Life is So Short, Why Not Be Overpowered? – Chapter 1

I was reincarnated about five years ago as a baby. I had a bit of an accident that shouldn’t have occurred thanks to Divine Intervention. Taking pity on me the Chief God, Akotisha, decided to allow me a second chance in another world. Accepting his proposal all I told him was, “I want to be like a superhero in that world. Someone whose super smart, super fast, and super strong. If I am going to be born as a baby again I want to change everything I lacked in my childhood the first time around.” Giving me a pat on the back he acknowledged my wish, and gave me several blessings that would help me achieve that goal. Now the second son of Viscount Edmond in the Kingdom of Equastia I had been studying hard even as a baby. Daily I would stretch, and get as much physical work done as my baby arms would allow. It was nice being a baby with the ability to actually remember it because…let’s say I enjoyed being able to cop a feel. On my fifth birthday my father approached me with some news I wasn’t sure how to take.

“Son, in seven years time you will be old enough to marry your first wife.”, he stated, “Normally I would allow you to choose, but because of your unique gifts the King has stepped in to choose a bride for you.”

“Sounds important, father. Who is the girl I will be marrying?”, I asked.

“Well son, you will be marry a girl from our neighboring nation, and allies the Restia Empire.”, he said, “The Emporer, and the King want to bind the nations together with a marriage. Since the King’s children are spoken for the Emporer asked you be the Kingdom’s candidate.”

“So she is the daughter of a nobleman from their nation.”, I said with a gulp.

“Not exactly, the woman you will be marrying is the Archbishop of Centerbury’s granddaughter.”, he stated nervously, “She is your age, and has been blessed with the gift of speaking directly to the Gods. This is a big deal as to marry someone of her status generally you would need to be a Duke’s son, but he made an exception just for you.”

“I don’t have a choice then…”, I said, “What if I don’t like her?”

“Once you meet her you will realize she a fitting partner for you.”, he said with a warm smile.

“What about the family though? Isn’t big brother going to be mad?”, I asked.

“Your brother understands the gravity of the situation.”, he said with a firm expression, “He isn’t going to try anything as his future wife is a follower of the church. If he complains she may very well break off the engagement.”

“I understand, when will I meet her?”, I asked.

“About that…she will be here in the morning.”, he said.

A gust of air blew through the room before anything else happened.

“What!?”, I said in a panic, “I have to get ready then!”

Running out of his study I promptly went to my room, and buried my stash of adult content I had been gathering in secret. Placing several layers of cloaking spells on them I hid them below my dirty laundry, and ordered the servants not to touch my laundry till after she left. With that taken care of I turned my attention to making sure my room was spotless, and odor free with cleaning magic. Lifting my bed I removed all the dust that had accumulated before setting it back down.

“This is going to be tough because I am not good with talking to important people outside the family. As the second son I really had no reason to, and I could get away with it as I am only five. Now with a possible marriage partner coming tomorrow I have to make myself appear like an excellent husband for her. If I fuck this up the family will be in big trouble.”, I thought.

Taking my sword, and shield down to the smithy I politely asked him to polish them up for me after handing him a silver coin.

“Going somewhere?”, he asked me.

“A girl is coming to see me tomorrow. Dad says she could be my future wife.”, I stated.

“Oh my, you are growing up so fast.”, he teased.

“She is the Granddaughter of the Archbishop of Centerbury.”, I stated.

The blacksmith immediately stopped, and looked at me.

“Say what!?”, he said carefully sharpening the blade, “Tell me sooner so I make sure your gear is in top condition. It’s not everyday a lady of that caliber shows up here.”

Returning my polished, and repaired gear I returned home. Placing my equipment back in its proper place on my wall I asked the maids to run a hot bath for me. Scrubbing myself down as seeing the maids with me would bring about issues down low I made sure I was squeaky clean for the interview the next morning. Going to bed promptly after dinner I woke up early, and got ready. When noon rolled around my father seemed to get anxious.

“What’s wrong father?”, I asked.

