The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 56: The Storming of Dredmoria

That night around midnight I was awakened by Joan. Looking over at her she looked terrified.

“What’s wrong?”, I asked half asleep.

“I haven’t done a future telling in a while so I did one just a few minutes ago since I was awake.”, she said, “Instead of seeing a year in the future I saw an hour into the future. The capital of my homeland is going to be attacked in thirty minutes!”

Throwing the covers off in a hurry I got my gear on. Seeing as everyone was asleep I gave Joan a big kiss.

“I will be back as soon as I can. If the others wake up later on please fill them in on where I am going.”, I said with a warm smile.

“Please be careful. I couldn’t see you in the future, but you may have been elsewhere.”, she said, “Just in case though you must come back if things get dangerous. We don’t need a repeat of the tournament.”

“I promise to be careful. Have a little faith in your husband.”, I said stroking her hair before I teleported away.

Running to the castle I shouted out to the guardsmen to prepare for battle. Here the call the men started pouring out from their homes as they took their families to the shelters. Those without families were hurriedly getting the last defensive measures in place. Bursting into the castle I looked at the maid.

“Get the King awake immediately! The breach is going to give in about fifteen minutes!”, I ordered.

Nodding she ran off to inform her master. Letting the Duke’s know as well they got to the frontline just as the breach was starting to expand. Seeing this the King thanked me for the warning.

“It’s Joan you should thank. Her future sight informed her of it.”, I said.

“Thank her for me.”, he said drawing his massive sword, “Men, don’t let a single bastard through! The women, and children of our beloved capital are placing their hopes on us to hold the line! The Rogue Hero of Atlas has our backs, and as your King I am saying that in this conflict he is to be given the same authority as one of my generals. The Duke’s are of the same mind so give him your support!”

“Listen up men! Expect at least ten to twelve Titan class Decay to appear through the fight! I want the Minotaurs, and the Giants to handle them. The rest of us will stay away giving only what support is needed to keep the small fries away.”, I ordered, “Everyone else pair up, and don’t leave your buddy! If this is like the last invasion I was in they will single out the weakest of us so stick together, and don’t break ranks till the order is given!”

Forming a line of heavy tower shields our strongest men braced themselves to hold the shields upright. The spearmen notched their weapons in between the shields awaiting the Decay’s advance. The rest of the men calmed themselves down waiting for orders. Silence filled the area for only a few moments before the sound of shattered glass echoed through the city. At first a few Decay fell from the crack, but then they started falling in large numbers.

“Archers, ready your arrows! Mages, get the Decay in range for the archers!”, I ordered.

Jumping into action the mages blocked all other possible routes with stone walls leaving us the only thing they could charge at. As soon as the Decay started crossing the line I started counting down.

“Three…two…one…OPEN FIRE!!”, I shouted.

Arrows special made to kill Decay took to the sky before raining down on the enemy. Pelting them with deadly accuracy things looked good. The Decay may be coming out at a steady rate, but this was only a hollow victory. Looking closely I realized we had overlooked something. Further to the back of the Decay I noticed some of them were digging which was something I had never witnessed them do before.

“Shit! I need fifty men up here on the double! They need to be normal fighters no mages or archers!”, I barked before turning to Duke Redmond.

“The Decay are trying to get into your sewers. If they succeed they will overrun us from behind, or worse yet attack the shelters. Can you take the men, and hold them back?”, I asked them.

“You got it.”, he said ordering the men to follow him.

Leaving the rest of us to focus on the frontline Drakken called out a Titan class breaking through enemy lines. Changing formation they gave room for the Minotaur to get a running start. As he took off I did the same. Darting across rooftops I picked off the smaller ones giving the Minotaur a smooth run into the Titan Class. Smashing into one another both of them made a crater three feet deep, and twelve feet in diameter.

Using his superior strength he grabbed the Titan class, and started to crush the Titan. Noticing the crack expand I called out to the defensive line.

“Form up! Porcupine formation around the Minotaur!”, I shouted.

Rushing forward hundreds of spearmen came to the front forming a defensive circle around their ally. With his surroundings secure he focused his energy into swinging his axe into the knee cap of the Decay. Dropping to the ground the Minotaur rammed his horn into the Decay’s heart. Beheading it quickly the men fell back to the defensive line while I laid down cover fire. Once they made it back to the line I drew my cutlass, and jumped into the fray. Beheading them left, and right things were going well until the hole widened as the Queen fell out. Upon touch down the hole collapsed in on itself leaving us with a shit ton of Decay.

“Drakken! Take some men, and back up your brother! Fifty men isn’t going to be enough!”, I said.

“Can you hold the line?”, he replied.

