The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 59: The Difference Between Nobles and Commoners

“Can I help you?”, I asked calmly holding Marianne’s hand.

“Who are you?”, he asked.

“I am Marianne’s husband.”, I said with a fake smile.

Looking over me he gave me a smirk.

“I see, you must one of the soldiers who helped in the fight.”, he said, “You have quite the good-looking woman.”

“You must be the jackass that hurt her.”, I said narrowing my eyes.

“Excuse me?”, he said.

“Clean that shit out of your ears.”, I said, “She doesn’t want to deal with you so go pester someone else.”

Smiling at Marianne I suggested we get something to snack on. Nodding quickly we started to leave the scene before he asked us to stop.

“A peasant has no right to talk to nobility like that.”, he said.

“Your completely right. Apologize to me at once for being an ass, and we will forget this whole thing.”, I said.

He didn’t find me funny, and went to grab her. Putting her behind me I glared at him.

“This is your final warning. Go speak to your friends, and leave my wife alone. I won’t ask nicely again.”, I said firmly.

People started backing away, and thinking it was because of him he got cocky.

“She is my woman.”, he said, “Those scars on her back are from the fun we had in school. I suggest handing her over to me, and I will have my way with-”

Grabbing by the throat I lifted him off the ground. Unable to breath he started struggling around.

“Obviously you don’t know who I am.”, I said, “I am the Rogue Hero of Atlas, and you have been harassing my wife, Marianne. I don’t take kindly to your words about my wife, and the abuse you gave her. If you can give me a reason not to throw your ass out speak now.”

Struggling to speak he realized I was making him unable to do so. Saying that since he had no reserve about it I threw him through the wall where they had just fixed the last hole I made. Winding up in the fountain he was out cold floating in the water. Turning back to Marianne I gently took her hand, and calmly glided to the snack bar. Beet red from being pampered by me her mood improved as she stayed by me. Seeing one of their own dispatched so quickly the nobles were a bit confused how to approach me.

“I apologize for his behavior.”, Duke Marigold said.

“Whose behavior? Everyone here has been very accommodating.”, I said pretending nothing happened.

Relieved Marigold brought us over to the King who continued with the conversation as normal. Slowly the girls started returning to me like they were uncomfortable. Sure some of them should be used to it, but since they were not the normal people they had social events with it was kind of understandable. Leaning back I asked Joan what was wrong.

“A lot of nobles are discussing marriage candidates for you.”, she whispered, “We are trying to make it evident that we don’t want anymore. Even Karmin is chipping in with us which has earned my respect for her.”

Nodding I informed Drakken that I wasn’t looking for anymore partners. Laughing he shook his head saying even a King couldn’t prevent political marriages for no reason. Suggesting I just turn the offers down I sighed with disappointment. Temporarily leaving to put the kids to bed we returned to finish the night at the party. Karmin, and Entia stayed behind to look after the kids so I felt comfortable with it.

Stepping out for a moment to use the restroom I sat down in the stone stall to relieve myself. Kind of tired of the lack of utilities I had back on earth I decided to invest some time in a towel at the very least as these stone seats were incredibly uncomfortable. Finishing up I went to wash up when one of the noblewomen stepped in. Looking over I confirmed that this was the mens restroom after seeing the urinal. At first I didn’t recognize her till she stepped into the light.

“You’re that harpie!!”, I said in a panic.

“You remembered me!”, she said with a smile.

Looking around the windows were to small for me to escape through. Turning back to her she was giving me a creepy vibe.

“You disappeared on me last time.”, she said, “That won’t happen again.”

“Uh…I think it will.”, I said switching my job to Shadowmancer.

Sinking into the shadows I quickly escaped, and rejoined the women. Telling them about my close encounter they laughed at me thinking I was joking. Drakken set them straight saying that she was known to pursue other men when her husband wasn’t around they got pissed. Telling them to just politely turn her down I hoped things wouldn’t get ugly. Brittany, Diana, and Jessica went to speak with her in private while the rest of us relaxed.

Coming back slightly messy I figured things didn’t go so well. Saying they remedied the problem I didn’t press them for an explanation. Going out onto the dance floor with each of them for the remainder of the party. Leaving on a high note I said I would return in the morning to speak about the next phase of the plan. Passing out in bed after an exciting evening I got up the next morning, and read the paper with some breakfast. As Joan came down the stairs I informed her I would be leaving shortly to meet with Drakken. Saying she would let the others know when they woke up I gave her a good morning kiss. Arming myself a short time later I returned to the castle to find it empty.

“My husband had a bit too much to drink last night.”, Esteria said, “It will be a while before he can be woken.”

“I see.”, I said browsing the studies book collection.

