The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 65: Justice is Best Served Scalding Hot

A few miles from the Booth’s castle I tossed a few glass bottles back to the Undead Dragons. Looking at them they asked what they were for. Asking them to store some of their acid breath in them they did so without asking why. Sealing the bottle with magic they gingerly passed me the bottles back.

“Alright ladies, I know some of you have been itching to fight for a while now.”, I said with a grin, “All of you have a part to play in this battle so I hope everyone is up for it.”

Everyone nodded without hesitation making me smile.

“Those of you with passengers on board will handle evacuating the slaves out of the city. I know it doesn’t sound fun, but it’s the best way to prevent casualties.”, I said, “The infants, and toddlers will be accompanying you so I expect all of you to do your best.”

“Roger!”, Jessica said with a smile, “Preventing anymore deaths is more than enough reason for us to do it.”

Nodding I proceeded to the others.

“I am leaving the six Dragons in our group to handle the military. Booth will undoubtedly call them in so I would like you to show them the folly of their ways. Please avoid fighting near the fleeing slaves, but anywhere else is fine.”, I said.

“I can’t wait to make those cruel humans scream like children!”, Xenia said smiling.

The other five Dragons seemed equally excited about it so I let them discuss their plans.

“The rest of you will go door to door rescuing any slaves you can find. I don’t care if they are beastman, human, demon, or any other race. If they are slaves they are to be rescued. I doubt you will only find nonhuman slaves is the only reason I say that.”, I said looking at Almina.

“I understand.”, she said with a smile.

“Consider it done.”, Celestina said with a pleasant smile.

“Hey! Don’t you get all flirty with him now!”, Hesta said, “Wait until after the fighting!”

“You’re just jealous.”, Celestina retorted.

“So…”, she replied.

Laughing we entered the city where I parked the van on the edge of town. Telling them to give me ten minutes before springing into action I gave each woman a kiss for good luck. Walking into the throne room five minutes later Booth was waiting for me expectantly.

“Next time you send someone inform them the place is infested with undead!”, I snapped, “I have a family I want to keep safe. Damn near ended up in the middle of a zombie horde.”

“Then you really did go. I am glad to hear you did the job for me. I received a report that the first merchants in months made it across without failure.”, he said, “You have my thanks.”

“I don’t need your thanks. Just hold your end of the bargain up.”, I said.

Nodding he called his butler in. Dragging a woman from a race I had never seen before the butler left her at my feet.

“What is she?”, I asked.

“She is the last her people, a Chronicler.”, he said, “As far as I have been able to learn she is far older than your wife Celestina. She refuses to answer any of my questions anymore no matter the pain I inflict so she is yours.”, he said.

Looking at the woman she appeared to be my age, but different. Having a golden color she was completely see through. Poking her cheek she felt like she had normal skin which freaked me out. Looking back at him I asked him about the other slaves. Saying that they were still useful to him he refused to part with them. About that time several explosions around the city blew the windows out at the castle. Running to the window he spotted the Dragons wrecking the military barracks in town. Turning to me the last thing he saw was the acid bottle I had for him.

Shattering on his face it wasn’t more than a minute before he was on the ground howling in pain. Since this acid dissolved all organic material his constant regeneration was working against him. Pegging his family with a second bottle they disappeared in less than a minute. With them disposed of I returned my attention to Booth.

“See, I remembered something while I was away. Instead of activating your powers casually you always looked at the individual. That means your power needs visual confirmation before you can use it.”, I said watching him squirm, “Without any eyes I wonder how you plan on fighting me.”

“YOU BASTARD!!”, he snapped flailing like a wild animal.

Planting my shin into his chest he crashed into the ceiling. Letting him fall I hit him with several Fireballs in quick succession. Throwing him into the wall behind his throne I activate my Jack-of-All skill. Having reached the next level of the skill I had unlocked the power to select another job to master. Choosing Fire Mage as the one I wanted to master the knowledge flowed into as I felt the limit release lifted. Launching the bastard through the wall I continued beating him into the city.

