Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 2

“Uh…my head hurts…”, I said sitting up in bed.

Looking around at my surroundings I realized I was in my room. Due to the number of bandages on me I must have sustained quite a bit of damage, and ended up knocking myself out. Thinking back the only thing I could remember was using magic on the optical stealth wyvern. Staggering out of bed I slowly walked to the bathroom to remove my bandages, and wash up. Upon removing the bandages the extent of the damage was clear.

“Lacerations, first degree burns, and a few puncture marks. I have lived through worse before.”, I thought to myself, “Better heal up.”

Applying several healing spells to myself I completely healed all my injuries. Washing up I got dressed, and then went to the dining room for breakfast. Seeing me enter the room my mother also leapt over the table to see me.

“My precious baby!!! Are you alright!?”, she said trying to suffocate with her chest.

“Yes mother, I am fine.”, I said pushing her away lightly, “How are you, Father?”

“I am relieved to see you are awake.”, my father said from his seat at the table, “I would come over, but we have guests.”

Turning towards the table an older man dressed in church clothing sat next to my father on the left hand side of the table. Seeing as the girl who was to possibly be my future wife was sitting next to him he must be the Archbishop.

“My apologies for the late introduction. I am Viscount Edmond’s second son, Jameson.”, I said with a bow.

“You have brought him up well.”, the Archbishop said to my father, “He knows the proper etiquette very well.”

“I have done my best to ensure that.”, my father said accepting the compliment.

“Now then, you have my utmost respect for rescuing my precious granddaughter. It was the fault of my assistant that they took that road.”, the Archbishop said clenching his fist, “If not for your bravery I might have lost her. My knights, and your father’s men tell me you fought valiantly to defend her even using yourself as a shield for her.”

“My father, and grandfather taught me that a gentleman must always do his best to protect a maiden in distress.”, I said politely, “I simply did what I felt was right.”

“Not a single boast even though you killed three wyvern at the age of five.”, he replied with a warm smile, “You have your priorities straight, and your heart is in the right place. I see now why your King believes you would be a good match for her. Originally I was against it, but now I am for it if she likes you. What do you think, Lauren?”

Fidgeting around in her seat she replied, “If it is him I don’t mind at all. He is brave, strong, and makes me feel safe.”

Smiling the Archbishop patted her on the head.

“You certainly have mothers way with words.”, he said, “And more importantly her shyness about your true feelings. Why don’t you go spend some time with your fiancé then?”

“Yes grandfather!”, she said running over to me, “Let’s go!”

Pulling me along with her we went out to the gazebo to talk, and eat snacks. While we spent time together the Archbishop continued to speak with my parents.

“Your son is quite charming. I can see why my granddaughter likes him so much. He has an air of maturity a five-year old normally wouldn’t have.”, he said sipping on his tea, “I hope your King, and our Emporer will allow them to be wed though. A feat like your son displayed is not something ordinary children can do. Both of them may try to force more noble daughters on him.”

“Surely you jest.”, my father said, “Being relates to a man of your caliber should be sufficient.”

“No, our Emporer is tossing the idea around of marrying his youngest daughter to your son.”, he said, “My knights reported the whole thing to the Emporer, and the Emporer judged your son to be a man worth investing in. At best my granddaughter will be his first wife, and at worse she will be his third wife.”

“You think our King will try something?”, father said, “All of his children are already engaged.”

“True, but not all of the suitors they have selected have your sons power, and character.”, he said, “Your son gave me no impression he would use my granddaughter for personal gain. He gave me the impression it is just something expected of him.”

“His grandfather, the former Viscount, is responsible for instilling that in him.”, my father replied, “He trains Jameson in swordplay, and etiquette.”

“It’s something beyond that.”, the Archbishop said, “It’s like the boy is much older than he really is.”

Outside Laura and I were discussing various things…mainly about me. If given the choice I would have talks about her, but she was insistent I speak about myself.

“How did you learn that magic?”, she asked munching away on her cookie.

“I am self-taught.”, I said with a smile.

“Really!?”, she said with excitement.

“Yes, I study every day after training with my grandfather.”, I told her.

“Amazing!!”, she said.

“How about you? I heard you have special skills as well.”, I said.

“Yes!! I can talk to the gods several times a year.”, she said.

