The Laid Back Hero of Atlas – Chapter 49: Life of the Famous

The next day was unlike any other I had experienced. Thanks to my magic the bodies of the pirates disappeared overnight leaving a clean beach for us. By 10am everyone in the condo was out enjoying the beach, including the noblewomen. Taking a chapter out of my harem’s book they were completely naked. The five models were basking in the sun without a care in the world, and everyone else was splashing around in the water.

“I am going back out to the island. The Navy should be there in the next few hours.”, I said.

With everyone’s blessing I set of using Water magic to take me to the island in record time. Finding the pirates passed out like stones I walked into the bar. Finding Robin inflated like a balloon she seemed to be in her own world. Her men had done quite the number on her as she was trying to take me without much thought. Pushing on her belly with some force the nights activities came pouring out.

“I was hoping you could help me.”, I said as she enjoyed the sensation, “Whom did you sell the last model too?”

Waiting for her to settle down she sat up.

“Her agent bought her.”, she said looking at herself in the mirror.

“So she is being kept in the shadows then.”, I said.

Not really caring I was there she gave her body a once over now that she was sane.

“You ruined me.”, she said, “Those monkeys raped me all night long.”

“Not my problem.”, I said, “You were selling women to do similar things. Consider it payback.”

“I guess that’s true.”, she said, “I can’t be their captain now as I assume you called in the Navy.”

“Correct, your operation will be shut down.”, I said.

“Then buy me.”, she said turning to me, “I’d make a great instructor, or guard.”

Looking at her I gave some thought about it. Taking her to the pen area I placed a collar on her. Leaving the Navy to take the pirates in I brought her back with me. Seeing her the former captives glared at her.

“Now now, she will be our personal maid. She will be given the tasks that none of us want to do.”, I said.

“What!”, she said, “I thought I could be a guard!”

“No, right now you are going to be the laundry machine. No damaging the clothing.”, I said sending her off.

Watching her head into the condo Jessica approached me.

“Are you sure that’s alright?”, she asked.

“We will need replacement staff since the four will be in the harem after the tournament. As they would feel bad for anyone else I figured she’d make a good staff member as punishment for her crimes. Anything aside from causing her to kill herself, or severely injure herself is allow. Other than that work her to the bone.”, I told everyone.

Smiles returned as they started thinking of chores for her. Relaxing in the shade for a bit Catherine came over to join me. It wasn’t long before she was on me, and asking to be like her former classmate. Happily taking her out of sight for some fun I eagerly tried to breed her. Enjoying the rest of the first week in peace we had fun as a family.

While thinking things over Karmin, which was Robin’s real name, was bouncing on my lap. Using her like this gave her a lot of happiness apparently. Actively doing her best to satisfy me I read the news. After tipping off the guards to about the agent’s criminal activity the guards rescued her, and three others from a dungeon in the basement of his home.

“Well I am glad they found her. To bad she won’t be able to work as she has three kids to take care of.”, I said creaming Karmin, “You will be that way too.”

“Yes, master!”, she said drunk on sex.

With a slight laugh I rubbed her belly. It was only a matter of time so I let her stop for the day. Sending her off to finish the laundry I joined the everyone in the living room. Judging by the atmosphere something was up. Asking Amber what was up she informed me they had convinced the noblewomen to be Clarissa’s staff at the inn. Thanks to the three vampiresses the nobles completely forgot about the week, and thus readily expected the job. When I asked them why they went so far one answer came from the three.

“Too many women at once!”, they snapped.

“Agreed.”, I said before taking them to the inn for their training.

Returning to the condo everyone was out enjoying the sun. Playing with the kids for a bit in the water when lunch came we had some guests arrive. Unsurprisingly the news that five models were staying in my condo magazine reporters showed themselves. Seeing all the women in my house some of them reporters started to get nosey. It took only one of them trying to snap a photo with magic paper for me to punch him in the face.

“Any photos taken without permission are subject to beatings.”, I said.

From that point on they were very well-behaved. Lucilla sat on my lap with our baby while the five models answered the questions. None of the other women wanted to speak with the reporters so it went smoothly.

“Do the five of you intend to stay models?”, one of the reporters asked.

“Yes, we will be back out for photo shoots in the coming weeks.”, Jessica said.

“Were the rumors true? Did pirates kidnap you?”, another one asked.

“The Summoned Heroes, a merwoman named Ulthar, and I rescued them plus many noblewomen.”, Jessica said.

A few more similar questions were asked before the big one came.

“Rumors are going around that, you Jessica, are seeing another model. Is that true?”, they asked.

