Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 3

Running to the slums first I felt I would have the best luck here. If I was a criminal the slums would be my ideal location in a city for three reasons. First off I could pay beggars extremely low wages to be lookouts meaning I’d have eyes everywhere. Secondly, guards stationed in this area would be less likely to look into situations as each day they are bombarded with hundreds of complaints from people. Last thing is there is no shortage of people who would be willing to do anything for money. Beggars aside one could easily leverage the poor to take out threats with the promise of a few coins. Being five years old made me a perfect target for would be abductors. Only two minutes into the slums a few men jumped me.

Beating them to the verge of death with my sheathed sword I grabbed the leader by the collar. Looking into his eyes I could tell he wasn’t really a bad man. This poor soul was just a victim of bad circumstances.

“Where do you take the children?”, I asked, “Answer me, and I won’t drag you to the guards.”

“The orphanage…the one in the Historic District.”, he said.

“Stay out of this line of work.”, I told him, “If the father of the girl I am searching for knew you did this…even death wouldn’t stop him.”

“Who is she?”, he asked.

“A high rank officials daughter.”, I stated.

Growing pale the man swore he would promptly stop doing such work. Running to the Historic District based on a route the man told me I stumbled across it fifteen minutes later.

“Alright, let’s try out this new magic I learned from some of my grandfathers books.”, I thought, “<Search: Royal Crest>”

<Search> was a powerful spell that locate any item the caster wanted with ease. There were a few drawbacks though to it. First, one had to know what they were looking for. For example, I couldn’t search for the princess with it because I had no idea what she looked like. Second, the range of the spell was only a quarter of a mile. When the city took a full day to walk around the outer wall there was no way I could blanket the city with it. Lastly, the spell could easily be blocked by midlevel barrier spells. In this case I knew what the Royal Crest looked like so I opted to search for that. Thankfully my search wasn’t in vain.

“A crest is in this building.”, I muttered.

Looking around I spotted a few guards patrolling nearby. Calling them over I flashed my emblem immediately bringing them to attention.

“The princess has been kidnapped as you must be aware. A royal crest is in this building as such I would like you to guard the exits, and call for backup.”, I ordered.

Immediately putting a call in for backup it took a few before they arrived. Surrounding the building I took four guards in with me. Trying to act like nothing was wrong the caretaker tried to convince me I was wrong. I smelled  faint hint chloroform on this man which was enough for me to use on him. Increasing his weight to triple what it normally was the man crashed into the floor. Reaching into his coat I pulled out his keys.

“Restrain him at once.”, I said, “Two of you will come with me.”

Tapping the floors, and walls I eventually found a hallow point. Smashing through the wall we discovered a hidden room where several children were being held in chains.

“Are any of these girls the princess?”, I asked.

Before the guards could reply one of them spoke up.

“Her Highness was taken ten minutes ago. A man wearing a mythril dagger carried her off. He said something about heading to the east gate.”, she said.

Looking her in the eyes I found no reason to doubt her. Handing the keys to the guards I took off towards the gate constantly casting <Search> every thirty seconds. Drawing near I found the crest again. Closing the distance I saw a man carrying a canvas bag over his shoulder. Confirming he was my man with search again I called out to the guards.

“Seize that man!!”, I ordered, “By the order of the King stop him!! He has the princess!!!”

Hearing me the man tried to run, but was thrown for a loop when he crashed into a guards built like a bull. Dropping the bag the man drew his dagger, and engaged the guard. Retrieving the bag I opened it to find the terrified girl crying her eyes out. Bound and gagged she had been unable to call for help, and to top it off she was severely beaten. Releasing her bonds I held her shoulders firmly I tried to calm her down.

“Your Highness, I am Viscount Edmond’s second son, Jameson. Please be at ease as you are safe now.”, I said.

“You don’t understand!! That man isn’t a thief!! He is an enemy spy from the Rograth Empire!!! He is known as the Grim Reaper!!”, she said.

Turning around I saw the guards weren’t able to fight him.

“Protect the princess I will take him!!”, I ordered.

“You brat!!”, he laughed, “You think you can-”

Disappearing and then reappearing under him the man was stunned. Hitting him at fifty percent of my full strength the man went flying through the air. Drawing my sword I dashed forwards engaging him in a battle of sword skills.

“You caught me off guard, but not again!!”, he said.

Colliding our swords sent sparks flying as our blades moved faster than most could keep up with. To the untrained eye it may look like we were evenly matched, but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. While the man was bigger than me I had the upper hand in strength. I wasn’t going all out because I wanted to capture him alive.

“<Thousand Whirlwind Slash>”, he said activating his sword skill.

“<Castle of Stone>”, I said activating my defensive measure.

Bouncing off my defensive barrier his sword shattered.

“What!? A mythril sword destroyed by a stupid barrier!?”, he said.

“You need to pay attention!”, I said, “My sword has a corrosive effect on it. Your sword was being destroyed every time it touched mine.”

With no weapon the man tried to flee, but it was too late.

“This is for injuring an innocent maiden <Ancient God Magic: Ragnarok>”, I said.