Going into all of the details I listened intently till her grandfather came. Saying they had to return to prepare things for Laura’s entrance into school in a few months I bid them a farewell. Before separating from me Laura kissed me on the cheek before running off to the carriage.

“That girl is just like her grandmother, and mother.”, he muttered turning to me, “Please take care of her when you are wed. She is my only granddaughter, and I want the best for her. She doesn’t deserve to live as a trophy wife…not like her mother. Please make her happy.”

Stepping forward I gave him a deep bow.

“I swear to cherish your brilliant granddaughter with every fiber of my being. A woman of her caliber deserves to be treated as a partner not an item.”, I stated.

Placing his hand on my shoulder he gave me a warm smile.

“I know you will cherish her.”, he said, “Thank you.”

Leaving us I wouldn’t see him again as he died roughly three months later from a heart attack. I attended the funeral against my families wishes, but I knew it was the right thing to do. Spending a week there I was introduced to her family who were all eager to meet me. After meeting family out to her fifth cousins we spent the rest of the time together till I left at the end of the week. Upon returning home my father broke the news that I was being sent to school in the capital at the King’s request.

“Why?”, I asked.

“Someone’s achievements have earned him quite the reputation among the nobles.”, my father said, “I will warn you upper nobles will be trying to give you their daughters as well as merchants. While you aren’t old enough to marry yet it won’t stop women from trying to slip into your bed so please be cautious.”

Nodding I immediately packed up my belongings, and got a good night’s rest. First thing in the morning I said goodbye to my parents as I boarded the carriage. Once we were out of sight I climbed on the roof of the carriage to get some fresh air. The journey took a month, but when I arrived I was in disbelief of the size of the capital. Compared to Washington D.C it was close to ten times bigger. From my window I watched dozens of merchants peddling their goods on the sidewalks.

“This is awesome!!”, I thought, “I am gonna love being here where all the sights are. I couldn’t afford to live in a place like this in my world. It’s to be rich on occasion like this.”

As I watched the scenery go by I noticed a few children run by the carriage. Behind them several hoodlums chased after them. Without minding the road one of the children ran in front of us. Without warning the child was trampled by the horses, and carriage.

“Stop the carriage!”, I told the driver.

Stopping the carriage I jumped out, and ran over to the child. The young boy was barely breathing, and it was labored at that. Pointing at the hoodlums they stopped dead in their tracks.

“<Thorn Bind Hostage>”, I said binding them in place.

Turning my attention to the boy I started using mid-level healing spells to repair the damage. Repairing his rib cage, limbs, and face I hoped he would start to regain consciousness. A few minutes went by, and the boy didn’t stir.

“Well crap, I have to use higher magics.”, I thought, “<Grand Magic: God’s Healing Hands>”

Activating this Grand Ranked spell the boy’s internal injuries were repaired, his diseases were healed, and any aliment he may have had was instantly gone. Sitting up almost immediately he looked around in shock.

“Anders!!”, one of the girls from the group of children shouted.

Grabbing she hugged him tightly, and showered him with kiss.

“Sis, stop it!”, he said trying to push her away.

“No!! You almost died if not for this boy.”, she said pointing at me.

Getting on the scene several guards pushed their way thru the crowd. Seeing us they ran over to investigate. Looking at the adults bound to the ground they asked them what was going on.

“Those kids tried stealing from us!!”, the adults claimed.

“No we didn’t!!! You tried to capture us when we left the temple!!!”, the kids said.

Turning to me they asked how I was involved.

“This young boy was accidentally run over by my carriage.”, I said, “I captured these criminals, and healed the young boy.”

“And you are?”, they asked.

Running over to me the carriage driver told them for me.

“This boy is the second son of Viscount Edmond, Jameson. He is here by request of the King to attend the Royal Academy.”, he said.

Showing them my family crest the guards accepted my side as the truth. Releasing the criminals the guards cuffed them, and took them away. Turning to the kids I told them to be careful from now on. Walking to the carriage with coachman I almost got in before the girl ran over to me.

“Thank you for saving my brother!”, she said bowing her head.

“It is alright. Losing family is painful so I am glad I could help.”, I said with a smile.

Moving before I could react she gave me a peck on the cheek. Turning red she ran off, and disappeared into the crowd. Sitting down in the carriage I touch my cheek with a red face.

