The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 52: The Beast King Tournament Part 3

“James, stay with us!”, Ruby said shaking my body, “You aren’t allowed to die! Do you hear me, you aren’t allow too!”

Casting, and recasting healing spells on me the women were in a panic. Nothing was working as far as they could tell, and there wasn’t any signs I was coming back. Desperate Lucilla took out a few potions, and put the liquids in her mouth. Forcing them down my throat she had the women retry the healing magic. This time they were getting a response from me which made them increase their casting. Those unable to use healing magic were trying to keep it together as Darius arrived.

“What’s his condition?!”, Darius said.

“It isn’t good!”, Lilian said, “We are getting a response, but it isn’t enough! Were going to lose him if we don’t do something fast!”

“Papa, help him!”, Dola said pulling on her dad’s arm with tears pouring out of her eyes.

Running up from the stands a local doctor stepped up.

“I may have a solution!”, he said, “It is risky, but-”

“Just do it!”, everyone snapped.

Taking out a small red vile from his coat pocket he dropped two small dabs of the substance on my tongue. At first there was no reaction, but then my body started glowing red. After a few moments my breathing returned to normal, but I was still unconscious. Seeing that I was breathing again the women started to break down into tears as they hugged me nearly to death again.

“That isn’t Phoenix Blood, is it?”, Darius asked.

“Yes, I only have a small amount.”, he said.

“That’s why I feel so weird…”, I said with a moan.

Looking at me I stared back at them with a groggy smile.

“What did I miss?”, I asked trying to act funny.

“You bastard!”, Amber said smacking me across the face, “Do you realize you were dead there, and that if he didn’t have Phoenix tears on him you-”

“I would have been out cold for three hours before waking up again.”, I said.

“…what…”, they said glaring at me, “You’re saying you knew this would happen!!”

“I reached the point were I could use that power a month or so ago. I have only used it like three times so of course I couldn’t be certain.”, I said, “I took the gamble because…when he said that about Dola my anger got the best of me. I wasn’t going to let that sick bastard harm her, or any of you.”

Smiles returned to their faces as they hugged me tightly. Kissing each of them to calm them down I stood up with some assistance from the girls.

“Well Darius…are we on for tomorrow?”, I asked with a grin.

“You seriously don’t know when to quit!”, he laughed.

“Says the man who fought me ten times in one day thinking he could improve himself with an hour of training.”, I said with a chuckle.

“Shut up!”, he said, “Don’t bring that up now!”

The women started laughing seeing his reaction which made him sulk.

“So what will it be Darius?”, I asked.

“I will yelled to you solely based on the fact that you are the Apostle of the God of War.”, he said, “Therefore I give you the right as the victor to one kingly order to use however you see fit.”

Turning to the four women who were shaking their tails I looked them in the eyes.

“By my decree then, the four of you are no longer staff in my household. You are now full-fledged fiancée’s of mine in my harem.”, I ordered, “Upon Dola’s thirteenth birthday you will become my wives the same as everyone else.”

Smiling with beaming smiles they wiped the tears out of their eyes as they happily followed my order. Approaching me I gave each of them a passionate kiss like I would any of the other women. Seeing how happy they were the crowd started cheering with excitement. Seeing four women just out of the normal marrying age becoming engaged to a man who fought just for them made the single women in the audience sigh dreaming of the day it may happen to them. Smiling ear to ear I was tackled by the four of them as they gave me several more kisses. When they finished I received a medal from Darius for winning the tournament. Thanking him for the medal we left with him back to the castle after we picked our stuff up.

Taking it easy on the trip there I took nap to refresh myself as I as thoroughly exhausted. Waking up later on I found Dola snuggled up tightly in my chest. Stroking her hair softly she smiled peacefully enjoying the movement like a spoiled child. Arriving the next day at the castle we sat down in the study while Darius went to fetch something. While we were waiting the three former princesses entered the room. Swollen up like watermelons the women looked at them with warm smiles. The princesses, however were not so happy about it. Sitting across from us they glared at Hesta, and Susan.

“Long time no see…”, they said to the two of them.

“Yes…not long enough.”, Susan retorted, “Enjoying the life of a Queen yet?”

“Not in the slightest!”, they snapped, “He breed us constantly till we became pregnant! Why the hell would we be happy about it!”

“We were happy.”, the few in my harem who had, or were experiencing it said.

“Maybe it’s different if both parties are in love, but we certainly aren’t.”, they said, “He intends to make many more too…”

“I have that promise as well.”, Diana said rubbing her belly.

“Hush it!”, they snapped, “At least you are in love with your man! We were bought with the sole purpose of being used for sex.”

“That’s no different from me!”, Karmin said with a smile.

“Who is that?”, the three of them asked.

“Ah, she is our maid. She is a former pirate who is serving as our maid as punishment for her former crimes.”, I said, “She is in the same grouping as you lot.”

Stepping into the room Darius took a seat next his lovers.

“So what’s up?”, I asked him.

With a sigh he looked at me.

“These three are worse than Diana was.”, he said firmly.

“I don’t want them.”, I said firmly, “They are all yours pal. Diana is busy for the rest of her life. She owes me a lot of offspring according to her.”

