The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 55: A Night to Remember

Walking up the next morning to Kate milking me in her warm hole I gave her a smile. Teasing her a bit I started hammer her fertile hole. Today, according to her horoscope apparently, Kate was good to go for a baby which was why she was doing it so early today. Putting her legs on my shoulders got just far enough in kiss her baby room. Telling see needed it badly I kept kissing it till her ogre womb kissed back as it drank my seed. Giving it to her she came all over my friend with excitement before pulling me into her soft valleys. Escaping briefly to kiss her, and give her my affection she smiled again.

“I am so excited!”, she whispered like a giddy school girl.

Rubbing her belly I smiled at her.

“I can’t wait to see our beautiful child.”, I said, “They will definetly take after their beautiful mother.”

“Thank you!”, she said, “Now show this naughty ogre what happens when she is a bad girl.”

Messing around with her for a while the others eventually woke to give me the normal morning kisses. Heading down for breakfast the new chef made us a great breakfast before heading to his next job.

“He is a really good cook!”, Amber said.

“Are you saying my cooking wasn’t?”, Entia said.

“You make beautiful things.”, I said with a wink.

“…how can I get upset about that compliment..!”, she said turning away with a red face.

After breakfast we started sifting through records that Celestina had saved in her storage when George showed up. Showing him into the study Karmin ran to fetch us some tea. Looking at all the women George looked at me with a straight face.

“Saving any women for the rest of the single men?”, he asked.

“I am done adding to the group. It won’t get any bigger than this…they will kill me if it does.”, I said with a dry laugh.

“Darius wasn’t joking that you picked up quite a famous woman…”, he said looking at Celestina, “Who are the other four elves?”

“Jen is the Wood Elf, Allie is the Dark Elf, Brynhildr is the High Elf, and Joanna is the Ground Elf.”, I told him, “Jen is the Priestess of Earth, Allie is the Priestess of Fire, Brynhildr is the Priestess of Light, and Joanna is the Priestess of Darkness.”

Looking at him I knew what he was about to say.


“I am sure you made them holely women!”, he laughed.

Everyone in the room wasn’t impressed with the joke except the two of us. I was unable to laugh because I had the women glaring me down. Clearing my throat I changed gears asking him the reason for his visit.

“Wanted to touch base with you about your knowledge of our neighbor continent.”, he said, “I thought we could speak in something called a mancave?”

“Ah! Darius told you about that.”, I said, “He with you?”

“Yes, he is waiting outside the door. Something about his wife not wanting to intrude.”, George said.

“She a White Lioness?”, Amber asked.

“Yes, you met her?”, he asked.

As the women’s eyes narrowed I grabbed George, and ducked out for the mancave. Snagging Darius I ran off to the mancave to avoid the fireworks display. Sitting them down I brought us over some beers as we kicked back in the room. Some of the furniture I had commissioned had arrived, and I had put them in place. Currently for entertainment I had a pool table, basketball hoop, and a ping-pong table. Taking an interest in the pool table they asked how one played so I showed them. After two practice rounds both of them got a hang of the game, and were catching up to me really quick. Sitting back with a beer in hand I let them play for a bit while we discussed things.

“So what exactly did you want to know?”, I asked.

“Well, with winter here again all of the nations on this continent are looking to trade with our neighbors come spring time. We haven’t spoken to them in years so we don’t know the situation.”, he said.

“Ah, I see.”, I said nodding my head, “Let me fill you in on the details of what I know.”

Running through the details both of them asked a handful of questions. When it came time to discuss which nation they should trade with I stopped for a moment.

“You know, I think inviting the only King I have met there here would work best.”, I said teleporting to Dredmoria to speak with Drakken.

Saying yes after mentioning beer his brother, their wives, his wife, and him came with us. Parting to speak with the other women the men went to the cave to kick back. Introducing them Duke Redmond was a bit hesitant.

“I will be honest these two guys don’t discriminate, but they will tell it like it is.”, I said.

