The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 67: Land Before Time

“So this is how you got to my country.”, Celestina said as she and her fellow priestesses looked the launcher over.

“Yes…I had hoped I would never have to use this stupid things again.”, I said.

After running the numbers Lucilla, and Eve agreed on the power, angle, and landing area I would need for this. Handing me a receiver they women said as soon as I landed on the island they would teleport to me for back up. Not really thrilled about this Lucilla launched me without a countdown. Reaching the island in less than thirty minutes sure enough I crashed into the beach. True to their word the women arrived immediately to help pull me out of the sand. Once freed I spit half a mouthful of sand out.

“Please dismantle that stupid thing…”, I said a bit queasy.

Looking the island over I spotted the giant temple in the center of the island. Informing us that was the location of the fountain we hurriedly set off in that direction. Pushing through the jungle we walked right into the village. Half expecting to me attacked I was surprised to find not a single person was here. Searching the huts we found the village had been empty for at least a few years if not longer.

“Where is everyone?”, I said confused.

Continuing on to the temple we found our answer chained up outside the temple we found the Amazonians treated like mere dogs. Getting a bad feeling about this I proceeded to the top of the temple leaving the women to free the Amazonians. Entering the temple after reaching the top I found a single woman bathing in the water I assumed was the water for eternal youth. Yet another race I knew nothing of she looked over to me casually.

“Who are you?”, I asked.

“I could ask you the same.”, she replied, “A man on this island is a rare sight none of those Amazon’s can remember.”

“Are you the one who did that to them?”, I asked.

“No, we found them like that when we arrived here several hundred years ago.”, she replied.

“We?”, I asked.

“I suppose its best to show you.”, she said.

Not minding the fact she was naked I was lead to the base of the temple where the women were still struggling to get a single shackle off.

“It’s no use. We have tried in the past to remove them.”, she said.

Stopping the women backed off to think about a solution. Shouting out into the forest dozens of women from races I had never seen appeared. Counting them I lost count over fifty.

“Where did you all come from?”, I asked.

Before they could answer Eve piped up.

“They are the sole survivors of their races.”, she said, “Due to me unable to confirm their life signs outside of heaven I thought them all to have died out.”

“No, we all washed up on shore here over the years. We stayed here to hide from our human hunters who see us as trophies, and medical material.”, the woman said, “For example, Dovanna is a Unicorn. Her horn is considered on par with Ambrosia when it comes to healing. Breaking it would kill her instantly as her magic would flow uncontrollably.”

“I see.”, I said nodding my head.

“Our paradise is lost now as I assume you came with other men.”, she said.

“HAHA!!”, I laughed, “Sorry, but only women in my harem. I don’t play for both teams.”

“So these are your wives then?”, she asked.

“Yes, well some of them are. The ten holding my children are my mistress, and nannies for the little ones.”, I said.

Relieved I was the only man they asked why I came. Explaining the situation to them my harem nodded in agreement with me. Hearing this the Amazonian chief spoke up.

“You are from another world?”, she asked.

“Yes…is it true you are succubus?”, I asked.

“Half bloods.”, she replied.

“I see. Meaning half human, and half succubus?”, I asked.

“No, the original Amazonians died a long time ago. I think in your terms three thousand years ago.”, she said.

“How long have you been out of Heaven?!”, I asked Eve.

“Twelve thousand years.”, she said.

“Oh…”, I said.

Asking them what they were then Fantasia stepped up.

“You are Enchidna offspring, aren’t you?”, she said.

“Yes, we are all part human, but the other half depends on the person.”, she said, “Our ruled the island before he came…”

“Who?”, I asked.

“Roughly a thousand years ago a man showed up on an old wooden boat. Mother, who went into heat, tried to approach the man only to have her head cut off.”, the chief said, “We fought back, but we were child like in comparison to his power.”

With a dark expression I asked if he wore a black robe always hiding his face. Nodding she confirmed my suspicions. Asking him why he came she said that an artifact that had been left on the island was why he appeared. After violating several of them they gave him the information. Taking the item, which I assume was a dangerous weapon, he left the women chained up like this.

