The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 53: When the Tough Get Going

Leaving the mansion after a nice breakfast I sat down with Drakken, and his family. Looking at him in his eyes he realized something was wrong.

“Has something happen?”, he asked a bit edgy.

“I assume in the past Heroes were contacted by the gods they were blessed by?”, I asked him.

“Yes, I do believe that is the case.”, he said, “Why, does the God of War not like our nation?”

“That isn’t the problem. He seemed to like your nation enough to give me a warning for its safety.”, I said.

With sighs all around Drakken asked what the problem was.

“He said that if we leave to retake the farmland you lost the capital will be defenseless when the next breach happens. In the chaos your neighbors will seize the capital as the men you would leave behind would be exhausted.”, I said.

“WHAT!”, Drakken said rising to his feet, “Another breach! Where will this happen!?”

I pointed directly up causing all of them to panic.

“You’re saying that the breach will happen here…”, Drakken said falling back into his seat, “Our armed forces could handle them-”

“This isn’t on the same scale as before.”, I said, “They way he was describing it the breach would be similar to what occurred over Flamoria on the other continent…”

“How many did they lose?”, he asked.

Looking at him with a grim expression his face lost its color.

“The entire was lost in a little under a month. The combined military might of three nations wasn’t enough to hold back their advance. Their King died in combat leaving behind his wife, and two daughters.”, I said, “Out of the twenty million citizens the nation boasted only around half a million got away. That was only in part to my intervention when the form King of Atlas wouldn’t give his aid to them.”

“Are you putting us on the same level of those humans!!”, Duke Redmond said.

“I am saying you will survive the onslaught, but you will be exhausted from it.”, I snarled, “You can’t lie to my face saying you can take on a million or so Decay in a matter of hours only to fight your neighbors afterwards. You may be strong, but even you have your limits.”

Gritting his teeth he gave in as I was giving the demons the benefit of being able to fend off the assault. He knew deep down that after an assault of that scale they would be in poor condition to resist their neighbors. Looking at his wife he turned to me looking me dead in the eyes.

“What do you suggest we do?”, he asked.

Smiling I was hoping he would ask.

“As you know in the past it has been proven that the scent of their Queen can guide at least forty percent of a swarm just with that alone.”, I said looking at Drakken.

“I don’t follow.”, he said.

“What do you think would happen if someone were to set a scent bait on say Rainford’s border?”, I said with a smile, “Roughly forty percent of the swarm would go that direction leaving you men to fight many less Decay.”

“That would be seen as an attack by us.”, Drakken said.

“Not if they took it from you in a border crossing.”, I said with a smirk, “Where would something considered valuable go?”

“Straight to their capital!”, Duke Redmond said.

“Exactly, they could ask for assistance from other nations leaving those nations with less manpower equaling?”, I said hinting at the point.

“Fewer men for us to fight when we retake our land.”, Drakken said with a smile, “We could use a known criminal to carry it across as they would kill him on sight. There would be no harm to us in the slightest. I see your point, and think it is a good option. It would be sweet payback against them for the harassment for the past few years.”

“They would also have to humble themselves to ask for our help!”, Duke Marigold said with a grin, “I sure would like to see that for once.”

With them on board with the plan all we had to do we get that scent gland from another Queen. Fortunately the recent attack to the North in their territory left the body of a Queen for us to use. Setting the plan in motion they immediately began setting up the defenses for the capital. Leaving them to it I returned home for the day much to my family’s joy. Running over to me the little ones were full of excitement seeing me come in the front door. Scooping them up I tossed them into the air gently catching them as they fell into my arms. Giggling with happiness they ran off to play after I gave them each a kiss on the forehead.

“Well looks like the children beat us to you.”, Lucilla said giving me a welcome home kiss.

“They are quite demanding.”, I said with a smile.

“Yes, they take after their father.”, Lucilla teased.

“Come again?”, I laughed.

Walking into the living room I found Clarissa going over designs with the a few of the women. See was looking at updating the look of the rental condo’s I acquired over our vacation. Looking over Sapphire’s shoulder I saw the tropical design they were inspecting. Sensing me behind her Sapphire leaned back into me with a pleasant smile.

