Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 4

Rising out of bed around 6am I did my normal training routine before breakfast was served. Eating the very well prepared meal I left with the Earl’s grandson for school. Silently riding together I surveyed the surrounds. Even though I was safe given my status I still wanted to have a mental map in case of emergencies. Arriving at the school we were greeted by the staff who gave us joyous good morning. Seeing these people act like idiots to impress the noble children I felt extremely bad for them.

“If I had this job as an adult I would be drinking a lot.”, I thought to myself, “Having to treat the children like me with gloves must be super annoying.”

Leaving me at the Headmasters office the Earl’s grandson ran off with his friends. Knocking on the door his secretary answered moments later, and allowed me entry into the office. Sitting behind a massive oak desk a man in his early hundreds sat smoking a pipe. Reading his stats with my magic I discovered the man was a half elf although he looked completely human.

“Well now, you are Viscount Edmond’s second son, right?”, he asked.

“Yes sir.”, I said politely, “My name is Jameson Edmond.”

“I see, your grandfather is a former comrade of mine from my adventuring days.”, he said, “Don’t expect special privileges because of that.”

“I am not my grandfather so I expect no better treatment than my achievements grant me.”, I stated.

“That’s the spirit.”, he said with a grin, “Now then normally you would undergo tests to figure out what your strengths are, and where you are lacking. Seeing as you have killed two wyverns, and fought the Grim Reaper and lived you have sufficiently been tested. Both of those have shown you have been taught sword skills, and have continued to hone them. This is more than likely from your grandfather.”

“Correct, my grandfather has been drilling me since I could hold a sword.”, I said.

“I will leave you to continue practicing that on your study period. Your grandfather is a better fighter than the teacher anyways.”, he said, “As for magic…your skills have been proven beyond a doubt. You have used Ancient God Magic, and Healing Magic only available to high-ranking church officials. The King has already stated you are beyond the teachings we have here. What would you like to do instead of magic classes?”

“If you don’t mind I would like to research magic in the ancient tomes you have in the library.”, I said.

“Very well, I will permit it as it falls under magic studies.”, he replied, “Now as for normal academics I have been asked to place you in Eleanora’s class. I hope it won’t be too much for you to handle.”

Thanking him I received my schedule from him. Starting at eight I would have self-study in sword’s skills till ten. At that time I would join the academic classes till around two in the afternoon with lunch being noon to one. After that I was to study in the library till five which was the end of the day. Thanking him again I went off to practice.

“Headmaster, isn’t it a bit much for a five-year old to research magic in the library? The tomes there haven’t been researched because they were written in a dead language.”, the secretary stated.

“I can’t do much as his magic skills are on my level. If he wants to look at them he is more than welcome too.”, the Headmaster said.

Practicing my sword skills on training dummies I stopped to wash off around quarter till ten. Walking into class a few minutes early the teacher asked me to wait up at the front of the class. Once the bell rang the teacher gave the introductions.

“This is Jameson Edmond the second son of Viscount Edmond. He will be joining us starting today for the next eight years till graduation.”, the Headmaster said noticing the excited Eleanora waving at me, “Why don’t you sit next to Her Highness Eleanora.”

Nodding I walked over, and sat down next to her. Opening our text books my heart dropped out of my chest when I saw the math on the page.

“Seriously…I have to sit through addition and subtraction again…”, I thought to myself, “I know this basic crap already! Hell, I helped my father confirm the books our accountant was keeping. On more than one occasion I found errors that led to people being killed for stealing.”

With a sigh I patiently waited for the teacher to continue to the next subject. Something about my attitude must have been evident because the teacher seemed to be glaring at me every once in a while. Eventually he reached the end of his rope, and looked at me head on.

“Is something about this lesson boring you?”, he asked.

“I don’t mean to be rude, but I have already learned this.”, I stated.

“Oh really, you know addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication?”, he said.

“Yes, if I have paper I can do the math.”, I stated.

“Twelve times twelve.”, he said.

“One hundred and forty-four.”, I replied.

“Fourteen times seventeen.”, he said.

