The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 57: Men Aren’t Good With Planning Emotional Gatherings

Sitting down for the first meeting of today we had to decide a location. Everyone was different in their opinion of a wedding site so they looked to me. Asking me what I thought I didn’t hesitate on my answer.

“At sunset with clear skies on the beach.”, I said, “I wanted to take a family photo with said back drop after the ceremony. If each of you wore white dresses the golden fading light I think would make the photo a modern piece of art.”

“Agreed!!”, they said picturing the scene.

Apparently it was romantic enough for them to approve it without any complaints. Nodding with approval they started debating the location of a good beach. As the majority of us had only been to a few beaches we relied on the much more traveled elves for input. Celestina who had been particularly drawn to my suggestion said that before the Decay’s invasion there was a stunning beach on the border with Atlas, Everwood, and the Regulos Empire called Illumination Vista Beach.

“It’s a gorgeous beach with smooth pink sand, and crystal blue water.”, she said with a smile, “I think it is the dream location for a wedding!”

“Agreed!!”, they said super excited now.

Thinking my part was over I went to leave, but was quickly pulled back into place. Sitting on my lap with baby Patches Diana said I had to sit through the whole thing. With a sigh I got comfortable as the babies ate their breakfast. Next on the agenda was picking our catering, priest, and a guest list. My input was only that the royal families we were friends with got invited. Nodding casually they continued discussing things while I played with Patches as he ate. Tuning in, and out of the conversation it was decided that we would make the food for the meal.

Looking at everyone I came to the conclusion that it was going to be ten percent of us doing the cooking as most couldn’t touch a pan without burning food to a crisp. Not wanting to single people out I kept my mouth shut. The priest who was approved was a relative of Amber’s who was a High Priest. She said he wouldn’t have an issue with it, and that him doing it would serve to shut up all neigh sayors of cheaters in the harem. Since some of the women had been taken from their former husbands, not my intention of course, some citizens criticized them for their actions. The guest list had to be narrowed down to four people per one of us to keep the wedding at a conservative size.

About the time they decided on the number the kids started getting fussy so they put them down for a nap after a diaper change. Trying to flee again this time though Dola stopped me. Sitting on my lap she grabbed my wedding vegetable with a decent amount of force. Eyeing her I asked what she was doing with a bit of a higher pitched tone.

“I am seeing if it will fit.”, she said.

“Fit what?”, I asked.

“Fit me.”, she said.

“Dola, we had this conversation. We aren’t doing anything till you are sixteen.”, I said.

“Denied!”, the women said to me in unison, “She gets to wedding night, and as much as she chooses to from then on. All of us agreed to this, and we beat…I mean got Darius to agree with us. As your wife she is allowed, and you can’t argue that!”

“I mean…I guess that’s true. If she is my wife I really can’t deny her that. Still feels weird though.”, I said.

Sliding the tip to her hole she lightly pressed it against her. Looking at it she seemed satisfied she could handle it. I was about to suggest she put it back when her mother, and Brittany dashed up. A split second to late it was over. Popping her like a birthday party balloon it was over in a flash. My face started twitching as I hit both of them on the head glaring at them. Rubbing their heads they gave Dola a thumbs up.

“She was the last one, and she is marrying you. Just deal with it.”, Brittany said.

Looking up at me Dola with a pained expression asked how she felt. Looking at her I wasn’t sure what to say. On one hand I wanted to give her my honest opinion, but on the other I was still uncomfortable with this. Deciding I’d only get in trouble if I didn’t answer I told her the truth.

“You are very nice…”, I said rubbing the back of my head, “You suit me very well.”

Taking her clothing off I rubbed her opening trying to relax her. Calming down her body sunk further down till she reached the base. Kissing her romantically she started grinding me as the other’s do. Bouncing her gently I held her small breasts gently rubbing them for her. Purring we kept this up till the time came sensing the impending shot she told me what she wanted.

“Inside!”, she said, “Just like the others, I want it inside.”

Grabbing her small legs I sank her to my base, and fired. Her hold body tightened up as she let out an adorable roar as her body took the seed. Seeing the last one in the harem have her time it was smiles all around except me who now felt really bad. Just like everyone else we went more than once. Thankfully she stopped at three times in total before tapping out. Getting off my lap she proceeded to kiss it, and thank it for the fun which was a bit weird.

“We are going to have a talk about this later…”, I said with an angry expression.

“You enjoyed it.”, they said, “Her female part says so, and it is yours now so make sure you keep her happy! Also keep us happy as well!”

I let off a long sigh rubbing my head.

“No more of that till after the wedding…please.”, I said.

“That is okay.”, they said with a nod, “That is a fair request, but I doubt you will keep your hands off of her.”

“Whatever…can we get the rest of this over with.”, I said.

“You were actually never needed.”, Ruby said, “We asked you to come for Dola. She was adamant about wanting to do it so we helped her out.”

Getting up with an angry expression I left the room without a word. Going to our room I started packing my gear up to head for the guild. As I was packing up Dola came in with her tail between her legs. Looking up at me with her big eyes she was on the verge of tears.