“That’s fine with me.”, Drakken said, “No point in being nice all the time. Makes people soft.”

“Ain’t that the fucking truth!”, George laughed, “Twinkle toes here has gone through more wives than a serial killer.”

“Oh hush it you old windbag!”, Darius snapped.

“Make me!”, George retorted.

Relaxing the six of us gathered round for a game of ping-pong. The first serve was all it took to get us in a competitive mood. Thankfully I had gone with the extra wide table so we were comfortable playing the game. Playing much harder than a normal player the paddles were taking a beating. All of us were so in to it we failed to noticed the eyes peering in on us.

“You damn cheater!”, George said, “Using your wings to blow the ball around!”

“You must be seeing things.”, Duke Merigold laughed.

“Bullshit! If I had a fancy ass pair of wings I’d do shit like that too!”, George said.

“Man, your drunk! He doesn’t even have wings!”, I laughed.

All of us started laughing as we enjoyed our time together out in the hall another discuss was going on.

“I haven’t seen my husband act this childish since he was a boy.”, Drakken’s wife said.

“Me neither. I thought they replaced my husband when I saw him.”, Duke Redmond’s wife said.

“George has gotten this slammed since the end of coronation ceremony.”, his wife said.

“It must be the bond they have.”, Darius’s wife said with a smile, “Maybe this mancave idea isn’t so bad. I don’t see anything inappropriate.”

Everyone nodded after looking through the crack. Satisfied with their husbands enjoying themselves they returned to the study while I got the next game set up. Lining up cups partially filled with different alcohol mixes the men were a bit puzzled.

“This is a game we played back in college.”, I said, “You where a blindfold, and throw the ping-pong ball gently on to the table. Which ever cup the ball lands in you have to drink. If you miss you have to take a shot of everything I have on tap at once.”

“Which is?”, George asked.

“Three beers, five vodka’s, and several different rums.”, I said.

“Oh shit!”, Drakken laughed, “This sounds very interesting!”

Halfway through the game we were thoroughly wasted having a jolly time. Having to call it quits for the night I gave everyone an anti-hangover pill. This would prevent a terrible headache the next day so it was well worth it. Taking Drakken, and family home I stumbled back into our bedroom looking at the women. Smiling at me they started giggling as I was bearly able to walk straight. Passing out with Celestina in my arms when I returned to Dredmoria to see Drakken the next day his wife seemed in very high spirits.

“Hey James, about the party last night…is it possible to hold more of them?”, he asked, “My brothers, and I had a blast last night. We get along with those men really well.”

“How does every Friday night sound? That was the norm in my world.”, I said.

“Sounds like a plan!! I have to beat you lot in a game of ping-pong!!”, he said with a smile.

“Haha, I look forward to your attempt.”, I said, “Anyways, how go the preparation?”

“Thanks to your warning I increased surveillance to look for signs of the breach. We found the location that is going to break, and evacuated the area. We also sent off the scent bait like you suggested, and the signs are good a smaller breach is following the scent. Sadly, it only appears to be a small portion, but it removes some of the threat from our hands.”, he said, “My magicians say it will break sooner than expect thanks in part to the weather. The magic flow is weaker this time of year so the breach is expanding quicker than normal. Had we left already we wouldn’t have made it back in time.”

“Agreed, so the plan now is to have our men monitor the breach closely. We are hoping it won’t happen at night as it would cause many problems for us.”, Duke Redmond said.

“Okay, do you have a rough time frame for it to break? I want to make sure I am here to help is all.”, I said.

“Anytime starting tomorrow morning.”, Drakken said.

“Alright, I will be here in the morning to help out anyway I can.”, I said.

