The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 64: Dragon Falls Fiasco

Stopping two miles from Dragon Falls I pulled over in a sheltered area. Setting up a shelter to keep everyone warm, and comfy the women started getting a bit nervous.

“Are you sure you two can handle them?”, Amber asked.

“Of course.”, Solarias said, “I am an Ancient Dragon after all so they will be a cakewalk for even me alone.”

“Besides, you have seen me fight the Ancient Dragon in the past. You shouldn’t have any worries about me. Solarias, and I can handle the fighting without any problems.”, I said, “I hope to be back tomorrow. At the very latest the day after tomorrow if getting into the crypt is difficult.”

Turning to the Heroines I told them to keep alert, and to protect everyone. The other women said they would fight as well, but I reminded them some of them had passengers on board to worry about. Saying they would hold back some I thanked them before heading off to Dragon Falls. After covering half a mile Solarias spoke up.

“You didn’t tell them we will more than likely run into Undead Dragon’s as well.”, she said.

“I am hoping the Ice Dragons took them out, or at least weakened them.”, I said.

“You are hopeful for someone who knows full well that cold doesn’t affect undead.”, she pointed out.

Sighing as we climbed the worn staircase to the top I was amazed at what I was seeing. Hundreds of dragon skeletons were scattered around the area some possibly older than Solarias. Searching for any undead with my Necromancy I found three responses. I was going to inform Solarias, but she beat me to it.

“I smell five Dragons.”, she said, “Three of which are undead.”

Cautiously approaching them the air started to warm up a bit. Figuring that we may be near a geothermal vent due to the ground not having any snow on it we crept up to a rock where we heard women laughing.

“So I froze the human for being an asshole.”, the woman laughed, “Thinking that he could have his way with me just because he thought himself to be a warrior. Now he is just ice fragments across this barren land.”

“I get what you mean. We have tried finding a mate from the merchants passing by. None of them have the slightest interest in us. Apparently being straightforward about our desire for them isn’t good enough.”, another woman said.

Looking at Solarias she nodded confirming that the five dragons were intelligent, and not instinctual beasts. Suggesting we just talk to them I nodded in agreement. Walking around the corner five very busty women were soaking in a hot spring. Eyeing us for a moment they were surprised to Solarias.

“Did you come here to die you old hag?”, one of the Undead Dragons said.

“Julia, is that you!!”, Solarias said, “I heard you died over the ocean after taking a javelin through your eye.”

“No, I never went on that mission because I got sick. A month afterwards I came here, and well here I am.”, she replied with a grin, “I see you found yourself a man. Did someone finally pound your noble butt into submission?”

“No.”, she replied.

“Yes.”, I replied.

Looking away Solarias was embarrassed. Laughing the five Dragons started laughing asking us to join them. Taking off our gear we climbed into the hot springs stretching out in comfort. The Undead Dragon Julia slid over to me placing her hand on my package. Before being any more forward with it she, and the others asked Solarias for permission. Before I could turn them down Solarias gave them permission on one condition.

“He is looking for a crypt where an ancient item is being kept as well as a possible weapons fragment.”, she said, “Do you know where that is?”

“You mean that old human structure on the edge of this place? Yes, we know where it is. Lots of undead zombies walk around there. All of them are feral, and lost any sense of self before any of us got here.”, Julia said.

“Do you think you could take us there after you have had your fill?”, Solarias asked.

“Hmm, I supposed that is a fair trade.”, Julia said, “Human, would you mind copulating with us?”

“Your asking me now?”, I said in shock.

The five women nodded.

“Since your asking I will say yes. It’s nice to know some people ask still.”, I said as I started banging her.

Unlike Solarias Julia was much more supple. Her body was still warm like a living person it was just that she was considered undead because healing spells actually hurt her. Enjoying the six dragons present thoroughly I made sure I made sure to take a photo of their leaking slits. Kissing my buddy the five new additions swore to be my loyal wives, and after smacking them around with him for a bit we left for the structure. Discussing the world that the Undead Dragons knew before I gained some valuable insight.

“There used to be many more races than there are today, but the more violent races have been pushed into extinction by humans.”, Julia said, “Had you been around two hundred years ago your harem might look much different, and much larger.”

“I am glad I missed that.”, I said.

“It is nice to have a man who knows how to touch a woman.”, Astine the Undead Dragon said.

“I have to say you Undead Dragons have an amazing body. I am glad you were the intelligent type. Had you been the instinctual type I would have had to kill you, and missed out on this.”, I said with a grin.

“Were we not up to snuff?”, Nephi the Ice Dragon asked.

“The cool air you give off had a nice mix in the hot spring.”, I said, “Copulating with in the future will be quite fun.”

“We look forward to bearing strong children with you.”, Zephia the Ice Dragon said.

“I can’t wait for our reward after this.”, Xenia the Undead Dragon said rubbing her chest.

“Listen, while I like the six of you I am not doing it in a crypt. That is just wrong on so many levels it isn’t even funny.”, I said.

Laughing Xenia pointed something out.

