The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 51: The Beast King Tournament Part 2

“Ladies and Gentleman! Are you ready for the second day of the tournament to begin?!”, the announcer shouted.

Cheers broke out in the crowd as everyone shouted out in excitement.

“Four round two the first two blocks will square off till only ten fighters remain. The same is true if the last two blocks. So if we are all set let the fight begin!”, he said marking the start of the fight.

“Let’s get the Rogue Hero!!”, some of the men shouted, “Maybe we can swoon his women-”

“Not on your damn life!!”, I said blasting half the contestants off the stage, “Anyone touches them I will turn you into spare body parts!”

Seeing the fighters go flying the crowd went nuts. If you strained your ears the sound of their female companions, and wives started hurling insults at them. Looking up at my women they were waving, shouting, and blowing kisses at me. Waving back one of the fighters tried to take advantage of it, and threw a punch at me. Colliding with my face I turned my head back at him easily brushing his strength off.

“Son of a-“, he said before I punched him with a sonic boom.

Flying into the crowd of fighters we were now down to fifty men. All of them looked at me terrified. Only taking a single step they pushing each other out-of-the-way trying to get off the stage. Up on his throne Darius was laughing, but his eyes said he was terrified as well. With the last ten of us on the stage we moved on to the semifinals.

Walking off stage we got a short break before the next two blocks came on stage. Spotting the robed man again I kept my eyes fixed on him. As the battle began he remained in place only swaying to dodge punches, and magic. Trying to figure out his game he finally started to move. Grabbing an opponent he used the poor man as a baseball bat. Discarding him after knocking a few men off the stage he grabbed another man continuing his assault.

“Such brutality…”, the men said next to me.

“And my beat down wasn’t?”, I said.

“Yours…it was deserved.”, they said, “He is doing it for the fun of it.”

Understanding their point of view I returned my gaze to the fight. Currently fifty men were left now, and the robed man was stepping up his game. Purposefully aiming for their throats the blood lust he gave off was enough to distract them from his real target. Grabbing one man by the ear we watched him rip it clean off before pile driving the poor man. For him to do that to a beastman is a major insult. Every beastman takes pride in their ears so this action was definitely going to get him oon their shit list.

It took less than a few seconds for several angry fighter to assault him. Side stepping each of them he drove his fist into their guts causing them to puke a small amount of blood. By the time it was down to the last ten fighters several dozen men were in critical condition. Seeing their wives, and lovers rush after the medics I glared at him.

“That guys mine!”, I said.

Not a single fighter complained about it so as the semifinals began both of us squared off. With neither one of us wanting to make the first move one of the men from his last fight charged him. Spinning around he launched a punch at the man. Having seen a shimmer of reflective material I sprung into action. Catching the robed mans arm I gave a twist, and threw him across the stage. Dropping a knife thanks to my twist the fighter stumbled backwards.

“Had you taken it head on you’d be in a bad way right now.”, I said.

He was about to thank me before an extremely hot burst of air rushed across the stage. Looking back to the man he was enveloped in a ball of red aura.

“Who the hell are you!? Are you one of those damn demigods!?”, I said.

“Haha! You don’t recognize me do?”, he laughed under his hood.

“Like I would remember ever man I have seen in a robe by his voice.”, I mocked, “If you aren’t going to tell me your name I will beat it out of you!”

“I think you will find that a difficult feat to achieve…”, he said removing his hood.

As soon as I saw his face mine cramped up. I could hear the Heroines shouting down at the stage.

“Why is that bastard still alive!? We watched him die before the battle to retake Flamoria!!”, they snapped, “He was nothing, but a coward!!”

“Who is that!?”, Diana asked him.

“He is-“, they were about to say.


“You numb nuts!”, I snapped, “You were crushed under that Rhino shaped Decay! How the hell did we know you survived!”

“You didn’t check my condition, and instead abandoned me!”, he shouted, “Now I am back for my revenge! I will take your life like you took mine! Ruby and those other Heroines are mine! You had to come along, and take them from me you thief!!”

“They were never yours in the first place! Stop lying to yourself! Even I know they hated your guts even before that fight occurred!”, I said, “You were a sick pervert who used his position to have his way with nobles daughters! The rest of us knew it the whole time, but since they were okay with it originally we couldn’t complain.”

“So you knew, but didn’t stop me!”, he laughed.