“What do you think?”, she asked.

“I’d go with the cream color. If you think about it if the walls were blue it would be overwhelming as the sea, and sky would be blue as well. You’d be looking at blue everywhere then.”, I said.

“I agree. The cream color would look very good with the green you want to tile with.”, Ulthar said.

“I see that.”, Clarissa said, “I think we will go with that then.”

Giving them each a kiss on the lips I wandered off to find the others. Finding them outside training their magic, swordplay, and hand to hand skills I smiled at them. The Heroines were trying their hardest to get stronger so I could only smile at their hard work. Going to my study I found the three vampiress’s lounging around reading the day away. Seeing me Joan called me over.

“What’s up?”, I asked.

“We have a bit of a request to ask you.”, they said nervously.

“Sure, go ahead and ask.”, I said.

“In a few weeks the annual Dredmoria ball will happen in the capital. We were hoping you would take us.”, they said, “…as your official wives to the event…”

Turning red the three women looked away from me.

“What about Kate, and Crystal? They are in the demon race as well.”, I said.

“They left it to us to ask for them.”, Joan said.

“I see. Well if that is the case then I want the five of you to ask the others for permission first. There are others in front of you after all.”, I said, “If you get their blessing I will happily do so.”

Smiling the three of them were gone in a flash. Putting their books away for them I left the study to head to my roughed in man cave. It was in the very early stages of completion with the bar already installed. Having several comfy chairs in the room I could kick back with the boys, and pop a cold one back. Sitting down enjoying my cave for once the women came storming in.

Investigating the room from top to bottom I felt like I was in the middle of a drug raid. Looking at them I asked what they were doing.

“We are ensuring no adult content is in here.”, Amber said searching the chairs.

“Pictures of us are very much allowed so long as it is only you looking at them.”, Jessica said looking in my beer cabinet.

“While you are here did Joan, and company have a word with you?”, I asked.

Stopping what they were doing they turned to the three vampiress’s. Asking them what I meant they gathered their courage, and asked the group about what we discussed. Looking at each other they then turned to look at me.

“Why not just get it over with?”, they said, “Diana is already married to you so why can’t we?”

“Technically, I gave her a ring. Until Darius disown’s her I can’t have the ceremony done.”, I said rubbing my shoulder.

“That’s just an excuse!”, Brittany said crossing her arms.

Nodding in agreement they all looked at me. With a sigh I caved as they were my weakness.

“Fine, but after the five little ones are born.”, I said, “No need to stress the five of them out.”

“That works!”, they said with smiles, “If that is the case the five of you are allowed to go ahead with it.”

“Thanks!”, they said with smiles.

Eagerly discussing things I just stared at them.

“What’s wrong?”, Ruby asked.

“Well normally women don’t come in the mancave.”, I said.

“You don’t have anyone here so it’s alright.”, she replied waving her hand.

Closing the door I took me shirt off.

“There are exceptions to the rule of course, and you are about to find out what they are.”, I said with a smile.

Making passionate love to them I carried them one by one to bed when we finished. Falling into bed with them at first light they were planning the weddings. Teleporting to Darius’s castle I went to meet with him. I left a marker here for teleportation as traveling here all the time was a pain when the mode of transport was a carriage. Finding him in his study he seemed surprised to see me.

“I thought you had something to attend to?”, he questioned.

“An issue arose that changed those plans.”, I said, “I am here to knock that request of yours out.”

“OH!”, he said standing up, “Where are we starting at?”

“Well before I meet Amber there was a place near the border I frequented.”, I said, “There is a lady there I think you will find to your liking. Last I knew she was very single, and ready to mingle.”

“Lead the way!”, he said with a grin.

“Okay, let’s get two horses ready then.”, I said.

After getting two of his fastest horses ready we set off for the border with Everwood, and Atlas. Reaching our goal in two days time thanks to the horses we tied them up for water in a medium-sized tourist town. Currently quiet right now as tourist season wasn’t here yet we easily made our way to a bar called, The Gal Ranch. Walking inside I thought Darius was going to have a heart attack spotting the bearly clothed women. Before he took off I grabbed him.