“Two hundred and thirty-eight.”, I stated.

“One hundred divided twenty-five.”, he said getting angry.

“Four.”, I replied.

“One thousand plus eight hundred minus twenty-seven.”, he said.

“One thousand seven hundred and seventy-three.”, I stated.

Throwing his book to the ground the teacher stomped out of the room. I didn’t understand what I had done, but then I realized he had been trying to trip me up. Apparently the thought that a five-year old could do that kind of math must have never crossed his mind. Returning moments later he brought the Headmaster in with him.

“That boy is being a disruption to my teaching.”, the teacher said.

“Really, how so?”, the Headmaster said.

“The boy is being arrogant due to knowing some math.”, the teacher said.

“Is that true Jameson?”, the Headmaster asked.

“No, I know this math so I sat quietly waiting for the next subject. The teacher has been glaring at me several times during class, and then started bombarding me with math problems.”, I stated.

Several other children in class backed me up stating they had noticed the same thing. Turning to the teacher the Headmaster told him to give me a difficult problem.

“Alright, give me the tax on items that combined total seven hundred and thirty-two gold.”, he said with a grin.

“What city are we basing this on? Each city ruler has a different tax rate.”, I asked, “Or do you mean just the Royal Tax that is taken throughout the whole country?”

“Let’s say it’s the capital’s tax rate.”, the teacher said.

“Very well, the capital has a tax rate of ten point seven percent on anything over one hundred gold.”, I said writing the formula on a scrap piece of paper, “The tax would be seventy-nine gold as the tax collectors always round-up. This would bring the total price to one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two.”

The teacher’s face cramped up as he acknowledged I was correct. Laughing the Headmaster asked me where I learned to do the math.

“I am self-taught. My father was being scammed out of money so I took up accounting to help him. Before coming here I managed all of my father’s wealth, and was growing his money at an average of around twenty-two percent a year.”, I stated.

“Meaning for every one gold he put in he made twenty-two silver on top of the one gold back?”, the Headmaster asked.

“Correct, we used to extra money to fund road projects, and pay for guard training.”, I stated.

“I see, you are excused from math class then.”, the Headmaster said.

“What!?”, the teacher said.

“Give him anymore trouble because of your pride, and I will have you replaced!”, the Headmaster said, “I won’t have arrogant staff trying to get talented students thrown out. Now then I have things I must attend too.”

Leaving the classroom the Headmaster darted back to his office, and called my grandfather with his crystal ball.

“Is it true your grandson has been your son’s bookkeeper for the past two years?”, the Headmaster asked.

“Yes, he kept neat organized records that his father and I can easily follow. We have been filling our coffers with gold for rainy days after he requested it. At first we were skeptical, but with that extra gold we afforded to hire extra men to take out bandits that moved in last summer. Normally we would have only sent standard guards, but we hired veteran mercenaries to handle it.”, my grandfather said, “He has been investing our money as well, and kept a moderate cash flow into our pockets as well.”

“So it is true then…”, the Headmaster said.

“Let me guess, the teacher is at his wit’s end?”, my grandfather laughed, “Every tutor Jameson has had ends up leaving because he ends up fixing their mistakes.”

“Then why is he here?”, the Headmaster asked.

“You know exactly why.”, my grandfather replied, “The King wants him nearby when the war breaks out. Rograth kidnapping the princess has only brought things out into the public eye. Both of us know this has been brewing for well over a decade.”

“Yes, I am aware of that. The King has gone to great lengths to keep him out of harms way if the fight breaks out. Your territory will see fighting within months if we are invaded.”, the Headmaster said with a sigh, “If we go to war I am afraid what will happen to your grandson. Taking out the Grim Reaper makes him a valuable military asset so if war does happen…”

“He will ended up fighting.”, my grandfather said, “The boy has a good head on his shoulders so I believe he will be fine.”

Ending the call the Headmaster looked up at his paintings.

“Another soul will end up as a filthy killer like us if war comes here.”, the Headmaster mutter, “I am sorry Julia, I know I promised to stop it if it happened, but it’s out of my hands now.”