“She should have been here four hours ago.”, he said, “I checked with Baron Rufus, and confirmed they passed his home two days ago.”

“Which road did they take, father?”, I said pulling down his map of the area.

“They should have taken the Silk Road with twenty men as guards.”, he said, “It was the best road for-”

“Father! It’s mating seasons for the wyvern in the forest that the road goes through!”, I said grabbing his shirt, “You said never to use that road during this time of the year.”

Hearing my words he immediately started calling for his men to get ready to leave. Running back to my room I put on my leather armor, and equipped my sword and shield. Running out of my room the maids tried to stop me.

“Young master, you aren’t old enough to fight wyvern!”, they said, “Wolves are one thing, but you are only five. If you go fighting a wyvern you could die.”

“If I don’t go now she could die!”, I stated.

Shrugging off their hands I ran down the hall, and out the door. Using my superhuman strength I took off down the main road to get to the Silk Road. Reaching this point would take a horse roughly an hour, but I reached it in less than ten minutes of running. Running along the Silk Road it wasn’t long before I stumbled across the caravan.

“Get off the road!!”, I shouted at them, “There are wyverns in the forest!”

“Wyverns? Boy, this is no-“, the lead knight shouted before a roar echoed through the forest.

Dashing out from the trees a red wyvern grabbed the man by the neck, and ripped his head clean off. Launching myself forward I crashed into the wyvern momentarily knocking it off-balance.

“Get her out of here before the flock shows up!”, I shouted.

The men, who had never encountered a wyvern, sat on their horses terrified. Regaining its balance it snapped at me trying to kill me. Dodging its jaws by a hair berth I drew my sword faster than the eye could follow aiming for its artery on its neck. Cutting just deep enough to sever it the wyvern flew into a panic as it started bleeding out. Taking my shield I bashed its head into ground making it stuck in the ground. Grabbing one of the men I yanked him to his knees.

“We need to go now!”, I ordered, “If we stay here angry wyverns trying to nest are going to show up!”

Regaining their senses the men started to act, but they were too late. Emerging from the forest six more wyvern appeared with two of them being Royal Wyvern. Royal Wyverns were different from normal wyverns because they were generally five feet longer, and they leaked poison from their talons. Realizing I didn’t have the power to fight six of them I opted for the best solution I had, run. Throwing open the door to the carriage I found the girl curled up in a ball on the floor. Reaching my hand out to her I told her to follow me. When she didn’t react I had to step up my game.

“Miss, I am the boy you were supposed to meet today. We have to go now, or we may not make it out of this alive.”, I said.

Hearing who I was she immediately took my hand without question. Pulling her into my arms I leapt into the treeline making a beeline for the main road. I knew at this time of the day my father’s men would  be making their rounds. If I made it in time, and could find them I might be able to save some of her men was my thought process. Reaching the road with the terrified girl in my arms I spotted the knights my father employed coming our way. Running towards them the men seemed a bit confused.

“Young Master, what are you doing-“, their leader said.

“No time”, I interrupted, “My father was expecting guests, and they took the Silk Road without realizing the danger it presents this time of year. Several knights are stuck fighting wyvern, and they aren’t going to hold out long.”

“You heard the young master! We are going to fight some wyvern!”, he said.

The men cheered as they were excited to have some action again. Telling me to return to the manor I shook my head telling him I would wait for them at the crossroads he acknowledged my words, and then rode off. Running passed them I stopped at the crossroads, and took stock of the situation. Waiting for the knights I kept an eye on the road towards my home.

“Are you alright?”, I asked her.

“Yes, I think I will be okay.”, she said, “I am sorry that I am such a mess.”

“It’s alright, I am just glad I got to you before it was too late.”, I said with a smile.

Hiding her face she was bright red from embarrassment.

“You are very brave.”, she said in a low voice.

“I am not that brave.”, I said scratching my head, “It’s a man’s job to help a woman in distress.”

“I am a woman…”, she said fidgeting around bashful like.

