The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 66: The Revival of a Nation

“I am not asking you to be their allies in war. They just need trading partners to help them get going.”, I said.

Currently in Dredmoria I was speaking to Drakken about the new province of the Federation of Glenmore that had been taken control of by former slaves. In desperate need of trading partners I was speaking with him about it.

“There are some advantages of trading with them.”, he said, “Not only will it give me an ally in the federation it would also improve my nation’s image. Now all that would need to happen is for the nation of Blackrock to allow us to travel through it for travel.”

“Already taken care of.”, I said, “My wife Strella talked with their King, and worked out a deal. If you are willing to let them mine up the precious metals within twenty miles of their border with you they will allow you passage tax-free.”

“Hmm, our mines here are more than sufficient for now. We have more that can be setup so I think it is a fair deal.”, he said, “Having them be an ally also relieves pressure from the federation who had been harassing us through them.”

Agreeing to my idea he sent two envoys to each leader agreeing to the plan. Aside from Esteria he was surprised my harem had yet again grown.

“You don’t understand the word moderation, do you?”, he asked shaking his head.

“Eh, we love each other. That’s all that really matters.”, I said, “Right now though I am focused on using the Druid Tablet to translate documents from the old fort. I am hoping to discover traps that have yet to be activated so I can remove them safely.”

Nodding he agreed that would be the best course of action for all parties. Wishing me luck we parted ways for the time being. I would be visiting again in the near future as both George, and Darius wanted to set up trade with Dredmoria. While the other nations on the continent were hesitant of trading outside their own Dredmoria was embracing it. I would be there as the neutral party to help work out any issues.

Returning with the women back to our mansion I paid for the van to be shipped back to Atlas. Returning home meant preparation for the wedding were in full swing. The new additions were added into the list of wives for the ceremony meaning more dresses were needing to be made. Running around with excitement I was left to watch the kids which wasn’t to bad. I hadn’t had the chance to spend father time with them in a while so I spoiled them. Enjoying our cuddle time all of us passed out on my bed resting up from the recent adventure. When the day finally arrived my heart was racing like a race horse.

Nervously standing at the altar on the beach George, and Darius gave me smug expressions. They knew I was a nervous wreck after seeing me at the bachelor party last night. Teasing me till the women arrived I watched of them come up to the altar standing opposite of me. Hiding their smiling faces from me I nodded to George to start the ceremony.

“I am not one follow ceremony given the circumstances of this marriage.”, he said, “If we went one by one we would be here for two days. I would like to ask if I may move forward marrying all of you at once?”

The women nodded understanding the situation. Going through the normal lines just like my world he nearly passed out listing the women’s names. When it was all said, and done I placed a special ring on each of their wedding fingers. Happily receiving them they presented me with my ring. A bit confused as it wasn’t the ring I had picked Amber spoke for the harem.

“All of us worked had on making this ring for you.”, she said, “With some help from Strella’s dad we made this with all of our love for you.”

Placing it on my ring finger I looked at their hard work. It wasn’t a masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination, but it was priceless to me. I could feel the love they poured into burning in the band. Tearing up I thanked them for the ring with a warm smile.

“Though it doesn’t matter at this point I pronounce you husband, and…wives?”, he said not sure how to state it.

Kissing each of them on the lips we left the altar returning to our abode for the next week. Being miles from any people we got to be as loud as we wanted to be. Taking advantage of that I was much rougher than usual which made both parties happy. Soaking up the sun during our honeymoon the women used the time to relax, and get a tan. Seizing Diana again per the norm she was under me currently receiving me spread eagle. Trying her best to make another her slit was sucking me incredibly hard. Dumping another load in her she asked me why she was the first to have a second child out of curiosity.

Explaining that I was still looking for a way to make everyone immortal I told her I wanted to spare them from excesses strain. Diana on the other hand always was ready for me to breed her. Seizing on that I decided she would be the first one to have a second child. With the reason given now she told me abuse her slit into giving up an egg for a baby. Rubbing her sensitive spot on the edge of her hole she lost it. Moaning loudly she milked me good till she was a bit swollen. Kissing her swollen hole I told it to give us a baby. Walking out to relax in the sun I sat back relaxing on the couch.