“Absolutely not!”, she shook her head, “I have a very loving man as do the other four.”

“Who are the lucky men?!”, they asked biting at the meat dangled in front of them.

“Him.”, the five women said pointing at me.

Turning to me, and the other women they started writing things down. They asked a few questions regarding their captivity before leaving two days later the article came out.

“How the Manwhore Hero Swindled Thirty Plus Women into His Bed….”, I said reading the title as it read on the magazine, “Sources say he forcibly made the women his…he blackmailed the models into his harem…he beats his women regularly…and abuses his children.”

All of us were visibly angry. The five models apologized feeling responsible for this mess. Telling them it wasn’t their fault we all went down to talk to the manager of the magazine. After the five models chewed him out for running a false story they let me step in. Grabbing him by the collar I told him to retract the article, and print the truth.

“That boring story wouldn’t sell!”, he said ignoring our anger, “I have a business to run, and hot stories like that sell.”

“Then we are going to another magazine!”, Cynthia said, “Our contracts are up anyways!”

“Haha who else would hire you? All the other magazines aren’t stupid enough to take our models!”, he said with a greedy smile.

“Then we will make our own magazine!”, I said throwing him into his seat, “No magazine would be dumb enough to piss me off.”

“Are you sure that’s okay?”, Jessica asked me.

“Why wouldn’t it be? You’d get to pick the clothing you wanted to show off, make your hours, and even hire the photographer you wanted. We could start selling them in Clarissa’s inn if she is okay with it.”, I said.

Clarissa immediately said it was alright, and so we left the manager in shock. On our way out several photographers that were friends with the five of them quit their jobs to help us. Teleporting them to Atlas they went about getting a studio, supplies, and magic copiers lined up for the magazine we decided to call, Heroine Life. They went with it solely because the Heroines wanted to be in the magazine too. Our small magazine over the next few months would flood the small newsstands across this continent, and the neighboring one. While it was nice for them it earn me quite the scorn from the male readers. That’s a story for another time though.

Returning to our condo the models seemed to be quite happy with the turn of events. Turning to me they asked if I had a preference in my women’s weight. Shaking my head I said if they maintained a safe, and healthy weight that was all I could ask for. Nodding they immediately asked me for some cake as their diet people had restricted their sweet intake. Hearing the word cake the others wanted the same thing so I ended up ordering several cakes including my favorite, Carrot Cake. Paying the baker in advanced he was eager to work as business had been slow as of late.

“I wonder what will become of the town that the management of rental company was exposed to be kidnapping scumbags.”, Ruby said.

“I bought it.”, I said relaxing with a beer.

“What?!”, they said in shock.

“Think of it as expanding Clarissa’s inn to the international market.”, I said, “How does that sound to you Clarissa?”

Smiling ear to ear she was super excited about it, and asked me to survey the homes with her. Tossing her the keys I told her that once the tournament was over we would do so.

“For now, I would have the cleaning staff clean up the homes that are vacant. You could make a killing by lowering the rental cost in the regular customer areas.”, I said, “This place is close to the arena after all.”

Running off to get to work she seemed quite happy. Kicking back again Ruby asked me why I wanted such a large harem.

“I get you’re a guy, but wouldn’t it be normal for you to only support our needs? I mean, you could simply keep us locked up all the time.”, she said.

“Listen, I want a big harem solely because I can.”, I said, “I love each of you equally, but I only want to add one more to the group.”

“Only one more!?”, I heard the others say in addition to Ruby.

“Yes, I want a Ancient Elf in the harem. Once that is achieved I will be satisfied.”, I said, “I mean I have royalty, super models, and extremely skilled women in the harem. With the number now long gone from my mind I enjoy my time with each of you. Each of you have their own goals, and dreams. I want to help you reach those dreams.”

“What about your dream?”, Janice asked, “We know you want to retire, but there has to be some dream you have.”

“Hmm”, I said thinking about it, “I guess my dream is to make a home in a tropical area where the kids can grow up safe, happy, and thrive in their childhood.”

“Is that all?”, Brittany asked, “That doesn’t seem like much of a dream.”

“When I was a kid my dream was to have a family, and lots of kids.”, I said, “Now I have both of those I want a place where I can enjoy that all the time.”

Smiling at me those with tails visibly displayed how happy they were. The others turned beet red trying not to look at me. Crystal and Joan slid in next to me with Jessica laying on my chest. Surrounded by smiling faces I felt very cozy, and soon drifted off to sleep with the cool breeze.

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