changed. Laura and Eleanora who were both my age also had grown taller, and their chests were developing nicely. Both had started wearing bras a year ago, and the only reason I knew was because the maids told me. In addition, I had become forbidden to be in a room alone with any of them so our dates had started being supervised by the maids, and butlers at the castle. Jessica who was two years older already had the other two beat in height, and chest size which upset them anytime someone mentioned it. Parting with them at the front gate I walked over to the training grounds where I found the first group of women waiting for me.

“Alright, first off remove your armor, and swords.”, I said, “You have to earn them. Right now we are fighting a war against an enemy with double the amount of troops as us. The Headmaster put me in charge of helping you improve beyond your current abilities so if you have issues with it take it up with him. The first thing we are going to do is work on your endurance. In a fight you will not have a moment’s peace, and at the very worse end up fighting for hours. As such you need to train yourselves to last that long.”

“How do we do that?”, one of the girls asked.

“Running with weights.”, I said, “The goal is that in three months time you can run four miles with a quarter of your equipment weight. Every three months we will add-on another quarter till you can run four miles with all your equipment.”

Tossing them five-pound weights I instructed them to tie the around their ankles. Throwing on double the weight of my equipment all of us ran around the campus till we reached our four mile goal. Looking behind me only two girls remained. Rounding everyone up I let out a sigh.

“I guess I over estimated you all. We will start with no weights, and running only a mile. When you can do at least that in fourteen minutes we will increase the training.”, I stated, “Now then, let’s do some practice drills. In combat it is expected that on occasion even the best maintained sword will break after a long time. With this in mind you may end up without a sword, and need to take another. This may sound easy, but if you think about it you have only a few seconds to react before getting attacked.”

“Do we really need to train with bare hands?”, they asked.

“Why don’t you ask the countless women the Rogarth Empire have taken as sex slaves.”, I said, “Would you rather know how to prevent that from happening, or would you rather be their toys?”

Hearing that all of them became eager to learn. Taking the strongest girl in the group as my sparring partner I gave them an example.

“The first technique I will teach you is the Disarm Throw.”, I stated, “Please take that wooden sword, and attack me.”

Grabbing the sword as I asked the girl ran forward. Slashing at me I casually side-stepped her, and seized her wrist. With a forceful twist she released the sword as the pain hit her. Sweeping her legs out I threw her over me, and to the ground. Grabbing her sword I placed it to her neck.

“This technique is perfect for one on one combat. Do not attempt this with multiple enemies as they can seize you during the toss, or worse run you through with a spear.”, I stated, “In one on one combat you can do this attack safely, and if needed take the enemy in with little harm to them. I want all of you to practice with one another till you can perform the throw.”

Helping the girl up she joined her classmates as everyone practiced the technique. Watching them carefully I pointed out a few areas they were lacking, and then helped them fix them. Sadly each girl was insistent I physically help them which was very awkward. The next class was almost the same though most were even weaker than the first class. When the last class for my day came I was surprised to see an elf, and a beastman in the group.

“What, are we not allow to participate?”, they asked.

“No, you are allowed too. It’s just my first time seeing a cute elf and beastman at the school.”, I said scratching my head.

Looking at them both turned red hiding their faces from me. With a sigh I told myself not to be swayed easily before I started class. As expect the students were lacking, but surprisingly the elf and beastman kept pace most of the run. When it came to practice throws both of them were above novice level in their technique. Walking over to them I asked where they learned to fight.

“Being an elf I have been targeted by many men so it is necessary to learn how to fight.”, she said proudly.

“Being Tiger kin I have been in the same situation as her.”, the beast kin said.

“You both are refugees, aren’t you?”, I said.

Both women drooped a bit.

“Sad to say we are from a recently ruined nation.”, the elf said.

“May I have your names at the very least?”, I said with a smile.

“I am Alexis Evergreen, and this is my best friend Rulia Tracer.”, the elf said with a bow.

“I am Jameson Edmond.”, I said returning the bow, “I am thinking of giving you both different training. Keeping you on the same level as everyone else when you have the training is stupid. I would like you both, starting tomorrow to run two miles with ten pound weights on each leg. After that I want you to practice the same throws except you will be weighed down by an additional forty pounds.”