“Maybe showing off a bit is alright.”, I thought.

Fifteen minutes later I arrived at the castle, and was promptly guided to the King’s throne room. Entering the room I knelt like a knight from what I knew on Earth. Seeing my actions some of the upper nobles started whispering between each other. Thinking I had screwed up I started to panic.

“That’s quite a bow.”, the King said with a loud laugh, “No need to stand on formalities boy!”

“Your Majesty I can’t be lax with the ruler of our nation. If you wish for me to be less formal I will do a simple bow from now on.”, I said.

“But-“, he stuttered.

“He is right Your Majesty. You must consider how that will reflect on his family.”, the Prime Minister stated, “You may raise your head, Jameson.”

Lifting my head I spotted the young girl next to the King. Noticing my gaze the King gave me a cheesy smile.

“This is my youngest daughter Eleanora.”, he said, “I’d like to get to the point as I am sure you are tired. Using advanced magic like that is quite tiring.”

“You know about the boy then.”, I said with a straight face.

“Using healing magic that only a handful of high-ranking Church members use stands out. Not to mention capturing four wanted bandits without breaking a sweat.”, he said, “On top of your achievements I have already decided to give you a title, and authority when you turn twelve.”

“Thank you.”, I said with a smile.

“Aren’t you interested in the title?”, he asked.

“I am very much.”, I said.

“You will be named the Twilight Knight of the Embomira.”, he said.

Hacking up their lungs the nobles shot up in shock.

“That is a high honor, Your Majesty. To be compared to the First King’s cherish advisor is a high title to live up too.”, I said.

“Not many people know that. You are very well-informed.”, he said, “As such I intend for you to marry Eleanora so you will hold the rank of Duke.”

“Your Highness to give a boy that title is outrageous!!”, one of the Earl’s stated glaring at me.

“If I don’t our neighboring country will pursue him.”, the King said, “All of the Ministers have agreed as well. I will not hear any complaints from you about my decision.”

Sitting back down the nobles glared at me.

“Eleanora will be in your class so I hope both of you can bond with each other.”, the King said.

“I will do my best to meet her expectation.”, I said.

Walking down to me she gave me a pleasant smile. Using my chantless magic I took a peek at her stats.

“She has <Murder> as a title. Best be cautious around her as I may become a target.”, I said before noticing her real name.

“Your Highness, I am afraid there may be an issue.”, I said grabbing her, “I’d stake my life that this girl isn’t your daughter.”

With a snap of my fingers the disguise she had been using vanished. Seeing this the guard ran forward to grab her.

“You brat!!”, she said trying to stab me.

Jabbing me the blade shattered as my defense charms kicked in. Grabbing her by the throat I smashed her into the floor. Coughing up blood as she sank a foot into the floor I placed my boot on her neck.

“Where is the real princess?”, I said, “Answer me, or I will let the torturer get the information out of you.”

“You won’t-“, she laughed.

Crushing her right arm she screamed in pain.

“My grandfather taught me to show no mercy to threats.”, I said with cold eyes.

When she gave no response I cast a spell.

“<Quadruple Maximize Pain>”, I said.

With a light tap on her broken arm the girl screamed bloody murder as she howled like a wild animal.

“Answer me!”, I commanded.

“We sold her!!!”, she howled, “Please make it stop!!! It hurts!!!!”

Kicking her in the stomach she crashed into one of the pillars, and fell to the ground unconscious.

“Take that halfling to the dungeon. In order for the princess to have been taken without notice someone on the inside must have helped.”, I told the guards, “Three men were captured trying to abduct children by me earlier today. They may be connected, or may know where the princess may be kept.”

The guards looked at me like I was an idiot because I was only five.

“Do as he says!!”, the King ordered.

“Your Majesty, I recommend putting check points at all the exits of the city. In addition, monitor all water ways, including sewers, in case they try to sneak away.”, I recommend, “I will take up the search with my magic.”

Tossing me another emblem he looked at me with a serious face.

“Use that emblem to get anywhere you need. Please help me find my daughter.”, he stated.

“I will give my full attention to this, and bring the bastards to their knees.”, I stated, “I shall bring them back alive…if I don’t kill them first.”

Acknowledging my words he sent me off to search for Eleanora.

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