The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 62: In Enemy Territory

Sleeping with one eye open that night we didn’t have any issues. Leaving early the next morning we continued on to the capital. I intended to visit the market again to see if we could locate another fragment. Now that the routes should have been re-established I was hoping to get good news. Opting to go with me all of us went to visit my contact in the market.

“I am looking for an arms dealer name Snow.”, I said to a slave trader, “Could you point me in his direction?”

“He was arrested two weeks ago.”, the trader said, “Caught evading taxes.”

“Damn…is there another arms dealer I can speak with?”, I asked.

Gesturing down the street I spotted a sword, and shield emblem in front of a store. Thanking him we went down the road, and entered the shop. Waiting for the clerk to get his boss the women started looking around the store. Appearing out of the back the arms dealer shook my hand.

“Nice to meet you.”, he said, “The names Jon.”

“Nice to meet you. This note was originally for Snow, but you’ll have to be our contact.”, I said.

Handing my letter of introduction to him he was surprised that I had a personal letter from a few arms dealers. Nodding he returned the letter, and asked how he could help. Explaining what we were looking for he said he had heard a rumor about something similar, but needed to grab his log book. Walking back to his office he returned a few moments later.

“Lets see here…Fragments of God…”, he mumbled to himself, “Other than the piece in Dredmoria there was another fragment on this continent. Owned by the former Count Leohart of the Blue Rock Mountains it went missing with his family after he was beheaded by our current government.”

“A beastman I take it?”, I asked.

“No, he was a human. The country executed him for putting his nose in places it shouldn’t be. He was messing around in Dragon Falls before the two Ice Dragons came. Some kind of military secret is being kept there.”, he explained, “I don’t know much about it other than go near there is a death sentence.”

“You must have some idea where I can find his family.”, I asked.

“His wife died a few months back from fever, and his two surviving children…lets say for argument sake they are dead.”, he said.

“For argument sake?”, I said confused.

“They were frozen solid by the Ice Dragons while they were on the run. Currently they are frozen in twenty-foot thick ice. Even if you could get to them they should have long since died.”, he said.

“Damn…”, I said hating my luck, “Any ideas on the fragment?”

“Actually, you may be in luck with that.”, he said, “When his wife was found the family was penniless. The children wouldn’t have a use for it which means they hid it on the way, it’s still in the house, or they sold it.”

Thanking him for the information we left his shop, and walked back down the street. Seeing their kind chained up like animals the women felt a bit uncomfortable. When I suggested we find a place to sleep Crystal gave a suggestion.

“My former employer’s brother has an inn here. I am sure we can get a decent room there.”, he said.

Having her lead the way we entered the inn which was decently busy. Staying far away from the drunks the women, and I asked for a room. Paying for the night we went up to our room to set out our bags. Eating dinner on the far side of the eating area we had a relatively peaceful dinner. Before we left though the women stopped eating, and looked behind me.

“…great…”, Amber said, “We should have eaten in the room.”

“Huh?”, I said a bit confused.

Before I realized it I was being crushed around my waist. Yanked from my seat I was pulled on my butt across the ground. When I finally realized what was going on I was wrapped up by an Echidna. Looking down at me I gave her a confused look.

“Do I know you?”, I asked.

“No, we don’t know each other yet.”, she said with a smile.

“…yet…”, I said with a twitch.

Walking over Amber snapped at her.

“He isn’t your man so let him go.”, she said.

“Back off hussie!!”, the Echidna said, “I have fallen for him.”

“Say what…”, I said with another twitch.

“I am saying I want to go to your room, and make love all night.”, she said.

“That’s what I thought you said.”, I said with a sigh.

Casually removing the coils she seemed quite impressed.

“I must apologies, but I am married.”, I said, “I closed my harem to new-”

“I am flexible.”, she said, “I don’t mind sharing so long as my needs are met.”

Looking over at the barkeep I motioned for him to do something.

“Your on your own kid. She won’t listen to any of us, and has already killed three men who tried to push themselves on her.”, he said wiping his glass down.

Looking at the other men they made a point not to look at us. Casually walking over to us Solarias looked at the Enchidna. Not understanding what was going on the Enchidna reached her hand out in a friendly manner. Taking it gently at first Solarias damn near crushed it in an instant. Holding back a scream the Enchidna glared at her.

“He isn’t yours you horny worm!”, she said, “Learn your place in the order of things before claiming someone elses man.”

“I apologize, but I am requesting to join your group.”, she said, “My name is Fantasia.”

“Like I said before-“, I started to say.

“Approved.”, Amber and Solarias said.

“…why do I even try…”, I said.

