The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 54: The Elf and the Boy

“So who is this Elf?!”, Amber said grabbing my shirt, “I knew about Sasha as you previously told me of her, but who is the Ancient Elf!!”

“Well…”, I said struggling with how to say it.

“Out with it!!”, they said.

“It roughly two weeks after I left Atlas that I met her in town. She was visiting family in Everwood, and had stopped here in her way back to her ship in Flamoria. She lives in a small nation called Heatherherth.”, I said.

“Wait, Heatherherth is a nation of Ancient Elves most races consider the original race.”, Almina said, “You managed to court one? The younger one’s might-”

“She is the Grand Priestess.”, I said.

Everyone gasped looking me in the eye. When they realized I wasn’t lying they grabbed me shaking me nearly to death.

“Do you realize how big of a mess you could have caused!! One complaint from her would have gotten you killed!!”, they snapped.

“She came to me, and at the time I was still taking in the fact that I was in another world. I took the offer she gave me which satisfied both of us. When I woke up the next day I found this dagger, and a note telling me to find her when I was strong enough.”, I said.

“Why didn’t you tell us!!”, they said.

“I never brought it up because Amber likes her number one position.”, I said, “She’d be number two if Celestina joined us.”

Everyone stopped for a moment looking me including the others in the room.

“…who..?”, they said.

“Her name is Celestina.”, I said, “Why does it-”


“She isn’t the Grand Priestess?”, I asked.

“No, she is. The thing is though she is THE Grand Priestess. Elves, depending on their kind, practice different customs.”, Almina said, “All of them branch from one central religion that she oversee’s.”

“To think our husband has slept with such a woman is unbelievable!”, Kate said in shock.

“I know, if she said she did to the public he would be on a level above most King’s.”, Brittany said, “Even father would be beneath him.”

Looking at Darius he gulped.

“That explains why your growth shot up. You received her affection, and continue too. How else would the difference between the Heroes originally be so big?”, he said.

“So she is the one you want as the final woman in our group?”, Sapphire said, “I approve as she is the reason we have him today.”

“Agreed!”, everyone said.

Looking at Amber she looked me in the eyes.

“You won’t love me any less with her taking the number one spot in your heart?”, Amber said.

“Technically all of you come after our children.”, I teased, “My love for you will never change. That goes for every one of you. I swear to cherish all of you for all my days.”

“If that is the case I am okay with her.”, Amber said nodding her head, “If the love we share only grows more I won’t complain.”

Picking her up I gave her a big kiss. Wrapping her arm, and legs around me she kissed me back. Smiling after we separated our lips she looked satisfied with my action. Releasing me she brushed herself off.

“We should fetch her immediately.”, Amber said.

“Easier said than done. She is a few months away by boat.”, I shrugged, “It’s not like you can just shoot me over there.”

“Actually…”, Lucilla said, “I have a device that can do it, but I haven’t launched people before.”

“I see.”, I said, “Let me guess…you want to use me as a test subject?”

“Yes, I think I can get you close after I crunch the numbers.”, Lucilla said.

“Close…”, I said with a gulp.

“With in a few miles of their capital.”, she said with a thumbs up.

“Great…”, I said, “Either crash into someones home, or crash into the earth. Sounds like a charming way to meet her again.”

“Make a parachute.”, Ruby said.

“I already have one for him.”, Lucilla said teleporting us back to the mansion.

Bringing her machine out into the front of the house I realized she had made a rocket. Having seen a video of it on my phone she developed the technology to see if she could replicate it. As they were strapping me in I looked at them with a serious expression.

“Is this payback for not telling about her?”, I said.

“No idea what you’re talking about.”, they said tightening me extra hard into the harness.

Backing away Lucilla ran the math quickly, and then made the necessary adjustments. Asking for a countdown so I could brace myself she opted to just launch me. Rammed into the seat my body felt like I was being turned into a pancake. Next thing I knew I was seeing the continent from space.

“The heck she use for fuel!!”, I snapped, “If I wasn’t built this tough I would have been crushed to death!”

Enjoying the view for a few minutes the rocket started to descend on its arc trajectory. Coming down in the rocket the thing started vibrating something awful till I hit cloud level. At that point the rocket fell apart leaving me strapped to a chair that was hurtling towards a massive city.

“Shit!”, I said releasing the harness.

Jumping off it I pulled my parachute cord only to find it didn’t do a damn thing. With a sigh I collide with an abandoned building a few moments later. Tearing through multiple floors I stopped after going through twenty floors. Moaning in pain I rolled over gasping for air.

“I am sorry!”, I shouted at the sky.

Giving myself a few minutes to calm down I got up, and brushed myself off. Causally walking outside I was ready for an earful from the elves, however that didn’t happen. Stepping outside, now without the air blasting my face, I saw the ruined scenery of an elven city. Buildings, greenery, and all manner of life was no longer present.

“The heck happened here!”, I said running to a large temple structure.

Before I reached the door I slammed into a barrier. Using my senses I found the hidden access point, and slipped inside unnoticed. Cautiously walking inside I kept my rifle out in case whoever caused this destruction was hiding in here. Going room to room I finally spotted one with a light flickering inside. After a moment I kicked the door in, and pointed my rifle inside.

“Celestina!!”, I said seeing her cowering in the corner.

Seeing me it took her a moment to register who I was. When it hit her she burst into tears. Embracing me tightly she appeared to be starving, and quite terrified of something. Holding her tightly I stroked her hair till she calmed down.

“James, I-“, she said before I stole her lips.

Kissing her passionately she returned my advance breathing heavily. Parting lips after a few moments she looked up at me.

“James, you shouldn’t have come. I appreciate your coming to save me, but I can leave now. They are after me!”, she said in a panic.