While all of the this was happen the women were busy doing their part. Doing their best to guide the former slaves to safety Jessica, and company helped the families along. Running into a few stray guards Kate didn’t hesitate to crush them like ants. Finding a sheltered spot outside the city walls Solarias, and the other Dragons met up with them. Changing back into their human forms the started removing the slave collars. One by one as the people became free from their bonds they embraced their children, and spouses.

“Who are you people?”, some of the freed slaves asked.

“We the wives of a very great man.” the women responded with smiles.

Bringing up the rear the rest of the harem appeared with relieved expressions. They had been worried that they had missed to many guards. Quickly getting up to speed on the situation the former slaves asked who the others were.

“We are all married to the same man.”, they said.

Picking up their children the women in the harem cuddled with them. Seeing the variety of women in the group the former slaves were confused. Asking for clarification they wanted to know who they were married too.

“He is-“, they started to say.

Suddenly a massive explosion shook the area as Booth came bursting through the wall spraying blood across the ground. Landing another blow to his face I smashed him into the ground before throwing him back into the city. Waving to the women I dove back into the fight.

“That’s our husband.”, they said.

Bearly able register the man they hated helpless against me they could only nod. Beating the stuffing out of Booth he was exhausted from all the regeneration he had done. Carefully watching from the safety of the outer wall the former slaves saw their enemy laying on the ground a broken shell of himself.

“Now then…I think I have had my fun beating your ass for the crap you did on earth.”, I said, “The beating for your crimes here are about to begin.”

“Mercy!!”, he screamed.

“You won’t get any from me you bastard!”, I said driving a massive spike into his chest.

Pulling the spike out I placed the remaining jar in the hole before it closed up. Feeling something was wrong he started to panic.

“This is for all the death you wrought on the innocent.”, I said snapping my fingers.

Removing the seal on the jar the acid breath flew from the jar eating him away from the inside. Letting out a bloodcurdling scream as his body started to convulse. Dragging him off into the town square I showed him to the remaining citizens. Seeing their Lord in a state of continuous near dead they listened intently.

“From this day forward hateful acts towards all races based on race alone will be seen as a serious crime. Those found guilty will be sentenced to a month of hard labor for each offense starting now.”, I said, “Only individuals that are criminals, or sell themselves are allowed to be slaves. Any person caught with an innocent person as a slave will themselves become a slave.”

Nodding the people acknowledged the new rules.

“Lastly, if any of you commit mass murder for any reason I will ensure you get the same treatment as he did.”, I said.

Nodding swiftly they ran back to their homes. Dragging Booth to the former slaves I brought the Chronicler with me. Handing her to Celestina, and Solarias they were amazed to see her. Evidently they knew her race, but like most people thought they had died out long ago.

“I bring you the man who raped your women, killed your children, and worked you to death.”, I said, “I leave his punishment you.”

Glaring at him his body started twitching even more. The pain from the acid eating his insides away was too much for him to move his body correctly. Grabbing stones from the ground the former slaves started pelting him breaking everything they could as his body regenerated. Giving the women in my harem a thank you kiss each of them was happy things turned out the way they did. By the time I had finished kissing each of them Booth’s body collapsed as he exceeded his regeneration limit. Having exhausted the magic that kept him alive he was reduced into nothing than a pile of mush on the ground. Turning to me one of the men stepped forward.

“Do you plan on become the new Lord?”, he asked.

“No, I am not fit to be a leader. These beautiful women make me cave far to easily for me to be a good leader. I think one of you should take his place. It would be best for now if that person could at least tolerate humans. Your neighbors are humans after all. You just got freed so I’d hate for you to be re-enslaved because a fight with your neighbors.”, I said.

“That is a wise idea.”, he said, “Some of us were fortunate enough to have a loving masters so it won’t be a problem finding one.”

“I am glad to hear that.”, I said, “Now then I hope your new nation can be my friend.”

“Certainly!”, the former slaves said shaking my hand, “Being married to nonhumans makes you one of us after all.”