Strange as it may be the women convinced me to hire the ten women as servants for our home from the night in Booth’s castle. While officially available for marriage to any would be men no man had approached them yet as they wanted only myself secretly. Currently while the harem was relaxing in the sun the ten of them were servicing me. Seven of the ten were Wolf Tribe women which was the main cause of this predicament. Seeing Silvia happily rearing a child with another on the way their pack instinct was running in overtime. Seeing me as a suitable mate four of them were already actively seeking me out for mating. The remaining three were still sorting things out, but I could tell they were headed that way as well.

Due to the nature of the beast the remain three women also saw me as a mate. The three werewolf women every night would greet me by mounting me. I believed I had breed one already in the short time of them working for us, but only time would tell. Casually sitting on the couch next to us as this was going on Eve watched intently trying to understand everything. The concept of pack mentality was confusing her which was why she couldn’t understand their fixation with mating with me. Looking over at her I asked her if she knew when my additions would truly stop.

“That won’t happen soon.”, she said, “Your status as a Hero, strength, and reputation all make you like honey. Women flock to you in droves seeking to copulate with you. It is very confusing as to why this occurs, but I know that is how this happens.”

Creaming the current wolf tribe woman on my lap Eve looked at them intently. Due to the lack of understanding the delicacy of certain things she blurted something unnecessary.

“Why do you continue to mate when procreation is unavailable to you?”, she asked.

Stopping I looked at the ten of them. Hiding their faces the reasoning behind not finding a man came to light. When I asked them directly they informed me that Booth had burned their insides removing the chance for more beastmen to be born. Having not realized it myself I had been under the wrong assumption this whole time.

“Are we to damaged for you..?”, they asked, “As wives we could never mate which would lead to poor loyalty in our husband. We can’t blame them…its our nature to reproduce, but we can’t.”

“Maybe some Ambrosia would fix it?”, I said.

“Negative, the Ambrosia would only repair it if some remained. None of them have even a cell left of it.”, she said, “Regeneration magic would also prove in effective as their isn’t a target.”

Calling the harem inside I told them about the servants situation. Feeling bad for them the women suggested they just remain staff, and be nanny/mistresses to me. Since their was no chance of a baby with them they would be the perfect caretakers for the children. Asking them if that worked for them they readily agreed picturing the fun they could have with the children. With things settled something finally hit me. Looking at Eve I asked her a question.

“Could you locate the place I can take the women to make them immortal?”, I asked, “The God of War mentioned that it is a real thing.”

“Yes, I can do that. I know the location already as the females brought it up.”, she said, “The reaction will vary, but they will end up staying in their twenties. The God of Eternal Youth made it such as he believed the perfect women resided in that age range.”

“A twenty year old Diana? Now that is a person I want a baby with!”, I teased.

“Is something wrong with my age now!?”, she said.

“Of course not! I love you just the way you are. The thing is if you become twenty again your endurance will be like it was in your prime.”, I said, “I know you talk about it a lot so I want to sample that.”

Teasing me the older women in my group said they would show me a great time afterwards. Asking her the location she informed me it was on a small island in the middle of the ocean. She also said that we would end up fighting the local guardians, the Amazonian’s.

“Oh my! You mean like the warrior kind?”, I asked.

“No…well yes, but they are succubus.”, she said, “A Devil Slime corrupted the humans into succubus, and they also populate the island. You are a prime target for both groups.”

“Uh…maybe we should find another solution.”, I said.

“No, I think we should do it.”, Esteria said with a grin, “If an entire tribe of warrior succubus were in your harem you would have enough demonic energy to not attract more women.”

“Wait…that’s a thing?”, I asked.

“Yes, generally succubus do that to their mates. In your case though you have to many women so my influence is quite weak.”, she said.

“On top of that it would be our own island, and we could raise a family there.”, Almina pointed out, “That is what you wanted, right?”

“Well yeah, but still that is a lot of women.”, I said.

“Amazonian’s practice communal husbandry.”, Eve said, “If you slept with one it is the same as saying they are all yours.”

“Well crap.”, I said with a sigh, “How hard is it to get too?”

“Your map has the island on it. It is that small island in the middle of the ocean.”, she said pointing to below Celestina’s home continent.

“That’s supposed to be a barren rock.”, I said.

“The is just a mirage to prevent the unworthy from setting foot on the island.”, she replied.

Looking at everyone they seemed onboard with it against my wishes.

“At this point adding them will leave no point in marriage…”, I said with a sigh.

“We are all that matters!”, Fantasia said with a smile.

“Alright alright lets get this over with. If this works I will be extremely thankful, but also quite exhausted.”, I said.

Laughing we all got ready to go to the island we dubbed, Eternity Island.

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