The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 61: The Complete Puzzle

Waking up the next day before everyone else I went downstairs to have some coffee. Pouring some vodka into my coffee I sat back relaxing in the morning light. It wasn’t long before people started trickling downstairs. Looking at them I asked a serious question.

“Do you not like sleeping in?”, I asked.

“It’s uncomfortable without you.”, Almina said.

Smiling I thanked her for the compliment. Pouring them some coffee it wasn’t more than twenty minutes later that everyone was up.

“Alright…”, I said rubbing my forehead, “We are done expanding…hopefully. This process has been a nightmare from the start, but I think we will be able to move forward now in recapturing the land Dredmoria lost.”

Giving them an update of the current situation, future plans, and what to do about the tablet I hoped to calm some of them. Alivia asked why we still needed the tablet because we had already removed the winter spell.

“In case we come across more ruins it makes sense to have it around for safety.”, I said, “The thing is which option do we take.”

“With Solarias in the harem now couldn’t see talk it out with the Ice Dragons?”, Hesta asked.

“It’s possible if they are willing to speak.”, Solarias responded.

“That’s a big if.”, Laura said, “Dragons there aren’t the most talkative type, and on top of that trying to smuggle Solarias in would be difficult. They hate anything nonhuman.”

This the conversation of who was going with me. Obviously the Heroines were going as back up, but everyone else wanted to go. Serving us breakfast Entia, and Karmin suggested talking Marianne as she had magic skills I may need. Agreeing with them Marianne smiled with a nod.

“Okay, that is seven of us in total.”, I said, “We will teleport the rest in when we get closer to our target.”

Handing Karmin her coat back I asked Lucilla to make her two pistols like one’s I showed her.

“Why?”, she asked.

“She is a great shot, and can teach the rest of you to fight. You guys would be able to come on more missions that way.”, I said.

“Okay!”, she said with a smile.

Leaving to pack I pulled Esteria aside to speak with her. Locking the door to the study I asked her the motive of last night.

“Well you brought Solarias back, and confirmed she was your fiancée I got really curious.”, she said, “At first I gave you a handjob which sparked my interest when I saw it. Afterwards my senses got the best of me, and I gave you a blowjob. That’s when you started making me swallow it which was very thrilling.”

Fidgeting around I could tell she was getting excited.

“Shooting your load in my mouth I was expecting a bitter taste, but to my surprise it had a sweet taste.”, she said, “After that I was going to give you a lap dance, but you started fucking me. I kind of got into it, and well I didn’t stop you…”

“So your saying it’s my fault?”, I asked.

“No, I am the one who let you do it.”, she said lowering her head.

“I understand then.”, I said, “Doesn’t mean I like it, but I get it. Just to be clear though…I enjoyed it.”

“Oh, you did!”, she said with a smile.

Grabbing her butt I whispered into her ear.

“Next time I will make you a mother.”, I said.

“What are you waiting for?”, she asked talking her clothing off.

“Such a naughty woman.”, I said kissing her, “Before I do it you have to agree to three things.”

“And they are?”, she asked.

“First, you have to get along with everyone. I am not asking you to be friends, but just don’t go looking for a fight.”, I said, “Next, I ask that you be faithful to me. No other men are allowed to sleep with, or bed you. This marriage is between you, and I. Lastly, You have to want to be a part of the family.”

Looking at me for a moment I could tell she was thinking about it. After a few moments she wrapped her arms around my neck kissing me.

“I can agree to it.”, she said, “If that’s how it will be you will have to keep me on a regular dose of semen.”

“That won’t be an issue.”, I replied kissing her breasts, “I have wanted to motorboat these bad boys since I met you.”

“Motorboat?”, she asked.

Forgetting she wouldn’t know the term I pressed my face into her breasts. Rubbing my face in them she started laughing saying it tickled. Sucking on them she started moaning with satisfaction.

“I take back my insult to you the other day.”, she said, “Humans are much more energetic that demons, and much less pointy.”