“Are you leaving because I wanted to make love with you…”, she said holding her tail, “I promise not to ask for it anymore. I will be a good girl, and not pester you anymore.”

Stopping I looked back at her.

“Please don’t leave us.”, she said, “We love you very much.”

“Dola, I-”

“I just wanted to give you my first so no one could take it!!”, she shouted, “The men in the marketplace stare at us when we go through, and some of reached out to take me. I didn’t want them to take it, and you not love me because of it.”

Walking over to her I dropped to my knees, and hugged her.

“Dola, I am honored you wanted to sleep with me. I have wanted to for a very long time as you are a beautiful woman. I know your parents lied about your marrying age when I first met because they didn’t like me at first. When things changed they never told me the truth because they didn’t want to hurt your chances with me.”, I said holding her, “I know this isn’t my world, but I wanted to make sure you really loved me. A young girl like you should normally love a man her age not a twenty-five year old man. I was afraid you would regret the choice when you were older.”

“But I love you!”, she said hugging me, “I don’t want anyone else! You are the one I want babies with, to hold me at night in our bed, and to call me your wife. I have been waiting since I turned eight to sleep with you, and because of that I-”

Stealing her lips I kissed her, and laid her on the bed. As I started drilling her she looked up at me. asking how I knew I gave her a warm smile.

“Beastmen mature much faster than humans.”, I said, “It makes since they come to age much quicker, and therefore marry earlier on.”

“Then why treat me like a little girl!”, she said puffing her cheeks.

“Your body may mature faster, but your personality doesn’t.”, I said, “Since you are one hundred percent sure you want me to be your husband I am just caving in.”

Pouring more seed into her she told wanted more. Continuing on I came to stop when she started getting sleepy. Cleaning me off like the others did I told what I had been packing for.

“Remember I said I wanted to hand make everyone’s rings? Well I am going to the guild to see if the information has been confirmed yet. If not I am going on an adventure to get the supplies.”, I said watching her lick it clean.

Patting her head I gave her a kiss on the forehead. Whispering in her ear I told her something else.

“Also, can you stop taking those stupid magic pills of yours.”, I said, “Making love to you in this state is very uncomfortable.”

Puffing out her cheeks she glared at me.

“Momma said staying small would suit your taste better.”, she said.

“I want the real Dola not one that is forced to pretend she is stuck in a small body. I realize you are filled out like your siblings, but I know you are no less beautiful.”, I said.

“I will stop taking them.”, she said, “Promise you will still love me, and make love to me?”

With a small laugh I promised to do so. With a nod I got off of her, and finished my packing. By the time I finished she was sound asleep. Walking into the room where the others were planning I gave them a serious expression.

“I heard from Dola some men have been eyeing you in the market…who are they…”, I said letting off some killing intent, “I plan on having a word with them.”

“The butcher, the slave trader named Barton, and the blacksmith.”, they said.

“The human one not my father.”, Strella said.

“I will be back in a week or so. The ring materials should hopefully be easy enough to find.”, I said.

Nodding they wished me luck. Leaving the mansion I made a beeline for the market. Spotting the slaver first when he saw me his face paled, and froze in fear.

“Can I help you..?”, he asked bearly able to speak.

“I hear you have been eyeing my wives…”, I said letting off all my killing intent.


Grabbing him by the neck I hoisted him off the ground. By now onlookers knew what was going on, and the men hid their female companions.

“Run that by me again…did you say you wanted to sell two of them…if you did I am afraid I will have to execute you…”, I said with a false smile.

“MERCY!!”, he said before I ripped his head from his shoulders.

“Where is the butcher, and blacksmith?”, I said.

Everyone stumbled out of the way leaving the two men shaking in their boots.

“I heard you are also eyeing my wives…”, I said, “Maybe if I rip your manhood off we won’t have to worry about it…”

“PLEASE, NO!!!”, they said hiding their crotches.

Before I got to them two women stepped out of the crowd. Punching them in the face they proceeded to beat the piss out of them.

“You good for nothing pieces of shit!! You have several children, and make us work to the bone everyday only to eye other women!!”, they said.

One of the onlookers stepped forward, and explained.

“They are sisters…their husbands have been known to browse the displays if you get my meaning.”, he said.

“I see.”, I said grabbing both men from their wives.

“If my wife Dola tells me you try to grab her again I will rip your fingers off one by one, then followed by your hand, forearm, and lastly the stump…”, I said to them, “That goes for all of them.”

Nodding their heads I threw them back into their stores. Turning to their wives I looked them in the eyes.

“If you want your husbands to continue breathing they are to be supervised while my wives are in the area.”, I said with cold eyes, “I don’t know what would happen if they force themselves on my wives…”

“We will do so.”, they said stomping off after their husbands.

With the law dished out to the men I got the information from the guild I was waiting for, and then headed north to the Bleak Sky Mountains in the Iron Mountains. An extremely rare dragon had moved in recently, and I was in need of a few scales from it.

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