Remaining in her seat watching me I decided to tease her.

“You aren’t going to lock us in here are you?”, I asked.

“No? Why would I do that?”, she asked.

Informing her she was staring at me she cleared that misconception up instantly.

“You may be powerful for a human, but other races have different traits that you can’t match.”, she said, “For instance, my husband is taller and bigger than you. In conjunction with that his package is a bit-”

“Stop!”, I said shaking my head, “I don’t want to know!”

Laughing I continued to browse the selection. Finding a fantasy book I sat back, and started reading it. Having some tea while I read the morning out flew by till eventually Drakken walked in. Obviously hung over I laughed softly asking if I should return tomorrow.

“While that would be appreciated I have to discuss something with you.”, he said, “The nobleman of my country are a bit nervous with you not officially being tied to our nation anymore than a traveler. As such they want you to marry a noblewoman like I intended in the first place.”

“Uh…I said last night I didn’t want anymore.”, I said, “I thought I made that adamant.”

“James, my nobles are afraid of you and your power. Just take another wife, and be done with it.”, he said, “So long as her family at least has Knight status it will be approved.”

“Ugh…”, I said rubbing my forehead, “If my wives come after someone it will be you for making me do this.”

Looking away he nodded. Leaving the castle I walked around town for a bit to clear my head. I knew the women weren’t going to be happy about it, but it was out of my hands. We needed their help to find any remaining pieces on the continent, and this was the only way to do it. Thinking through all the different demon races I knew of I tried thinking of one I had an interest in. Not coming up with anything off the top of my head I decided to visit the Black Market.

“That’s quite the problem.”, the arms dealer said, “I am confused though why you are talking to me about it.”

“I have had good luck speaking with arms dealers before, and was hoping it would work out again.”, I said.

“The minimum requirement is Knight rank.”, he said, “That being the lowest noble rank you have the full run of the single women in our country.”

Explaining that I couldn’t think of a race to look into he suggested looking into Lamia, Harpies, and Succubus women. Saying that it was clique in my world to have an interest in them I told him it would have to be someone unique, and who didn’t mind I already had a harem. Sitting down to think something crossed my mind.

“Do you have any Dragonewt, or flat-out Dragons in your nobility? I know Dragons can change into humans so that’s why I am including them.”, I asked.

Freezing he looked at me like I was insane.

“You do know that female Dragonewts, and Dragons are among the most lethal to any potential suitors, right? It isn’t uncommon for them to never marry as few men would ever pursue one unless they knew each other since birth. Even then the chances are slim.”, he said.

“I know that.”, I said with a chuckle, “Usually they will settle down if the suitor is on par with them. They are a proud race that won’t see a potential mate unless they find someone they deem fit enough.”

“It’s your funeral…”, he said, “Anyways, yes our country does have some…”

He stopped thinking for a moment. Asking him what was wrong he explained the families in question lived in the gap currently under Rainford, and Frostmore control. Standing up I thanked him for his time. Returning home I broke the news to them.

“Yeah…Drakken told us last night at the party.”, Almina said, “We aren’t necessarily happy you are forced into bringing in another one, but its necessary to find the rest of the pieces.”

“Are you going for the harpie?”, Alivia asked.

“No, I am pursuing a lead that could end up adding a very powerful individual to my harem.”, I said.

“Meaning?”, Marianne said.

“I am going to court a Dragonewt, or Dragon.”, I said.

They started laughing saying that stupid idea suited me. Giving their consent they said to make sure it was one who wouldn’t try to kill every one of them. Swearing that they had to acknowledge them as my wives, or they wouldn’t suit me. Smiling I gave them kisses, and promised them a shopping trip after this they happily saw me off. Return to the castle I found Drakken, and his wife in the study.

“I have decided.”, I said.

“Great, who is it?”, he asked.

“I heard through a reliable source you have a Dragon noblewoman, and a few Dragonewt noblewomen that are available for marriage. I want to meet them, and hopefully convince one to marry me.”, I said.

His expression became white after hearing my choice.

“Come now…my wife has a few sisters that are single. I would love to have you as a brother-in-law. If not that maybe even a Lamia, Harpie, or another Succubus.”

“No, you gave me the choice to find my own. I intend to do just that. Is there something wrong with them?”, I asked.

“The Dragon Noblewoman has been an Earl since six generations back in my family. She has never once accepted a marriage proposal nor slept with anyone. The chance of you bedding her are close to zero. The last Hero tried to court her only to get sent flying out of her mansion.”, he said.

“Sounds like a challenge, and I like challenges.”, I said.

Rubbing his forehead he said he would set it up. Giving me a letter of introduction I was out of the capital like a bat out of hell.

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