“We were terrified of the man so we stayed out of the fighting.”, the unicorn said holding her face in her hands before crying, “If we had helped maybe we could have save some of them.”

“You would have only thrown your life away.”, I said, “He sounds like a man I know who is a demigod. You would have been slaughtered to the last. I can free the Amazonians, but I will be out for a few hours afterwards.”

Looking at the harem they gave their permission. Summoning the God of War he appeared with a smug look on his face.

“I told the boy this would happen.”, he said with chuckle, “With this his harem is complete.”

Shattering the chains with the snap of his finger he turned to the island natives.

“Hear me well, take this man as your husband and cherish him.”, he said, “The day draws near when he will need all of you for support. The age of the gods is coming to an end, and when that happens he will be the only line of defense this world has against the devastation we wrought on the mortal world on accident.”

“You finally admit it?”, Eve asked.

“Yes, our power is waning as the faith the people place in us fades.”, he said, “When it reaches a certain point we will disappear, and our powers will be inherited by our Heroes and offspring.”

Bidding the women farewell he severed the connection, and I blacked out. Laying my head on her lap Kate gently stroked my hair with a warm smile. Asking the others what they thought Eve spoke up.

“The God of War has no children in this world. James will inherit all of the burden the God of War, and the Goddess of Annihilation have. Meaning everything in him will be filled with suffering, anger, rage, and a thirst for blood.”, she said looking at me, “The gods must know this, and thus setup this whole ordeal to have support for him.”

Freed from their shackles the Amazonian’s were completely onboard eyeing me up. The other women reluctantly did so solely because the God of War told them too. By the time I woke up a few hours later everything was already decided.

“…three hundred and twenty wives…”, I said laughing in shock, “I am really going to die.”

“No, you need to look at it as a great privilege.”, Amber said with a smile, “All of these women will be your wives, and you their only mate. You can rebuild their population with them helping revive the extinct races.”

“Haha…you make it sound so easy.”, I said with sigh.

Looking around at all the beautiful women I realized I had achieved my dream. The image of my island paradise with these beautiful women was at hand, and it really got me excited. Seeing my excitement the women seemed happy enough so getting myself off my heavenly pillow I started thinking about things. While I was thinking a several beautiful women approached me. Getting a closer look it hit me.

“Susan! Sapphire! Diana! Lucilla!”, I said wide-eyed.

“Yes, I am glad you can still tell us apart.”, Diana said with a smile.

All of the women either looked exactly the same, or younger. Dola looked much more mature now making my anxiety of sleeping with her fall away. Looking at me the women asked what I thought of them.

“You all still look as beautiful as ever. No change in that.”, I said.

Happily giving me a kiss Diana nodded saying that I really did love them. They were all fixated on the fact that I may like them more this way which was a two-faced way of saying I like only their bodies. To me, in reality, I liked the way they are on the inside more than the outside. When everything is said, and done only the outside will fade leaving their true selves to remain. Kissing them I made a point to suggest we make a home for ourselves. Before I could start drawing plans the Amazonian chief suggested we use the ruins to make a home. Having not seen any ruins on the way here I asked them to show me them.

Moving as a group we were led to the northern end of the island where a massive temple was dug into the side of inactive volcano. Asking them if it was really safe they said it hadn’t erupted as far as they could remember. Nodding in acknowledgement I cautiously walked inside to find the interior clean. When asking how it was possible it was so clean the chief explained that magic golems cleaned the ruins on a regular basis. Stepping inside we explored the ruins, and immediately the original women in my harem wanted to live here. Everything they needed was here a lab, a workshop, rich ore veins, and so much more. Looking around I still wasn’t sold till I saw our master bedroom. Seeing a massive bed in the ground that took up half the room my eyes widen in shock. Roughly seventy feet wide, and fourteen feet long this bed would easily fit all of us if the normal sleeping pattern was maintained. Not of the women used a bed as some made their beds out of webs. Some even slept attached to the ceiling as they were closely related to bats.