Thanking me we parted ways. Informing Darius, and George of Drakken’s request they were adamant about beating him. Agreeing to a end of week party only a normal basis they were excited about it. Giving them a head’s up about the breach over Dredmoria’s capital their faces darkened. The fall of Flamoria was still fresh in everyone’s mind so to hear that another nation was about to endure the same thing was quite sad. Leaving them to plan for Friday’s men’s night I returned home. Walking inside I gave the children the regular love I always did, and went to meet with the others. Currently pouring over the papers their expressions said they had found something.

“What’s up?”, I asked.

“Well, the others mentioned you were looking for the Fragments of God. Normally we wouldn’t help with it, but after what the demigod did to our nation we are happy to help.”, Celestina said.

“I take it you found a piece?”, I said.

“Well…”, she said looking at me, “Our nation had one in the royal treasure room, however the demigod beat it out of the Queen. He took it after making a mockery of her, and then threw her to the Decay.”

“That is good to know.”, I said nodding my head, “That means I need to be carefully summoning the God of War. A mistimed summon could end him.”

Giving her a kiss she turned bright red hiding her face. Getting stares from everyone else I gave them a kiss as payment for their hard work. Five of them continued looking at me waiting for something. Pretending to not understand the five of them puffed their cheeks out. Not being able to handle the cuteness I brought them to my side of the desk.

“These are engagement rings same as Diana’s. I intend to hand-make each of your bands myself. Currently I have a posting at the guild out for the special materials I have in mind for the official bands.”, I said putting a ring on the demon women in my harem.

With sparkling eyes they became like schoolgirl’s acting all adorable showing them off to each other. Turning around I placed one on everyone’s ring finger, including Dola’s. With everyone wearing one in the room the atmosphere was very nice. Peaking in from the door Karmin looked a bit disappointed. Leaning forward they gave me a look that said she gets one as well. Smiling I produced one out of my pocket, and walked over to her.

“You are in the harem, and have been for a while. Just realize you still have a few years of punishment left before you can enjoy all the benefits.”, I said.

“If the baby will get the same affection as your other children I will be alright.”, she said, “The baby’s happiness is my top concern.”

“The baby will have a loving father I promise you that.”, I said kissing her forehead.

Running off with a small skip I returned to the others. Excitedly Jessica handed me the first issue of our in house magazine. Several local businesses advertised in it so it was a very cheap prices overall per copy. Flipping through it I skimmed the true story of my harem, and then got to the model pictures. Seeing Jessica’s pictures I saw she wrote something in it.

“A smoking hot women with a beautiful baby on board…”, I said looking at her, “Your fans are going to flip.”

“She isn’t the only one.”, Ariel, Catherine, and Cynthia said, “We are as well.”

“Is that why you were so desperate?”, I said looking at Kate.

“Yes, I didn’t want to get left behind.”, she said with a smile, “I feel pretty good about it now though. This morning felt like it stuck really well.”

“I am glad to here that.”, I said, “Now, about the ball you girls wanted to go too. In light of the breach over the capital they have put it off this year.”

Their shoulders dropped hearing that.

“However, I still want to go dancing with you. The breach can open anytime from here on out.”, I told them, “Next Sunday, I want to go dancing with you. Saturday I have plans with Amber.”

Nodding with a big smile Amber tried her best to hide her excitement. With plans made I asked the five pregnant women how they were coming along. Each of them said things appeared to be well, and that they really wanted them to come soon. Everyone looked at me, and informed me their goal.

“We want a baby in the works before or on the wedding night.”, they said.

Staggering backwards that thought flashed through my mind. It didn’t sound bad, but the mood swings might kill me. It was my job though to have kids with them so I gave in pretty easily. Telling the elves in the group it may not happen for them they smiled saying they had a plan. Nodding on the inside I walked up to Diana wrapping my arms around her. Purring in my embrace I whispered something into her ear.

“Darius has officially announced his termination of marriage with you.”, I said, “You are publically my woman from now on. I intend to demonstrate that on a private date with you at a later time. Want to ensure the nobles of the Regulos Empire get the point you aren’t open for a relationship now.”

“I look forward to it.”, she said kissing my neck, “My darling husband.”

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