“Don’t keep me waiting forever! I am not a god after all!”, I replied with a grin.

Laughing he took three hundred men, and ran to assist his brother. Deciding that it was time to use my new weapon I pulled it out of storage. Thanks to Lucilla’s hard work, and my knowledge we had made a down, and dirty rail gun. Switching my job to Lightning mage I charged the gun up, and pulled the trigger. Firing out of the seven-foot barrel the bullet accelerated to thirty times the speed of sound causing me to slide backwards. Slicing through the first twenty feet of enemies like butter they turned into red piles of flesh.

“Oh damn!”, I said grinning ear to ear, “Lucilla is getting a lot of love tonight!!”

Firing off three more shots I set the rail gun down to cool as the barrel was red-hot. Drawing my sword again I rushed through the carnage slamming my free into the next Decay.

“Advance! Don’t let up!!”, I shouted back to the men.

Rushing forward we took advantage of the Decay being in disarray, and slaughtered them. Pushing them back I eventually got the Minotaurs to rush forward while we gave them support. As we advanced we narrowed our spread to pick-up speed as we dove head first into the Queen’s finally defenses. Putting up a desperate attempt to keep us back she had her guards basically suicide run us trying to take as many of us as they could out. Thankfully the Giants had giant clubs twenty feet long so they managed to clear away the majority of them. Those who did make it through gave us some problems.

“These bastards are stronger than normal!”, I said slicing one in half, “Take out the Queen if you have a shot. Don’t hold back on account of us!”

Stuck in a deadlock the men were cleaning up the remaining Decay behind us. One of Drakken’s General’s was fighting next to me trying to clear a path to take a shot. When the opening appeared he used a massive Fireball to engulf the Queen. Smacking him I gave the orders to the men.

“FALL BACK!! GET CLEAR SHE IS GOING TO BLOW!!”, I said grabbing the general, “I can’t believe you did that! You should only use Fire magic in an open area not a city when fighting a Queen!! Her blood is highly flammable for a few hours after they arrive!”

It wasn’t more than ten seconds after impact that she exploded sending her soldiers, and us flying into around the city. Crashing through several homes I finally stopped just a few feet from a the castle walls. Having lost my sense of balance thanks to the explosion it was a few minutes before I could stand again. Running back to the fighting area I found we had taken quite the loss from that explosions hundreds of men lay in pieces across the ground. Shaking my head for such a blunder Drakken, and Redmond returned. Asking Marigold, who had just stumbled back, and I what happened we informed him of the general’s blunder.

“You have got to be kidding me…”, he said holding his face in his hand, “Which one was it?”

“General Bullcam.”, Marigold said, “The damn bastard is probably in pieces now.”

“Got that right.”, I said, “How is it looking on your end?”

“You were right to send back up. We arrived in the nick of time to save him, and his men.”, Drakken said.

“Well that’s good. I am sure we may have few left in the sewers. It be a wise choice to beef up the guards till we can confirm that though. They shouldn’t be much trouble with the Queen gone though.”, I said stretching out.

Returning to the castle we left the men to clean up the debris, and rescue any survivors from the wreckage. Sitting down in the King’s study we sat back with a cup of tea relaxing our tired bodies. Having been in constant combat for the last five hours we were exhausted. Thanking me for my assistance he slid me the fragment I was promised which I promptly stowed in my personal storage.

“I am going home to pass the hell out. Here’s a Message Pad to write me if I am needed.”, I said handing him the item.

With a slight bow I teleported home. Walking in the front door I was immediately bombarded by the girls. Dragged into the bathroom they gave me a once over to ensure I was in one piece. When they were satisfied I had the opportunity to soak in a hot bath to relieve my sore body. The after effects of summoning the God of War were still evident as I was exhausted after something that should have been a cake walk for me. Sliding into the tub at first nothing seemed off till I found Diana, and Brittany scooting close to me. Noticing the absence of their bellies pushing against my arm I open my eyes, and looked at them.

“Did you…”, I said.

“Yes, within fifteen minutes of each other.”, Diana said with a smile, “We are exhausted.”

Having the five of them gather around I rubbed their backs to help relieve some of their soreness. Purring contently they enjoyed the massage I gave them before starting to drift off to sleep. After getting my pajama’s back on I fell into bed with the five of them. Wiggling her way into my embrace Dola stared at me intently to which I hugged her tightly.

“I could use my Dola cuddle buddy.”, I said with a smile.

Burying her face into my chest I passed out a few minutes later from exhaustion. Not waking up till late morning the next day we began official preparations for the wedding. Sitting down through many different discussions I prayed on the inside that things would go smoothly, but being me…they didn’t.


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