The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 58: A Battle at Over Nine Thousand Feet

Spending roughly five days on horse back cross-country I finally made it to the foothills of the mountain range. Hopping off the horse I stretch out a bit due to being sore. I really missed having the van around so I was thinking about possibly making a second on to keep at the mansion for times like these. Leaving the horse in the village I stopped at I hiked up the trail towards the peak. It took a few hours of hard climbing to reach the altitude the dragon in question liked, and for me it was tough going. No amount of training at sea level was going to do me any good nine thousand feet up in the mountains. At this height just moving around was hard work.

“Damn, I need to cut back on my sweets intake.”, I laughed stopping to catch my breath, “The girls cooking is going to be the end of me at this rate. I think I already put on twelve pounds just sampling their meals. You’d think all the sex would burn those calories, but apparently I was sadly mistaken.”

Taking a swig of water I relaxed for a few minutes taking in the scenery. The ores for the rings were easy enough to find along the way here it was the gems that weren’t going to be easy. I’d need at least two dozen scales to make all the gems I need, and dragons aren’t known for being understanding when it comes to anything really. Picking myself up I continued moving forward till I came across a massive cave that appeared to have been dug recently.

“I know you’re in there you bastard! I am to exhausted to go in looking for you so will you just come out!”, I shouted.

At first there was no response, but then two sky blue eyes appeared in the darkness. Stepping out into the fading light the dragon lowered its head to me.

“A human…how strange that one of you would venture to my home, and shout at me.”, he said, “Do you have a death wish?”

“I am getting married in a few weeks.”, I said sitting down, “These women are my world, and I want to make them happy. I was hoping to get some of your scales that have fallen off to use as gemstones.”

“Do you think I would just hand them over to you?”, he asked.

“No, I was hoping to come to an arrangement.”, I said eyeing him up, “Violence is the last resort of course.”

“What would a human possibly offer me?”, he asked.

Pulling out a Kraken egg I had been keeping in storage the dragon seemed impressed.

“It is common knowledge that your kind find Kraken eggs to be quite delicious. I was hoping this would suffice for some scales.”, I said.

“Your offer is very tempting.”, he said, “How many did you want? One hundred or something ridiculous like that?”

“Two dozen.”, I said.

“Only that much?”, he said, “I’d think you’d humans value these eggs much higher than that.”

“I am only asking for what I need.”, I said, “No point in taking more than I need.”

“Very well human. I will accept your offer.”, he said taking the egg, “Here are the scales.”

Producing a large bag about my size I checked inside, and found twenty-four scales in excellent condition. Storing it in my storage space I thanked the dragon, and started to leave.

“No double-crossing?”, he asked a bit disappointed.

“Like I said, I have a wedding in a few weeks. No need for any unnecessary injuries before our special day.”, I said.

“You say that like you’d survive a fight with me.”, he said.

“I would, but I don’t need to fight you now.”, I said.

Coming out of the cave he narrowed his eyes.

“Are you saying you are better than me?”, he asked.

“Yes, I am.”, I said turning around, “It looks like your pride is about to get you killed.”

“I’d like to see you try hu-“, he started to say.

Drawing my blade I slashed him, and the mountain range in half.

“Listen…you are nowhere near as tough as the Ancient Dragon I fought.”, I said to his corpse, “All I wanted was twenty-four scales, and now I ended up with a shit ton of them.”

Storing his body in storage I noticed his treasure stash in the back of his hole. Seeing countless gold coins, rare ores, and several magic chests I stored everything away before checking the mountain top for any ores I may have exposed. Finding a single Mythril vein, and several gold ones I extracted everything out before returning home. Upon my arrival I found Strella’s dad visiting her, and his grandson.

“What’s up old man?”, I asked.

“Ah, James!”, he said, “It is nice to see you. Where have you been?”

“You want something, don’t you?”, I asked.

“Strella was saying you went off to fight a dragon…would some of the ore in its body be available for sale..?”, he asked.

“The dragon I was hunting feed on magic pools underground. It didn’t have any ores, but specials scales are something I have an abundance of now.”, I said.

“What do they look like?”, he asked.

Looking at his daughter I returned to him.

“I can’t show you in front of her.”, I said, “Some of them will be made into gems after all.”

Promptly dragging his grandson, and I to the shop he gathered his men around. Showing them the pearlescent magic scales their eyes sparkled. Stroking their beards the men examined the scale before turning to me.

“Marry our daughters!!”, they said, “We want you in our families!!”

“NO!”, I said, “My harem is big enough!”

“Sorry lads, he is my son-in-law!”, Strella’s father said with a grin, “I will make sure that you get to see my handy work.”

“Who said I was sharing with you?”, I asked, “You can go find one of your own.”

“We are family!”, he said.

“Your point being?”, I asked.

“You should share with your old man! It’s not like it will take a whole dragon to make that many rings!”, he said.

“Maybe after the wedding.”, I said putting my finger to my chin.

Leaving my son with his grandfather I returned home to work in my workshop. Before I started working a knock came at the door. Telling them to come in Amber poked her head in.

“Are we still on for tonight?”, she asked weakly.

Looking over at the clock it read 1pm. Deciding to hold off on making the rings till Monday I nodded to her.

“We will leave around 3pm. Is that enough time for you?”, I asked.

“Yes!”, she said running off.

Poking her head in next a young woman five foot tall poked her head in. Looking identical to her sisters I knew it had to be Dola.

“Well now!”, I said with a smile, “Someone looks much better in their adult body.”

“Hush it…I am not fully matured yet…”, she said, “My breasts are still small…you need to rub with more to make them grow.”

