The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 60: The Challenge to Heaven

“So you are being forced into this for political gain.”, the Dragon said reading the letter, “No matter the age this crap continues on.”

Having found her mansion just inside the disputed area her staff was hesitant to let me in. Showing them the letter though made things easier. Meeting with me right away as she had nothing else to do we sat back discussing things. Meeting her for the first time she was wearing a velvet red dress with a simple golden necklace around her neck. With patches of deep red scales over her body, and a lizards tail she looked very dignified. Two horns sat just in front of her temples giving her the true dragon vibe.

“That’s correct.”, I said sipping on some tea, “I don’t like because they are forcing it on me. I already have forty-two wives, and was happy to stop adding more. Now Drakken, and the other nobles want me to marry a noble from here before moving forward.”

“Why me?”, she asked.

“In my world Dragons are seen as beings that stand sometimes next to god’s in terms of strength, and power. As such I wanted someone like that in my harem, and it turns out your kind look very attractive in a human form.”, I said.

“I understand.”, she said, “Being from another world there won’t be any issues with us running out of things to talk about. The question is if you can handle being my lover. I find you decently attractive, but I want to know is if you can satisfy me. I sense Celestina’s power around you so I want to find out why.”

“She is my wife.”, I said.

“Even more reason to see why.”, she said locking the door with magic.

Gently removing her expensive dress I started out slowly with a kissing session. Sitting her on my lap I rubbed her chest as I kissed her softly. Giving me a handjob during this we both seemed to be feeling each other out.

“Not bad, the Hero before went straight in for the main dish. I hate men who rush this because it is meant to be a special event. Sure it can be rushed, but when wooing someone it needs to be special.”, she said.

Lightly running my fingers across her body I felt her shiver. Laying her back I started giving her hole a good rub down while kissing her stomach. Nodding with a satisfied express she straddled my face before taking my buddy into her mouth. Pulling her waist down I held nothing back eating her hot hole out. It wasn’t normally my thing, but in this case I made an exception. Before long her hole was clamping on to my tongue. At that point I asked her if she was ready. With drool coming from her mouth she separated her mouth from me. Turning around she nodded sliding me in.

Holding her hips, and getting an eyeful of her she seemed excited. Feeling her incredibly warm hole expertly stroke me I felt like I was on cloud nine. Rolling over I took the lead without hesitation. Using small pulses of electricity I made her body feel very good. Applying just enough to get a reaction she seemed to really enjoy it. Before I knew she had me locked in, and was panting. Kissing her I shot my load in her burying it deep her without second thoughts. In perfect sync we continued on like we were just warming up.

Taking more, and more in her I was surprised she could hold it all. The only change I felt was her hole getting hotter with each stuffing. After the seventh one she broke her silence.

“What is your name?”, she asked.

“James the Rogue Hero.”, I said.

“Well James, my name is to long for humans to pronounce.”, she said, “I would like you to give me a human name.”

“Solarias”, I said without hesitation, “It was the name of ancient sun goddess in my world.”

“Oh my, that sounds very fitting for me.”, she said, “I acknowledge as my partner for being able to stay in one piece while I continuously applied more, and more strength against your body. You were so into it you didn’t even notice it. In the end I admit you got the fire in my belly roaring, and I let you impregnate me. I expect more from you in our coming years.”

“If you are saying to do this more with you I am in with a grin.”, I said kissing her.

Continuing on again latched together we went for more rounds before calling it quits. Cleaning me up she rubbed it all over her face. Kissing several times she looked up a me with a smile. Taking a bath together we got dressed afterwards, and got her packed up. Telling her staff that they were free to go they bowed, and vanished into thin air.

“Who were those people by the way?”, I asked.

“The souls of those who failed to court me.”, she said.

“Oh…”, I said.

Returning to the capital with Solarias with me the nobles were all in disbelief. Even Darius was in shock so much he could hardly speak.


“Your grandfather was a pig!”, Solarias said, “I have standards of which very few meet.”

“Such as?”, he asked.

“Firstly, when I meet a man where does he look first? Waist, chest, or eyes? James choose right, and looked me in the eyes as a being worth being civil with.”, she explained, “Two, is the first words out of his mouth trying to butter me up? James complained with me about the forced marriage which we are both still against. Third, if he makes it to third base how does he treat you? James was a bit aggressive, but in a manner that satisfied me. Fourthly, is he the kind of man to impregnate, and run? James just kept on trucking like we were for sure getting hitched. Lastly, is he abusive?”

“How did he fair with that?”, Esteria asked.