“Ah, you mean not having horns.”, I said.

Nodding I kissed her pressing her against the wall. Dropping my her tail wrapped around my stroking very smoothly. Dripping from her needy hole she let some it run down her tail, and onto my buddy. Soon afterwards she buried me in her moaning loudly like it was her first time. Wrapping her legs around me she shook her butt firmly pressing the sack against her hole. Kissing her I started gliding in, and out of her. Squeezing her butt firmly with my hands she smiled at me before nibbling on my ear.

“You have wanted me for a while.”, she said, “Your dick is pulsing very fast. Does my naughty pussy suit you?”

“I think you have been wanting it too.”, I said, “You were already for me, and your womb is welcoming my kisses. It’s almost like you have been waiting for me to do this.”

Sitting down on my desk chair she happily bounced on my buddy kissing me. Fondling my newest rack in the group she spoke to me.

“You are right. After beating up Drakken’s brother so easily I started getting attracted to you.”, she said, “My body has wanted you for a while, and has been prepping for this. I am ready for you to fertilize my eggs from now on. One is right near the opening waiting to welcome your seeds. Make me your bitch, and make me the happiest woman in the world!”

Filling her four times after that she remained attached to my lap pressing her chest onto mine. Kissing each other I smiled at her. Confident I had done my duty I carried her to the door, and called Dola over. Appearing in a flash I brought her in, and relocked the door. Removing herself Esteria let Dola have me. Mounting me I started the process Dola had wanted for a while. Welcoming this opportunity she didn’t dismount till I was empty. Rubbing their bellies I gave both women very passionate kisses.

“I feel very happy about this.”, I said cuddling with them, “Two beautiful women like you in my arms after thoroughly loving them. I only hope they come out as beautiful as you.”

Smiling both of them kissed me on the cheek before running off to bathe. Joining them for a quick bath I went downstairs to find Darius waiting for me. Walking down with me Darius took one look at Dola before swinging at me. Taking the blow head on it stung a bit, but nothing to serious.

“I take it Diana didn’t tell you…”, I said.

“She did the other day!”, he said, “I just had to hit you as he father is all.”

Decking him back lightly he slid across the floor on his back.

“As her husband to be I had to hit back.”, I said, “What’s the real reason you are here?”

Rubbing his face he explained the situation.

“The continent below us, Ascentionia, sent an envoy to my capital who happened to arrive on Saturday. I ran here as fast as I could to inform you they are in a similar situation to what Drakken’s continent was…its slightly different though.”, he said.

“How bad could it be?”, I asked.

“They will more than likely just have to rename it Forestland…someone triggered a spell that has increased the growth, and reproduction of trees. It’s become so bad that almost half the land there is covered in trees that seem to grow back in a matter of days.”, he said, “They want help putting a stop to it.”

“I see…”,  I said, “We will have to get that tablet then. I was about to leave here shortly to fetch it…hopefully. The assholes in the Federation are going to be a major problem. If they catch even a hair of a nonhuman on me they may label us as traitors.”

“Is that an issue?”, everyone asked, “Are you ashamed?”

“You know I’d never be ashamed!”, I said, “The problem is I don’t want to actively put you in a situation where you will be looked down upon. I get very angry whenever it happens, and I end up wanting to kill them.”

Smiling all of them gave me a kiss for saying the right answer. Swearing that they didn’t mind I was still hesitant about. Grabbing my arm Dola looked at me.

“We want to travel with our husband. We don’t all have to go at the same time, but we still want to travel.”, she said.

“I can’t win against you women…”, I said with a sigh, “Very well, but we are keeping the amount small for this trip.”

Nodding in agreement I included Amber, Dola, and Solarias in the travel group. With everyone satisfied with the decision I then looked at them with a serious question.

“So when is the official date for our special event?”, I asked.

Given that our guest list is pretty small it was set for the following weekend. Asking who had been invited they looked at me hesitantly.