“I was long gone before you murdered those women!”, I growled.

“That didn’t even escape your notice? Oh well, it matters little to me now. They served their purpose in boosting my stats to extremely high levels. Had that Decay not crushed me nearly to death I could have killed you, and taken the glory for myself.”, he said, “I will settle for leaving you half dead now while I take your women.”

Letting off my own red aura I glared at him.

“You’re a dead man…”, I said in a low voice, “I won’t let you touch a hair on any of them!”

With a burst of explosive speed we launched a flurry of blows at each other always failing to connect. Currently using both his blessings his power was great than mine just using my single God of War blessing. I was managing to keep up solely because I was using it with the job of War God which increased my fighting skills to near godlike levels…if I had unlocked the mastery. Currently though I was equal to him at most, and unlike him using his blessings I was burning through stamina. The exchange of blows last for what seemed hours, but in reality it was only a few minutes.

“That demigod was right! These supercharged blessings are amazing. I will make sure that the little one is the first to go in front of you!”, he laughed.

The image of Dola being violated by him was enough to push me over the edge. In a fit of rage I blasted him across the stadium in under a second. Colliding with the wall cracks formed as he sunk into the wall. Coughing up some blood he looked at me in disbelief.

“How…you should be nearly out of steam…”, he said weakly.

The pressure in the area thickened as the sky grew dark. The atmosphere in the stadium grew quite heavy as if the world here was balancing on a knife. All it took was a slight sound, and it would all topple over slicing everything to pieces as it went.

“I spend my free time when I am not with the women I love training my ass off…did you think I wouldn’t be ready for the off-chance I would run into another Hero…”, I said as my aura turned deep red, “I have been honing my God of War blessing, and you are about to find out what happens when you push me to far…no one is going to threaten any of the women I cherish and live to tell about it. You signed your ticket to hell when you made the poor decision to threaten Dola. Now you must…PAY!!”

A massive wave of pressure hit the surrounding area causing everyone to be unable to breathe. Engulfed in a huge ball of fire on the stage the women started to panic. That all changed though as I emerged from the fire.

“I almost had a heart attack!”, Sapphire said.

“Wait, that isn’t James!”, Janice said.

With a long fiery beard, and long hair made of brilliant flames a person emerge glaring at the Fallen Hero.

“Boy, you have brought my wrath down by your own hand!”, the man said.

“I don’t need your shit!”, he retorted leaping from the wall.

Stabbing at the man with a poisoned blade he froze in fear as the blade melted away. Grabbing the boy with immense strength he slammed him into the stage collapsing the stage into a pile of rubble.

“You bastard! You were this strong yet you never showed it!”, the Fallen Hero spat out.

“Hold your tongue, mortal! You speak to the God of War!”, the man said pouring out a vast amount of divine aura, “Unlike the rest of you weaklings the one you call James can manifest myself at a great expense. You will obey my command, and suffer in hell for your transgressions against my apostle! Now suffer in agony as my minions pick the flesh from your bones in the never-ending torments of death’s embrace!”

Slowly arms appeared from the ground grabbing the Fallen Hero as he struggled to break free.

“No! I won’t die like this! I was supposed to have all the women I ever wanted!! Why did it come to this!! I will never forgive you bastard!!”, he said as he was pulled into the depths of hell.

With the task completed the man vanished as the flames vanished. In their place I stood hovering between unconsciousness, and consciousness. In a moment though that all changed as the backlash hit me from manifesting the God of War. Falling to my knees I puked a massive amount of blood from my body. Seeing me in this state the women took off from their seats running down to me.

“Get a medic down to the stage at once!!”, Darius said, “Summon the best healers we have, and get them here on the double!!”

“Sire, we couldn’t possibly-“, the announcer said.

“You heard the God of War! There is no room for argument when one of our sacred gods speaks to us! He is the apostle of the God of War! Not to mention he is my son-in-law! I will hear no words of complaint from you!”, Darius snapped running to the stage.

Laying on the ruined stage my body was shaking as I puked up more blood. The pain was unreal, and I felt like I would give the ghost up at any moment. As the world started turning black I saw the women running towards me with tears streaming down their faces. I felt terrible for making them suffer like this, but it was out of my hands now. Forcing a weak smile I felt myself sink into the black as the sounds from around me faded away.

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