“Passed with flying colors. Very gentleman like, but not to over the top. I may enjoy being pampered, but I am also an independent woman. There are things a woman should do for themselves. James kept it so I could function myself if I chose to without being an overbearing dick.”, she said, “Plus…for a human he can use his package like a pro.”

“SHHH!!”, I said with a red face.

Laughing she gave me a kiss as I slid a ring on her finger. Doing this of my own free choice she gladly accepted leaving the King in the mood for a drink. Leaving to go to his brothers home for the night to drink I was left to sort through scout reports. Since he was to busy drinking himself into the abyss I had to pick up the slack. Sometime around midnight I passed out for an hour only to be woken up by a warm sensation. Thinking it was Solarias I reached my hand under neither helping her along. Readily allowing my help it wasn’t more than a few moments before she swallowed my load. Feeling a butt come close to my waist I fingered her getting a soft moan. Not feeling her tail I assumed it was because she hid it away to avoid damaging the table.

Sliding in her hole it felt a bit looser than normal. Being in a partially awaken state I didn’t mind that waiting for the sensation. Firing a load in her grabbing her I noticed her body wasn’t as toned as before either.

“Were you putting on a show for me the first time?”, I asked with a yawn.

“…no…why..?”, I heard her respond from far away.

Opening my eyes because the math didn’t add up I found Solarias sitting up on the couch looking at me half asleep.

“What are you doing over there?”, I asked, “You were just under the desk.”

“What are you talking about? I have been on this couch since 9pm.”, she said walking over, “Did you have a wet…what’s that?”

Looking down a tan butt with a forked tail was currently leaking my seed on my lap. Wheeling the chair back I found the butt attached to Esteria.

“THE HELL!!”, I said.

“I was interested as a succubus just how good you were to figure out how you won her over.”, she said, “Just tasting you made me lose control, and well…tada!!”

Solarias wasn’t happy about this grabbing Esteria by the skull I watched her throw the succubus through the inner walls, out of palace, and into Duke Marigold’s house.

“Damn…”, I said, “You are really strong.”

“Yes, only in short bursts though…”, she said rubbing her shoulder.

Not more than ten minutes later Drakken showed up in an angry mood, and rightfully so.

“You slept with her?!”, he said.

“Not willingly! I was asleep at the desk doing your work, and being half asleep took her for Solarias!”, I said.

“I can confirm his story…”, the maid said being brought in by the maid, “Her Highness had us put a sleeping potion in his beverage, and then had me unlock the study door for her…”

“Janice!! You promised to keep quite!!”, Esteria said.

All of us turned to glare at her.

“We are done…”, he said, “Pack your bags, and get out!”

Tossing his wife aside I was surprised to see this. Apologizing to me he told me that I should join them for drinks. With Solarias permission I left to join the men. Kicking back with a beer Drakken apologized again.

“Damn succubus!”, he said, “This is the fourth time this year she has cheated on me. My other two wives warned me, but I hoped I could rein her in.”

“You have two other wives?”, I asked.

“Yes, an Ogre and a Lamia. That’s why I recommended a Lamia to you. My wife Alice is such a nice woman it’s just she doesn’t get along well with other people.”, he said.

“Oh, I understand that. My aunt is that way.”, I said.

Reaffirming I was on his side with taking back his nation’s land he nodded with a smile. Popping a few beers down I was relaxed, but having already been drinking for a while Drakken was passed out. Hauling his butt back to the palace I handed him off to the maids. Returning to the study I found Esteria on the ground groveling in front of Solarias. Turning around to leave Solarias told me Esteria was joining us.

“Huh?”, I said, “She just sexually attacked me while I was asleep!”

“You enjoyed, and you know it.”, Solarias said, “I owe her mother a favor so just allow it.”

“I am putting you with Karmin in that case.”, I said rubbing my forehead.

Stowing her things away I returned home to very suspicious women. Seeing Solarias Celestina was very surprised running up to hug her they instantly started chatting. Calming down thanks to this they turned to Esteria.

“Why is she here?”, Amber asked.

“Guess who got thrown out for assaulting me while I was asleep?”, I asked.

Turning to her the other women got angry.

“Solarias has asked we take her in due to a debt she owes Esteria’s mother.”, I said rubbing my forehead, “Karmin, I am leaving you to be her superior so show her the ropes. Esteria, you are a member of the harem, but don’t push it with the others. I won’t save you if you start a fight with them.”

Nodding she followed after Karmin who was in high spirits now. Heading up to bed Dola, Almina, and Amber embraced me tightly. Feeling bad for me they tried cheering me up as everyone fell into bed. Cuddling up with Solarias for the night we fell asleep a somewhat happy family.

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