Unlike modern magics ancient ones took time to cast even if you did it chantless. In this case I held back on the output, but it was still a sight to behold. A massive bolt of lightning fell from the sky striking the man head on. With a flash of blinding light the man let off a blood curtling scream before collapsing. When people could look at him again he was smoking as all of his equipment was charred black. The man himself was alive, but barely. Any more power in the attack would have turned him to dust. Having alerted the Royal Family as soon as I had called out the guards the King and his family had arrived midway through the fight. Turning around I found myself enveloped by the Queen’s vast tracks of land.

“You saved my darling Eleanora!! I was against the marriage originally, but now I won’t have anyone else as my daughter’s husband.”, she said.

“You see that display, Charles? That’s why I wanted him to be Eleanora’s husband!”, the King boasted to his eldest son, “That boy used Ancient God Magic!! He must be one of only three in our country who can use it.”

“It seemed a bit weak to me?”, the prince responded.

“I wanted to keep him alive so you get information out of him.”, I stated.

“Exactly!!”, the King said with a big smile, “It’s not everyday we get to interrogate the Grim Reaper. I am surprised you came out unharmed.”

Taking several charms out of my coat pocket I showed them to the King.

“If not for my now destroyed protective charms I would be in bad shape. These are the only reason I am able to go toe to toe with him. I have a ways to go with my swordplay.”, I said.

“As expected of the grandson of the man known as the War God.”, the King said, “Either way you beat him, and saved my daughter.”

Returning the emblem he had given me I walked over to the princess.

“If I may I would like to heal your injuries.”, I said.

After being granted her permission I used the same spell I had on the boy earlier. Healed completely I asked her maid to please ensure nothing else was work that night before she went to bed. Promising to do so the maid asked him the princess wanted to leave.

“No, if he is to be my husband…I wish to spend time with him.”, she said with a warm smile.

Holding my hand she asked to go back to the castle for snacks. Pulling me along with her we boarded a waiting carriage, and went back to the castle.

“Your Majesty, I have a report.”, a guard said running up to the King, “It’s about an orphanage the boy stormed into. Several missing noble children were found by him. We would like to begin returning them home.”

“Excellent, ensure they know who rescued them.”, the King said.

Bowing the guard ran back to his post.

“Darling, this is getting serious.”, the Queen said, “Multiple noble children have gone missing in just this month alone. Now our daughter has been almost taken from us. We have to take this more seriously.”

“I am fully aware, and have already ordered our undercover knights to investigate this matter. No matter how you slice it the Rograth Empire was responsible for this.”, the King said.

“If I may it may be more accurate to say that Third Prince Alibaba of the Rograth Empire was to blame. He was to wed Eleanora after all.”, the Prime Minister said.

“It will be investigated.”, the King said, “I am grateful the boy left him alive. When he wakes up I will let him taste what hell feels like.”

Back at the castle Princess Eleanora was currently have tea, and cookies with me. Sitting outside she told me about everything that had happened. As it turns out a disgruntled cook had drugged a portion of her meal thereby avoiding being caught by the poison tester. She found out only due to overhearing the orphanage owner speaking with her original abductors. After that the owner had beaten her for his dislike of her father. The Grim Reaper picked her up a day after being sold to the orphanage caretaker.

“That’s when you found me, and rescued me.”, she said with a smile.

“I am glad to have been able to help, Princess Eleanora.”, I said with a smile.

“Call me Eleanora!”, she stated puffing her cheeks out, “If we are engaged I won’t have you calling my princess all the time.”

“Very well…Eleanora.”, I said, “Your father said we will be attending class together.”

“Yes, father arranged it so we will be in the same class.”, she said, “I will see if we can sit next to each other.”

“I understand.”, I said, “I hope you can help me out as I am from the countryside. I may not have the proper speech down so I will be relying on you.”

“I am happy to help.”, she said with a smile, “By the way, the maid said my father wants to have a celebration for our engagement in two days. Would you please come?”

“Absolutely, I will have to get my formal wear press.”, I said.

Parting ways a short time later I went to my lodgings while in the capital. Thanks to a friend of grandfather, Earl Ikeman, I had been allowed to stay as a close friend of the family. Thanking him for the generous hospitality I sat down with his family for dinner.

“So word is you managed to capture the Grim Reaper?”, the Earl said with a devilish smile, “Reminds me of your grandfather, and I in our youth. We used to do dangerous things all the time back then. Boy did we use to terrorize the order, haha!”

“Grandfather said you used to stir up most of the trouble.”, I said.

“That old man is losing his memory in his old age!”, the Earl said with a chuckle.

“Now dear both of you did your fair share. Whose idea was it to raid the women’s dorm when we were thirteen?”, his wife said.

“That…that’s a different story all together.”, he said backing down.

Chatting about his past with my grandfather dinner went by fast. Returning to my room after eating I handed my handmade suit to the butler.

“Please have this ironed for me in two days. I will be attending a party with Her Highness Princess Eleanora.”, I stated.

Understanding the situation the butler said he would see to it. Leaving me alone I immediately took out my carving kit, and began the tedious act of replacing all of my protection charms. Each charm had to be handmade, and engraved with magic words. A single mistake could completely alter the effect that they would have. Spending the next four hours replacing them I passed out on my bed after cleaning up my mess.

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