“Yes, he is going to have many with me.”, she said proudly.

“That wasn’t what I meant.”, he said.

Explaining that he was thinking of selling them back to the market after his children were born I shrugged my shoulders.

“Sounds like a plan to me.”, I said.

He then dropped a bomb shell on me. In exchange for disowning Diana he wanted my help finding a bride to suit him. Looking at Diana she said that no official termination of their marriage had been release so by all accounts she was still married to Darius. Eyeing him from the corner of my vision he was nodding.

“So if I help you will officially give up on Diana?”, I asked.

“Officially I have, but publically I haven’t.”, he said, “Do this, and I will make it public.”

“Since it’s for her happiness I will do, and I happen to know where to take you.”, I said with a grin, “I have an engagement to attend to in Dredmoria, but afterwards we head there. So pack your bags.”

With a big grin he acknowledged it so I teleported all of us back to our mansion in Atlas. Sitting down in the study I started banging Diana aggressively. Purring like a kitten she seemed to be enjoying it as I rubbed her belly. Kissing me she asked what was wrong.

“Darius was eyeing you again. He had his chance so it’s a bit frustrating to have him eyeing you.”, I said.

“So you’re a bit jealous then?”, she teased.

“Yes, very jealous.”, I said.

“I am glad to hear it!”, she said with a big smile, “That is what I want to hear!”

“Oh?”, I said gently rubbing her hole.

“Yes, it makes me feel special.”, she said.

With her facing me I kissed her passionately on the lips. Returning the kiss I took her left hand, and removed her old ring. Taking out one I made she looked at me in shock.

“James, are you sure its alright!?”, she said, “I was one of the later additions!”

“I ran it pass everyone first.”, I said, “They are more than alright with it given the circumstances.”

Sliding the new ring on her finger she smiled as tears came from her eyes.

“I won’t hear of any men touching you, but me.”, I said boldly, “That ring means you are my wife, and I intend to make sure you stay that way.”

“You have nothing to worry about.”, she said kissing me, “You are the love of my life, and I want birth so many beautiful babies with you.”

Dominating my wife I made sure she was alright when we finished. Carrying her to our room Karmin peeked in looking expectantly at me. With a thumbs up from Karmin I took her away for some play time. Having filled her I noticed she wasn’t holding as much as perviously. While banging her I asked if she was expecting.

“Master’s baby was made two days after you started breeding me. My old crew didn’t beat Master’s sperm in making me pregnant!”, she said with a smile, “Now I can shower our child with love. Master wants more than one right?”

“I plan on ruining that slit of yours.”, I said.

Kissing her, and her belly I left to relax in the living room where the kids were playing. Before I made it there though I got pulled aside by Kate who looked quite anxious. Asking her what was wrong she stripped in front of me. With no words needed she gave me full access, and permission to impregnate her. With permission granted I buried my face in her chest, and went wild. Filling her in a few hours her lower half was a mess. Thanks to this she seemed satisfied with how things went.

Once again after carrying her to our room I went to go relax, and again I was pulled aside by Hesta for the same reason. By the end of the day I was exhausted from having satisfied everyone aside from Dola. I had to spend time cuddling with her in exchange which wasn’t so bad. Laying in bed together with everyone I drifted off to sleep where I came face to face with the God of War.

“I normally don’t interfere with mortal dreams, but I feel this is important.”, he said, “The war you are about to enter into will not end the way you are hoping. At best the nation of Dredmoria has a few months left.”

“Attacks from neighbors?”, I asked.

“No, another breach will occur over the capital by the time you retake their farmland.”, he said, “The neighbors will take advantage of this, and defeat the defense forces.”

“Why are you telling me this?”, I asked.

“The King of that nation is a devoted follower of mine as are his children.”, he said, “The invasion will be on par with the one Flamoria experienced. This has nothing to do with the demigods this time.”

“I understand. I thank you for the advanced warning.”, I said, “By the way, do you know how I can immortalize my wives. I don’t want to witness them grow old without me.”

“Haha, yes there is a way. I can’t give you the details about it, but there is a way to do it.”, he said with a smug grin, “All I can say is you will have to look faraway from your current location.”

“I understand, thank you very much.”, I said with a grateful bow.

“There is one more thing I wish to impart to you.”, he said, “I am granting you the power to call upon the spirits of men from your worlds past to fight alongside you when using my blessing. Think of it as a gift for reaching the heights of which only a few Heroes before you have reached. Also…a sympathy gift.”

“For what?”, I asked.

“The world you are living in will become far more difficult in the distant future. The power I have given you will help you greatly.”, he said before walking away.

“Wait, what do you mean! Are you saying the number will increase by more than one!! Please don’t leave in with such terrible news!!”, I said to him before I awoke to the morning sunshine.

Normally I would be in a great mood after getting a power boost, but the news he left me with wasn’t good. I was already content with the number of women in my life, but being pitied by a god for something like this meant either the one remaining member I wanted to be in my harem would be a handful, or I was getting more than one troublesome wife. Looking at the women next to me I collapsed back into bed cuddling with Dola to nurse my wounded heart.

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