“It would be making new life over the old lives.”, she said, “Does that make you want to take us there?”

“No…”, I said shaking my head.

Coming into view I saw the massive entrance into the crypt, and sure enough a swarm of over a hundred zombies was wandering around the outside. Stepping forward the three Undead Dragons unleashed their special powers. Unlike the one’s they had during their normal life the only power they had now was a form of acid breath that would dissolve any organic material it came in contact with. Watching the zombies turn to liquid mush we waited for the mush to harden before moving. While we physically would have been okay being blessed by the three of them our gear may have melted.

“Thanks.”, I said kissing both of them.

Smiling they thanked me as well before motioning we continue forwards. Before opening the doors I turned back to them.

“In all likelihood we will be dealing with a lich. If that is the case your attacks won’t do anything to them. I will handle the spectral foes so I leave the physical ones to you.”, I said to the six of them.

Nodding in acknowledgement we advanced inside. Grabbing an unlit torch off the wall I ignited it with Solarias help. Walking calmly through the crypt we encountered many skeletons, undead, and a few specters. Without much problem we brushed off the attacks like they were nothing. Eventually reaching the lowest level we entered a large chamber lined with skulls which made up the walls. Really creeped out by this we continued forward as I spotted a lone skeleton of a man clutching a tablet. Trying to show off Solarias started to run forward, but I stopped her.

“Something doesn’t feel right…”, I said, “We are being watched.”

“I think you are being paranoid.”, she said.

“I’d listen to the man.”, a ghostly voice said, “Had rushed forward you would have been beheaded a few feet from tablet.”

Appearing before us a Lich King motioned at the hidden trap.

“You must be one of the Druids.”, I said.

“Yes, I am the former head priest of this order.”, he said, “What brings you to my home?”

“I have need of your tablet.”, I said, “Traps laid by Druids many years ago are starting to become weapons. Only until recently was this entire continent a frozen hell hole.”

“Yes, I felt our old magics at work for quite sometime. You are saying you are the reason it stopped?”, he asked.

“Yes, if I hadn’t millions of people would have died.”, I said.

Laughing he floated towards me.

“You have our blood in your veins.”, he said, “Are you a Druid as well?”

“My ancestors were more than likely Druids.”, I said, “Part of my family hails from Ireland one of your strongholds.”

“Hmm, I have no issue sharing our knowledge with one of our own. Getting our knowledge back into the world would certainly be a benefit for our old souls.”, he said, “I grant your request. Take the stone, and use it wisely.”

“I have another question.”, I said.

“Being?”, he asked.

“Besides us has anyone visited you in the past?”, I asked.

“Yes, in fact one showed up two years ago. They are the ones responsible for my minions wandering the front entrance.”, he said.

“Did they have a metal weapon fragment on them?”, I asked.

“I don’t know. After killing him we didn’t search his corpse.”, he said bringing the body to me.

Seeing the skeleton I knew the man was a beastman by the fangs alone. More than likely it was a distant relative of Darius who had fled here. Patting the body down I found my goal. Pulling out the Fragment of God he had on him I asked to keep it. Seeing as how a Lich King had no need for it he gifted it to me. Receiving the stone from him he gave me a warning.

“I assume the Decay are the cause of the activation.”, he said.

“Someone working with them did.”, I said, “Wait…how do you know about them?”

“The Decay have been here before. We Druids were brought here to seal them away, but it was only a temporary fix. The Decay exceed our power so they are only now making a return because the spell has collapsed.”, he said, “I will leave you to figure out exactly what they are because in all my years I have yet to find their true source. The only thing I can say for certain is that their number is infinite.”

“Thank you for your help, and information. For the sake of Druids I will finish the job you started.”, I said.

“I thank you.”, he said bowing before fading into the wall of skulls.

Leaving without any issue this time we exited the crypt without any of the Undead Dragons asking to make love on a grave. The Lich King had been enough of a scare that they didn’t want to risk death again. Leaving Dragon Falls to rejoin the group they didn’t seem surprised I showed up with more women. With the kids fast asleep I messed around with everyone like normal. Bouncing Diana around I told her I felt like seeding her again. Spreading her legs daring me to do it I coated her prime womb with sperm. She roared attempting to make another with me as she said she wanted too. Taking Dola in the same manner I made a discovery.

Kissing her womb I found it unwilling to budge like Jessica’s which meant only one thing. Dominating her I congratulated her on becoming a mother. Shocked by this her sisters congratulated her as well which made her hide her face. Worming my way into her arms I kissed her. Returning the kiss she excitedly told me she was thankful I was the father. Showering her insides with love I returned to her mother to continue. Gripping my buddy in her she became very aroused watching the sperm funnel into her.

Having no shame the three Undead Dragons presented their holes which, after seeing that Diana was alright, I dove into them. This routine went all most of the morning till the kids woke up. Using Marianne to finish my excess energy I made sure to kiss her passionately reaffirming that I loved her very much. After a very hardy breakfast we made our way back to the capital with a plan to deal with Booth.

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