Hearing the sound of distance horses beating the road I looked towards my home, and saw my father running full speed on horseback. Just as I was about to wave at him a chill ran down my spine as my instincts told me to runaway from something behind me. Grabbing her I dove across the road in a rush. Looking back to where I had been a wyvern now stood drooling from its mouth. The scales on this one was different from any wyvern I had seen in my books. Just as quickly as it appeared the wyvern disappeared.

“Shit, it has optical stealth! It must be a rare species!”, I thought.

Keeping her behind me I frantically kept looking around for the wyvern.

“Stay behind me!”, I told her.

Sticking to my back she kept her eyes peeled as well. Feeling the ground shake to my right I spun around, and rammed my shield forward. Colliding with the wyverns face the impact knocked both of us back. Knocked away from me the girl rolled into the road. Changing targets the wyvern went for her, and I wasn’t about to let that happen.

“Keep away from her!”, I shouted as I slammed into its head.

“Jameson, get away from that thing!!”, my father shouted.

Holding it back I wasn’t in the position to flee.

“I can’t father!”, I shouted, “If I let it go it will attack her.”

“You aren’t strong enough to fight it!!”, he said closing the gap.

Biting my arm I grabbed its tongue, and started lighting it up with Lightning Magic. Releasing my arm I ducked under its chin grabbing it by the throat.

“You aren’t going to hurt her!!”, I said lifting the wyvern off the ground.

Seeing the display my father, and knights froze in shock. Slamming it into the ground I jumped on it grabbing it by the horns on its face. With great force I snapped its neck with my bare hands. When it stopped moving I fell to the ground grabbing the arm that had been bitten. The throbbing pain was terrible, and I was on the verge of blacking out. Running forward my father scooped me up in his arms full of panic.

“Get a healer immediately!!”, he shouted.

“Father, her knight’s…they may need help…”, I said through the pain.

“You are my son, and you come first!!”, he said, “You need a healer now, or you will lose your arm! Damn it, George get over here now!!”

Running up from the back George, my father’s personal healer, took a look at my arm. Taking out a phial of medicine he placed a stick in my mouth.

“I am going to apply the medicine. It is going to sting a lot so please bear with it.”, he said.

Pouring the medicine on my wound the pain hit me like a freight train moving at seventy miles an hour. Crying out in pain my arm throbbed from the burning sensation as if I was on fire.

“Stay with me son!! You aren’t allowed to die on me here!!”, my father said holding me hand, “You have your life a head of you!!”

Looking over at my father another one of those optical stealth wyverns appeared behind him. Sitting up in a panic I pushed him away, and raised my hand.

“<Absolution>”, I shouted casting the spell, and hitting the wyvern in face.

The moment my hand touched him a massive explosion occurred launching me down the road.

“Son!”, my dad said running over to me.

“He’s not breathing!!”, George said, “Get me my staff at once!”

Panicking my father fell to his knees.

“What kind of father let’s his guard down in wyvern territory, and has his son save him…”, he said slamming his fist into a rock, “I am a poor excuse for a father!!”

“Get it together, sir!”, George said, “You can’t be panicking right now. Focus on help your son recover, and send some men to assist her knights. They won’t last long-”

“Jameson flagged down some knights on the road, and sent them to help my men.”, the girl said.

“He did!?”, they said as George got me breathing again.

Turning to my father George gave him a surprised look.

“Your son can use advanced level magic, can lift a wyvern off the ground, and has enough sense to know to send experienced knights to help others…your son is like no boy I have ever met!”, George said, “Did you know he could do all of that?”

“He killed another wyvern when he rescued me.”, she interjected.

“Two wyvern for a boy only five years old!!”, George said grabbing my father, “You realize that no one in this countries history has done anything like that at his age!”

“I am fully aware…”, my father said.

Riding down the silk road the knights I had sent arrived with the remaining knights in tow.

“We need to get back to the manor at once. I don’t have the supplies needed to help your son.”, George said.

Agreeing with George my father ordered everyone back to the manor where I received round the clock medical treatment over the next several days. It wasn’t until five days later that I woke up again.

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