“After discussing it we wanted a private wedding.”, Diana said.

“Oh, that’s unexpected did something happen?”, I asked.

“We just wanted it to be special. It is just something we decided on.”, Joan said.

Feeling like something was wrong I decided not to press them. Instead I accepted it, but would follow up through my connections. Let them get ready to go I went off to see George

“So they are acting strange…”, George said, “You didn’t say anything did you, Darius?”

“No, could someone be worrying them over something?”, Darius asked.

“Doubt it. Most people wouldn’t knowingly anger them. Those that would, mainly the demigods, would make their presence known to me.”, I said.

“Has anything changed recently?”, George asked.

“Just me traveling a lot.”, I said.

Both men looked at me like I was a moron.

“You say you can’t think of anything…”, they said.

“Not really, I talk with them everyday.”, I said.

Walking over to me they placed their hands on my shoulder.

“They miss you, numb nuts!”, they said, “They don’t want you to go!”

“Then why didn’t they say it!! I am not a mind reader.”, I said.

“You don’t think being clingy, always wanting to travel with you, and getting upset when you leave isn’t a sign.”, they said.

“…I never really thought about it like that…”, I said realizing my mistake.

Being away so much isn’t what I like, and it certainly isn’t setting a good example for my wives and kids. Resolving myself I thanked the both of them before returning home. Walking inside I called everyone together.

“I have changed my mind about our travel plan.”, I said.

“Making the group smaller?”, Marianne asked.

“No, all of you are coming with me.”, I said.

It took them a moment, but their smiles brightened up. Quickly running to get ready they seemed much more lively than before. Like this much more I spoke with Ruby.

“When we get close to our destination I am leaving you, and the other Heroines in charge of guarding them. Solarias, and I will handle the dragons. No need to put the children in harm’s way. That would be a poor decision as a father.”, I said.

“We can do that.”, she said with a smile.

Returning shortly afterwards with children in tow they confirmed we were ready. Making double sure everyone had winter gear we locked up the mansion, and teleported to the van. Having everyone wait I made more room in the van with space magic. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but it meant we could travel together. Piling into the van everyone took a seat before we took off. Cruising along at a comfortable rate everyone was in high spirits. Looking in the rear view mirror everyone seemed very happy. Leaning against my shoulder Amber held my hand tightly.

“Thank you.”, she said in a low voice.

“I didn’t realize I was hurting your feelings by limiting the people who came with me. From now on I will only do it in situations like when I fought the Ancient Dragon.”, I said kissing her.

Smiling she snuggled up close to me. Arriving at the border a few days later we made it through after a harsh debate with the guards. Begrudgingly they let us through after searching our luggage. Stopping at the first city we came to we got out to rent a room. Obviously we stood out both to the slaves, and to the citizens. Sticking close to me we walked into the first in we saw.

Walking up to the counter we received glares from everyone. Not paying then any mind I asked to book the biggest room they had. Saying he had a room available for us he took my name down.

“Slaves sleep out back in the stable.”, he said casually.

“I have none with me. The one with the collar is a maid.”, I said.

Looking up he pointed at the non-humans in the group.

“They are slaves aren’t they?”, he asked.

“That’s quite rude of you…they are all my wives, and children.”, I said.

“You do realize where you are right?”, he asked, “A joke like that isn’t funny here.”

“I am not joking…are the rings we are where not proof enough?”, I asked.

Showing him the rings some of the men stood up.

“You must not be from around here.”, he said, “Their kind aren’t welcome here.”

Trying to threaten us I pulled him over the counter.

“Try it, and your dead.”, I said.

Not heeding my warning they went to grab the women. Grabbing them first the Heroines tossed the men through the front door while the others beat up the remaining men. By the time they finished they felt quite good.

“They are far nicer than I will be if you harm them…”, I said in a cold tone.

“Alright, I get it.”, he said, “I will have to charge you extra.”

“That’s fine.”, I said setting him down.

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