“Who is after you!”, I demanded, “I won’t let anyone harm you.”

“It’s the Decay, they attacked us several months ago unannounced. We held them back for a short time, but a demigod intervened…he slaughtered our army with the Decay, and…and…”, she said.

Holding her tightly I let her bawl her eyes out. In between her tears I made out that this continent had abandoned Heatherherth to its fate. With no help the Ancient Elves were overrun in a few weeks. As far as she knew she was the only one left. Having been stuck here all this time she had been without any food for a month.

“I am taking you with me!”, I said, “I don’t give a damn about your status! I told you back then that I would make you my bride, and come hell or high water I am doing it.”

“You really meant it.”, she said hugging me tightly, “I thought all this time I have been alone that you were just joking. To hear you say it I want to be with you. You are the only man who treats me like a woman, and not like an idol or baby maker. I want to be your wife no matter how many women you have!”

“Wait, you know about the others?”, I asked.

“Yes, I have been watching you the last four years. I know all about it, but I was worried the promise you made was only for show.”, she said, “For you to come here to save me…I feel so terrible about doubting you.”

Hearing a loud noise outside the temple. Clinging to me tightly I carried her outside. Surrounding the temple hundreds of Decay were trying to get into the barrier. Activating my God of War blessing a thousand soldiers appeared near me. Covered in red aura these men organized themselves according to my orders. Looking at them I realized they were a mix of Greek, Roman, and Persian soldiers.

“Companies Advance! I want no Decay left alive!”, I said, “I leave it to your company commanders to organize the offensive!!”

With the men marching forward I thought they would meet some resistance. Fortunately, that didn’t happen because when they started attacking the Decay they were cutting them like butter. I could feel the drain on my magic from materializing the men. Giving them a few minutes to kill the Decay we watched from behind the barrier. When they finished off the Decay nearby I released my blessing as I was losing quite a bit of magic.

“Are you okay?”, Celestina asked.

“Yes, just a little tired. Where are the other temples? Some of my women mentioned there should have been more than one.”, I said.

“They are a few blocks from here in the Temple of the Divines.”, she said.

Nodding I took off running through the defeated Decay following her directions. Running into a few Decay I mercilessly crushed then under my feet. Spotting the temple Celestina sensed the barrier, and made us a small opening. As we passed through her face lit up.

“I can feel their presence! Some of them are still here!”, she said.

Blowing the door open I set Celestina down. Finding four elven women kneeling in prayer they turned around to see us. When they spotted Celestina their faces lit up like hers. Hugging each other tightly the five of them seemed to be in high spirits. Walking over to them they asked Celestina who I was.

“This is the man I told you about.”, she said, “He came here to save me.”

Wrapping my arms around her as I laid my chin on her shoulder. Seeing us they smiled saying we looked very cute. Being just slightly shorter than me Celestina was a beautiful women. With amazing measurements, silky smooth skin that had a slight glow to it, and her pearlescent blue eyes with blonde hair to hide them behind when she was embarrassed she was in all rights the perfect woman. Looking at me the four of them asked to come with us.

“I was going to anyways. You are her friends after all. It wouldn’t be right to leave you behind.”, I said.

“You will take them as yours as well right?”, Celestina said, “They have no family left.”

“…that isn’t for me to decide…the others will have to make that call.”, I said, “Either way they are coming with us.”

Holding hands I teleported us back to the mansion. Upon seeing us the others weren’t happy. Before they blew a gasket I explained what I found, and showed them photos. The mood changed completely when they realized they were the only five who had made it. Right out the door the four elves asked permission to be in the harem.

“You will have to wait.”, Amber said, “After the wedding I think it will be alright.”

“Wedding?”, Celestina said confused.

“I will explain over a meal. The five of you must be starving.”, I reminded her.

Nodding we sat down for a light meal which Karmin brought out. Sitting her on my lap after everyone was served we started discussing the events as they happened. Hearing how the demigod raped, pillaged, and leveled the country the girls seemed very upset. Looking at me I could tell Celestina wanted me to hold her. Sitting Karmin next to me she was burying herself in my chest moments later.

“My image of the Grand Priestess of all elves has changed…completely.”, Amber said, “She is a bigger threat than I thought!”

“Calm down, she has been locked away by herself for sometime.”, I said, “Cut her some slack.”

“Well that is true.”, Amber said with a sigh.

Holding her tightly I looked at the other women with a wink. Catching on quickly we were upstairs in a flash. Gently removing her clothing she backed into wrapping her left arm around my neck she lifted her leg like it artwork. Seeing her naked body again I couldn’t help, but look her over. Sliding into her very welcoming hole I made up for lost time. Beating the heck out of her slit she kissed me repeatedly enjoying our reunion.

“I don’t care about what the elves will think. You are our man, and we love you.”, Celestina said squeezing a load out of me.

After apologizing to everyone else to their heart’s content I turned to the four priestesses who had been watching us. Looking at me with flush red faces I waved them over. Claiming them as my women I satisfied their urges, and filled their drop dead beautiful bodies. While Karmin cleaned me off Amber, and company wiggled closely to me.

“So?”, she said looking me in the eyes.

“The harem is complete. No more additions except the little ones into our family.”, I said with smile.

Nodding with satisfaction Amber snuggled up with me. Leaning forward I told her something.

“I found that item you have been looking for.”, I said.

“Which one?”, she replied.

“That very special one you have been after for a while now.”, I said.

“You mean!”, she said with a big smile.

“Yes, you are next. Can I take you on a date next Saturday? It will be a full moon that night so it will be just like you wanted.”, I said.

Kissing me repeatedly she smiled the biggest I had ever seen as she nodded. Promising for it to be just the two of us she happily agreed to the date. With that decided upon all of us fell asleep after an exhausting day.

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