“Thanks, I think that’s a good thing. I just wish I had your endurance because these girls are exhausting.”, I laughed.

While the former slaves were laughing the women in the harem weren’t. Wrapping her tail around my neck Fantasia yanked me back wrapping me in her coils.

“Someone is being a bit smug today.”, she said.

“Only because I love you lot very much.”, I said being crushed in her coils.

Hauling me to the castle I managed to get their approval to search the treasury room, and the library for information. Solarias, and Celestina focused on nursing the Chronicler back to consciousness while I worked. As the sun started to set Brittany found me in the library saying that the Chronicler had woken up. Following her to one of the spare rooms I found everyone gathered around her.

“Is this the one you spoke of?”, the Chronicler asked Celestina.

“Yes, he is our loving husband. If you need something I am sure he will help you.”, she replied with a warm smile.

Looking me over she motioned for me to sit next to her.

“You are from another world so this will be easier to explain.”, she said, “As I assume you know thanks to that wicked man I am a Chronicler. My people’s task was to write down the events of this world for the gods, but a few years before the elves came into exists an event happened. This event is what brought about the Decay.”

“So you know their origins then.”, I said.

“Yes, allow me to explain.”, she said.

Giving me the short version the Decay were the manifestation of husks from the dead. Souls of living creatures are housed in an object called a Soul Pearl that is invisible to most races. When a creature dies the pearl breaks, and the soul ascends or descends depending on where they are destined to go. The event that happened was when the autonomous angels the gods made became self-aware. This itself would have been fine, but there was a glitch in their programming.

“These mechanized angels took their jobs far to seriously.”, she said, “They were originally made for the sole purpose of keeping the souls of living from corrupting. That is where the issues started.”

“They realized it was folly to try, and stop corruption here on the surface.”, I said.

“Exactly, every race no matter how pure is tainted by corruption. No matter how hard the angels tried they couldn’t completely erase the corruption.”, she said, “Seeing that souls that were in heaven didn’t ever get any corruption they came to one conclusion.”

“Wipe out life to bring them to heaven.”, Esteria said in a cold tone.

“Originally the Decay were few in number as the original inhabitants were almost immortal, but then humans and the like were made.”, she said, “They started filling the world with shattered Soul Pearls which the angels used to manifest themselves as Decay. Killing the Decay doesn’t kill the angel, but it does destroy the Soul Pearl preventing them from reusing those ones.”

“Why haven’t the gods just stopped the angels?”, I asked.

“For reason only…that would mean suggesting they made a mistake.”, she said, “My people pointed this out to them trying to save the world. We were cast down onto the world as punishment.”

“I see.”, I said looking at Celestina, “Did you know of the Chroniclers?”

“Only in legend. I had never seen one myself, but my subordinates had.”, she said.

“What do you intend to do?”, I asked her.

“I intend to join your harem, and find a way to permanently stop the Decay.”, she said, “My knowledge of the world will greatly assist you. I can locate anything you want so long as it exists.”

“That is a handy thing to use.”, I said looking at the others.

Everyone nodded giving their consent. With that settled I asked for her name.

“I apologize, but I don’t have a mortal name. We never had a need for one in heaven.”, she said.

“Hmm, I think I will name you Eve then.”, I said.

“Is there a special reason why?”, she asked.

“In one of the religions from my world Eve was the name given to the first female in existence. If I am understanding you right you are the oldest race aside from the gods, right?”, I asked.

“Yes, that is correct.”, she said.

Nodding I kissed her on the lips to see her reaction. Unsurprisingly it did interest her, but not like the others. Being an entity that walk alongside the gods it would be a bit before the traits of this world took hold in her. Till then I would shower her with affection till she was ready. As we were all about to get comfortable a knock came at the door. Telling whoever it was to come in several women who had been slaves poked their heads in. Already knowing what they wanted Amber gave them response.

“Only tonight, and then you move on.”, she said.

Nodding the ten females walked inside closing the door behind them. Locking the door up I found myself being thanked by them in a very passionate way. Enjoying their bodies I moved around between them, and my harem throughout the night.

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