“That sounds like punishment…”, Alexis said.

“No, it’s important. In a normal life and death situation are you going to be without armor, and weapons?”, I asked.

“Of course not!”, they both said.

“Then how much do you think your armor weighs?”, I asked.

“Probably thirty to forty pounds with weapons.”, Rulia said.

“Precisely, as such you would be tossing someone with the same weight in gear. You have to get used to that. As for the running weight you both could find yourselves in the situation where you might have to flee. As such the weights will help build your endurance to help keep you going longer.”, I stated, “No complaining.”

With a sigh both girls agreed to it while I walked over to the others. Finishing the training for the day I joined Eleanora, Laura, and Jessica for lunch. Eager to tell me their day so far I listened intently as they told me all the exciting things they had done so far. When it came my turn I told them my day, and when I finished the three gave me a look like I had committed a crime against them. Letting off sighs they backed down realizing I had no intent to pursue any of them.

“Just be mindful of where you touch. Last thing you want is a girl saying you touched her improperly, and have to marry her.”, Laura stated.

“I know, anyways I have to report to one of the magic instructors now. A messenger came to me saying one of the teachers needed additional help.”, I stated with a sigh, “Apparently they are trying to crack a national ancient tome we students don’t have access too. I will assist her, and also be able to learn more powerful magics. I promise to share my findings with the three of you.”

With their blessings I went to the professor’s office after lunch. Knocking on her door she told me to enter. Walking into the room I almost had a stack of paper thirty feet tall fall on me. Using magic I stopped it, and stacked them up in smaller piles.

“Where are you?”, I shouted.

“I am over here!”, she said.

Waving her staff in the air I located her, and promptly went to her.

“Your office is a nightmare.”, I said bluntly.

“I know, I am not the most organized teacher.”, she said pulling herself out of the paper.

Emerging from the depths Professor Babel, a Dark Elf, presented herself. Known by the male teachers, and students as the Busty Clutz her chest made even the Headmaster look at her. Being no exception to this I had to struggle to lock eyes with her.

“I heard you are having issues with a tome.”, I said.

“Yes, let me show you.”, she said.

Producing a book from under all the papers she handed it to me. Opening it up I read the title, and quickly shut the book.

“Why the hell does a sex enhancer book have to be here…”, I thought.

“Is something wrong?”, she asked.

“You don’t want me to translate it…”, I said firmly, “Only men with partners would want this.”

“What do you mean?”, she asked.

“This book is meant to enhance night-time pleasures.”, I said carefully, “Translating this would…would be quite difficult morally for me. Afterall we’d have to confirm the results which would be-”

“I am fine with that.”, she said.

“You’re what!?”, I said taking a step back, “You realize what you’re saying.”

“If it’s in the name of research I am willing to do it.”, she said, “Translate chapter one first.”

With a gulp I reopened the book.

“Chapter one…<Serene Touch>…”, I said turning a bit pale.

Translating it for her she took careful notes of everything. Before I used it I made sure she was absolutely positive I was okay to do it. Glaring at me she said to do it. Taking a deep breath I used the spell on her, and the effects…well they were greater than what was written in the books. Breathing heavily her face was flush red with excitement as she played with herself.

“Uh…I think that is good enough for today.”, I said closing the book.

Before I could flee she tackled me.

“You aren’t going anywhere!”, she said, “<Herculean Stamina>, <Man of the Hour>, <Attraction>”

Using the three spells on me my buddy stood at attention. Grabbing it she greedily licked it like candy.

“Oh come on…”, I thought, “Not like this.”

Sitting back she played with it till she was satisfied. Mounting her she made sure I was in, and let me take her first.

“Seriously…why me.”, I thought with a sigh.

Firing two blanks before she was happy I was dismissed for the day. From that day forward I was subjected to various translations with her. I informed the King of the development, and all he said was, “Good job!” The Queen was no better saying I was getting practice for Eleanora. Apparently as it was magic research no one gave a crap my fiancée’s included. When I told them they shrugged it off saying it was to be expected. In the end I gave up, and accepted my fate.

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