Wrapping me up again I tried fighting back this time, but she had my joints locked. Receiving the key from Amber I looked at her.

“TRAITOR!!”, I said getting dragged away.

“It’s better than her trying to kill us in our sleep if we had said no.”, Amber said, “You will be fine.”

Bashed accidentally all the way to the room I came to as she joined us together. Constricting me I decided to make the most of the situation. Asking her to tell me about herself she happily did while making love with me. Before she began she kindly gave me my arms back. Stroking her black scales since they fascinated me she told me her story.

“Like I said before my name is Fantasia. You may have seen, but I am a Enchidna.”, she said pressing her chest in my face, “You caught my eye with the atmosphere you’re putting off. The cold, rigid vibe you gave the men sent shivers down my spine. Before you ask I am not a masochist I just like how you made the men bend to you. Seeing as those women smelled like you I figured that they all were your women. To me that screams that you’re a powerful man, am I wrong?”

“I am a Hero.”, I said.

“Then I was right.”, she said squeezing a load into her, “I want many children with you so please feel free to impregnate me as often as possible.”

“I think my other wives will argue that one with you.”, I said.

“It’s my nature.”, she said burying me in her abundant chest, “Fill me up, darling.”

“Is there anything else you can tell me about yourself?”, I asked.

“Like?”, she asked.

“How about where you are from. I can’t imagine you were born here.”, I said, “Not many humans here like non-humans.”

“As you said I am not from here.”, she said, “Originally I am from the other side of the world. I was captured by slavers while I was resting, and ended up in a leather sack. After several men bought me, tried to sleep with me, and then returned me I ended up here. I have been here roughly half a year, and then I met you.”

Squeezing more out of me she seemed like she was in heaven. Knowing that I wasn’t going to get much more out of her tonight I succumbed to the pleasure. Smacking her butt I started thrusting into her. Squeezing me tighter because she was enjoying it eventually I was reduced to playing with her top half. Kissing her she nibbled on my tongue as she continued milking me. By the time she was exhausted everyone was asleep in bed. Trying to go to bed herself I grabbed her arms.

“Oh no…you got my motor going, and your going to help run the engine out.”, I said.

“How are you still able to go?!”, she said with excitement.

“Do you think I only did a handful a night?”, I asked.

Freed from being wrapped in her coils I was free to hammer her hole into submission. Going till 1am she eagerly let continue seeding her. Around that time I finally hit pay dirt with her. Poking into her womb she almost screamed in pleasure. Kissing her to muffle the noise I rammed it repeatedly entering it. Wrapping me again she begged me to continue. Kissing her I fired my remaining semen directly into her. Pulling out of her since I was empty we sat back panting. Eyeing my buddy she licked everything off it completely. Pass out in bed afterwards I was awoken early the next morning by several grinning women.

“To think you would out do a Enchidna…you have some sex drive.”, Amber said with a dirty smile.

“Please don’t start…”, I said, “I feel like I was rolled over by a boulder.”

“I feel like I went to heaven.”, Fantasia said with a pleasant expression.

Drinking a stamina potion I gave it a few minutes to kick in. Getting out of our bed I gave each wife a kiss good morning.

“Please no more.”, I said with a sigh after I finished.

“We can’t promise anything.”, they said.

“You are trying to kill me…”, I muttered.

Laughing at my suffering we got dressed, had breakfast, and then prepared to get ready to leave. Dropping the key off at the counter we headed out onto the main road. With a new wife in tow the girls were in high spirits while I was still exhausted. Talking amongst themselves we almost made back to the van on the surface when the guards spotted us.

“HALT!!”, they shouted.

Not really in the mood to deal with them I hoped this would be quick. Waiting for them to catch us I asked what was wrong.

“Do you have a permit for these sla-“, they said.

“THEY ARE MY WIVES DAMN IT!!”, I said socking the guards in the face launching them several yards into a building rendering them unconscious.

Walking away grumbling like an old man the women got into the van, and we took off towards Dragon Fall’s. Not making out of the city gates we once again stopped by guards. This time they didn’t wait for me, and surrounded the van. Not willing to massacre the guards for stopping us I asked what they wanted.

“Are you the Hero of Atlas?”, they asked.

“Yes…is there a problem?”, I asked.

“Our Lord wishes to speak with you.”, the lead guard said.

“I assume there will be no issues bringing my party?”, I asked, “They are my wives after all.”

“…the Lord has given permission in advance for you to bring them…”, he replied.

The man seemed against it, but followed the orders he had been given. Lead up to the castle we gathered outside the main door before heading inside. Entering the throne room surrounded by guards we had the children in the middle of our group. Kneeling out of courtesy we waited for the Lord to arrive.

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