“Calm down, she is very fickle about her men. If you can win her over she will send you to heaven, and back.”, I said.

“Very well.”, he said correcting himself.

Walking to the bar the barkeeper spotted me.

“Long time no see, James. How has life been for you?”, he asked.

“Been busy, I have a harem now.”, I said.

“So you finally made one? That’s great! Sasha will be upset to hear that thought.”, he said.

“Is she still here?”, I said, “I thought she would have moved on by now.”

“Nope, she is still very much here.”, he said, “If you are tied down now what brings you here?”

“Ah, is Everest still working here? I have a buddy here who is dying to meet her.”, I said.

“Yes, let me get her for you.”, he said, “Everest! You have someone who wants to meet you!”

Rising up from the sitting area she turned to see us. The moment Darius saw her his jaw dropped. Everest was a rare White Lioness women in her mid thirties now. Considered rare only because of the genetic mutation that makes her snow-white in all other ways she is a normal Lioness. Walking over she gave me a friendly smile, and a wave. Never taking his eyes off her as she approached he was mesmerized by her walk.

“It’s been a while James.”, she said, “Have you become a King? Is that why you are here now, just for me?”

“Actually, I have the real deal with me.”, I said pointing to Darius.

Realizing his presences for the first time she smiled.

“You brought me our King. This is quite the gift.”, she said.

“Go easy on him please.”, I said with a wink.

Offering him her arm he quickly took it, and walked out with him to go on a date. Seeing them walk out with pleasant smiles I put my faith in him. Sitting back with a beer a familiar face showed up.

“James…is that you!!”, a woman said with a big smile, “I thought you died! Why haven’t you come to see me! I am your special girl here after all!”

“I have a harem now, Sasha.”, I said, “They are the reason I haven’t returned. I owe them my complete attention as they are mine completely.”

Sitting next to me Sasha, a Slime Woman, looked me in the eyes.

“You are my man!”, she snapped, “I don’t care what you say those other women are to you, but I am your woman!”

“You, and I have history I admit. I offered you the chance to come with as my woman long before the harem came about. You’re the one who turned me down because you felt I couldn’t support you.”, I reminded her, “Isn’t that how it happen, Pat?”

“Yeah, it happen up here at the bar.”, he said wiping his beer glasses down.

Trying to grab me I disappeared from her sight appearing behind her.

“I am not the same as I was back then. My blessings, and power are far greater than they were before.”, I said looking at her, “You are going to have to move on. I only have room for one more woman, and she doesn’t live on this continent or the neighboring one.”

“You’re not still going on about finding that Ancient Elf you met that one time here, are you?”, she said narrowing her eyes, “For all you know she died on the trip back to her country.”

“I intend to find her come hell, or high water.”, I said pulling out a small dagger, “That one night was enough for me to never want to forget her.”

“You’re the one that needs to move on! You only need me not the stupid elf, or those jackasses in your harem. If they were here I would-“, she started to say.

Letting off a large amount of blood lust she shut up immediately.

“You can talk smack about me, but they are off-limits.”, I said, “Threaten them, and I will end you regardless of our past.”

Waiting for Darius to return from his date I spoke with the other women in the bar. Reminiscing of old times the hour grew late when he returned with his head hung low. Following in after him Everest seemed unimpressed.

“I thought royalty would have proper manners.”, she said, “I guess my dream of being a royal wife ends here. I will take that offer you left me last time you were here, James.”

“…say what now?”, I said confused, “I don’t remember any promise from before? The only one I spent time with was Sasha.”

“Don’t you remember you told me when you became a proper Hero you wanted me?”, she said, “It was the first thing you said after I told you no the only time you asked me.”

Thinking back I couldn’t remember saying anything like that. Before I could question here thirty plus women appeared glaring at Sasha, and Everest. Unsurprisingly the women hadn’t let me go so easily. Having planted a monitoring device in the lining of my coat they had been following the trek the whole time. Overhearing Sasha, and then Everest was too much for them. They were now beating the heck out of them like it was normal.

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