“Isn’t that a myth?”, I asked.

“Just do it!”, she snapped.

“Alright, I promise tomorrow night to give you a proper rub down.”, I said.

Smiling she left the room on a high note. Taking a shower in my workshop bathroom I put on a nice black suit for Amber. This was a momentous occasion for her as her race rarely had offspring. For her to want multiple kids with me meant I was someone very special to her as even married sacred fox couples rarely had more than one child. Polishing my shoes I got a carriage ready for us once the shoes met my standards. Coming back inside I found Amber in a beautiful blue dress with a pink flower just above her chest.

“How do I look..?”, she asked shyly.

Kneeling before her I took her hand.

“My princess please marry me!”, I said with a smile.

“STOP IT!”, she said turning bright red.

Giving her a kiss she reluctantly kissed me back with a pleasant smile. Escorting her into the carriage I instructed the driver to take us to the nicest restaurant in town. On the way I held her tightly in my embrace letting her rest her head on my shoulder.

Having a nice seafood dinner we had some sparkling red wine. Being nervous she spilled a little which was cute. Glaring at me I knew I wasn’t ever to speak of it. After watching an opera afterwards, which Amber loved a lot, we got a room on the edge of town.

Sitting on the bed I handed her the elixir. Placing it on her nightstand we got undressed, and warmed up. Sliding into her we got comfortable as she grabbed the potion.

“Are you ready?”, I asked, “After you take that things will be different from now on. We will be bound for life which I am excited about, but if you-”

Holding my face she smiled at me.

“There isn’t another man in this world I want to be with more than you. I want you to be my life long partner, and to be the father of the children I have.”, she said before drinking the potion.

A few moments later her tails started to give off an angelic golden glow. Moving forward like we always did our bodies started to heat up. Digging her fingernails into me she started panting, and getting worked up. Kissing her passionately I held her tightly as I pushed deep into her. Letting my love flow her tails started twitching like crazy as she damn near crushed me to death.

“James!!”, she said kissing me repeatedly, “More!! Please do me more!!”

Continuing on until we were exhausted around three her tails stopped glowing. Laying on me she looked me in the eyes.

“You were amazing, darling.”, she said, “We don’t have to use any potions or rituals now! Since you are my partner you can make babies with me anytime! Please do so as often as possible!!”

“I plan on doing it for the rest of eternity with all of you.”, I said kissing her.

The next morning we returned home with a bubbly atmosphere. The girls ran up asking about it, and she told everything. Eagerly sharing our night she held my hand to her belly.

“So I am next!”, Almina said.

“No, he said I look good now so I am next!”, Dola said, “I am not a child I am old enough to have kids, and therefore want mine now!”

Letting the women bicker for a bit I looked at Diana. Nodding she confirmed Darius knew about Dola, and I. Seeing as how she didn’t seem worried he must have approved. Running off with excitement the women went to discuss more weddings plans till I pulled the five demons, and Marianne aside.

“Drakken has decided to have the dance again.”, I said with smile, “It will be a bit different this year as it is meant to celebrate their victory over the Decay. I have been invited, and I know it means a lot to you so I thought we could-”

“What about everyone else?”, Sara asked.

“It was your suggestion that brought it to my attention. I figured you would want just us to go.”, I said.

“We will all go as your wives!”, the six of them demanded.

“Very well.”, I said calling out to the others.

Explaining our evening plans everyone darted to the bathroom to prepare. Sitting down with the kids I played with them until I felt piercing stares hit me. Turning around Celestina had her arms crossed.

“Our husband should be getting ready as well!”, she said.

“I was letting you girls use the bathroom as I thought I’d be in the way.”, I said.

“We are done in there so hurry up!”, she said.

“Okay okay!”, I said running up the stairs.

Taking a quick shower I shaved my face, and put on my suit again. Polishing my shoes I joined my lovely wives, and kids to teleport to the palace. Walking in through the gates the butler stood at attention seeing the elves. Leading us to the party he burst into the room to make an announcement.

“May I have your attention please!”, he said, “The Rogue Hero James, and his wives have arrived. Among them Lady Celestina has graced us with her presence.”

The room went silent as I walked in with my wives. Seeing us the men in the room adjusted themselves seeing my wives. Wearing jewelry from our collection they wore dresses made of different shades of blue, or red cloth. Some of the single men immediately started eyeing some of them till I let off my blood lust.

“Gentleman, I hope you will show us your gracious hospitality.”, I said with a bow.

The atmosphere grew dark for a moment.

“Should you make a move on my wives I will kill you without hesitation…”, I said.

Everyone quickly nodded trying to end my glaring. Returning to normal I walked around with the women who stayed close by. Socializing with the other women a short time later I escorted Amber, and Celestina around the party. Joined Drakken, and his wife Esteria we discussed our next move.

“Pardon my rudeness, but is she-“, he asked.

“I am his wife, yes.”, Celestina said, “He is our knight in shining armor after all.”

Smiling at her I kissed her hand like a gentleman. Trying my best to act the part the facade crumbled when one of the guests that came after us recognized Marianne.

“Well now, Marianne, its been a while.”, the nobleman said, “You remember don’t you?”

Looking at her Marianne was terrified.

“Don’t look at me like that. You got mixed up in your mess. It’s not my fault the boys wanted a turn. You consented to me after all.”, he said.

“Pardon me…”, I said.

Drakken knew what was coming, and motioned for people to stand clear. Walking up to Marianne I held her shaking hand tightly showing her I was here for her. Wrapping herself around my arm I stared at the man.

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