“I am sold.”, I said falling into the bed.

Being enveloped like I was swimming Kate’s chest I smiled enjoying the feeling. Feeling like I was in heaven I really thought about just living here apart from the rest of the world. Sadly, I couldn’t do that just yet as some of my wives had family they wanted to keep in contact with. Getting out of the bed I asked the chief about island defenses to which she said most people couldn’t reach us here. Just outside the reef surrounding the island dangerous monsters patrolled the waters dragging any would be invaders into the watery depths. These monsters were apparently related to some of these women as well which was why they defended the island.

“Other than that the barrier around the island keeps us from being seen. You bypassed it by coming in from the air which normally people would die from.”, the chief laughed.

“Yeah, we aren’t using that anymore…right?”, I said to Lucilla.

Laughing she nodded in agreement. Leaving our teleporter marker here I brought several women back with me to start moving our stuff over. Taking us a total of two days to move everything when we finished I informed Darius, George, and Drakken of the move. When I told them the final number of women the men damn near fainted.

“Three hundred, and twenty wives…”, Darius said sinking into his seat, “My poor daughters have a lot of competition.”

“About that…”, I said taking a few steps back, “Dola is expecting now.”

Darius snapped out of his dreary mood rising to feet. Grabbing my shirt he shook me violently asking if that was true. Nodding I told him that the way I made her immortal had also aged her body to the age of twenty-three. Showing him a picture of her in her new outfit his eyes started to water.

“That’s my baby girl.”, he said with a warm smile, “I better not hear you neglecting her you hear!! She is my precious baby girl, and I will not stand for any of my daughters to be treated as secondary people.”

“Don’t worry about it.”, I said with a firm smile, “None of them are any less important than the others.”

“Good!”, he said.

Getting the information for the trade agreement date I parted ways with them returning home. On arrival I found all the women busily running around. Seeing everyone in a good mood I decided to leave them be, and study the tablet a bit more. Looking over the tablet in the top of the ruins Eve, and the chief came to find me. Looking a bit worried I asked what was wrong.

“It’s about what the demigod stole…”, they said, “Could you follow us?”

Nodding I stowed the tablet in my pocket dimension, and followed them to the basement. Leading me into the treasure room I found the place filled to the brim with gold, silver, platinum, gems, rare ore, and various other items. Taking me to the back I was led into a smaller room in the back. Lining the walls several dangerous looking weapons were firmly secured to the wall. Looking around one sole mount was broken which must have been holding the item he stole.

“What was it?”, I asked.

“That item is called the Dimensional Sword.”, the chief said, “Mother said that during a planetary alignment it can cut the barriers that separate us from the gods.”

“Is there one happen soon?”, I asked.

“Not for another three hundred years.”, Eve said, “That is what is troubling. What could he need that sword for when it is basically useless till that planetary alignment? There are so many more dangerous weapons he could have stolen, but for some reason he only took that.”

“I don’t know, but now I am worried he knows something we don’t.”, I said rubbing my chin, “While I off during the day could you do research into it?”

Nodding Eve said she would gladly research it as she was made for it. Thanking her I went back to researching the tablet. Making only to the second level I ended up stuck in a spiderweb I couldn’t see because the one who put it up wasn’t giving off killing intent. Starting to remove the web several of the insect women appeared from the ceiling.

“Can we have some of your time?”, the Arachne asked emphasizing her breasts.

Ara was a Black Widow Arachne considered to be the most poisonous of Arachne race. Just a nick from her would inject enough poison to kill an Ancient Dragon. In my case though as her husband I was immune to it, and instead it worked very much like a male enhancement shot. The other women were also very dangerous, but to me they were my wives. Opening the door to the bedroom they took that as a yes, and happily entered the room. Closing the door behind me I showed the women exactly why they married me. For the next few hours the only sounds that left the room were the noises of very happy women.

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