The picture he was looking at was of my grandfather, him, and their other partner, Julia, the Headmasters deceased wife. Prior to becoming Headmaster he had been taking care of his dying wife. Having received a Death Curse from a dark magician she ended up dying of poison inside her. On her death bed she had asked him to ensure that he would protect all the children he could from becoming killing monsters like they had been as children themselves. Back in the classroom the teacher now was moving on to history which I listened to intently as I knew very little about history here outside of what I was told at home. Once that portion was over we went into science which at its very core was…piss poor.

“We are learning about star reading…”, I muttered in a low voice, “That was proven to be a lie in my world, but there is magic here. Why not use the fortune-telling magic like the ancient tomes tell you?”

In this world english was the language that all the ancient tomes were written. To me that meant I wasn’t the first person from another world here. Seeing as I only knew english in my old world I read them like manuals. Once science was over it was lunch time where Eleanora stuck to me like glue. Looking around the class the boys were eyeing me like I was a scumbag. Thinking about it they must be only doing it because their parents told them too.

“Being this well-known will be a problem.”, I thought.

Running into the room a group of familiar looking girls appeared.

“Sir Jameson!!”, they said running up to me.

Before I realized it I was surrounded by eight girls all trying to get my attention. Looking at Eleanora she didn’t seem happy about it.

“Who are these women?!”, she demanded.

“These girls were held at the orphanage.”, I whispered to her.

Taking a closer look Eleanora recognized them now that they were cleaned up.

“It’s wonderful to see you again!”, she said hugging each of them.

Going into full on girl talk mode the nine of them began chatting like good friends. Eating my meal in peace lunchtime passed quickly, and class began again. The final class of the academic period was etiquette which was relatively easy. Once class was over I bid Eleanora a goodbye for the day before running off to the library where I remained reading the ancient tomes. Two of the books I chose was on spells for the bedroom which I promptly saved in my mind for my marriage years. Hearing the end of day bell ring I closed the tome I was reading, and put them back. Leaving the library I bumped into an older student who was putting away her books.

“I am sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going.”, I said.

“No, I was still trying to read my tome. I am having issues understanding them.”, she asked.

“You can read a bit of them?”, I asked.

“Just parts that have drawing with them.”, she said.

“I could help you if you want.”, I said with a smile.

“Your saying you can read the ancient language..?”, she asked.

“Yes, I am fluent in it.”, I stated, “Here, I will show you.”

Reading one spell allow I proved I could use it.

“<Levitation>”, I said casting the spell.

Floating a few feet off the ground the girl dropped her book speechless at the sight.

“You can read them!!”, she said grabbing my hand, “I am Jessica the daughter of the Minister of Finance. Who are you?”

“I am Jameson the second son of Viscount Edmond.”, I said.

“Where did you learn the language?!”, she asked drooling from her mouth.

“I…I made a unique spell to allow me to read the language, and before long I learned the language. Before you ask I wouldn’t recommend using the spell. The first time I used it I received a massive headache that lasted for two weeks.”, I lied.

“Oh, then I might not want to use it.”, she said second guessing herself, “Would you consider helping me translate some spells then?”

“So long as they aren’t curses, or spells that could wipe out countries, yes.”, I said.

“Thank you so much!!”, she said hugging me.

Feeling her developing chest against my face I almost let out a gasp, but thankfully kept myself in check. Putting her book away she promptly left the library leaving me to recover from the sensation. Joining the Earl’s son a few minutes later I rode back with him in silence. At dinner that night the Earl asked me how school went. Telling him the days events he kept on smiling till I told him about the girl I met in the library. Making sure not to mention I could read the tomes easily he seemed more surprised about something else.

“The Minister of Finance isn’t very social as is the rest of his family. It’s not like they are criminals, but they don’t frequent parties that much.”, the Earl explained, “For you to have talked with his eldest daughter so easily you must have been lucky. It’s good to make connections while you are in the capital.”

Returning to my room after dinner I passed out immediately after hitting the pillow.

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